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  1. My friend doesn't get the Beta in his library after accepting the invite.
  2. Game playable without dedicated graphics card?
  3. problem
  4. Pre Loaded
  5. Video and Sound settings
  6. Stuck on initializing
  7. I can't invite friends
  8. Can't download the beta
  9. I can't invite my friends because of a broken link
  10. Minimum and recommended system requirements
  11. [VISUALS BUG] annoying black quadrat
  12. [SUGGESTION SLOT] Townhall - Brasserie Patron Mertens
  13. My friend did not get a link
  14. Can't Invite Friends
  15. [VISUALS BUG] Anno Chronicles Newspaper - picture missing
  16. [VISUALS BUG] text displaced, not readable
  17. [TEXT BUG] ship entered session text
  18. Game Wont Start
  19. No sound or music
  20. Black screen
  21. Invisible buildings
  22. help !! NO land
  23. Objects not loading
  24. [VISUALS BUG] GTX970 16gb RAM - Minor graphical issues
  25. Game world not displayed properly in a match
  26. Verify Game files if you have crashes/missing objects.
  27. Can't select anything to start the game bug.
  28. I don't understand. [bug ingame?]
  29. Game performance is bad
  30. Very Slow
  31. [VISUALS BUG] - Terrain LOD wobbling
  32. Cannot see mouse
  33. I cant change game settings
  34. Poor performance
  35. [BUG] Farmer tab missing at some point in the game
  36. [VISUAL BUG] transparent GUI outline visible in the game.
  37. [BUG] Multiplayer Faction Swap
  38. Option menu
  39. [bug?]
  40. Game wont launch
  41. TIP for everyone with slow performance
  42. [Visual][TEXT][OPTION] Missing text...
  43. [INTERACTION] I7 CPU, 1080GTX, 16gig RAM - New Building Unlocked Notification
  44. [RESOLUTUION PROBLEM] I can`t change resolution
  45. Sorry, another very poor performance issue here
  46. Game not selecting the correct video card - poor performance
  47. Report Bug NPC Animation
  48. hop farm
  49. List of Reported Bugs
  50. [Bug] Graphical Issue.
  51. Port Town Milestone/Achievement won't go away.
  52. Black terrain
  53. Game resets on startup
  54. Black terrain
  55. First game advanced settings saving
  56. [CRASH] I7 CPU, 1060(6gb)gtx, 16gig Ram, Win10 Home– Crash on quit
  57. Unable to switch between monitors
  58. 21:9 ultrawide - menu
  59. Change language
  60. Invited friends are not receiving invitation e-mails
  61. i5, GTX 1050TI, 8GB - instable sound
  62. game crashed after 5minutes
  63. DirectX error
  64. There is no font / Нет шрифта
  65. why can't invite someone to try it
  66. [ONLINE] Ping measurements seem wrong
  67. big report with saving the game, and options
  68. Invite Anno Beta/Post Reply Problems
  69. [ONLINE] MP: Ping 999ms , Desynch after loading into game
  70. [BUG] Move camera with mouse after alt-tab out of the game
  71. I cant play the game because all i see is a black window with the game mouse cursor
  72. Performances issue + 21:9 feedback
  73. [Crash] on startup - CPU supporting only SSE 4.0
  74. Random crash after playing for around 40 mins
  75. [VISUALS BUG] - UI issue
  76. Can't demolish bridges
  77. Super low FPS
  78. [ONLINE] Ingame invite doesn't do anything.
  79. [BUG] Game minimizes on clicking building info window
  80. [Performance] 60-70% lower FPS when in build mode
  81. [BUG] Wibblesock Flotsam quest
  82. Direct command queue error
  83. [QUESTION] Where are kept this screenshots ?
  84. Quest Fishy: Ships do not start
  85. Where are the game invites i sent?
  86. [BUG] Couple text issues
  87. Game crashes after a few minutes
  88. screen
  89. [BUG] [VISUALS] Missing cursor lock (ClipCursor)
  90. Black or white textures
  91. Missing mfplat.dll. Game wont start
  92. 4k issue
  93. Friends' invites not showing
  94. Random crashes after X seconds / minutes - solved by windowed mode
  95. RAM problems
  96. MISSING FILE - api-ms-win-crt-convert-11-1-0.dll
  97. [BUG][VISUALS] I5 CPU, 1050TI gtx, 12gig Ram - Farmers tab disappeared
  98. [VISUAL] 1080gtx resolution 3440x1440 – Bad ultra width screen support
  99. [BUG][VISUALS] I5 CPU, 1050TI gtx, 12gig Ram - Farmers tab disappeared
  100. GTX 970 21:9 (3440x1440) graphical bugs
  101. Game crashing - no errors
  102. Game won't properly download. 99% and nothing happens anymore.
  103. Game is Going Off my compiuter
  104. I seem to have Generated a Map with no Islands?
  105. Using My Name The Joke Is On Me
  106. Poor Performance
  107. Game crashes on startup Ryzen 2600/1070Ti
  108. "Port Town" crash.
  109. Friends invite website Beta
  110. crashed when launch game
  111. Game can't load saves or previous settings
  112. [Crash] Unexpected DirectX error - DX12 full-screen windowed mode alt-tabbed out
  113. Game crash on startup!
  114. [BUG]Game fails to regain focus after ALT-Tabbing
  115. (bug) cant rename the city
  116. Game very laggy
  117. Desync detected - data collecection complete
  118. [BUG] Not using the dedicated graphicscard, laptop related?
  119. Multiplayer Sync Problems
  120. No buildings or boats
  121. [BUG][QUEST] Sellsword - Missing text in Questbook
  122. [BUG WIBBLESOCK LIGHTHOUSE] i7 CPU, 1080GTX 16gig RAM - Can't finish quests
  123. Can't see ships and stuff ?
  124. ShipSessionText
  125. Sugestion. Cheat Engine can change values
  126. [BUG][UI] Tooltip malfunction on Trading Post
  127. No buildings or ships/No sound
  128. Unable to expand to other islands and to get to tier 3
  129. The movement in game
  130. [DESYNC, BUG] Town Hall Causing Desync in MP
  131. Cant Pick up Flotsam
  132. https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/1985-Technical-Support
  133. Game crashes while choosing my character, banner, color. 0x887a0006
  134. Cant pick up loads with Ships
  135. Can't play game Crash Black screen
  136. Can't play game Crash Black screen
  137. Game crash at launch
  138. [BUG] Click to open trade menu
  139. Can't play after opening a New World
  140. Three computer - The game begins to load. Black screen and error message....
  141. [BUG] ShipReturnedSessionText
  142. Crackling sound/static type noises during gameplay
  143. Multiple issues after a clean install
  144. Expedition - "Prepare Ship" screen issue.
  145. Displayed formula instead of price and other bugs
  146. [Bugs] A few bugs I had :)
  147. Escort not working
  148. Cant download game from U-Play
  149. [Crash] [ Bug] Texture Settings higher than medium crahs the game.
  150. [VISUALS]I5 CPU, 1060gtx, 16gig Ram - All the ground is black
  151. [PERFORMANCE] (Realtek Drivers v.8581) Sound and music stuttering every few seconds.
  152. [BUG] ShipReturnedSessionText
  153. Bug not free pier
  154. 2 Monitor setup: Mouse does does not stay into game frame
  155. Confused about SSE
  156. Graphics glitch on fog of war
  157. Quest bug
  158. Unplayable multiplayer desync's & players profiles swapped
  159. Unplayable multiplayer desync's & players profiles swapped
  160. Friend got invite, registered successfully but show doesn't show on library
  161. Unplayable multiplayer desync's & players profiles swapped
  162. An unexpected DirectX error occurred (DXGI)
  163. [BUG][Forum]Each time....
  164. My freind got registered but can't see the game in his libary
  165. Missing Text
  166. [BUG] Attractiveness notice doesnt go away
  167. Received beta email but game not showing up for dl
  168. NewsPaper won't Publish
  169. [BUG] [EN] Trade routes not shipping correct supply amounts
  170. Screen issue
  171. [CRASH] Nvidia1050TI4GB, 4GB DDR3 , AMDX4 635 2.9Ghz , WIN10 64GB
  172. Parks - Trees
  173. The text doesn't appear
  174. [ MULTIPLE BUGS ] [EN] Upgrade key not functioning / Pausing / Carts stuck
  175. Game crashing when changing world
  176. Missing ship in New World [gameplay bug]
  177. Ship missing after changing sesion
  178. Impossibility to build new ships and my fleet is gone.
  179. Game crashes even after file verification and reinstall
  180. Bug?!, buildings not showing
  181. [BUG] Game crashes instantly after uptade (2019.02.01 17:49)
  182. No Sound in the game, since the patch today
  183. White screen when continue after the patch today
  184. 'allocating disk space'
  185. Friends not reciving any of my three invitations since tuesday.
  186. Game crashing at Quick Join Multiplayer Match - Match found
  187. [BUG] Charter Routes broken
  188. Sound Issue: Missing Voices when using my headset
  189. Invited friend - didn't get game
  190. [CRASH][BUG] - Game freezes when trying to host new multiplayer game
  191. Graphical bug
  192. Quest BUG - Potato fields
  193. Got invite but cant see game in list
  194. No Multiplayer possible, game desyncs on first frames of a session
  195. Crashed after update
  196. Graphic card issue ?
  197. Last didgit on global population missing when over 20K
  198. i accept invite from freind and NOTHING
  199. [Online Connectivity] NAT Errors
  200. [BUG] Tiles on Beach are Land tiles, placement of beach buildings not possible
  201. Bug: left click does nothing and sometimes game thinks it was a right click
  202. Anno 2205 Camera
  203. [improvement][cosmetic] typing player name, characters 8+ show cursor in middle
  204. Bug: warehouses do not work
  205. Unplayable
  206. How to take a screenshot?
  207. Bug? Entry to The New World on World map not available (after successful expedition)
  208. Multiplayer *massive* problems
  209. park-trees
  210. [Problem with invitation for the beta]
  211. Game doesn't work after open a New World
  212. [VISUAL] i7-8700K, RTX2080, 16gb RAM - Class Portraits Bug/Shadows
  213. [BUG] quest dialog box said text ID16826 added
  214. [BUG] relocating fire stations starts training man again
  215. Multiplayer Crashes
  216. I5, GTX 1050TI, 8GB - warehouse not connected to harbour
  217. DXGI crash adapter
  218. Multiplayer, 3 player game, 2 local and 1 remote, remote player crashes on map load
  219. No Save Games
  220. [BUG QUEST] i7 CPU, 1080GTX 16gig RAM - Can't get new quest
  221. [BUGS] Some Typos and more.
  222. [BUG] Ship missing after sending to The New World (repeatable)
  223. [BUG] Island Shares button is not accessible during a Festival
  224. [Bug] [UI] Transfer to/from ship button rarely works first press
  225. [BUG] [Visual] Water Animation Flickering and wrong positioning
  226. Game Setup - Faction Customisation - Trader [BUG]
  227. Game Crash
  228. [BUG][UI] "Credits [Area Current Sharecost..."
  229. Glitched Quest - Alonso Graves - Heart Throb
  230. [BUG][UI] Farmers button
  231. [BUG] Exploration & Route[pt.1]
  232. Visual bug + IA animals
  233. (Bug) With the new update, all my progress is nule
  234. [BUG] CTD when alt tabbing back into game.
  235. Bridges and bug report
  236. Can't settle on new island?
  237. visual bug
  238. Bizarre Newsstand bug/glitch..?
  239. Not working demolish bridges
  240. Lag ships in quest
  241. Disable move with mouse after using alt+tab and back to the game
  242. Harbor trade problem
  243. influens problem
  244. [BUG] Potato Farm
  245. BUG? Can't access the New World.
  246. Bug more boat/island etc...
  247. Game update
  248. [BUG] Age of Agriculture Banner
  249. BUG: All Islands gone after the patch update
  250. BUG: All Islands gone after the patch update