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  1. Connectivity issues in The Division 2 on PS4
  2. Can't Redeem Physical copy Code on Website
  3. PREORDER KEY confirmed in Redeem Page for private beta, but no PSN CODE?? :(
  4. Getting "The prepaid card is not available in this region"
  5. Beta code dont work
  6. Beta on PS4
  7. Cannot download The Division 2 Beta
  8. Unable to invite friends
  9. Beta code for other console
  10. Private Beta PS4/PC
  11. When i can pre-load The Division 2?
  12. PS4 Beta code
  13. Still no PS store code.
  14. Have beta access but not being permitted to download game
  15. No beta code for Playstation Store despite being in the beta?
  16. Wrong beta code
  17. Wrong beta code
  18. Where is My beta?!?!?!?!
  19. Pre-ordered PS4/PC (Beta)
  20. Can't download beta with Mtn Dew Gamefuel promotion
  21. Preordered physical copy, still no access.
  22. Pre order ps4 on ps store
  23. Unable to preload beta
  24. Pre-Load Beta Code not Valid
  25. I pre-ordered a physical copy for PS4 but did not receive a beta code
  26. Did anyone receive their beta code from Ubisoft for preordering the game on amazon?
  27. Preload email, but no key
  28. Got confimation e-mail but still no code.
  29. Beta key not working
  30. Can I get my PS4 beta code
  31. No confirmation email
  32. Pre-ordered the D2 Ultimate Edt. (PS4) but no Beta Access/DL?!
  33. Pre-ordered and loaded from PSN but...
  34. Beta on PS4
  35. Redeeming Codes and Keys for the Private Beta
  36. Canít verify email or get my beta download code
  37. only MIKE-01
  38. (PS4) where to download the beta?
  39. Friend invite PC but they got PS4
  40. Errors
  41. Still can't download the Beta on PS4
  42. beta invite
  43. The Division 2 Private Beta - Known Issues
  44. Can't jump of bench on top of settlement
  45. PS4 Pro Texture loading takes upto 20sec
  46. The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid
  47. IMPORTANT PSA: Crash After Extended Gameplay Session
  48. IMPORTANT PSA: Crash After Extended Gameplay Session
  49. IMPORTANT PSA: Crash After Extended Gameplay Session
  50. bugs found so far
  51. Server lag issue
  52. Crafting Station graphic bugs
  53. Can't join my friend's game (after White House)
  54. Been sent an Xbox code instead of PS4
  55. Conection issues
  56. Wrong code PS4 instead of Xbox
  57. It shoots when he wants
  58. account lock error
  59. It shoots when he wants
  60. Preorder PS4 no Code but playing Beta
  61. Problems these 'aint problems
  62. Known Issues Update Ė ECHO & OSCAR
  63. Department of Justice, Side mission, cant open garage. Possible bug.
  64. PS Vita remote play controls make the game unplayable
  65. Keep being disconnected from the server
  66. Keep being disconnected from the server
  67. No uplay email to redeem code. Lmao
  68. No option to send beta invites to friends :(
  69. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  70. Disconnected from The Division 2 servers
  71. System Restarts unable to complete Theater Settlement Mission
  72. [Gameplay] Progession Blocker in Intro
  73. [Gameplay] Progession Blocker in Intro
  74. GorillaGaming Official Bug Report Post
  75. Weapon reload audio
  76. Extreme Latency
  77. PS4 Version is is suffering some serious graphics problems
  78. PS4 Pre Order Ultimate Edition - Playstation Store
  79. UNable to complete MLK Library
  80. Final Epiphany locked
  81. Invited on 2 different platforms still no key
  82. Invert Y Axis not set after setup
  83. Character stuck in Quatermaster
  84. Weapon Audio Bug - Constant Fire Sounds
  85. Crafting Station
  86. Game crash but no Error code displayed.
  87. Canít get into White House
  88. Canít get to white house
  89. Graphic Glitch
  90. White House via South Lawn, no gate access
  91. PS4 Invite Codes / Live Phase
  92. Delta-03
  93. Theater Settlement Mission Bug
  94. Game crash every few minutes
  95. Grand Washington Hotel Mission barricade
  96. Invisible gun
  97. My issues with beta
  98. My view on game
  99. My view on game
  100. Quartermaster bugged, kicked out of missions due to delta error
  101. Graphical issues PS standard
  102. Unable to log in (mike-01) error
  103. Lot of lag. Can not play.
  104. You have access to the Private Beta. but code is only 12 digits and it needs to be 16
  105. Cant use my private beta code.
  106. Some bugs I've noticed so far/bringing up one minor complaint
  107. Three burst rifle audio bugs
  108. Bug in the side mission "MLK library community"
  109. Bugs/glitches I encountered after 10 hours of gameplay (PS4 Pro)
  110. Photo Mode bug
  111. Tearings and Frame drops in several times (PS4 PRO)
  112. MIKE-01 after update
  113. Cant See my code on website and now says i have not registered cant invite friends ev
  114. List of Bugs found so far (PS4)
  115. Team Creation
  116. Button change option
  117. fence blocking the way to the white house
  118. Delta-03 issues
  119. Famous MIKE-01
  120. Game Text
  121. Received closed beta invite for wrong platform.
  122. Stuck on map
  123. Can't equip mods
  124. Delta-03 Error Code
  125. Dark zone mission bug
  126. [PS4] Screenshots, wrong colors
  127. Receiving MIKE error
  128. Out of bounds side mussion
  129. Further Bug Reporting
  130. Stuck at DZ East North Extraction point
  131. Misson Big: Dark Zone East Recon
  132. Thieves Den Triangulation Bug
  133. Can't enter sewers
  134. Muro en la casa blanca
  135. QUARTER MASTER Issues PS4
  136. Issue with getting supplies
  137. Progress stopping Menu UI bug
  138. My Private Beta Code donīt work
  139. Character Super Antsy on Menu Screen
  140. Falling into the floor
  141. The boss drops in general are AWFUL
  142. 2.01 patch install causes PS4 reboots
  143. Weapons Mag Restock Bug
  144. Screen tearing
  145. Ps4 constant crashing!
  146. Skill bugs in End Game mode
  147. Depart of Justice Side mission . Unable to open garage door. Unable to enter room
  148. Delta-03 error
  149. Enemy grenades not having a red warning circle on the ground anymore
  150. The Division 2 BETA Bugs
  151. Frame rate drop
  152. Darkzone locked!
  153. Serious Glitch that needs attention ASAP
  154. Can't enter or complete dark zone mission
  155. Auto Registers Me for PS4
  156. Quartermaster at whitehouse menu stuck
  157. Armor Perk Bug
  158. Meatwagon Bounty
  159. Photo Mode focus still in effect after closing photo mode
  160. Glitch at white house quartermaster
  161. Patch Problems!? PS4
  162. A few bugs found
  163. PS4 Beta key does not work
  164. Bug - Invisible Wall near Demolition Site, Control Point
  165. PS4: Delta-03
  166. Input Lag (again)
  167. PS4: Delta-04 error when matchmaking on invaded mission
  168. Bug with door
  169. Enemies and key locked behind door in Territory Control activity
  170. fell through ground in mission and coyote stuck behind wall
  171. White House lawn is blocked by wall on first mission
  172. Error MIKE-01
  173. Minor - map ui bug, fast travel to nowhere
  174. Delta - 03
  175. DC ghosts
  176. Registered but not received Beta Key PS4
  177. Can't redeem for pathfinder patch
  178. Major bug on DoJ side mission [started from the Theater]
  179. Ps4 pro game crashes
  180. [PS4 pro]Turret shots through floor and wall
  181. Friends List not updating
  182. Bug in the department of justice side mission.
  183. The division 2 beta no xp gain anymore lvl 7
  184. Mission comoletion
  185. Bug. I could not complete Grand Washington Hotel Roof Section
  186. Technical issues and feedback
  187. PS4 Pro supportage
  188. Endgame Mission: Boss appears after being killed
  189. Can not gain access to DZ east Mission
  190. Caches leave empty slot after opening in menu
  191. Marksmen rifle bullet drop, frame rate & texture issues, NPC animation
  192. Seizure warning message twice on start
  193. PlayStation 4
  194. Floor glitch in DZ
  195. [PS4 PRO] Control issue while turning right
  196. Specialized weapon ammo
  197. [PS4] Darkzone recon quest glitch makes it unable to complete
  198. Pressing and holding "Triangle" will also perform a single press incorrectly
  199. View pics capture from Photo Mode cause PS4 album crash after Beta v2.02 update
  200. NPC grenade does damage before its actual impact
  201. Slow details to load
  202. Invaded mission final boss weapon shown as error in kill screen
  203. PS4 Pro - Constant CE-34878-0 errors
  204. Accidental strafing in cover
  205. Idle Disconnect
  206. Dawnís Early Light Fence Blocking Mission Completion
  207. DZ Audio bug
  208. How I unlock this patch?
  209. Progress does not update in friends world
  210. Gun & Explosion sound are soft on Ps4 Pro
  211. Stuck inside an army truck in the dark zone
  212. PS4 constant Delta-03
  213. Matchmaking and backup requests causing Delta-04
  214. PS4 - Delta 3 error when using shotguns
  215. Stuck inside a balcony
  216. NPC glitch out in the end game mission
  217. Pve dark zone
  218. Bureau Headquarters pillar glitch
  219. Weapon audio glitch
  220. FPS is not as smooth as TheDiv1 on The PS4 Pro
  221. PS4 Pro Framerate
  222. Delta error & getting kicked from the audio chat?
  223. Textures not loading properly
  224. [PS4] BUG: Inaya al-Khaliq ghost's flashes at crafting table and hair translucent.
  225. [PS4] Incendiary Grenades fire stays up in the air.
  226. Quest and rewards
  227. [PS4] enemy charachter two different types of skin tones.
  228. Double voice over [Controller + TV]
  229. [PS4] [AUDIO] Sound direction and levels off.
  230. Unable to pick up art in National Archives side mission
  231. Missing wall textures in some places
  232. Unable to finish territory control mission
  233. Duo / solo
  234. No sound at all!
  235. Ps4 endgame
  236. My techninal issues so far
  237. Department of Justice side mission bug
  238. why did my post about referral program not working get deleted?
  239. Got stuck behind in Jefferson Trade Center missions after dying
  240. Bug: Unable to move after being revived
  241. Character glitching/ teleporting
  242. National Archives
  243. Territory Control activity in Downtown East
  244. "DELTA-04" Error answering "Call for Backup"
  245. Unable retrieve Loot on balcony at Federal Triangle
  246. [PS4] Some glitches/bugs I've found in the private beta (with videos and screenshots)
  247. Invisible wall for skills in Grand Washington Hotel mission
  248. Cannot pick up appearance items
  249. Missing Wall Textures, GPS Issues and Looting Through Walls, NPC Shenanigans
  250. Bottom left DZ rogue activity info tag me as rogue when I downed a Rogue