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  1. Blue Yeti Code Wont Work
  2. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Lieutenants issue still not fixed
  3. Spiel startet nicht in Deutsch, sowie beim Laden bleibt der Bildschirm Schwarz
  4. Initialization error 1, cant start game
  5. Ancient Forge cut scene not triggering
  6. Can't complete Cultist quest due to bug
  7. Cultist bug/glitch , location unknown , story creator mode (PC)
  8. Bug Blood in the Water
  9. Assassin Creed Oddyssey - gpu usage drops in Athens
  10. Unable to complete Salmoneus's Hubris step of Undoing What's Been Done
  11. Adjust screen area setting
  12. Atlantis Chapter 3 crashing. PC UPLAY.
  13. Blue Yeti promo code redeemed but not showing up on UPlay?
  14. Unable to change gear appearance into the Hadee set
  15. crossfire o multi gpu
  16. Fate of Atlantis - Fallen Encounter missing
  17. [DLC Spoilers] - Order of the Ancients still marked alive after kill
  18. Save game after completing Legacy Of the First Blade
  19. HELP: NG+ Achilles/Amazon set not changing?
  20. Gamer suddenly crashes to desktop a lot.
  21. 船隻副手的問題
  22. Vessel deputy problem
  23. Randomly when I load all my quests disappear.
  24. game black screen and crash on loading
  25. Client has updated stats, but savegame disappeared
  26. ACOD: Season Pass causes DLCs to be only partially accessable (?)
  27. Fähigkeiten sporadisch nicht anwendbar
  28. [PC] bug report
  29. Sokos never spawns
  30. 16:19 Cutscenes with black bars(lettbox) in fullscreen
  31. [PC] bug report
  32. Game crashes during splash screen
  33. My bow glitched.
  34. Need help with graphics settings at 1440p for stable FPS
  35. PC Cant access episode 1 of Fate of Atlantis
  36. 8/27 Update removed Isu Knowledge progress
  37. Water textures missing
  38. [bug] Didn't aquire amazon chest piece after beating Belos
  39. Strange performance issue and workaround
  40. Atlantis - new patch resets "knowledge"
  41. Atlantis DLC will not install properly
  42. After update on 2019-08-27 - When back in game, missions are missing and stuck
  43. Crashes since last update
  44. Game Crashing on Splash Screen
  45. some very bright light outside a cave
  46. Game crashes right after the cutscene when moving into Atlantis dlc map
  47. Where is the CD Key to activate Assassins Creed 3 remastered
  48. Blurred textures
  49. Assassin's Creed Odyssey No Chance to Download
  50. [PC] Can't teleport to DLC Atlantis
  51. Can't redeem The Fields of Elysiuim DLC
  52. transition to atlantis problem
  53. Cultist Stuck Under Map
  54. AC uninstall himself
  55. Loot Icon But No Loot
  56. Underground Glitch - Episode 1 of Fate of Atlantis
  57. game crashes
  58. Fate of Atlantic Fallen armor Cheastpice missing from swordfish body
  59. [PC] Bug - Episode 3 – Judgment of Atlantis
  60. legacy & acod e3 fan kit activation
  61. Synchronisation problems
  62. My very strange pc crash problem for experts
  63. Crash after Run ACO
  64. [1.5.0]Settings Little Weird Bug
  65. Legacy of the first blade ep3 not starting
  66. I was killing a merc, but he "ressurrected" and killed me
  67. PC ACOD always stops downloading at around 58- 62% - Uplay
  68. The game dont Loading(black screen) when new game
  69. Guardians of The Gates quest BUG (gamebreaking)
  70. 9 FPS Stuttering Bug Walking Past Horses!
  71. Lokris - Sea battle cries when picking up items?!
  72. redeemed ac:odyssey blue yeti code but game is not showing
  73. Game Won't Display on Samsung TV on RTX 2080 Super
  74. Cultist kill still not registering after update
  75. The game often freezes up on my PC when minimize
  76. Game is crashing in Pephka
  77. Cultist kill still not registering after update
  78. Assassins creed odyssey wont launch, PC
  79. BUY HIGH QUALITY REAL PASSPORTS, DRIVER LICENSE https://biometricdocs.com/
  80. Game freezes as I approach the Oracle in Delphi
  81. Screen contrast problems!
  82. Mercenary tiers reset. Was tier 5 back to tier 9
  83. Games crashing - won't start
  84. Underworld armor transmog disappears upon logout/in
  85. ACO Discovery Tour Freezing At Guides Or Locations
  86. HDR only turns on when the volume overlay is displayed
  87. Statistics dont sync
  88. AC Odyssey Crashing at Splash Screen - Case No. 09721933
  89. Can't access Fields of Elysium...
  90. White screen problem at game launch
  91. Bought Season Pass, but nothing changed
  92. Unable to download any game on uplay. Not allocating the proper disk space.
  93. Mysterious patch (17.09.19 - around 500mb) Just broke my game. black screen stuck.
  94. AC Odyssey Not Launching/Stuck On Splash Screen Fix!
  95. trouble with sound
  96. Assassins Odyssey is minimizing to desktop when i run in fullscreen display mod.
  97. assassins creed odyssey is not qorking after the latest patch 1.5.0
  98. Nvidia Filter doesn't work after last update
  99. Can't finish Kythera Island-The Handmaiden’s Story
  100. Game crash- Atlantis beginning of episode 2.
  101. Mercenary Hunting Layla
  102. Download stuck at exactly 54%
  103. Pallas the Silencer does not spawn
  104. Ancient Forge
  105. Oikos of the Olympians Glitched
  106. stuck when climbing descent into nothingness and desychronization
  107. Who else is having the 54% problem? or 48.13GB...
  108. Game crashes when loading the third episode of the Atlantis DLC
  109. New PC and game keeps freezing during game play
  110. AC Odyssey Freestyle doesn't work.
  111. Crashing when loading game after small update
  112. Ultimate Edition --> Gold Edition save game compatibility
  113. Game Crash again and again and again
  114. Buying Uplay+, no saves on my ACOD Uplay account
  115. Constant Crashing Vega 56 i5-3570k
  116. AMD RX 5700 XT Crashing Atlantis / Elysium Chapter 1
  117. AMD RX 5700 XT Crashing Atlantis / Elysium Chapter 1
  118. **paid** for full atlantis dlc, can't access
  119. Massive fps drops and lag regardless of quality settings on high end pc.
  120. Assassins creed origins DVD-ROM version
  121. No signs for loot or war chests
  122. Bug: Mutiples of Unique Quest Items (The Blind King Quest)
  123. Can't Progress Main Quest (Journey Into War)
  124. Show Me the Money Challenge badge not unlocking (54/55 completed)
  125. Can't start/interact with item for 'On The Grapevine'
  126. 2080 Ti - weird clock dip in Assassin Creed Oddyssey
  127. Can't even start the game.
  128. HDR broken after Windows update.
  129. Visual Customisation Bug
  130. Assassins Creed Odyssesy CRASH - launcher_log error
  131. Arena in Phepka has a minor bug - shows Defeat 4/5 although you did all
  132. I can't play ACOD uplay+ version offline
  133. cant buy melina mount
  134. Bug na missão "O Conquistador" em ACOD
  135. Simple Life Bug
  136. Laggs all the time, missing symbols and terrible loading times
  137. Weird visual bug on ability widget.
  138. Hades Set Visual Customization Bug
  139. Legendry Lieutenants issue still not fixed 3rd time posting this!
  140. Free new content not working
  141. assassins creed odyssey and ubisoft account
  142. Bug in quest " A mothers prayer"
  143. Not able to see new 1.5.1 patch content (ACOD Project Stream migration)
  144. Episode 2 Death before dishonor crash
  145. User Interface flickers on title and main menu.
  146. Rendering/Draw Distance/LOD Issue
  147. Game cuts a lot
  148. Game keeps freezing for seconds at a time to load polygons and textures on GTX 1060
  149. Sudden huge loss of performance went to 45 FPS to 15
  150. No Main Mission after "Doing Time"
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  166. Crash after try to enter Esylium
  167. can't assign to Combat abilities wheel, enhanced vs standard Assassin abilities.
  168. camera
  169. Infinite Loading Screen
  170. Performance on 2080
  171. Game minimizes itself to desktop after a few minutes and only once
  172. "A Sokratic Mess" Bug
  173. Game Quests magically dissappeared.
  174. How to progress in game after Kephalionia Islands Quests, etc. are finished?
  175. Upgraded to RTX 2070 and Black bars came with it
  176. Launching
  177. New Content Available popup keeps showing everytime you load
  178. Game so slow
  179. The Game freezes after 5-10min
  180. "Beware the Siren Call" quest bugged
  181. error
  182. Game Constantly Freezing Sometimes CTD
  183. Пропала основная сюжетная линия после "у&
  184. Ac odyssey crashing on splashscreen
  185. Lost all my progress because of the cloud synchronisation
  186. Onlİne servİces error help me pleaseeee
  187. Missing DLC
  188. My 1080 ti not detected when i run the game
  189. assassin's creed odyssey PC crash *Fixed* Never again
  190. Crashing at splash screen
  191. Can I run ACO with quad core 1.6 GHz?
  192. The Game Odyssey Freeze and tear screen again
  193. Rewards Not working
  194. Crash at the beginning of the Elysee
  195. Ac odyssey crashing
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  200. After 111 hrs of play, requiring me to download and install game to play??
  201. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Follow Drucilla to Repair Bow
  202. ACO audio issues with bluetooth speaker after update
  203. New Contents Is Available
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  205. Where are my F12 screenshots?
  206. Turkish language support
  207. Hello
  208. assassin's creed odyssey mouse and keyboard not working
  209. High GPU temps with an RX 590 / AMD FX-8350
  210. Stuck in shadow from the east - The stirring darkness
  211. "Talk to Markos" first quest is not working - Im stuck (3 min. in game).
  212. Assassin's Creed restarts my computer
  213. assasins creed odyssey game not working
  214. error
  215. Crashing at Animus loading screen
  216. Fate of Atantis - Cannot access the seal
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