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  7. Beta open hour ? France
  8. Bug server ?
  9. Cant play. Still stuck on Pre-load complete
  10. Is there a reason the FPS is still capped at 60?
  11. [Completed] Trials Rising Open Beta Maintenance | February 21st [All Platforms]
  12. unlock motorbikes ?
  13. FPS-Lock
  14. The Switch Version DOES support analog triggers (GC Controller)
  15. No Bike customization in the Open Beta?
  16. Can't connect to Ubisoft Servers (PC)
  17. No internet connection
  18. Duplicate items in same crate.
  19. Bike unlock and lesson 3
  20. Monster Mash
  21. Stadium Track times don't count unless you win
  22. Over 150 Tries for a Track ! @Ubisoft
  23. Important Feedback for you
  24. Please put a way to skip the tutorial
  25. Trials Rising for Switch in TV mode : a shameful blurry mess !
  26. I can't move in global multiplayer
  27. Leaderboard Issue
  28. No Bike Customization in the Beta?
  29. Monster Mash Issue
  30. Multiplayer on Switch
  31. Text chat
  32. No Ingame Graphics
  33. Report System In-Game?
  34. Opening crates takes to long!
  35. cross-platform friends?
  36. So repetitive that it just feels tedious.
  37. Hovering front wheel
  38. Terrible screen tearing on Xbox One
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  40. Still locked at 60Hz
  41. Stadium times only update when you “win” the heat
  42. tried to play the OPEN BETA , ACCESS Denied !!
  43. Aren't some diamond times too ridiculous?
  44. Is the PC version supposed to be linked to the Xbox version?
  45. Disabling the in-game soundtrack for Videos & Livestreams
  46. Flags!
  47. Can’t get platinum
  48. I Don't Like the Loot Crate System
  49. Why???
  50. Why are there Ubisoft logos next to some names in the leaderboard?
  51. Multiplayer Suggestion
  52. 3 Things
  53. Stadium is broken as lol
  54. Full screen mode for 16:10 (1920*1200) screen?
  55. Physics objects don’t move in replays
  56. Progression is broken, cant unlock open beta rewards
  57. Ninja maps for score?...
  58. Please Have the “Trials” LB be the first LB that appears
  59. Skill Showcase - Flaming Man - Restarts not instant (Xbox One)
  60. Cross-platform display name and leaderboards conflicts
  61. [PC] No rumble triggers support?
  62. [PC] Level of detail swaps a bit to distracting.
  63. Feedback OPEN BETA for PlayStation 4 Pro
  64. Hong Kong track,, any tutorial guide on how?
  65. UClub not detecting Switch after creating new account just for Switch
  66. Name of a certain song?
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  68. Help please!! Language changed on trials rising, can't read it to get it back!!!
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