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  1. Far Cry New Dawn (Sequel to FC5)
  2. [IMPORTANT FEEDBACK] FarCry Arcade "New Dawn"
  3. Crazy et coop !! wwaahouu
  4. Forum Rules
  5. Co-Op Matchmaking
  7. A few early concerns.....
  8. How long has ubisoft been working on New Dawn?
  9. Preorder: Physical Copy
  10. Far Cry New Dawn Trailer In Case You Haven't Seen It.
  11. So... This is a Guy Marvel sequel movie?
  12. Cadillac Ranch
  13. Season Pass? Gold Edition? DLC Plan?
  14. Arcade? Editor?
  15. New Dawn = Farcry 5 DLC, not a new game, you crash grabbers
  16. Far Cry New Dawn: Am I going to be kidnapped over and over?
  17. Media kit (PNG, logo etc)
  18. Price
  19. MY REACTION To The Far Cry New Dawn Official Trailer
  20. Arcade/Map editor for New Dawn.
  21. Cash grab?
  22. How is New Dawn set 17 years later? *spoilers*
  23. Do you expect any returning characters?
  24. Ubisoft - I love ya!
  25. The Blissed (Zombie idea)
  26. Far Cry New Dawn survive pack
  27. FC5 Rookie in FC New Dawn?
  28. New Dawn Not Appealing
  29. Multiple Save slots?
  30. Exclusive Survival Pack?
  31. Terror 4000 ( portable minigun)
  32. New Game+ for New Dawn?
  33. Will they bring back animations?
  34. Awful looking game waste of money!!!!
  35. Multiple save files
  36. Just....Wish to speak or at very least heard
  37. Fewer characters
  38. Another same old same old Outpost game - seriously?
  39. Far Cry New Dawn Exclusive Content
  40. Xbox One Ubisoft Club App question
  41. I am going to buy Far Cry New Dawn, but I am worried about many things.
  42. Most of the weapons In ND are just reskins.
  43. Spoilers for farcry 5:
  44. Go read your bible and pray for ubisoft
  45. Is Fall's End in New Dawn?
  46. Purchases with Silver Bars in FC5 Carried Over?
  47. Far Cry Medieval
  48. Did Far Cry New Dawn get censored?
  49. SUGGESTION: RoE toggle function for Guns for Hite
  50. Quick question about your character
  51. Old takedown system please
  52. The New Dawn Co-op Portal - looking for a partner?
  53. looking for co op partner
  54. Future of Far Cry
  55. Co-op in far Cry New Dawn?
  56. Any new changes to wingsuit / ladders - does glider return ?
  57. Download size PC version
  58. Does anyone know if the capture party is still a thing in this game?
  59. Big fan of Far Cry, but will sit this one out...
  60. Suggestion: Animus Control Panel in Far Cry New Dawn?
  61. Cover art hypocrisy
  62. Soooo.... FC New Dawn
  63. Don't do this Ubisoft.
  64. Far Cry 5: Bad messaging if Seed lives in FC:ND
  65. Far Cry New Dawn: Story Trailer
  66. Wait for the price drop
  67. I have one question (Game length) & one complaint (showing too much before release)
  68. Co-op concerns
  69. New trailer...awesome! (Spoiler in post)
  70. Ubisoft please add co-op matchmaking!
  71. Please tell me regen health is GONE?
  72. Far Cry 5 Mars DLC Weapons
  73. PS4 New Dawn Co-op squad finder community
  74. Suggestion
  75. Beta plaese
  76. Far Cry New Dawn Soundtrack
  77. Sorry..I just wish to be heard
  78. Stand Alone or need 5 installed also
  79. Why is everything Pink?
  80. New dawn study
  81. Comments by the maker
  82. Add mate - the cat
  83. Deluxe weapons rank
  85. Please tell me the cut scenes will be skippable
  86. Ubisoft do you think that you would make a Farcry game set...
  87. Deluxe edition?
  88. anyone else pre-order physical from Ubi's site?
  89. When can download in advance? (Uplay)
  90. Keeping bought weapons.
  91. Far Cry New Dawn Co-op
  92. Ammo changing shortcut?
  93. tobii eye tracking support
  94. HD Texture Pack
  95. Release on 15th but what time?
  96. End of the embargo ?
  97. Vector.45 ACP added to Uplay Club Rewards
  98. Axis Flags ?
  99. Again "Host only" trophies
  100. First time in my life I preordered something and it's Far Cry New Dawn
  102. Regarding unlock times
  103. Will the game unlock at midnight around the world?
  104. Any DLC?
  105. 10:30pm
  106. Like it
  107. No Disable Vibration Option + Aim Assist Issue
  108. Pre-ordered but no "Unicorn Trike"
  109. Instead of making a post apocalyptic far cry...
  110. how long is this Open beta test for?
  111. Supply trucks
  112. No Hold to Crouch Option!?!
  113. NPC audio
  114. SUGGESTION: Difficulty options
  115. Save Game System NOT changed
  116. Survival Pack Reward
  117. looking to play co op on pc
  118. PS4 Pro - Input Lag
  119. Help with title of a song in the game
  120. Forcing people to watch streams right after release in order to get the Vector?
  121. Flamethrower range = Too short to make it a viable weapon
  122. Live events?
  123. Progress/length concern
  124. Does New Dawn use Easy Anti-Cheat?
  125. A few questions for Ubisoft. Thank you
  126. Very first supply drop...
  127. The game deserves better
  128. Played approx 4 hours & bored beyond comprehension - will it get better?
  129. Roster glitch
  130. New game plus ?
  131. Co-Op required for 100% completion? Really??
  132. Enemies disappearing to fast
  133. BRAiN DEAD AI??
  134. Holding breath while sniping .. not working?
  135. Disable head bobbing?
  136. Disable head bobbing?
  137. Saw Launcher question
  138. Punching and Perks
  139. Favorite guns for hire?
  140. Switch Rogers Quebec flag with a Canadian flag
  141. Only one gun for hire?
  142. WAS going to buy until I found this out about hiring NPC's
  143. Is there much humor in this game?
  144. A small request
  145. ? Why go from 2 guns/animals for hire, to jus one?
  146. Garbage melee weapons again
  147. Any new assets?
  148. Lfg pc na!!!
  149. Make bayonet great again!!
  150. 1/3 the game for the same price...
  151. New Dawn Split Audio Suggestions
  152. Upgrading perks?
  153. Request: Outfits - Division 2 agent please!
  154. No GFH for co-op players?
  155. Bring back weapon customisation
  156. Aurora Borealis... In Montana
  157. Stuck at The Prophecy stage.
  158. If you play FCND on PC, HMU
  159. Guns for hire
  160. Newsletter for Ubisoft club reward
  161. Ubisoft ignoring reports!!
  162. I wish there was more content
  163. What features would you like added?
  164. Fc5 vs new dawn
  165. There is no way to abandon/leave an Expedition
  166. Mislabled ship
  167. Guns for hire wont get out of vehicles
  168. 。。。。。。。。。。
  169. Irwin Smalls Fight Club
  170. Reload and pill bottle medkit speeds are painfully slow
  171. Started so angry but after some humble pie, yeah still a little annoyed but:
  172. WORTH A BUY? Review...
  173. Completed in 3 day's!!!!!!!!!
  174. Someone for achievement in coop
  175. New Game+?
  176. Worst soundtrack yet?
  177. Turkeys
  178. Enemy damage indication and health bar
  179. Do enemies still spawn at the end of the game outside of outposts, unlike FC5?
  180. Can you holster your weapons like FC5?
  181. Resetting outposts on the fly.
  182. Dissapearing animal corpses when hunting
  183. So, I canīt finish the game?
  184. So what I missing from this game
  185. far cry 5 was a good game new dawn is so meh
  186. Ubi Club Reward for playing/complete Farcry5 not unlocking
  187. Far Cry New Dawn Music now on Spotify.
  188. New Game Plus being implemented?
  189. story progress on uplay 93%
  190. Such a let down
  191. Weapons Upgrades: 5% Damage Increase Not Accurate
  192. The inside job mission...
  193. Something is definiely wrong withThe Prophecy Misson...
  194. Something is definiely wrong withThe Prophecy Misson...
  195. Genius tacticians
  196. Photos
  197. Duck Locations
  198. Weird twins mouth animations
  199. Uplay Club Rewards "Sign up to the Far Cry Newsletter"
  200. I'm really enjoying the game ... thank you UBisoft!
  201. more content?
  202. Motion sickness in game
  203. Loot truck wont open
  204. Highwayman Kabob
  205. Timber kill count and other benifits of using him
  206. Far Cry new Dawn - Upgrades (Perks/Weapons)
  207. no weekly events?
  208. No way to activate hold crouch at all?
  209. Microsoft store question. Xbox one/PC
  210. Suggestion for Weapon Customization
  211. Bayonet skill?
  212. Find Rush quest missing?
  213. Improper damage values
  214. Finally got a copy of New Dawn! (Suggestions?)
  215. FC New Dawn SUCKS
  216. PC: upgrade to DELUXE EDITION?
  217. Civilians not all cones, there's hope yet.
  218. Ghost Perk
  219. multyplayer?
  220. Achievements not unlocking
  221. 100m bow trophy
  222. Broken Gun for Hire quest? Maybe?
  223. Biographie personnage
  224. Broken Tears photograph glitch
  225. Demonfish and duck collections
  226. Funny thing about this game being influenced by Die Antwoord style...
  227. Just what I need to keep calm right now - an image only ;)
  228. Don't turn around
  229. Poor sales compared to past fc games.
  230. Dear Ubisoft: you ruined stealth
  231. No more supply drops
  232. Quick gun upgrade question
  233. Is That All There Is??
  234. Expeditions
  235. Anger Management Trophy
  236. Please fix the mid reload bug? Or problem?
  237. Very Disapointed
  238. Coin Locations
  239. Guns for Hire Soldiers for hire needs patch!
  240. Mo' Mommies, Mo' Problems never ends?
  241. 2 questions
  242. Weapons purchase with credits
  243. Anger Management achievement/trophy needs to be modified.
  244. bookworm 2CEA2BDC, can't play co cop for more then 15 sec
  245. How to remove PINK and replace it with BLUE ?
  246. No End Game Warning
  247. New Dawn: Three Questions
  248. Fix angry management trophy
  249. Prosperity Level 3. Cannot attain it as doors are locked
  250. Stuck on John Seed island