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  1. Multiplayer?
  2. A question
  3. Thank new invite and i am not forgotten
  4. Closed Beta Dates?
  5. Suggestion : restore access to the previous private forum
  6. Away on beta days - does that mean I'll be excluded from other beta rounds?
  7. Invite to the old ANNO online players
  8. Friend and Feedback ?
  9. may I send invite more than once?
  10. Invites
  11. not received a key
  12. Ivited friend does not receive invite
  13. question about invites
  14. [VISUALS BUG] delivery to artisanal-kitchen hanging
  15. [CARGO SLOT BUG] trade route numbers of cargo slot capacity wrong
  16. [SUGGESTION] "Load Goods" window should be sortable
  17. [GAMELORE ABUSEABILITY] Attractiveness Trade Union
  18. [SUGGESTION] building stone bridge over wooden bridge
  19. [BUG NPC BEHAVIOR] ships following my ship in peace
  20. [GAME LORE] not legit - beer-festival without beer
  21. Trying to invite friends to the beta
  22. Error inviting friends to the closed beta
  23. [SUGGESTION influence points] display in Anno Chronicles Newspaper
  24. Consumption Calculator & Starter Tips
  25. [Suggestion] More colors
  26. [Suggestion] UI slider for 4k large tv
  27. No sound
  28. Black land
  29. [Suggestion] Split up Tech and bug report forums
  30. [Suggestion] Option to choose wich MOnitor to have the game running in
  31. Missing Objects and Models in Whole Game
  32. [suggestion] Option to remove right click quick bar/wheel
  33. [CRASH] i7 GTX1060 16G - crash when starting new game after defeat - only DX12+VSYNC
  34. {suggestion} Production menu improvements
  35. (suggestion) improve early game trading with players by trading without a trade agree
  36. (suggestion) consuming onboard cannons give increased firepower
  37. [WRONG TEXT] surplus framers
  38. (suggestion) Hide message "Press escape to leave postcard view"
  39. [Bug & Improvement] Wei's bug & improvement report
  40. (suggestion) Add lock mouse to window
  41. Suggestion [Less workers globally]
  42. [Feedback] First Impressions
  43. Question. I can't build a trading post
  44. Can't collect flotsam with a ship
  45. Multiple monitors / Multiple GPUs
  46. Hearing the same voice over from Anno 1404 made me smile - and some general feedback
  47. Full screen is not full as i wish
  48. Multiple gameplay questions
  49. [VISUAL][UI][TEXT] - UI and Text are too small even at 1080p
  50. [Suggestion] Trade Notification - add info about the sold goods and resulting income
  51. 21:9 ratio problem
  52. Please bring back one isle / ship co-op.
  53. [BUG QUEST] ship is hanging, quest not functional - "Ceasefire with Anne Harlow"
  54. Music Feedback
  55. We want Turkish language support!
  56. We want Turkish language support!
  57. Sugggestion/feedback
  58. Feedback : placing new trading posts on new islands
  59. [VISUALS] I5 CPU, 1060gtx, 16gig Ram - Black textures
  60. Bug report, no saving game, or options
  61. [Mission] "Out of reach" where are the 3 crates?
  62. Multiplayer Crash - how to rejoin the Game?
  63. Menu gone after exiting game
  64. (suggestion) coop multiplayer
  65. [BUG] Disappearance frigate ship
  66. [Feedback] : Desync with playing friend
  67. [PERFORMANCE] Performance tanking after around 2 hours of play.
  68. [Suggestion] Hedges for parks
  69. [Bug] Tooltip Aquire Shares
  70. Anno 1800 Closed Beta
  71. [BUG] Can't delete bridges
  72. Small bug spotted
  73. Is the pause option gone?
  74. Transporting workforce
  75. Single/Multi COOP
  76. Max Graphics settings, yet things are a bit blurry
  77. Add manual save game
  78. Report Anno 1800
  79. text bug.
  80. Missing Fertility
  81. Fish will fly around sometimes
  82. Game crash every time I exit it
  83. Delivery to brick factories don't work sometimes
  84. When I create factories, sometimes I see empty notification window next to factory
  85. Anno 1800 SLI support maybe?
  86. [BALANCE] Downgrade option for houses should be optional
  87. [VISUALS BUG] Banner - NEW CITY STATUS - stays for ever in Multiplayer
  88. multiplayer desync appears too often
  89. Explanation for the quest (type) before accepting it
  90. Game Crashes After setting graphics to maximum
  91. Quest is buggy, makes noise like rapidly selecting something.
  92. [DE] [Graphics] [Output] [Missing option] Bildschirm kann nicht gewählt werden.
  93. [performance] [feedback] i7 4720HQ, 16 GB RAM, gforce 950M, Windows 10
  94. Bug: Hard border in the Sky
  95. A few UI suggestions
  96. Bugs after restarting
  97. 4:3 scaling a bit funky, graphics a bit too bright.
  98. [BUG] Tooltip chat window in Multiplayer game
  99. Feedback/Suggestions plus a few bugs
  100. Working Force on other islands
  101. Game speed.
  102. Suggestion about 'construction system'
  103. [Question] - How do you buy shares?
  104. Problem with naming my leader
  105. Upgrade Info Overlay?
  106. [suggestion] marketplace noise
  107. [BUG] Jump to Location on either notification
  108. "You're tying the knot? Never!"
  109. Can't Start the Game, Crash / Not responding
  110. Generic Suggestions
  111. Money problems
  112. [Bug] [UI] Paused distribution of resources UI glitch
  113. ships - man power, hunting and craftsman
  114. Diplomacy window?
  115. You can place roads to far near or in water
  116. [BUG] Warehouse animal spawn bug
  117. [GRAPHICS][UI] Not show the icon-s
  118. [BUG] I met myself?
  119. Don't bother releasing this. Game engine is broken.
  120. [VISUALS BUG] "Snowflake" map not having a dot
  121. Whats better for production?
  122. (suggestion) Bring back 1404's Tool Tip Delay setting
  123. No savegames + Performance
  124. Patch already?
  125. [VISUAL BUG] [i5 RX570] Construction menu popup blocks construction details popup
  126. [Suggestions] - New option for Dual Screen
  127. Soap factory products not being cleared
  128. [BUG] Unwanted NPCs added to multiplayer game
  129. [VISUALS][BUG] Ornament Blueprints are invisible
  130. Difficult to see all my goods
  131. PERFORMANCE i7 CPU /GTX880M/ 8GB RAM The game is very slow
  132. [VISUALS] [PERFORMANCE] [BUG] i7, RX580, 16GB - multi desynch, flickering, low FPS
  133. Player's name is too short
  134. option to disable edge scroll-over
  135. [BUG] Multiplayer Desync
  136. Multyplayer, switched with friend
  137. [Bug][Low Ping] There is a Bug on the display of Network Condition
  138. Cotton production
  139. working conditions are not easy to read effects at the same time
  140. [BUG][Mutilplay] The Re-Invite Button sometimes can not show.
  141. Consumption bar and low on resourses allert is needed
  142. option to disable edge scroll-over
  143. [BUG] - Farmer Buildings Tab Button Vanished
  144. [BUG] Multiplayer Desync
  145. Population transport
  146. work area for other building is not show when building new structure
  147. [VISUALS] i5 CPU, GTX 760, 16GB RAM - Rendering problems in option tabs
  148. Changing Blueprints to actual buildings?
  149. [VISUALS] i5 CPU, GTX 760, 16GB RAM - Tooltip location for the Online Status
  150. [BUG] Placeholder text in the warnings overview seems have a slight mistake
  151. [BUG][Mutilplay] When restart a mutilgame, the controls have been exchanged.
  152. New world
  153. Road deleted cannot be rebuild after
  154. Ship sent to New World has disappeared from ships list!?
  155. Game crashes on loading screen
  156. Road deleted cannot be rebuild after
  157. Different encounters in the game
  158. Suggestion: Trade Route Conditionals
  159. Cargo slot capacity and trade routes
  160. need more details about the profit, the ability to raise loans or borrow from other
  161. [UI] I think, Menus are oversized
  162. Graphics ,performance ,
  163. [UI] I think, Menus are oversized
  164. Feature Suggestion
  165. [Bug] Peasent Menu Disapearing
  166. Players get stuck in loading screen while desync reloading and host disconnects
  167. Game Saved...
  168. Multiplayer desyncs
  169. Multiplayer diplomacy problems
  170. [UI] Ultrawidescreen...
  171. Feedback And Performance On AMD Radeon HD 7470 4GB Windows 10
  172. Mission Reap What You Sow Not Finishing
  173. Complete lack of land combat? + Naval imbalance
  174. First Impressions
  175. [Bug][Multiplayer] Finishing expedition causes savegame to crash on loadin in
  176. SandBox option - all occupy all islands
  177. With friends, tired of re-sync, we reloaded the game....
  178. Automatic Upgrade system
  179. Bridge Upgrades
  180. Diplomacy system explainations
  181. Sandbox mode
  182. Performance & feedback - i7 7700k, 1080ti, 32gb, FPS drop after restarting the game
  183. [BUG] Request new quest in diplomacy
  184. First impressions after 4 hours
  185. [BUG] Ships on expedition
  186. Pens and Barnyards quest, can’t complete
  187. [Feedback] The notes I took while diving into the new Anno title
  188. Bug Report: Build stone briges over wooden
  189. Can not promote worker buildings to artisan
  190. How to pick up flotsams?
  191. Same character coop
  192. List of things
  193. [TEXT BUG] in pooping Message on the left of the Screen
  194. If your friend (or you) has being disconnected during loading multiplayer save
  195. [BUG][i5-RX570-8GB-WIN10] All voice over dissapeared
  196. Things that came to mind during playtesting.
  197. [BUG]Soap Factory seems to have the wrong road distance
  198. How do I get engineers?
  199. [BUG] Shadows Casted by world objects rotate with camera perspective.
  200. Buildings assignable to ship pin's
  201. [Suggestions][Bugs]Multiple Quality of life suggestions
  202. Can not promote worker buildings to artisan
  203. Thank you ubisoft - yes this is actually fun !!!
  204. Bug with 2 GPU's
  205. [VISUAL BUG] Customize your settings - renaming the file error
  206. mission's not working
  207. [BUG?] No savegames
  208. We can no longer dedicate islands to production. This is a huge game design change.
  209. Bug sending off expedition
  210. Bugs & Suggestions
  211. Storage: Production Full but Warehouse Empty
  212. Defeat is terrible, And you can't save/load your game?
  213. How did you manage to ruin the game? :( Still the same bugs & horrifying performance
  214. Graphics Downgrade?
  215. question
  216. Bugs / Problems / but happiness
  217. Requiring Traditional Chinese(Taiwan)
  218. [BUG] Agricultural production buildings not registering fields
  219. REQUEST: Better support for ultrawide / 21:9
  220. Beta Feedback & Minor Bugs
  221. Bugs bugs bugs!!!!!
  222. FeedBack after 7hours game
  223. Fehler in der closed beta
  224. Attractiveness won't go up
  225. Better tutorial
  226. Escort missin no ships to escort!
  227. After Beta survey?
  228. Trade by right click
  229. Hospitals
  230. manual-only house upgrade?
  231. Issue with button
  232. add redirector ,in production error to sort them out
  233. Forum not private
  234. multi player crash
  235. 21:9 screens feedback
  236. please devs, add an option to disable mouse scrolling on screen borders
  237. manage items / Goods for a Expedition
  238. Annoying UI features
  239. Ingame feedback
  240. Annoying UI features
  241. Ingame feedback
  242. [QUESTION] How to improve with Princess Quin to get Trade Rights?
  243. [CRASH] I7 7700K CPU, 1080 TI, 32gig Ram – Game completely freezes after alt+tab
  244. [IMPROVEMENT] Show how many fields building needs in a tooltip
  245. Building only appears as blueprint
  246. I'd like to see more music diversity in final build, for now it's a bit repetitive
  247. Trying to invite friends to beta
  248. add some more guidance in trade & add list system
  249. Trade perhaps needs more explantion.
  250. [SUGGESTION] more options in engine.ini?