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  1. Suggestions on Unlocks
  2. Opening of Boxes
  3. Add button to restart track when using Gamecube controller on Nintendo Switch
  4. [SUGGESTION] [MUSIC] Display currently playing track info
  5. Suggestion- text chat
  6. Please consider adding an option to disable ghosts in single player/story mode
  7. Option to skip a song.
  8. Nintendo Switch - adding option for leaning sensitivity
  9. Suggestion - More letter stickers from various languages
  10. World map, Ghosts
  11. Unlock all Bikes from beginning
  12. Better replay functionality would be neat
  13. Option to show floating player names above ghosts
  14. Press Y to Watch Replay
  15. Please add leaderboard option on pause screen!
  16. Primary controls for player 2
  17. Some minor suggestions I think would help a lot
  18. [PC] Add Frame Skipping option and FPS counter
  19. Stickers menu is really bad :c
  20. Suggestion - Move Trackname & Difficulty above the track time and fault
  21. Have Ninja's not count for overall score
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  23. Rating System