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  1. Assassin's Creed Odyssey issue
  2. Spartan edition no dispatch email
  3. Language French pack error store
  4. Xbox one crash:main story mission (possible spoiler)
  5. Odyssey won't launch xbox one digital
  6. Game Crashes
  7. No dialog sound [Fixed]
  8. Can't login to redeem my stuff ... and I don't ve my game ...
  9. Menu Black Screen
  10. Map Objectives
  11. Did not receive deluxe edition content
  12. A Journey into war quest glitch
  13. Game will not install
  14. Lost progress / saves
  15. Can’t Turn in Shark the Vagrant Xbox One Gold Edition Digital
  16. No storyline
  17. Consistent freezing and crashing Xb1 X And wold tame issue
  18. Photos
  19. mercenary screen bug
  20. Is this armour supposed to be black?
  21. Unobtainable Orichalcum
  22. Fight Damage Numbers
  23. Xbox on crash solution (maybe)
  24. Can't interact with most things.
  25. Deluxe (Ultimate Edition) Attribute Points
  26. Main questline gone AWOL
  27. Quests not working
  28. Stopped acquiring story missions
  29. Game crashing back to dashboard
  30. Acod not starting on xbox one
  31. Twitch Prime Loot now showing up in my game
  32. Athenian Weapons Digital pack not received
  33. Some help please with download content
  34. Return to title on start up
  35. Help with a download code
  36. Cages
  37. Orichalcum Bugged Original XB1
  38. Audio doesn't work making the game have no sound
  39. Crew Member Will Not Dismiss
  40. Stuck on the first part of (It all begins)
  41. Pantheon edition xp boost not working/ubiclub rewards not in-game
  42. [Resolved] Black Unicorn
  43. ac odyssey deluxe edition kronos gear disappearing
  44. Can't Finish Locations Because of War Supplies
  45. Can't take control of boat xbox-one
  46. Armors appearing black
  47. Message boards quests and expiration
  48. Blind king mission bugged.
  49. Freezing.
  50. Main quest issue - Fancy Guests
  51. Bugged quest “Fancy Guests” broken cutscene
  52. First Civilization Stele not giving ability points
  53. Performance on Xbox One S?
  54. Helix Credits
  55. Freezing when approaching a main quest location early?
  56. Perikles’s Symposium Bugged
  57. Lost All Quests
  58. odyssey graphic bugs???
  59. Undiscovered Mercenaries
  60. Shiny achievement not unlocking
  61. Graphics Glitches on Xbox One S
  62. Texture issues on Xbox One S
  63. Two bugs in my game
  64. assassins creed odyssey glitches with bandits
  65. assassins creed odyssey glitches with bandits
  66. Unable to complete quest (fall through world glitch)
  67. Chacacter freezes on assassination attempt
  68. Chapter 4 Fast Travel unavailable
  69. Animal attacks
  70. Main quest Bugged - Herodotus NPC dies [xbox one]
  71. Zoom in on map?
  72. Unable to complete quest - Awoken Memories, talk to Herodotus
  73. Unable to complete quest: Memories Awoken - talk to Herodotos
  74. HUD Gameplay and Tips text issues
  75. Perikles Questline bug
  76. Autosaves are terrible
  77. Snake in the grass
  78. Swimming horse glitch
  79. Game crashed when going to phokis
  80. Crashes in specific areas
  81. Deluxe edition - no bonuses
  82. CRASHES military camp bullis
  83. Assassins creed Odyssey Xbox one
  84. Probems with Map quality
  85. Bug à cause de ma télé ?
  86. Snake in the grass bugged???
  87. Issue with Village of Kausos / Blood Fever quest
  88. Black Screen - Losing Experience in the Reload after Crashes
  89. Cave of Rhea progress not recording
  90. Snake missing armor drop
  91. Arachne’s Stingers bug
  92. Daily quests only display Expired
  93. Can’t pick up the daily Orichalcum Ore quest from the message board, says Expired
  94. No pirate ships to sink for mission
  95. Health Issue
  96. No Odyssey Quest after Snake In the Grass
  97. Help odyssey wont launch
  98. Issues With Screen Tearing In Sky
  99. Does ACOD Support Dolby Atmos?
  100. Unable to find Totino promotion weapon
  101. The Arena Glitched !
  102. Has anyone found a way around the Perikle's Symposium BUG
  103. Digital Download Not Working
  104. Temple of Apollo in Korinth
  105. Cannot Start Xenia's Questline
  106. Health bar glitch?
  107. Unable to dismantle rare spear
  108. Bugged bounty hunters
  109. Loading screen tips 1.03
  110. Latest update has broken ACO on Xbox One X
  111. Evie Lieutenant wont unlock.
  112. Bug Report: Orichalcum Fragment Missing/Logo remains unchecked when picked Up
  113. Update interrupted cutscene - when pressing 'cancel' game uninstalled
  114. Thanks but no thanks :/
  115. not allowing me to fast travel
  116. What Auto Save?
  117. Where do my Mercenaries go?
  118. Loot you can't get...
  119. Expired quests stuck on message board.
  120. Orichalcum Ore bug - inventory is capped!
  121. My Gameplay issues so far
  122. Can't confirm the kill on cultist Okytos the Great
  123. Heavy Bladed/Blunt Master capped at 12 kills
  124. Health Bar disappeared
  125. Alexios makes no sound when in cutscene and...
  126. Deluxe Edition Pack & Helix Credits
  127. Myrrine glitched
  128. no reply from customer service.
  129. Arena glitch
  130. Daphnae MIA
  131. Taming bug
  132. Engraving bug report
  133. Disappearing/Reappearing Health Bar & Stealth
  134. Objectives not displaying for Dystos Fort
  135. Can Not Open Loot Treasure Boxes
  136. Where has the Mercenary system gone?
  137. “A Venomous Encounter” quest bug
  138. Permanent XP Boost Not Alway Working
  139. Major Crashes after update
  140. Assassins Creed Odyssey keeps crashing
  141. Memories Awoken Cutscene glitch
  142. "Window Shopping" Ubisoft Club Orichalcum challenge
  143. XP for ability points after max level
  144. Can't use left and right d-pad
  145. Leoni
  146. Bodies turn to half statues stuck in ground after Conquest
  147. Update 1.04 broke graphics on Xbox one
  148. In-game store keeps crashing
  149. Lagos story dialouge Bug Spoilers
  150. Stuck after killing the Cyclops of Kephallonia
  151. Bounty gliched
  152. Can't start a new game
  153. [BUG REPORT] (xbox) the quest Barnabas abroad is glitched
  154. Delay or bug in registering helix credit perches
  155. Quest Bugged
  156. the blind king mission bugged
  157. Stuck on! " checking for additional content" What's the issue?
  158. Explore katarraktes cave, bugged
  159. [RESOLVED] Unable to fast travel in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  160. Catching up quest glitch/bug
  161. Crash in Athens in the mission you meet Pericles
  162. [Assassins Creed Oddysey] Crashing
  163. Last update erased part of my Mercenary discover/kill record
  164. Quest Givers Missing
  165. Mercenary / Bounty Hunter BROKEN
  166. Sword shows in game play on selection of any weapon chosen.
  167. Multiple mercenary bugs found confirmed and tested you need to pass this on
  168. Island Andros crash
  169. Doing time quest bug
  170. (Bug Report Xbox One)Boar Hit Box???
  171. Messara Crashes Over and Over
  172. Stink eye achievement glitched
  173. Quest Bug! Help!
  174. payoff mercenaries bounties not working
  175. The Goddesses Hunt - BUG - unable to complete
  176. Battlecry of Ares glitch
  177. ACOD Prince of Persia Bug
  178. Game breaking bug/glitch and 40hrs wasted
  179. Mercenaries still hunt me after paying bounty
  180. Broken quest romancing the stone
  181. And the streets run red quest glitch
  182. Base objectives not saying complete
  183. Game does not run smooth
  184. Issues with Dialogue and D-pad
  185. 3 things I'd love to see: 'All icons' on Map, XP for each mission shown...
  186. Random Xbox One X Controller Disconnects?
  187. The Taxman Cometh - Quest bugged
  188. Time saver pack not working tech says contact seller? I bought it in your store!
  189. Bug de quête secondaire. Aide le guérisseur
  190. 99.79% Completion......
  191. Game crash - Skyros island
  192. Minerals out-of-game
  193. Patch 1.0.4
  194. Gameplay Bug: --> Mission: He Waits
  195. XBox One X Stutter and Micro-Freezing
  196. **BUG** Lieutenant Ship Bonuses reset every time you exit the ship menu?!?!?!
  197. Events not showing up
  198. Ainigmata Ostraka order in the court Glitch. Can see it is there,but cannot interact
  199. Family Ordeal bugged
  200. Photios Pre-Tirement Quest Rewards
  201. Chickens attack with a bounty
  202. [BUG REPORT] [XBOX] Adrestia Deimos Bug
  203. Escape from Athens Main Storyline quest bugged?
  204. Always slow walking bug
  205. Lost Quest and ability to tag enemies
  206. Can't interact to call Adrestia to ship docks?
  207. Frame rate drop after 1.05 update
  208. Stony Sepulchre
  209. Cultist clues now suddenly broken in patch 1.0.5
  210. Huge FPS drop after last patch
  211. XBONE - To Help A Girl quest bug
  212. Cannot complete "Clothes make the daughter"
  213. ACOD Still Crashing
  214. Ship won't be able to move
  215. [BUG REPORT] Dialogue Script Issues/Interruption
  216. Lieutenant Bugged - Drakon
  217. Game crashed and I lost 5 levels + 8hrs of play
  218. Membre du culte
  219. Problème avec un Membre du culte de kosmos
  220. Gameplay
  221. What is the Point of saving games
  222. A God Among Man, Quest Bug
  223. Ubisoft Server issue - possible fix
  224. Assassinations Bugged
  225. revelation scan
  226. First do no harm bug
  227. Paralyzing Arrow bug and WTF mercenary spawn
  228. My character looks AWFUL
  229. Game freezing and blank menus on/near Thasos
  230. Xenia Treasure Hunt [BUG]
  231. [BUG REPORT] Xenia's Sacred Vows - Rumored Bracelet Location
  232. Main Quest line disappeared - What do I do now? 'Doing Time' to 'Resistance'
  233. Romancing The Stone Garden/The Gates Of Atlantis Quest Line Bug
  234. Bug report
  235. Xbox One X - Freezing a lot lately
  236. Acharnai Military camp objectives not counting
  237. Quest the resistance won’t trigger
  238. Semi transparent columns: Ashes to Ashes
  239. Faster movement while crouched engraving not working?
  240. Mercenary Bug
  241. helix credits
  242. Character/Quest Giver Won't Start Quest
  243. Music Missing from Stele Reveal?
  244. Where are my Lieutenants?
  245. Ubisoft Club App Stuck on Odyssey
  246. I May Be Able To Jump From Great Heights and Land Like A God But.....
  247. Losing Saved Games/Progress
  248. Bayek Lieutenant Not Available in Game Xbox One X
  249. Zetes the Retired
  250. Olympian gift charging double