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  1. Connectivity issues in The Division 2 on PC
  2. TD2 private beta showed up in my Uplay, no Email recieved
  3. Pre order for 2 platforms Division 2
  4. Beta email error?
  5. Pre-ordered Physical PC version - ability to gain early access?
  6. issue in installing the Private Beta
  7. I have the key released but I can not download the beta please help me
  8. No BETA Code - but have "secured access to content" email !?
  9. Invite friends
  10. Need to swap beta code from PC to PS4
  11. Beta code locked?
  12. Beta Key
  13. Got access to Private beta but cannot pre-load + Invites not showing?
  14. SLI Bits for the beta!
  15. Swapping Beta From PS4 to PC
  16. Beta keys
  17. Beta Code ?
  18. I invited my friend to the beta but they didn't get an email
  19. Invite friends error
  20. Friend Invites on PS4 ???
  21. I invited my friend to the beta but they got an invite for the wrong platform
  22. The Division 2 Private Beta FAQs
  23. There is a definite issue with invites being sent out to wrong platforms.
  24. Wrong Date in EMail
  25. I get a "Game Security Violation Detected [LightingService.exe]" Error on Launch
  26. I only see a black screen when I launch the game
  27. Startup error
  28. BETA THE DIVISION 2: BLACK SCREEN with music in background
  29. Game doesn't start - Untrusted system file
  30. I'm getting a DELTA error while I'm playing
  31. OSCAR-01 "An error has occurred while accessing patch data."
  32. My game does not launch because of an EasyAntiCheat error
  33. [RESOLVED] First launch, account banned message WTF
  34. I don't hear any voice overs in-game and the subtitles are skipped
  35. Soundbug
  36. Mike 01 Issue
  37. Minor story bug.
  38. Bad_module_info has stopped working
  39. The Division 2 Private Beta - Known Issues
  40. Bugs in audio, some lags and annoying help message.
  41. Quartermaster issues?
  42. Black screen at launch
  43. I can't proceed to the White House after my game crashes
  44. Stair Glitch - Cannot go to 2nd story.
  45. Friend invitation option - Not appearing on beta site
  46. Screen keeps turning on and off ingame - "No Signal"
  47. Graphic settings get reset after I restart the game
  48. Graphic settings
  49. Cant connect to online services
  50. White Screen Crash
  51. My screen turns white/lighting is extremely bright with DirectX12
  52. Various crashes after 5mins
  53. audio language bug
  54. IMPORTANT PSA: Crash After Extended Gameplay Session
  55. MLK Library Community
  56. Massive frame drop
  57. Patch Error
  58. I have an issue with my Corsair device and iCue integration
  59. first bug can't enter the BOO
  60. Terrible FPS
  61. Can not play
  62. Huge FPS drops on 1080ti
  63. Hud scaling
  64. Game doesnt Start (Error Code22)
  65. Error at start: Render initialization error
  66. Starting the game turns off Mouse RGB/DPI indicator
  67. Game won´t launch - Possible Solution
  68. Mouse stuttering/snaping
  69. Ambient Occlusion doesn't work
  70. No sound when using Ropes
  71. Friend group invite from Social doesn't work
  72. Fast Travel to friend from Social doesn't work
  73. Can't login in to division 2 beta site
  74. Revolver Bug - One in the chamber
  75. Graphics stuttering lag
  76. Wave Emote
  77. Crashing after Ubi logo plays out
  78. [bug] Falling through the ground when covering behind a specific wall
  79. Graphics stuttering lag
  80. Crash on opening/loading screen
  81. RGB fusion soft problem
  82. PC: Let me access Settings sooner
  83. Glitched through the wall/floor
  84. beta download
  85. Error - 3005 createfile failed with 32 [+ resoultion]
  86. Game not starting Stuck on The division private beta .
  87. Movement Keys Tied to menu selections
  88. "OSCAR-01" Can't connect to the game error
  89. Game not starting!!
  90. Quartermaster master bugged
  91. Bugs I've encountered so far
  92. AMD RX580 with DX12 - Alt + tabbing = crash
  93. Graphics settings
  94. Getting booted
  95. Can't stream using OBS
  96. Sound CONSTANTLY cutting in and out.
  97. Error codes
  98. Access denied starting game
  99. mike-01 error
  100. Mission Bug
  101. Large Frame Rate Drop in [ESC] Menu
  102. Audio Bug
  103. Registered for the closed beta, but didn't receive a key.
  104. Mouse/menus doesn't align when switching res from 1080 to 2160 then back again.
  105. Pink screen ONLY on full screen mode
  106. No NPC and Dialogue Voice Sound [WORKAROUND FIX]
  107. Audio bugs
  108. Crash to desktop at character creation
  109. Black White screen
  110. sound glitching
  111. Black White screen
  112. Selling all item bug
  113. MSI Afterburner make problems
  114. Piss Poor Optimization Once Again
  115. Access denied to Private Beta
  116. I use a laptop and the game crashes when I open the Settings
  117. Opening supplies bug/crash
  118. Grenade Bug
  119. Randomly crashing
  120. Cannot invite friends to the beta
  121. Audio bugs
  122. gunfire
  123. degenerating fps , memory leak?
  124. No spoilers. cut scenes are mostly blacked out except for small window
  125. Invisible walls blocking bullets
  126. game doesnt even start
  127. Glitch with skills menu
  128. Selling all item bug
  129. Div 2 Game Update Not Working
  130. Game crash without any bug/error code (about 2hours gameplay)
  131. I get a Memory Error every time I close the game
  132. PC display issues when launching the game pixelization and resolution issues
  133. I fell into the van
  134. Game is freezing, stuttering, and loading in while I play
  135. Floating NPCs
  136. Enemies stuck behind closed door
  137. ENDLESS Crash to Desktop
  138. Crashing/Freezing
  139. Some minor sound issues
  140. Issues im facing
  141. Отсутствие Русского языка
  142. Terrible ingame soundbug
  143. Graphic Bugs
  144. AVX... No problem!
  145. Crash to Desktop (Repeatedly)
  146. Invisible Walls in staircase
  147. Very dissatisfying performance issues
  148. Screen / Graphics issues, PC
  149. Stuck After Pressing Play.
  150. Sound not working/Dx12 crash to desktop
  151. mike-01 error
  152. Objects poorly positioned - report
  153. Bad performance compared with TD1 and lack of oficcial SLI support
  154. OSCAR-01... 3 versions and several months on
  155. frend invites being sent out to ps4 insted of pc
  156. Sophos Home Premium and The Division | Crash Fix HowToDo
  157. Not able to complete introduction mission - white house blocked off by a barrier
  158. Rescue community side-mission bug.
  159. Can i send myself a BETA code?
  160. No Anti Aliasing?
  161. invite friends to private beta
  162. Black screen at launch, followed by a crash.
  163. Unable to complete Secondary Mission
  164. Graphics performance issues
  165. Audio but no video
  166. Problem with friend invite
  167. can not I connect
  168. 2 hours in and already experienced my share of bugs
  169. Game bug
  170. [BUG] Unlock items without points
  171. game crashes in when going to settings
  172. {Bug} Gesture
  173. Black screen when equipping a weapon straight from a container.
  174. Can access beta forums but not game
  175. Ubisift services are not available at this time
  176. Cover indicator letter backwards
  177. Unable to receive Beta invitation from friend
  178. Game crashing at connecting screen! ERROR UplayGameConnectionHandler.cpp
  179. Freezing, stuttering, loading symbol in the bottom right of the screen
  180. Access denied to Private Beta
  181. No ingame sound
  182. Stairway has invisible Wall
  183. No voices after the first scene!
  184. Known Issues Update – ECHO & OSCAR
  185. Unable to Launch Game - bad_module_info
  186. Windows Night Light
  187. Endless audio loop clicking
  188. Glitch with skills menu and looking at loot
  189. The Eyes are missing (some NPC'S) or a little bit weird...
  190. No spoken audio and heavy FPS drops
  191. You deprogramed SLI support for Corsair iCUE RGB? Are you kidding me?
  192. Tutorial and Inventory menu overlap sorta
  193. Audio Distortion
  194. [FIX ]Oscar-03 Patch error
  195. Well i got PS4 key instead of PC
  196. No gameplay audio
  197. Camera rotation Issues
  198. Black Screen on DX12
  199. Friend Invites
  200. For the ppl who still stuck at MIKE-01
  201. No gameplay audio
  202. Can't invite friends to beta
  203. Can't Find Friend Invites
  204. ESDF keymapping issue when selecting skills
  205. Bugs i experienced while playing
  206. Falling Under Deck Area, Missing Eyes in Cutscenes, Other Notes
  207. Charlie 03 error
  208. FPS during rain is abysmal
  209. Can't login, Uniform-01
  210. Splash Screen Spinning Circle When Launching Game
  211. Quartermaster Menu Broken & Grenadier glitch out a platform as shooting at it
  212. UI issues
  213. deco code 3
  214. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  215. Ubisoft Server Connection Drops every minute
  216. Received a key that was used from Amazon does anyone have a spare?
  217. Unable to finish start of game where you have to secure the south lawn
  218. Bug: Language select
  219. DELTA 03 Unstable server
  220. Getting a single FPS black screen with splashscreen audio
  221. White fog during all mission after a smoke grenade explode
  222. Theater Upgrade: Game Corner as loot drop
  223. ESDF keymapping issue when selecting skills
  224. No voice on cutscenes, English language
  225. Character instantly turns 90 degrees when running through structure
  226. Instant CTD When Starting Game
  227. Cannot have more than a few seconds of gameplay without AntiCheat Integrity Error
  228. Unable to start the game after ingame update
  229. Double Base Info
  230. [PC] Sound issue with logitech headset G633
  231. BUG: Unable to get to the White House
  232. Conflicting Keybinds in menus and gameplay
  233. Game breaking bug, can no longer get to white house.
  234. Start service failed with 8
  235. No voices but gameplay sounds are ok
  236. No Audio and FPS drops
  237. Problems so far
  238. [PC] Audio issue with Logitech G633
  239. Random Game Crash
  240. HDR Settings?
  241. Game Crashes (AMD GPU - Error MSG: ... WattMan settings has been resetted)
  242. Level 30 characters and mission not unlocking
  243. Conflicting Keybinds in menus and gameplay
  244. Game not playable on Linux (Wine) because of an the used EasyAntiCheat configuration
  245. Unable to finish side mission, Library Settlement
  246. Ubisoft, please let me invite my friends!
  247. Нет возможности выйти из диалога об обнов
  248. Privat Beta Division 2 (Russian)
  249. Changing language
  250. Beta re-downloading again