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  1. Daughters of Artemis guest bug
  2. Epic! Club achievement and other issues
  3. Tides of War bug
  4. Cannot receive daily logins from Ubisoft Club
  5. Unable to continue game as says need to buy game add ons
  6. can Gold Edition use Standard Edition's saved data?
  7. Animation errors for MC and animals (last one because I am almost finish this game)
  8. The Master - Cultist - A Life's Worth - Glitch
  9. Problema en apariencia.
  10. BUG: New Content Available message keeps popping up
  11. https://fitawarezone.com/keto-engaged/
  12. ACOD Save "lost"
  13. BUG - A New Lease on Death quest
  14. [BUG]The Fate of Atlantis - Episode 2 phoibe's story
  15. PS4 Pro - Unbearable Bugs & Unplayable Game
  16. Markos Fate--BUG
  17. PS4 - Game Client cannot be updated to version 1.51
  18. https://fitawarezone.com/slim-ensure-keto/
  19. Weapon Master Engravings Issue/Question
  20. Leadership switching to opposing faction despite having won the sea battle
  21. Can't unlock trophy "A Brother's Seduction"
  22. Myths and Monsters quest crashes game.
  23. After free trial and upgrade, trophies issues (PS4)
  24. Trophies non unlocked after playing the demo weekend and buying ACOD Gold edition
  25. Diona never shows up
  26. AC odyssey ps4, lagging and crashing
  27. Still loading error
  28. Russian language in EU version ?
  29. AC Odyssey wont open after free weekend
  30. First quest
  31. Oikos server error persisting
  32. Arges and Steropes cyclops are not spawning, and I'm well ahead in the story
  33. Just got the game.
  34. DLC-ep3 problem ps4 pro
  35. Arges mission is unavailable
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