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  1. Connectivity issues in The Division 2 on Xbox One
  2. Private Beta problems on Xbox One?
  3. purchased from ubisoft store
  4. Are codes still being sent?
  5. wrong beta key
  6. The Division 2 private beta
  7. Cant download the Beta...
  8. No beta code
  9. I hope still distributing private beta key e-mail
  10. Xbox Beta Code Issue on Beta Page
  11. Not recieved code for xbox.
  12. No Beta Key For Xbox
  13. Redeeming Codes and Keys for the Private Beta
  14. I invited my friend to the beta but they got an invite for the wrong platform
  15. I invited my friend to the beta but they didn't get an email
  16. Friend Got Ps4 code not xbox one?
  17. The Division 2 Private Beta FAQs
  18. Enemy Movement
  19. The Division 2 Private Beta - Known Issues
  20. First mission locked out of getting back to the Whitehouse after being disconnected.
  21. Clipping issue in opening mission
  22. Major Issues Xbox One X
  23. IMPORTANT PSA: Crash After Extended Gameplay Session
  24. Inviting Friends issue with Digital Pre-Order
  25. IMPORTANT PSA: Crash After Extended Gameplay Session
  26. Cannot start game stuck at Setup Extras Screen
  27. Issues & feedback - Xbox
  28. IMPORTANT PSA: Crash After Extended Gameplay Session
  29. Oscar-03 message when installing patch update.
  30. Crashed at the dz
  31. Stuck on boxes.
  32. Minor annoyance: Right button for trash is - well - "wrong" :P
  33. Private Beta no Mail
  34. Audio bug
  35. Mission glitches
  36. Xbox One Invite & PC Access
  37. Xbox one technical issues Iíve run into
  38. Agent in need of backup - can't respond
  39. Got a ps4 when registered for xbox
  40. Known Issues Update Ė ECHO & OSCAR
  41. Inaya al-khaliq (the theater) visual bug
  42. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  43. UI elements too small
  44. Agent back up request
  45. I'm getting a DELTA error while I'm playing
  46. Friends not getting invites
  47. Sound, clipping and nerfs
  48. How do I invite my buddy to the beta on X1
  49. Non-stop moving left and right
  50. Xbox One gamepad problem on PC
  51. Delta and Kicked off time in my Beta experiance
  52. issues I have had so far
  53. Stuck at Quartermaster Skills
  54. Bureau HeadQuarters
  55. [Xbox] can't even secure the south lawn.
  56. Registered for beta using dark zone pre order code not recieved code for access
  57. USC 45 ACP has no audio
  58. Player and enemy movement (vid)
  59. Apparently friends invites are fixed. What about invites for the wrong platform
  60. Player stuck issue
  61. [Xbox] Unable to continue tutorial
  62. Character deleted
  63. Unable to climb stairs
  64. Can I Still Get A Xbox Invite ?
  65. Audio Bugs.
  66. Deconstruction Perk 1 works incorrectly.
  67. Unable to complete library side mission
  68. Audio bugs, getting stuck in walls, disconnects
  69. [Xbox One] Multiple Bugs To Report (Along with STR)
  70. Xbox One X in game brightness settings
  71. Sound issues when shooting Saint (Xbox One)
  72. Missing Walls
  73. Cannot climb down a lorry roof during checkpoint shootout
  74. BUG: Inverted Y-axis not working for map view
  75. Rendering issues even when moving slow
  76. Bugs we encountered (audio/environment/game play)
  77. Silent gunshot when switching weapons
  78. Brightness settings - XBOX ONE
  79. Multiple deconstruct
  80. Arms glitch in menus
  81. issues / bugs after one day playing
  82. Player stuck in QuarterMaster Skill Menu Can not get out
  83. Issues I had yesterday on Xbox One (with videos)
  84. Bug? Losing firing sound
  85. Bugged Missions - Department of Justice and MLK Library
  86. Things i found whilst playing for 90mins.
  87. Right trigger causing controller disconnects
  88. UI issue + Side mission outside playable area
  89. Hotel Mission Glitch - canít complete it
  90. Control Point Glitch
  91. Friends that I invited received PS4 codes, even though I'm on Xbox.. Help!
  92. Audio Glitching, AI Issues, T POSE, Disconnect,
  93. Pre ordered gold edition still no code
  94. Rendering
  95. Game stuck at 10 loading
  96. Recieved PS4 Code but i need an Xbox one Code
  97. Ubisoft Club rewards
  98. Bugs I've encountered so far
  99. Beta not loading
  100. Active Xbox beta, friend received PC invite.
  101. Error Uniform-01 and NPC engagement audio lost
  102. Uniform-01
  103. Uniform-01 error
  104. [Xbox] Getting stuck in a container door
  105. Need to fix brightness
  106. Code reedemed successfully yet cannot download the private beta?
  107. [Xbox] Few bugs I've encountered so far
  108. Xbox One Quartermaster Bug And falling into truck cab.
  109. UNIFORM-01 error on Xbox One
  110. Bug Report - Stuck on geometry - Kerman Coffee
  111. Got wrong friend code.
  112. Help
  113. Medical Camp Attack side mission
  114. Xbox Shut Down
  115. Grenade problems
  116. Music cuts out and canít see enemies
  117. Department of Justice side mission bug
  118. Beta's down on Xbox One - 2:19pm EST - UNIFORM-01
  119. Graphical bugs and some general comments on things found
  120. Crash After Selling Items
  121. Character continuously moves when checking inventory
  122. Bugs
  123. Dz bugged and connection errors rampant
  124. FreeSync / VRR not implemented yet?
  125. Game breaking bug
  126. Turret Issues
  127. Audio, graphical bugs, my thoughts on Beta
  128. Ladder glitch and invisible walls
  129. killed boss to early
  130. Unable to exit Quartermaster
  131. Loading Loop - Jefferson Trade Centre Hard Invaded
  132. Agent out of playzone - permanent loading
  133. loss of weapon firing sound
  134. Partial render and unexitable freeze opening loot box
  135. I invited a friend on Xbox One to play the Beta, but he's said he never got an invite
  136. [MAJOR BUG] Unlimited loot from supply drop
  137. Oscar-03 error xbox one
  138. Cant get in
  139. Ubisoft club rewards
  140. Can't get game to work
  141. Sound / Falling through map
  142. Beta not Loading
  143. Not able to download division 2 beta from Microsoft store
  144. Rain effect too strong.
  145. Bug on Beta
  146. Quartermaster/Staff Roster Bug
  147. SHD Tech Cache Glitch
  148. Unable to connect to servers, Error MIKE-01
  149. [BUG] Firing Sound Effect Continues
  150. Sensitivity bug
  151. Quartermaster thinks I need to buy first skill. Ruining progression/gameplay
  152. Finished Beta
  153. Grenade spam bug
  154. No signal from TV after I quit the beta
  155. Charging controller also provides force feedback
  156. Hostages not responsive
  157. The Good, Bad , and Ugly..
  158. Game Wonít Start
  159. Sound distortion bug
  160. Repeated problems with missing shadows (Xbox One X)
  161. Xbox erro OSCAR 03
  162. Getting stuck in objects XB1
  163. Successfully redeemed key.. still no access?
  164. Some textures don't load correctly or are pixelated
  165. Audio and visual bug
  166. No sound
  167. Sinking into floor behind cover
  168. Side Missions Complete, but
  169. A couple of sound/spawn bug/glitches
  170. DZ Unplayable on XB1X
  171. Stuck after completing a mission [Xbox]
  172. DoJ Side Mission and Audio Bugs
  173. Supply drop bug
  174. Bug - Unable to use Mods
  175. Bug - Unable to equip items
  176. Bugs what i have encounter in gameplay so far
  177. Bug - unable to listen to cell phone audio
  178. Bug - No sound when I shoot my gun
  179. Possible Grenade Pre-Stagger
  180. Rescue Operation 13th St NW
  181. graphical Bug
  182. no gun fire sound
  183. Department of Justice side mission
  184. End game no sound
  185. Known Issues
  186. Sound issues
  187. Lost all game sound
  188. Secure South Lawn Finish
  189. Departmnent of justice mission bugged
  190. Dark zone bug
  191. How to retrieve The Division 2 beta keys after 48 hours?
  192. Department of justice mission bugged
  193. Stuck In Box Truck
  194. BUG Department of Justice collecting explosives
  195. Stuck Door
  196. Teleporting Named NPC's DarkZone
  197. Random NPC's getting stuck
  198. Audio Bug
  199. Phase into floor
  200. Dark Zone Recon Bug
  201. Xbox One Gun Sound
  202. GPS Toggle On/Off Does The Opposite of Intended
  203. Glitches in buildings
  204. Skill slot A is still locked even though Iím at the end game mission
  205. Various - Enemy & NCP plus random Video
  206. No XP after getting to Level 7?
  207. No gun sounds/vibration
  208. Unable to rescue hostage
  209. Getting traped in walls
  210. First sound then game itslef crashes
  211. Unresponsive controller after resume
  212. List places you have got stuck
  213. No sounds and stuck at the quartermasters menu
  214. There is an audio bug and invisible enemies
  215. White House Lawn (Unlocking Base)
  216. Black screen after Splash screen after latest 122MB update
  217. Continuous gun firing audio whilst in safe area
  218. No gun sound
  219. Paint pot rendering
  220. See through wall and sound issues
  221. Mike01 i cant connect
  222. Enemies stuck in spawn closets
  223. Audio issues
  224. Crashed the entire Xbox One system
  225. Status of connecting % not correct
  226. OSCAR-3 error
  227. Graphic: Grass in elevator
  228. Potential bugs ( Audio, objects, NPC's)
  229. Sound Bug MLK Memorial Library
  230. Supply drops
  231. Underground/Sewer Ladder bug
  232. Odessa bug at theatre
  233. Audio glitch big time
  234. Audio bugs
  235. Bugs I found
  236. Error code Delta 20010159
  237. Bug Rescue Operation
  238. Bug in Dept of Justice side mission
  239. Bug Rescue Operation
  240. SIG 716 Weapon - magazine model disappearing
  241. My thoughts after playing for 8+hours... Firstly great job devs...
  242. [XB1] Intense Sound and Vibration Issues
  243. [XB1] Intense Sound and Vibration Issues
  244. Day/Night Switch Bug w/ Map/Photo Mode
  245. Can't use Signature Weapon.
  246. Invisible enemies bug
  247. Bug Rescue Operation
  248. No sounds
  249. Connection errors
  250. Stuck in Skills section at Quartermaster