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  1. [BUG] Quest: Too Hard-Working
  2. How to uninstall.
  3. [BUG] Quest: Mama Coco
  4. 21:9 support ?
  5. [BUG] Attractiveness banner won't disappear
  6. [BUG??] Voice bug of Bente Jorgenson and Princess Qing
  7. [BUG] Reputation for Anne Harlow
  8. [Bug] Bad multiplayer faction when we reload an existing game
  9. [Bugs/Glitches] Various
  10. Minor bug: Trade route information hints/info can be messed up
  11. [DESYNC] - Multiplayer desync after expedition event
  12. [Bug] Island counts as "competitor's island" after they bought a single share
  13. Island shares
  14. [BUG] Wrong release date in the official page
  15. closed beta over?
  16. Some bugs.
  17. [BUG] Missed item description
  18. [BUG] Hospital menu
  19. [BUG] "Attractiveness" staying on screen
  20. [VISUALS] Transparent black box
  21. [BUG] Expedition - Desync & Completely broken expeditions
  22. [BUG] Expedition - Desync & Completely broken expeditions
  23. Bug and technical report
  24. [Performance] HDD speed makes a considerable difference in game reaction time
  25. List of all BUGs I encountered
  26. [BUG] Hide UI Overlay while conquering island (repeatable)
  27. (BUG???) On "Charter Routes" the goods are curried by ships I never build
  28. After 3 Archeological Expeditions I have got 3 times the same bird-stone.
  29. [BUG] Quests + Routes
  30. [Bug] Ship behaviour is not saved
  31. [BUG] Quest does not show where escort ships are, ships do not start escort.
  32. [BUG] Ship outside of map boundaries
  33. [BUG] UI stuck
  34. [BUG] Ship outside of map boundaries
  35. [Bug]Beating and able to shop with Pirates [bug]Wrong person in icon [BUG]ship enter
  36. [BUG] Savegames not working properly
  37. [BUG] Magnetist card text tag <b>
  38. [BUG] Exotic Patrons quest stuck bug
  39. [BUG] Trade Routes menu hover over island