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  1. Trials rising
  2. Trials Rising FAQs and Troubleshooting
  3. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  4. Controller not detected on Map after race (same problem as in Open Beta)
  5. low fps problem and SOLUTION
  6. Constant Stuttering.
  7. items open beta
  8. Timing out in University fails even though you have reached a grade
  9. Crash on launch. Suspected AVX library or other AMD Phenom II CPU support issue
  10. Controller constantly disconnecting
  11. Leftover items from the Trials Rising Open Beta(?)
  12. No Steam CD key release
  13. [RESOLVED] No Gold Edition Rewards, only Pre-Order Items
  14. Launching Trials Rising
  15. Timed University contracts do not count as successful when achieved
  16. Game shows that left stick is the button to use for everything?
  17. [RESOLVED] Troubleshooting multiplayer?
  18. Stadium track list incorrectly arranged
  19. Volume setting ignored
  20. No expansion pass or open beta items
  21. Gear crates cap at 50
  22. Broken challenger
  23. Very frequent frame drops to 30
  24. [Bug report] Menu resets sliders on backing out
  25. University of Trials Lvl 42 not unlocked after level up
  26. [Steam bug] Game does not show up in my profile
  27. (ISSUE) I can't still unlocking Open Beta Items Rewards
  28. Something seems "off" with performance...
  29. Shared content not showing up
  30. Says 60fps but feels like 30fps (possible workaround)...
  31. 100 fps in beta while on track at all times maxed out 3440x1440p gsync?
  32. bug customization wheel and rim
  33. "Ubisoft Server Unavailable" and time NOT saved in the Leaderboard
  34. Can't play any Track Central tracks or save tracks on the editor
  35. collectible progress bug
  36. Game is duplicating items until it reach the storage limit
  37. Editor saves being deleted, "Ninja" game mode medal scores bugged
  38. Language Selection - is this for real?
  39. Inappropriate Language
  40. error roach-00050001
  41. Bugs Found
  42. Bug? how can you beat a guy that disappears into thin air?
  43. Issue setting highscore with modded (challenge) bike
  44. [PC] Pause on reset on every track
  45. Personal Best Bug/Issue
  46. Error: Connection Lost
  47. Not getting Loot Crates
  48. Canít change track difficulty in editor
  49. Graphics card problem and terrible frame tearing
  50. Free cam in replays is bugged ( PC )
  51. Can't play offline
  52. Custom track results screen bugged?
  53. [Minor Visual Bug] University of Trials - Proffersor Line
  54. Regular Frame Drops
  55. Xbox Controller Broken Prompts
  56. Minor bug for the leader boards of Bucharest Breakdown
  57. Rider outfit/costume not saving
  58. [Completed] Server Maintenance - Sunday March 3, 2019
  59. Loot boxes broken.
  60. Bali blast duel glitch
  61. Another stuttering issue
  62. [PC] EDITOR - All glued objects need to be in the same layer STUCK IN A LOOP
  63. Bad Performance At All Points of Game
  64. Track Progress Resetting
  65. [BUG][Audio]No engine sounds after contract
  66. Atlas Icons Issue
  67. XBOX/XBOX-App Typo
  68. Basically impossible contract because of broken ghost to beat.
  69. Bali Blast Duel Impossible Match Glitch, Stuck
  70. This Is How You Fix Low FPS
  71. Music bug via Track Editor - Selecting custom playlist turns off all music.
  72. Track Editor levels being randomly deleted
  73. Bad frame dropping
  74. Not saving progress
  75. Music reverts to default upon loading the game
  76. Please help!!!
  77. please help! Trials Rising
  78. Lost Rider Customization
  79. Object in Track Editor has no hit box.
  80. Golden Hero Achievment
  81. Object in Track Editor can't change color
  82. Launch Error - CreateFile failed with 32
  83. Bug report paste
  84. Xbox One controller and fps drops
  85. All button tips are left stick
  86. More recent bugs since a couple days.
  87. Bluetooth Xbox Controller Not Working
  88. Challenger Broken ONLY POSSIBLE fix will be an udpate
  89. can't remap CTRL key?
  90. Rope Bridge has no physics
  91. Game pauses when I start testing track
  92. HELP: Lag Spikes in borderless/windowed and terrible screen tearing in fullscreen
  93. Suggestion - Have an option to mute player animation pose music
  94. Few things I've noticed
  95. ANBA gear rewards disappearing after relaunching the game.
  96. "Oh no, it crashed!" Pops up every time I close Trials Rising
  97. Most of the items in my Garage have disappeared, those left are invisible and broken
  98. Crashes on game launch
  99. [PC] [EDITOR] Update on vanishing tracks.
  100. Not earning coins.
  101. my gear is gone
  102. emailed post launch trailer, "uploader has not made this available in your country"
  103. Game becomes unresponsive if you close MP and then switching to SP
  104. Is there an Anti-cheat / API ?
  105. Permanent fix for Windows 10 Laptop Low FPS (with Nvidia switchable graphics)
  106. Can't get a platinum medal because of a broken ghost.
  107. Nat Detection Error when attemption to play multiplayer
  108. Leaderboards Useless - Cheaters using bug
  109. [BUG][Graphics][Rhino][Particle Glow]
  110. Holy BUGS and loading screens Batman!
  111. FPS capped at 16 on desktop PC
  112. Sound bug? ... and gear crates missing after leveling up
  113. [pc][bug]
  114. Ninja tracks not getting scored / uploading time to leaderboards
  115. Constant micro-stutter + workaround
  116. Global Multiplayer broken since last Friday (3/8)
  117. Character keeps changing gear on launch
  118. The Game Auto-Pauses as soon as I start matches
  119. Controllers do not work in game!
  120. Collectable at Canyon Crash
  121. The Grand Finale not unlocking/showing on map
  122. Can't see friend from PS4 on friend leaderboards?
  123. Stadium still broke..
  124. I found some cheaters in a stadium so can't save a new time
  125. Gear deleted
  126. The crate drops are ridicules
  127. [BUG] The time I had to beat to improve my leaderboard position wasn't my own
  128. Uplay wont let me login no matter what I do.
  129. Setting the cpu priority to high.
  130. Settings are not saved / loaded
  131. Lags whenever computer connects or disconnects from Wlan
  132. Lvl 9 with no contract on the map
  133. Editor bug: Crashing using glue tool
  134. Write special characters in search / Replay : free camera impossible
  135. Controller Buttons UI-glitch
  136. Outfit Bug
  137. Does not behave while minimized
  138. Has the game been abandoned?
  139. Terrible performance, screen tearing, stuttering, the whole menu.
  140. Game doesn't launch
  141. Seen a few issues regarding perfomance - worth buying on PC?
  142. Steam Version is not launching after patching the game.
  143. Trials Rising not starting anymore - EAC untrusted system file secur32.dll
  144. After patch, stutter reemerges
  145. [STEAM VERSION] DLC not fonctionnal ?
  146. My game CTD's when looking at the world map.
  147. Replays broken
  148. Free Diamond Touchdown Glitch Video
  149. Consistent crash to desktop shortly after launching Easter update
  150. Repeatedly Given Proud Victory Animation
  151. Still no gear crates. And my outfit/bike parts still change every time I launch
  152. Music Playlist previews in editor take several minutes to start playing
  153. Private MP doesnt work
  154. Music still playing with slider set to 0
  155. Unable to unlock the beta rewards
  156. Game is inactive
  157. inventory/rewards bugs
  158. I Found a Max Complexity Glitch In The Editor (Major Must Read)
  159. Can't Play DLC on PC
  160. Not getting any coins anymore.
  161. DLC not unlocking + game crashing at start-up
  162. Some more small bugs that happened to me.
  163. PS4 controller no longer vibrates
  164. Anyone else have this bug with race results screen?
  165. I have Gold Edition through Steam, not seeing any DLC Achievements in Uplay
  166. Game wont launch
  167. Grate/Vent Explosion Glitch
  168. Fix your f***ing obscenity filter!
  169. Can't play some beginner/easy tracks anymore
  170. Legendary Rider Gear Deleted
  171. Missing Contract Stickers from KTM+ Fox Racing
  172. My friends aren't receiving my Private Multiplayer invites
  173. Search changes on scrolling
  174. Replay missed up
  175. Game gets stuck on main loading screen.
  176. My fix for frame stuttering, hope this helps people out...
  177. Lootbox ERROR
  178. Still doesn't run on AMD Phenom II
  179. Weekly Club Challenges don't always get validated right away
  180. Track Central tracks not apearing in Private Multiplayer
  181. Computer crashing entirely on startup
  182. Fix the integrated/performance graphics problem
  183. [Decal Bug] Cardboard Pants decal is buggy
  184. Xbox one controler issues
  185. Fix your game.
  186. Not able to upload a track because of inappropriate language
  187. Serious resolution issue
  188. Challenges suggestion
  189. Challenges not loading properly
  190. Progress reset
  191. Special controls on editor tracks don't work across platforms
  192. New Patch - Same Bugs - June 3
  193. Track Central Issues Post Patch
  194. [FPS] Old FPS issue of this entire franchise.
  195. Brakes stuck when using controller
  196. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  197. Game Constantly Crashing - Tried so many things to fix it but no luck.
  198. Trials Rising Editor bug
  199. Did the game's performance get better or worse ?
  200. Xbox One controller buttons not working in Trals Rising
  201. Some Replays Still Messed Up
  202. Stuck at 45 acorns
  203. You need to stop the cheaters
  204. Game wont start anymore
  205. [Track editor] Stamp tool does not get saved
  206. Orange belt ninja track not unlocking
  207. Missing items... and loot crates.
  208. My tracks got deleted off Track Central
  209. trials rising crash
  210. trials rising crash
  211. First item in Track Central feeds not usable
  212. Track Central track leaderboard/details bug
  213. [BUG] Leaderboards sorting
  214. New bikes have display errors in selection
  215. Track Central navigation still buggy
  216. Crashes on launch after installing September patch
  217. Expansion Pass Previously Purchased; Turtle & Alpaca not Free, 90 acorns wasted
  218. Saying I have to pay for Crash & Sunburn?
  219. Crash sunburn DLC
  220. September patch doesn't allow game to run.
  221. Uplay Achievement "Star of the Route" is impossible to attain
  222. Problems uploading tracks to Track Central
  223. Trials only crashes with Nvidia GPU?