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  1. [Question] How to prepare expedition
  2. Loot at the sea?
  3. [FEEDBACK] [EN] Multi / Single
  4. [BUG] [DEPENDENCIES] Missing mfplat.dll / mediafeaturepack on Windows 10 N
  5. Day 2 Impressions
  6. Cotton and Sugar cane
  7. [Question] Stuck on quest: Find corrupted policemen
  8. Zoom in level
  9. Where to find Cotton and Sugar cane?
  10. First result
  11. [Question] Stuck on quest: Find corrupted policemen
  12. Game not showing up in UPlay
  13. [CRASH] [FREEZE] I7 CPU, 1070 GTX, 32 gig ram, Game freezes after 30 seconds
  14. Fun but confusing (first time playing anno)
  15. Not enough supply to build a port in the new world
  16. [FEEDBACK] [EN] Piers
  17. [VISUALS] Multiplayer Trade Rights
  18. [Feature request] Blueprint is brilliant - add "execute blueprints by order"?
  19. Random Items in Storage
  20. Anno How i remember it. Couple of Bugs and Problems
  21. Some QoL suggestions
  22. Some QoL suggestions
  23. Workers working on blueprinted fields
  24. showing area of influence of warehouses
  25. Typo - Farmer things instead of Farmer thinks
  26. desync multiplayer
  27. More transparency when building in Jungle New world
  28. [Suggestion] Blueprint queue
  29. [QUESTION] Trade route vs Charter Route - ship goods vs move goods
  30. [SUGGESTION BALANCE SOUND] sound "Your people are starting to get sick"
  31. Question: How to heal ships? Some of my ships seem to be sick?
  32. [SUGGESTION announcement appearing balance] public mooring
  33. AI
  34. AI
  35. [Bug] Warehouse storage display bugged when hovering over another island
  36. Copy buildings function
  37. (Suggestions) Upgrade roads, bigger goods window, and copy parks across games.
  38. Quest not working?
  39. [BUG] Music, memory leak
  40. Lighting Anomaly?
  41. Placing objects & (auto)rotation/ orientation
  42. (Suggestions) upgrade roads, bigger goods window, and copy parks across games.
  43. [suggestion][UX] more hotkeys
  44. Suggestion, information about perks
  45. [Suggestion] Quest description before accept a mission.
  46. Question: Can I buy back shares?
  47. Paved roads need bricks??? And blueprints need..
  48. Toooo easy
  49. [MISSING INFORMATION] Farmers, workers before construct building? Bluprinte mode.
  50. [MISSING INFORMATION] Farmers, workers before construct building? Bluprinte mode.
  51. New Features
  52. [Problem with invitation]
  53. Update system is very ineffective
  54. [suggestion][feature request]
  55. [Bugs & Suggestions] Beta Summary Zugai
  56. UI Feedback
  57. Bridges cannot be destroyed or upgraded
  58. [SUGGESTION] Expand graphical options (post-processing, aspect ratio etc.)
  59. Workforce Demand Per Population Type
  60. Way better than previous beat
  61. Bridges cannot be destroyed or upgraded
  62. Shortcut to build farm fields
  63. Sabotage
  64. Display bug
  65. Offline play capability
  66. "Full copy" of a farm
  67. General feedback from playing
  68. [BUG] Game wont load
  69. Please adjust the profanity filter, especially when choosing Player Name.
  70. Suggestion, information about items
  71. [BUG?] Neutral AI not visiting my island to trade in Multiplayer
  72. [Bugs & Feedback] General feedback and some bugs
  73. Pick Up Shipwreck
  74. Info banner compressed strangly on Ultrawide monitors
  75. Bugs, Balance and Accessibility
  76. [BUG] Diplomacy "Human 0 has offered you a non aggresion pact"
  77. Unlock Jornaleros: How to
  78. [Feedback] Routes nightmare
  79. Needing Farm Areas - Unclear Instructions
  80. [Suggestion] Save button on menu
  81. [Feedback]Requested quest required goods not yet produced
  82. choose what field connect with what industry
  83. BUG: Cart is stuck
  84. Desync issue after opening expedition screen in multiplayer
  85. No need for 2nd and 3rd towns.
  86. [Suggestion] Bring back Hassan ben Sahid as a Pirate
  87. Number of houses built for specific population levels
  88. [Suggestion] Bring back Hassan ben Sahid as a Pirate
  89. Save bug and map changes today
  90. [Bug] Sheep Farm does not reconnect to Sheepfold
  91. [Bug] Multiplayer Disconnect and Crash
  92. [Suggestion] Remove '+' in Diplomacy Screen from own portrait
  93. Hard freeze, maybe something to do with internet connection.
  94. Bugs, Balance and Accessibility
  95. [BUG] Pact between player and NPC in Multiplayer shows bad person
  96. Main screen and courser bug
  97. Line rendering for paths is not looking very nice
  98. possibilities of 1800? the map world is too small? maximum allies/enemies? how much?
  99. [bug] Map "Bump"scroll breaks after mouse over to second monitor
  100. [Suggestion] Demand button in democracy
  101. [Suggestion] Option to tie Production Chains to specific buildings?
  102. [SUGGESTION] beautification of the new world - parks, palms, and plazas!
  103. Animal sound on click
  104. [SUGGESTION] building not possible near to coastline but street can be build
  105. Quest: collect gift from worker
  106. [BUILDING ORNAMENT BUG] its not possible to put ornament there
  107. [HANGS] I7 CPU, 960GTX, 16GB Ram - Game freezes after minimize
  108. Very Positive Feedback so far
  109. Minecarts
  110. The concept of roadblocks
  111. Minecarts
  112. Maximum number of people per level
  113. [NEWSPAPER BUG] Mouse Pointing on one of the three parts of the Newspaper
  114. [FEEDBACK/BUG] An honest opinion from a guy who's never played a citybuilder before.
  115. Carts still get stuck regularly
  116. Bug Reporter
  117. [VISUALS BUG] roof of hospital-cart is greay instead of green
  118. [VISUALS BUG] third party picture is missing
  119. [BUG][MULTIPLAYER] Expedition crashes multiplayer session
  120. My criticism and suggestions
  121. [opinion] I've missed for green loading belt before the gameplay/buttons are slowly
  122. Performance issues / bad utilization
  123. [BUG] Bridge demolition
  124. Please remove log and other techincal related files from the Documents folder
  125. Way better than previous beta
  126. [Question] Opponent destroys all buildings during hostile takeover
  127. Productivity Slider too granualar
  128. [Bugs] and [Sugestions]
  129. Single Player Game Setup - Chose you competitors screen - Inconsistent Dashes
  130. Single Player Game Setup - Starting Conditions - Starting Capital Selection
  131. Quests can appear in blueprinted buildings
  132. Settings windows like "diplomacy" should be in upper right corner
  133. [Suggestion] Shrink the free will of war ships
  134. "Please use more appropriate language."
  135. A couple of bugs and QoL suggestions.
  136. [SUGGESTION MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY FEEDBACK] optical feedback for war declaration
  137. [Feedback] Features I really like
  138. [Bug] Cannot end a quest for Bente Jorgensen (escort)
  139. [CRASH] DirectX
  140. Trade routes request.
  141. Re game lag
  142. Harbor/ quay street?
  143. How do you get quartz ?
  144. Multiple monitor issues
  145. Trains
  146. UI Resize??
  147. Custom Setup Save
  148. Ship and charter routes
  149. Name Filter?
  150. (Feedback) Things ive noticed.
  151. (suggestion) Remove the audio prompt "Game saved"
  152. [FEEDBACK] [EN] Coloration of ornaments different.
  153. Expedition issues and suggestions
  154. Easy, bugged and exploited. My essay on the games worst part, the AI
  155. [Feedback] AI, Influence and Expeditions
  156. Suggestion for More Variety On Citizen Dialog
  157. [SUGGESTION] Scale training time for Fire-Station etc. with Catastrophes Difficulty
  158. Multiplayer Bug and also, Fire...
  159. I want to see time to tarvel to new world
  160. Reserorses in new world
  161. I want some reseach
  162. UI needs Work! (It's too big and obtrusive)
  163. [FEEDBACK] [EN] Influence system sucks!
  164. Riots are either unbalanced or explained badly
  165. Ship trails never disappear
  166. Ship trails never disappear
  167. Judge, Jury, and Executioner
  168. Merry Men quest
  169. [QUESTION] How to "Pickup Proof"?
  170. Visual Feedback - Too much
  171. [core i5 6600 / gtx 1060 3gb / win10] general observations
  172. Please remove the ticking sound
  173. Trend Indicator for Houses and Marketplace
  174. Unfinished text
  175. Save Button
  176. [Quest]Lost Shipment
  177. Mission bug - Screenshot provided.
  178. Game speed doesn't work
  179. Warehouse and rouads connected to other warehouses
  180. How do I transfer workforce to another island
  181. Question about 'provided' mechanics
  182. [Suggestions]/[Feedback] - Edge Scroll / Visual error and bug(s)
  183. Question about 'provided' mechanics
  184. [Suggestions] General
  185. [Feedback] Music/Sound
  186. option to zoom out more
  187. Items filtering at Expedition screen
  188. No sound on Usb headphones
  189. [BUG] Buildings explode and spawn cows that get thrown around (seriously)
  190. [Bug] Can't access island shares during festival
  191. No Audio anymore
  192. [VISUALS BUG] in trade routes menue trashcan for "delete" disappears
  193. All Islands are Black
  194. how to PAUSE game in MULTIPLAYER
  195. AI not discovering my starting island
  196. [Feedback]
  197. [Suggestion] Inter island trade - set treshold for goods to remain on pickup island
  198. [surgesstion] Add sound when moving items
  199. [Suggestion] Blueprint info
  200. Beta forum
  201. One thing is annoying me the most is obscure design of certain buildings
  202. [Crash] Immedaitly saving after game saved crashes the game
  203. Feedback
  204. [Suggestion] Trade Route, "Split map" old world/New world
  205. [VISUAL/INTERFACE] Empty textbox
  206. [Usability problem] Ships forgot their control group (CRTL+X) when switching session
  207. Fur Coats need is already fullfilled, but I dont have any!
  208. [Suggestion] UI (HUD) too cluttering
  209. [Bug] Expedition not working when continuing a previous game
  210. I got no islands in my games.
  211. [Suggestion] Trade Route, "Split map" old world/New world
  212. [VISUAL/INTERFACE] Empty textbox
  213. [Suggestion] Tutorial not tutorial-y enough for new players
  214. Residences
  215. [Suggestion] UI (HUD) too cluttering
  216. Suggestion: Speed up time in MP
  217. [Suggestion] Building Moving
  218. [BALANCE] Diplomacy: Ask Princes Qing for quest -> Trade rights in 1 minute
  219. Worlds and Worlds Map
  220. display bug fog
  221. [QUESTION] How to improve influence score ?
  222. Confusing tooltip in upgrade mode
  223. Missing Fertility help ?
  224. I can't delete wooden bridges
  225. [BUGS] Game Setup Screens
  226. Notification bug and now stuck in world map view
  227. More World Variativity
  228. Healing Ship Illness?
  229. [VISUAL/INTERFACE] Empty textbox
  230. [Suggestion] Throwing Items Overboard
  231. Confusing tooltip in upgrade mode
  232. Why do I get rum without producing or buying?
  233. [UI Feedback] Various Interface Suggestions
  234. Round of feedback
  235. [BUG] Escort Quests Timer starts before Escort is finnished!
  236. [BUG] Rapid endless ticking sound in Mystery Box quest
  237. Can't update to Engeneers on the New World!
  238. [QUEST][BUG] Judge, Jury and Executor
  239. [QUEST][BUG] Judge, Jury and Executor
  240. [BUG ITEM] Baker - replacement input
  241. Matchmaking not available
  242. How to declare war? or Edit a peace treaty?
  243. Imposible to load a game saved
  244. [Question?] Buying selling shares in Anno 1800
  245. Trade History Sorting
  246. Major issue, that allow to finish any 1v1 match in minutes
  247. [SUGGESTION] Subtext on buildings.
  248. [BUG?] Find (~) on your Island/Villiage/... quests impossible to complete
  249. [SUGGESTION] Subtext on buildings.
  250. [BUG] Minor bug: Cannot delete all characters when trying to save game settings