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  1. How to Access the Closed Beta
  2. Closed Beta FAQ
  3. Guide to Creating a CS Ticket
  4. Antivirus False Positive?
  5. Updating to Closed Beta From the Technical Test.
  6. Can't preload beta
  7. TT participants
  8. Can't redeem code PS4
  9. XB1 Refer-A-Friend
  10. error cod in ps4
  11. The game did not appear in my uplay library
  12. PS4 beta code
  13. WC-40376-0 error on PS Store.
  14. Friend Referral
  15. Closed beta hasnt started yet???
  16. Can't use any controllers or reset using keyboard
  17. [Resolved] Dark game
  18. Resolution issue, no 1920x1080
  19. Game not saving graphics options [PC]
  20. "Nothing" on screen when trying to race...
  21. Can't get past the first loading screen
  22. Triple Screen Support/adjustment
  23. [PC][TECH SUPPORT]Game is not starting
  24. Closed Beta - Known Issues
  25. EaasyAntiCheat error message
  26. [PC] Crash on opening logo videos
  27. [PC][Technical Support] Game stuttering a lot
  28. Immediate crash on launch
  29. Bug / Problem Log?
  30. Game will not load past "100% Loading"
  31. Won't stream on Xbox One console
  32. Bug in the leaderboards
  33. Closed Beta Code not being accepted PC
  34. Game crashes on startup
  35. I signed up for the PC beta. I was given an xbox code?!
  36. Can't Launch Game
  37. [PS4] Adjusting Brightness
  38. Download stuck at 38%
  39. Friend referral codes not working
  40. [PC] TT progression partially brought over to the Beta
  41. Potential Leaderboard Bug
  42. Graphic setting won't save. How to edit the local config?
  43. Listing of Minimum and Recommanded Settings? + question about max FPS
  44. Internet crashing
  45. [PC] Poor performance even in menu + black screen on tracks
  46. contract bug // on the edge stage
  47. [PC/X1/PS4] Workaround: Contracts failing including "On the Edge" and "Reckless Ride"
  48. Beta code already used
  49. Acquired E-mail but game is not showing up in library
  50. Unable to download game
  51. Launch Error - Game Security Violation
  52. (PC) NAT listed as "moderate" on multiplayer search screen
  53. Game dont launch
  54. Trials Rising not showing up under "Beta Access" and I did not get email.
  55. Game crashes on launch
  56. In Regard to "Impossible Contract" bug.
  57. Can't rotate stickers in gear customization.
  58. X-Box One Crashed after Game Launched.
  59. [PC] Game's crashes after few minutes playing.
  60. Can I still download the beta if I deleted the Technical Test? (XB1)
  61. Closed beta ended early? (XB1)
  62. Is the beta already over?
  63. Connecting
  64. Has the full game release been postponed?