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  1. Known Issues - UPDATED - Feb 22
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  3. PC troubleshooting for various issues
  4. Console troubleshooting for various issues
  5. Game breaking beta bug
  6. Progress not reset from closed beta and related(?) problems
  7. Replays are bugged
  8. DLC Content Security Error
  9. Horrible frame skipping on Windows 10
  10. [PC] Controller input disabled on MAP after a race
  11. [PC] Frame Drop at the beginning of EVERY race
  12. Unable to Select Lessons in Trials University
  13. [PC] button logo displayed wrong
  14. [PC] Not 60 fps stable with 980 Ti in 1080p, Its a Joke?
  15. Confusion on victory screen if it's a draw
  16. Black screen
  17. [PC] {Controller] [UI] Menu appears at track reset.
  18. Challengers
  19. [PC][Xbox One controller] Multiplayer, player stuck / no input
  20. Rider's torso gets distorted
  21. [PC][Steam] A couple of bugs
  22. Turbo Bike trailer is way louder than the game's audio
  23. [PC] Video settings menu
  24. [PC] Challenger Gear Crate opening animation wasn't updated
  25. Broken replays on Rally of The Kings track
  26. [PC] Game is forcing my game to use integrated GPU/video settings not being saved
  27. [PC] Level 4 unlock unavailable
  28. Okay, stadium seriously needs to be fixed!
  29. keyboard control options
  30. [Switch] System crash when selecting Trials Live stream
  31. Throttle Bug
  32. Platform at cp9 hard hat zone hovering
  33. Can't win monster mash, ghost way more skilled than me
  34. No sound at all on xbox one
  35. [PC] some options aren't saving?
  36. [PC] wrong names and characters shown at end of multiplayer race
  37. [PC] Challenge cancelled itself without reward
  38. Screen Tearing on XboxOne. (Beta)
  39. [PS4] Equipped items get stuck loading
  40. [PC] Graphics settings not saving after restart
  41. PS4 - Replay videos glitched
  42. The Flying Finn challenger crates.
  43. Object in Track Editor has no hit box.
  44. Replays not working, also after beating Stadium Finals I can't better my medals.
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