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  1. Will i be able to pre-download assassins creed odyssey if I've preordered?
  2. ACOD Pre-load version don't have Traditional Chinese version
  3. Pre download stuck at 0b/s
  4. Odyssey gold edition not showing up properly in uplay library
  5. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Spartan Edition Pre-Order
  6. ‹pgrade pre-ordered edtion
  7. AMD Rewards Code ?
  8. Cannot preload the game - only blank tile in game list
  9. Game crashes on startup
  10. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Crashes during gameplay
  11. Phenom II Support THIS TIME???
  12. Physics on PC are locked to 30 fps!
  13. Cannot play the game
  14. Vsync
  15. Game Close Itself Randomly
  16. Problem with graphics
  17. Star up not working.
  18. Big problem!
  19. [Peripherals] Mouse button lock on not working
  20. 30 FPS Lock causing stutters
  21. Black bars on cut scenes 21:9 are you kidding me?
  22. The effect of getting wet is gone.
  23. No fullscreen
  24. Черные полосы внизу и вверху экрана
  25. Black bars on cut scenes
  26. Game crash after starting a conversation
  27. ACOD gold preorder on steam
  28. No early access or did i read wrong?
  29. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Crashes on launch (we need an update!!!!)
  30. Activation on Uplay
  31. Bad sound bug!
  32. Odyssey completely freezes during gameplay
  33. Mouse Pointer not visible or working in Menus and Maps
  34. issue HDR Tv samsung 4k 2016
  35. game freezes when cutscene starts
  36. Locked to cultist outfit unable tonchange outfit
  37. Thrustmaster T16000 and Throttle Causing issues
  38. No Loot from looting Chests BUG!!!!
  39. How much VRAM?!
  40. HDR looks horrible
  41. Can't use Zowie Vital with Assassins Creed: Odyssey
  42. Cant move after entering "So it begins"
  43. Season pass separate purchase
  44. game crashing ramdomly
  45. CPU Limited Game ?
  46. Golden Armor parts are pitch black. Any solution?
  47. Steam: UPLAY not recognizing ACOD
  48. Possible Bug - Not Receiving Orichalcum when completing timed quest
  49. Game Crashing/Freezing at Start Up
  50. Not Letting Me Play...
  51. Launch game and Backsplash for game pops up, thats it
  52. Downgraded resolution in 1080p, despite 100% res modifier... as if improper scaling
  53. I didn't receive the discount code from the quiz
  54. Bug Report
  55. Redeeming Assassin Creed Odyssey with Uplay Link NOT WORKING
  56. the horse?
  57. Crouching not working all the time
  58. Game randomly crashing
  59. Game locking up on reload
  60. White box with black background (Help)
  61. Resolution looks terribly jagged on 1080 GTX @1440p
  62. Controller issues
  63. Ship buggs
  64. Can't buy Helix credits
  65. Can't use boats.
  66. Prince of Persia Quest bugged
  67. How to get fullscren? Assassin Creed Odyssey
  68. How to get fullscreen?
  69. Logitech Gaming Gear still not Optimized for AC Odyssey
  70. Highly Variable FPS With In-Game Benchmark Tool
  71. @Ubisoft
  72. Game not appearing in Library after purchase
  73. Pre ordering GOLD is bugged!
  74. random crash and frame rate drop
  75. Possible fix for Game not launching at Splash Logo
  76. **update for crashing**
  77. Game crashes on initial splash screen - with crash dump
  78. Looting not recognized by game and now location is not completed
  79. Is the game Exclusive Fullscreen?
  80. Just stop
  81. Engravings on legendary items are swapped
  82. cant loot chests or use boats anything where i have to hold the primary inaction
  83. Be careful!!! Ubisoft has just changed the specifications for PC
  84. HUD "Tips and Messages" bug
  85. How to switch arrow types on PC
  86. Intermittent GUI issue with enemy outlines getting long legs
  87. Game is working perfect now
  88. Minor Loot Issue
  89. r7 2700x, GTX 1080 1440p struggles to do 50 fps
  90. ac odessey crash
  91. Black screen/freeze when loading mid-game
  92. Alexios can't walk like Kassandra Please Fix it. It looks like he is jogging
  93. Metiochos Game Breaker Bug
  94. No torch - error sound when press "t"
  95. [AOD][BUG][So It Begins][Deal With Thugs] Player is not able to get into Combat
  96. Thought and Deed quest bugged
  97. 2 Odessa Mission Bugged
  98. HDR calibration settings is not saving
  99. Refund PC
  100. Stuck in Cultist Robes
  101. Audio Issues with Speakers but not Headset
  102. completed "He Waits", can't fast travel afterwards.
  103. Need help please
  104. Game Keeps Freezing
  105. You guys outdid yourself this time
  106. Crash to desktop after first boss fight in tutorial
  107. My own bug and crash
  108. Game Crashing in Certain areas of Megaris
  109. NVIDIA Driver 411.70 can cause random crashes
  110. Two Bugs - Lumbering Along quest and Northern Bandit Camp on Ithaka
  111. Pre rendered video cutscenes stutter - poor codec implementation?
  112. Pc Sound problems
  113. Crash
  114. Health bar has started disappearing
  115. Stucking after finish *Snake in the grass*
  116. [BUG- gamebreaking] Automated switch to map
  117. Cloth physics gets locked to 30fps
  118. Blurred/ Pixelise Screen On AC Odyssey
  119. Game Crashes every 10 minutes
  120. New Nvidia drivers out - 416.16
  121. Fire Effects FPS Drops
  122. swimming in the air bug
  123. In The Footsteps of Gods quest bug
  124. Controller Not Detected
  125. Reset Abilities & Damage
  126. crashes on start up screen
  127. Download Fails
  128. Anyone else have a problem with Twitch Prime loot not showing?
  129. Black Screen on start up
  130. Bought the game on Steam, UPlay asks me for Activation Key. Where can I find it?
  131. Frame dropping, sluggish movement on HIGH END PC!
  132. Playing AC Odyssey , LOVE FROM INDIA
  133. Can't buy Helix Credits and Steam-Overlay doesnt work..
  134. Twitch Prime Reward not showing up ! in-game Store not working !
  135. Store down?
  136. Very inconsistant FPS drops
  137. Learning the Ropes issue
  138. Extremely poor playabality!
  139. Bug encountered on The Daughters of Artemis Quest
  140. Bug encountered on The Daughters of Artemis Quest
  141. Loss of Sound
  142. Game Crashes on start up
  143. Unable to use controls anymore at launch
  144. ACO: Ultimate Edition : NO XP and Drachmae boost
  145. Controller issues on startup
  146. Bought gear with Orichalum but never received it in my inventory
  147. Domesticated wolf attacked me after reload
  148. AC Odyssey Not Surpassing 16.33GB in Download
  149. ACOD EMEA PC version don't have Russian
  150. Devs need to fix this controller bug ASAP
  151. pls do something too many ppl have this problem
  152. Game crashes when trying to load a saved game
  153. game crashes on startup
  154. Game switches between full screen and windowed when hitting two buttons
  155. Outfit bug
  156. Stuck on Assassins Creed Odyssey splash screen.
  157. Ultimate Edition (Steam) - No Booster Pack???
  158. Arrow type switch PC
  159. HDR issue
  160. Guess what? I'm another person who gets crashes on startup!
  161. Odyseey Crashes... but not on startup
  162. Unable to download language pack
  163. My Daily Mission doesn't scale level properly and is for LVL 35 while I'm only 17
  164. Game crashing at random intervals
  165. Guess what? Game freezes on gameplay!
  166. Not receiving confirmation email or game after purchase
  167. Missing Evie for the Ship
  168. Phokis Optimization Needed
  169. 5 Star mercenary bounty...and still no mercenary after me.
  170. Character frozen and unable to continue quest/story
  171. game keeps crashing when i start it up
  172. This yellow circle doesn't disappear.
  173. Bought to time-saving maps, NO Oreichalkos on each position, why?... HELP pls or INFO
  174. With steam game, Uplay is still requesting a cd key - even after services restored
  175. Unsupported mode
  176. when pressing "New game" my PC restarts
  177. Can't Launch the Game
  178. AMD Rewards
  179. Game Stopping Interaction Glitch
  180. ACOD with no Traditional Chinese language
  181. Can't Launch the game, Crash all the time.
  182. frequency random freeze when talk with NPCs after update nv driver 416.16
  183. Crashes at warning screen...
  184. Sos - help me with camera/keyboard/mouse issue!!!!
  185. Unable to Scroll in Menus
  186. Crash Dump on Uplay and AC-Odissey
  187. Beware....
  188. Windows Game Bar not opening.
  189. Game instant saving on the first voyage
  190. How do you unlock the Ubisoft Club rewards Eagle Kopis and Epsilon Blade?
  191. Blurred/ Pixelise Screen On AC Odyssey
  192. Stuck in FANCY QUEST mission
  193. AVX hotfix?
  194. PSA: Online Service Error [0x00200101] (Odyssey in-game Store not working on PC)
  195. Game stuck on splash screen.
  196. [Resolved] Quick save (F5) does not work
  197. pls fix in a patch
  198. Game crashing on startup at the warning idk what to other than just w8
  199. Playable Character Movement Around Small Obstacles
  200. Stuck At Splash Screen too.
  201. After desynchronization, the game doesnt load on pc
  202. Lost Helix credits
  203. Online Service Error 0x00000001
  204. Kassandra's first fight - cannot move or attack
  205. Game crashes during the Markos scene
  206. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Crashes
  207. Cut scenes capped at 31 fps
  208. Mouse and keyboard walk animation too fast
  209. Black screen when load game save after desynchronized.
  210. Letterbox/Black Bars on 1920/1080 res
  211. microstutter despite Gsync monitor
  212. Keyboard input dropping at random intervals
  213. no wet effects on pc after 1.0.2
  214. Prince of Persia final mission
  215. HDR settings, Maximum Luminance issue
  216. Save games not syncing to cloud
  217. Sound glitch Uplay v.1.0.2
  218. +3% damage with heavy bladed weapons engraving bug
  219. Unable to Start The Game!
  220. Assassin's Creed crashes windows explorer, and nvdia drivers
  221. Game crashed and corrupted all my autosaves!
  222. Sins of the Past bugged
  223. Initial Hang on Splash Screen, now crashes on menu page
  224. CANNOT COLLECT Orichalcum Fragment in Bay of Xerxes under bridge.
  225. Bug: Unable to advance the main quest
  226. No double rewards
  227. Snake in the Grass / The Serpent's Lair Issue
  228. Game Unplayable - CTD's immdiately.
  229. Graphics compared to console
  230. Cannot start the game!!!
  231. Why is it so unoptimized for AMD?
  232. Crash on Start-up (my processor supports AVX)
  233. Play as Leonidas Choose Character Game starts and?!?
  234. Blue Screen
  235. Worked pre-launch, doesn't start post-launch
  236. please fix the 30 FPS cloth physics on PC
  237. Glitch NPC Quest "Home Sweet Home"
  238. Main Quest Bugged
  239. Fps
  240. Glitch on Artifact Fragment
  241. In Game HUD Glitched
  242. "We Remember" Quest by Socrates !BUG!
  243. Mission escort Barnabas
  244. Game crashes on Boot
  245. Stuck on Walk mode
  246. My saves arnt automatic anymore? How can I fix this?
  247. Game crashes at startup warnings (Non-AVX problem)
  248. UPLAY Game stats not up-to-date
  249. Game Crashes at end of the first cutscene
  250. BUG REPORT - photio's pre-retirement (when your at the fort)