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  1. Cannot continue in storyline
  2. AC:Odyssey Akantha ancient clue bugged
  3. Cassandra Body Textures
  4. Achievements did not unlock.
  5. Follow that Boat - no boat bug
  6. Got a method to remove my lag peaks
  7. Quest problem Killing or not killing
  8. Nation leadership does not change after winning conquest battle
  9. ACOD isn't even starting. I reckon I have to upgrade my hardware. Advice please?
  10. gane keeps crashing after 2-3 minutes without an error!!! PLS HELP!!!!
  11. Reproducable crash: binding keys
  12. Grotto Of Pan
  13. Project Stream
  14. Project Stream graphics options?
  15. Help Missing Third Story of The Lost Tales Of Greece - The Image of Faith !
  16. DS4 controller support over bluetooth not working
  17. Unopenable Chest in Quest The Tribute
  18. Steam Achievements (DLC) - not showing
  19. Fast Travel still broken
  20. Perks Level 6/7 bug.
  21. Updated Game- Bow and eagle cancel when when holding down right click
  22. A Ship Came Sailing Bug
  23. My game is still broken... Two months later. I'm starting to feel bitter.
  24. AC Odyssey will not activate
  25. Mercenary System keeps resetting, constantly
  26. Cutscene dialogue audio level is incredibly low.
  27. Daily quests don't show up anymore
  28. Achievements BUG Legacy of First Blade.
  29. AC Odyssey Not Launching on PC FIX
  30. Audio bug
  31. Game crash after character selection
  32. [PC] Blind King DLC already owned but awailable in rewards
  33. Crashes alot!
  34. [PC] Menu appears 'zoomed' and unable to progress
  35. About Evie
  36. Arena Mercenary Bugged
  37. Bug falling out side map on Elis
  38. Things still need fixing
  39. Huge Performance Drop while Mission "The Image Of Faith" running
  40. Typhon’s Mace from Exekias the Legend did not drop for me
  41. No rewards for weekly quest
  42. Is there any way to zoom in/out on the map without a mouse wheel?
  43. Issue with Rewards from Conquest Battles
  44. 2 bugs - Conquest battle and Bounty
  45. Lots of missing achievements
  46. Installing
  47. bug: mandrake dance side mission not completable
  48. problem with we will rice quest .
  49. Naval Conquest Battles changing allegiances after defending
  50. Critical FPS drops
  51. critic bug 1.DLC
  52. Recent save game issues with map and others screens being a black screen
  53. Can't complete quest, No dialog option
  54. Stuck on splash screen please help
  55. Endless Mercenaries
  56. Game performance decreases over time - corrupt save file?
  57. Unable to connect to store/recieve purcashed Helix credits
  58. Stuck on splash screen i5 3570k
  59. A bunch of very bizarre bugs all at once
  60. How do I "Become Anonymous"
  61. heavy is the spear quest stuck
  62. Can't progress (Quest: "The city that cried Wolf ")
  63. [BUG][PC] Resetting ability points does not give all the points spent
  64. Crashing Costantly
  65. Feedback
  66. Switching off other player's screenshots!
  67. [PC] No daily quests on the message board
  68. crashes every 45 mins
  69. Leap of Faith Skill Bugged
  70. No setup code?
  71. Cannot save game
  72. Zoisme still bugged?
  73. Achievements locked on Uplay but unlocked on Steam
  74. Problem with the Season Pass now woriking. help
  75. [Glitch?] The Not-so-Good Way to Hold a Spear
  76. Game constantly crashing since changing GPU
  77. Lore of the Sphinx, Nemean Lion looting HUGE PROBLEM
  78. Assassin's creed odyssey: Story arc 1 - episode 1: Hunted
  79. Game breaking bug
  80. Wobbly horseriding
  81. Can't weaken Achaia
  82. Please Help! Graphics Pixelated on PC
  83. After Patch 1.1.2 Health bar low and remains low
  84. Alpha Lion Glitch -- LORE OF THE SPHINX - enough is enough.
  85. Can't switch between the 2 melee bars
  86. Poor image quality in 1440p
  87. Bugged Aren Fighter's Helmet
  88. 2 bugs. 1 new, 1 old - 1.1.2
  89. Uplay update/ AC Odyessey update not starting
  90. Resolution Incorrect (UPlay Version)
  91. Bug found in Artemis Trikalaria Camp
  92. Possible bug? Nearly completed quest board objectives
  93. [PC] New Lost tales of Greece sub-quest (Learning the land) bugged
  94. BUG - Stealth assassinating sleeping enemy
  95. [v1.1.2 PC] Sound bug: Poison sound permanent after conquest battle
  96. Will the "black bars in cutscenes on ultrawide monitors" bug ever get fixed?
  97. Lag spikes after patch 1.1.2
  98. Orichalcum Ore Bug ! STILL NOT FIXED !!
  99. Massive Framerate and CPU spikes after January Update!
  100. [PC] 1.1.2 - started crashing on DLC check
  101. Crashing every five minutes. Unplayable.
  102. Locate game folder over and over again glitch/bug
  103. Lag and framedrops since update
  104. [1.1.2] Barnabas dies after final cutscene in Atlantis questline
  105. All quests disappeared (Not Athens Plague)
  106. Mercenary Tier S2 benefit not working at Hephaistos's Workshop
  107. Protector of Persia bug in 1.1.2
  108. after 1.1.2 crashed twice while traveling
  109. Game crashes at startup - Unplayable
  110. [PC] New Lost tales of Greece sub-quest (Learning the land) bugged
  111. Bug: crit chance at full health not working with overpower attacks
  112. Throwing the Dice - Missing Pots
  113. [Bug] Missing NPC "Thyia" in the mission of "Sharp Lesson"
  114. problem with the wild hunt quest
  115. after patch 1.1.2 fullscreen
  116. [BUG] Macedonian leader.
  117. Patch 1.1.2 didn't fix Fast Travel
  118. Crash of ACOD during Episode 2
  119. Issue at Perikles symposium!!
  120. No Steropes bow transmog?
  121. How do I start episode 2 Shadow Heritage
  122. Mercenary hood clipping with the back of Alexios' head
  123. Wait for your legacty to continue...
  124. Season pass purchase popup keeps showing up everytime I navigate the menus
  125. Where is Legacy of the First Blade Episode 2
  126. Splash screen continually interferes with gameplay
  127. Judgement of the Lion Axe - Severe Clipping
  128. [Bug] after completing "Daughters of Lalaia"
  129. 30 ap point ?
  130. hey i have 2 problems with the game
  131. [PC] Can't complete Persian Puppetry Quest
  132. Having issues with my inventory
  133. [RESOLVED] Atos the Beast Caller
  134. the new red flag ship glitch
  135. Abilities Acquired still at 1% in UPlay Stats Page
  136. Weekly quest disappeared can't find it on Message board aswell
  137. Help with HDR support on PC
  138. Weird flickering
  139. The Show Must go On bugged
  140. When does Free copy of AC:O come to Project Stream participants please?
  141. Photo Mode - No Active Contest
  142. [BUG REPORT]: persian elite set has lvl1 stats
  143. Assassin's Creed Odyssey How do I uninstall section?
  144. achievements episode 2 DLC
  145. Legacy of the first Blade Bugs
  146. Enemy disappear bevor death confirm
  147. save game
  148. Massive Framerate and CPU spikes after January Update! Now with Case #
  149. [RESOLVED] [Achievement Bug] Lone Lion & Hermes's Homie
  150. after patch 1.1.2. and 1.1.3 cannot play in full screen
  151. Filles de Lalaia
  152. Quest bug - Persians puppetry
  153. After the Atlantis Quest
  154. after patch .1.3 the game freeze all the time
  155. Holding a Key doesn't work
  156. Issue with jittery animations and blocky shadows
  157. Wolves mesh issue and ai behaviour bug
  158. Project Stream - Google
  159. Ainigmata Ostraka's Sword/Dagger damage engraving bugged??
  160. PSA: Dont level up beyond level 70 on mastery levels
  161. Fire Arrows (Or fire attacks in general)
  162. Cant use ubisoft club reward in my visual customization menu
  163. problem finding and killing the last 2 cult of cosmos member
  164. BUG abou FPS error
  165. [BUG] Detailed stats window updating only after inventory closed reopened
  166. [Bug or Feature?] Naxos Message Board never giving contracts
  167. Bug with ability points
  168. Constant Bounty bug
  169. Still having performance issues.
  170. German Version Grammar Mistake
  171. The Handmaiden's Story bug
  172. [PC] Stuck on "a heart for a head" quest
  173. Contracts are sometimes already half fulfilled when fetching them [BUG or Feature?]
  174. Borderless windowed mode?
  175. Shipwreck cove cultist clue is bugged
  176. Problem with Sisters of Artemis
  177. Bug - tamed animal interferring with gameplay [pc]
  178. I tried ACOD on my new Christmas Laptop and...my save games are all gone now
  179. Daughters of Artemis becoming hostile again?
  180. Real full screen in AC Odissey
  181. Can't Get War Supplies to Burn at Miltiades fort
  182. [PC] Leviathan's Maw gamebreaking bug, cannot progress
  183. bug in "A Mother's Prayers" quest
  184. No English ilanguage
  185. I have a Engraving Issue with AC:O
  186. [PC] A family's legacy door bug
  187. Marooned Bandit Camp
  188. My cloud saves are not correct
  189. Did not receive reward for killing Nestor the Formidable
  190. Lost main weapon!
  191. My game seems broken.
  192. Shark stuck under terrain
  193. Player option from the community drop box Messages glitch
  194. Various Minor, Non-Gamebreaking Bugs
  195. The set "zone" for water based combat is too restrictive.
  196. keeping crash
  197. Ubisoft Tech Support is a joke and a waste of time
  198. [PC] Game crashes to desktop all the time lately
  199. Cloud and local saves lost AC Odissey
  200. Constant crash to desktop
  201. didnt get a brothers seduction achivment even when completed a poets legacy
  202. Odyssey Freezes Randomly
  203. Please fix sse 4.1
  204. [PC] Game keeps crashing
  205. Game Crashing at random times
  206. Unable to get to Speak No Evil
  207. assassin creed odyssey
  208. Can't synchronize savegame files Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
  209. Enemy NPC Stuck behind wall
  210. BUG - Shroud of the bear - skins to merchant
  211. #1merc fall 3000m+ underneath the terrain can't reach her
  212. Dinged to ML73 (209 AP) a second time and (again) got no AP, instead ...
  213. Friendly NPC Prone, not sure if bugged
  214. Helix sets missing
  215. [PC] 'They Just Want Cruelty' quest progression bugged
  216. Hephaistos Workshop no longer gives Tier S2 discount
  217. AC III update and remaster
  218. Can't access the store! Can't buy anything!
  219. Island of misfortune, bug or I need help?
  220. For the People bug
  221. Have been waiting 3 weeks for responses from Ubisoft tech support re ACOD crashing
  222. Brief, Infrequent FPS Drop to Single Digits
  223. Cannot Equip Melee Weapons
  224. Fuzzy / blurry textures on Ultra with AMD Radeon GPU
  225. uplay app game statistics incorrect
  226. patch notes number incorrect
  227. Level scaling - Difference
  228. Odyssey season pass uplay problem
  229. Pets Dying Constantly
  230. Hermie's Homie is a D&*#
  231. I've IDed the head of the Delian League but I don't think I should have
  232. Game crashing since windows update
  233. AC: Odyssey Leap of Faith bug
  234. The Taxman Cometh - can't finish due to looted chest
  235. [Uplay]Achievements locked
  236. Bug fix list?
  237. Day 3 waiting for Ubisoft response to crash ticket, nice "48 hour" response time
  238. Where to get Updates for reported Bugs?
  239. Uplay Service Error [0x00000004] plus engraving challenge bug
  240. [PC] Assassin's Creed Odyssey Crashes Instantly in Full Screen Mode
  241. [BUG] PC - Still cannot dismiss Tekton lieutenant (Feb 2019)
  242. [BUG] PC - Cannot pick up Orichalcum Ore under bridge
  243. [BUG] PC - Tyrrhenian ship design not loading
  244. Diona cultist can't be killed
  245. funny bug
  246. Game not saving although it still registers?
  247. Game crashing, open ticket and no response
  248. Purchased " Cerberus's Offspring" in store never received in game.
  249. engraving bug level
  250. Dark Skin Texture in Cutscenes?