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  1. [Suggestion] Option to dock ships in harbour.
  2. [Question & Feedback]Taxes
  3. New Island
  4. Upgrade Residents not possible: is this a limitation of the Beta?
  5. Island storage bug
  6. [UI/UX] Fleet movement toggle is hard to indicate state
  7. Cannot see fertility of a currently settled island
  8. incorrect display of maximum vehicle load
  9. Area of effect of buildings (churches for example or schoolt not visible enough)
  10. [Minor]
  11. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION]Separate control of the warehouse
  12. Turn buildings
  13. Neighbourhood Quest not working
  14. [UI] Ship and warehouse goods transfer
  15. [Suggestion] Wharehouse limit and "auto-standby" for production building
  16. First 2 hours gameplay opinion - rough notes
  17. Engineers not included in closed beta?
  18. Can't pickup proof of destroyed scooner
  19. [BUG VISUALS] Fishing Boats keep driving after fishery is destroyed
  20. Ultrawide 21:9 have stretched characters
  21. [BUG FLEET-MOVEMENT] Grouped driving setting doesnt affect the already driving ships
  22. [BUG] [Ryzen 7 1800X, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM] Game Crash after a few minutes
  23. Suggestions for more player interaction
  24. Quests don't show in quest menu
  25. My feedback on the Closed Beta
  26. [bug] Quest text doesn't appear + Print Screen not available
  27. Expeditions a bit to much?
  28. Coop multiplayers
  29. Suggestions & Feedback
  30. Bugs and feedback
  31. Some balancing issues
  32. [BUG] Opposition Factions can be the same colour
  33. Random crash on hosting a multiplayer game
  34. a special thanks for the devs!
  35. Bug visuals
  36. [BUG] [QUEST] 'Smile for the Camera' quest cannot be completed in New World session
  37. [BUG] [SETTING] Pressing Apply moves game window in Windowed Full Screen mode
  38. multi GPU support
  39. [BUG][QUEST] Unfinishable quests from Diplomacy screen
  40. create colony
  41. [GAME LORE] - NPC's kontors are all vanished from both worlds but still in diplomacy
  42. [BUG] [UI] Expedition Bugs (loud audio, misaligned UI, button double-clicks)
  43. [Feedback] Multiplayer related feedback
  44. Suggestion: Remember Blueprint mode
  45. [Feedback]: UI and OST
  46. What do do with Flag over Kontor - We surrender!
  47. [Feedback] Beta Feedback. Single Player
  48. Screenshot Contest
  49. [Bug] Pirates cant be defeted
  50. Influence concept
  51. Thanks, and...
  52. [Bug] Pirates cant be defeted
  53. Is the handling of goods inconsistent?
  54. [FEEDBACK/RECOMMENDATION] Auto save sound
  55. [Feedback] SinglePlayer
  56. [FEEDBACK/RECOMMENDATION] Auto save sound
  57. Princess Qing - quest
  58. Missing Text [ShipEnteredSessionText]
  59. [FEEDBACK/RECOMMENDATION] Auto save sound
  60. Warehouse range
  61. Just a small feedback
  62. [Bug] & [Feedback]
  63. i dont even knoo
  64. Princess Qing - quest
  65. Minor bug - spawned boat name from oriental quest
  66. Significant improvement to trade route setup - suggestion
  67. Production building stock
  68. Charter route impossible to delete
  69. feedback so far
  70. [BUG] The Tooltip of this Item "Scammer" seems wrong
  71. Ceasefire not so clear
  72. A bit more explanations in the beginning and what's the deal with money?
  73. [BUG] Trade Routes "Wait for full load" is not working correctly.
  74. [BUG] Multiplayer switching islands
  75. [SUGGESTION][BUG] "Press escape to exit postcard view" still visible when using PRINT
  76. [Question] How to unlock engineers ?
  77. GeForce Ansel support?
  78. [BUG SHIP ROUTE] hangig in stones - interrupting route
  79. UI klicking twice to open "transfer goods to harbor" menue
  80. [PERFORMANCE] AMD-FX8350, 16GB, AMD RX580, Windows 10 (1809) - mostly under 60fps
  81. [VISUAL BUG ISLAND] sharp edge under water - doesnt look good
  82. Just little Design issue and feedback...
  83. [VISUAL BUG] transport-cart sometimes hangig in the air near the building
  84. Fleet movement - 3 of 4 Ships didnt go to Old World
  85. Feedback
  86. NPC BEHAVIOR - pirate ships hindering my ships - blocking infront of my harbor
  87. Feedback
  88. [Question] How to win a war against enemy wighout contribution from me?
  89. Feedback, suggestions and few bugs
  90. Translation bug?
  91. How to build a cotton plantation
  92. Better Multi/UltraWide Monitor Support
  93. Engineers? Why not?
  94. Pirates
  95. Workforce concept
  96. [Suggestion] More & Better Trade Route options.
  97. Problem with quests "find a person"
  98. [BUG] Buying island/hostile take-over
  99. captains giving the slot work with an error
  100. Bug: "A competitor's island is under siege!" - Even when it is actually your own.
  101. A Bit of Feedback:
  102. [BUG] I5-4690K,12 GB RAM,1050gtx2GB,Win7x84- Achivments fully empty it's a bug or not
  103. [Question] Upgrade Patch
  104. My worlds never generate islands.
  105. Bug: Some rivers do not allow bridges
  106. [BUG] Animals spawn
  107. Conquer Islands in less than 2 minutes
  108. (feedback) Performance test Information
  109. [BUG] Texture mapping problem
  110. Issues of beta version
  111. Oil Refinery?
  112. Bug/Exploit: Turning ships to double firepower
  113. [Feedback] Sea Battles and Nostalgia / Lategame Suggestions
  114. [BUG] Disappearance of the built buildings
  115. [BUG] Disappearance of the built buildings
  116. I have some questions aboout game.
  117. [Suggestion] Ships need more Health & We need a Fog of War
  118. Can not complete Quests
  119. [Suggestion]
  120. [en]Bug - items giving hitpoints for ships
  121. Suggestedplayer in game Management system
  122. [Suggestion] More freedom in Zoo & Museum construction to make more beautiful.
  123. low level Item creation in public buildings
  124. Game crashes afte starting the dog hunt down quest
  125. pop up in windows (notification)
  126. [BUG] Flagship disappearing directly after load of savegame
  127. Attractiveness
  128. How can you see how many buildings you have placed in the menu ?
  129. [VISUAL BUG] Flags of Ships not rendered correctly
  130. [GAME FREEZE] medium density island with CRTL+G disabled UI
  131. [SOUND] tiny cracks at and and/or Beginning of Soundtracks
  132. [BUG] Each multiplayer de-sync means loosing a ship
  133. [SUGGESTION] Trade route interval scheduling system
  135. [BUG] Fire icons
  136. [Feedback (inkl. Bug?)] Closed Beta
  137. ships cargo hold
  138. FLEET Movement from Old World to New World - some ships are here and there
  139. [VISUALS SUGGESTION QUESTION] world overview - FLEET resurrection
  140. Save system stops working and crashes the game after 10 hours of gameplay
  141. Animals
  142. Settle on new island, how ?
  143. [BUG] UI support on high resolution displays
  144. [BUG] UI support on high resolution displays
  145. Games slows down after a few hours
  146. Tutorial Mode needs lots of work!!!
  147. World settings
  148. [BUG] New age screen keeps active
  149. Zooming area
  150. UI Feedback - Workforce Management
  151. Trading with workforce
  152. [SUGGESTION] Possibility to Turn off some Notification.
  153. [Question] How to assign a ship to a trade/charter route?
  154. No warrehouse. no resurces
  155. Cooperative Multiplayer
  156. Royal Taxes - What are they ?
  157. AI
  158. Font size & icon size
  159. Feedback and color blindness issues
  160. Suggestions
  161. Greatest PRO and worst CON
  162. My Beta
  163. Active Pause
  164. Furthest zoom-out
  165. charter routes suggestion
  166. I don't know that!
  167. Building Button
  168. [Suggestions] Items / [Feedback] - Game Speed / [Bugs] - Several Bugs
  169. Feedback
  170. [Suggestions] Automatic farm placement, ascension rights, and more...
  171. [Bug] Loading save broke island
  172. [BUG] - Items (Baker)
  173. After tons of Hours already in the Demo: How to get Engineers? :)
  174. My feedback. (charters, buildings, transport, ships)
  175. crash
  176. After tons of Hours already in the Demo: How to get Engineers? :)
  177. Likes and dislikes.
  178. Likes and dislikes.
  179. After tons of Hours already in the Demo: How to get Engineers? :)
  180. Wrong text Repair crane
  181. [BUG] Placeholder text in notification
  182. House population
  183. Suggestions 2 ANNO TEAM for make this stunning looking game even more stunning
  184. Feedback several hours into the Beta
  185. [BUG] Quest items remain in ship after failing the quest
  186. [BUG] Charter route not renamed when goods change
  187. overall feedback about a game
  188. Artisan : no upgrade?
  189. [Suggestion] from south of France about automatic charter road
  190. Suggestions: Disasters and a few things...
  191. Suggestion: bending roads
  192. Missing resource (snaps-potatoes)
  193. Bug: Ship gone after reloading game
  194. Keybind to Clear Cursor
  195. Multiplayer exremely slow (and microstutters)
  196. Mildy annoying stuff
  197. trading routes setup
  198. feedback after 10 hours or more gameplay [FEEDBACK/BUGS]
  199. [BUG] Only one ship is running on a trade route
  200. Post-Beta Feedback
  201. URGENT Ship refuses to attack?
  202. Trading load/unload
  203. overall feedback about a game
  204. [Bug] Quests shown on the New World instead of the Old
  205. [Suggestions / Feedback] Improvements that can be made
  206. [BUG] Mr. Norris the Navigator loses slot bonus on expedition
  207. Buying shares back comes up with a file path/variable path instead of showing money
  208. New big ships and another shipyard
  209. [BUG] Journal effects disapearing after loading MP save
  210. deposits question
  211. Culture change
  212. Feedback on the state of the game
  213. camera mode?
  214. Moneycounter
  215. deposits question
  216. Quest
  217. Carriage path bug
  218. Carriage path bug
  219. Battles on islands
  220. Sending goods between players in Multiplayer
  221. Quest from Willie woble not working
  222. Quest from Willie not working
  223. no button to "save" the game - intended?
  224. BUG: Charter route disappears
  225. Jornaleros stuck at 80?
  226. pause and building
  227. [FEEDBACK] [VISUAL] Text during exploration is misplaced
  228. [Mayor Bug] Multiplayer (Multisession)
  229. [FEEDBACK] Speed of the game
  230. [QUESTION] New level for my town and financial drops
  231. Cannot start New World expedition
  232. Name editors?
  233. [FEEDBACK] [ERROR] Amazing game
  234. General feedback, impressions
  235. [BUG][Quest][Intel Core i7-4790, 16GB DDR3, Radeon 270x] Jugde,Jury and Executioner
  236. [BUG][Intel Core i7-4790, 16GB DDR3, Radeon 270x] Einblendung Schiff betritt Session
  237. Near End Game Balance-Bugs-Problems
  238. More diplomacy?
  239. Quality of life: Issues and suggestions
  240. Playing without 1 of the players MP
  241. investing in news
  242. How do you select a specific amount of goods?
  243. [Bug] Auto generation of goods (Rum, Champage, Chocolate and Cigars)
  244. Feedback after 20 hours of gameplay
  245. [BALANCING] Brick Factory & Grain Farm too slow.
  246. [UI] Suggestion : close the Notification Window when clicking on "Delete All"
  247. Remove trading posts?
  248. electricity?
  249. [UI] Suggestion : show the ship name and/or the expedition name
  250. My feedback on the Closed Beta