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  6. Cutscene dialogue audio issues
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  8. The DLC's are not loading
  9. Keep getting error Uplay has detected an error it cant recover from..
  10. O jogo bugou
  11. ACO Game Startup Commands
  12. WTF do I need first blade and Fate of Atlantis DLC to load
  13. AC Odyssey download finish but game not starting.
  14. Mercenary bug
  15. Crashing load DLC part 3 Judgment of Atlantis
  16. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Fps Drop
  17. Help the game i freeze
  18. trofeo di ermes non ricevuto
  19. Shroud of the Bear no pelts
  20. I want to refund the game
  21. Game crashes PC - Error: RADAR_PRE_LEAK_WOW64
  22. Stuck on loading screen. Please help!
  23. Omg saving f
  24. AC Odyssey- Had the game running with no problems, now crashes after Splash Screen
  25. Cache folder in My Documents.
  26. Lost game progress
  27. Atlantyda elizium
  28. AC: Odyssey crashes on startup
  29. assassin's creed odyssey stuck on loading screen ,please help
  30. Unexpected performance issues
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  32. Free Speech quest not showing up
  33. Code to redeem does not work
  34. Compte piraté
  35. Anyone successfully played ACOdyssey off a network share?
  36. Aciii remaster
  37. U-Play tells me I don't own any game right now; they appear in the installed section!
  38. Saves years over a year out of date
  39. Can't use keybord and mouse at the beginning of the quest for enlightenment
  40. i cannot play where i ended
  41. [PC] Purchased Season Pass but not Showing on Account
  42. the Kretan Bull Quest is bugg underwater pls help
  43. AC Odyssey NPC Guards Bug
  44. Tamed Pet Dies Whenever I travel by foot over small or large cliffs or rocks
  45. wont sync to my cloud saves!
  46. HDR Disabled Only in Ubisoft Games
  47. Stuck after putting the pieces together
  48. Assassin's creed oddessey crashes randomly every 15min or so
  49. RX 5500XT , crash after entering to the Elysium
  50. Random Freeze-Crash
  51. i canI cannot use the skill
  52. Instant Keto - How Does It Work?
  53. Main Quest Disapeared [Spoilers]
  54. Voilà comment Ubisoft traite ses clients!!!
  55. Is AC Oddysey supposed to be this big on my disk?
  56. Problemas com o jogo, ele não executa!
  57. ac odyssey go to title screen for additional content
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  59. Wireless Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting
  60. Problem with synchronization
  61. The Fate of Atlantis is not working for me
  62. Local Save Files Don't Appear in offline mode
  63. Uplay Conundrum
  64. Vega 64 + xeon 1650 V3 6/12 4500.Mhz / 32.gb ddr4 2600.Mhz
  65. [PC] Game keeps randomly crashing a LOT
  66. Throw The Dice
  67. I have a problem
  68. Game fails right after entering Elysium
  69. Epic Games Download not Working
  70. Can't access ACOD local savedata when Uplay is offline