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  1. (Settlers 7) Error code 1
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  19. settlers 3 4k?
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  21. (Settlers II) Unlimited game bug
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  28. Settlers II: saving (on an existing entry?) makes the game crash
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  31. (Settlers IV) Fatal Error when saving Random Maps with default name
  32. (Settlers III) Unable to start any game
  33. (Settlers III) Right mouseclick / MP (complaint)
  34. Settlers 5 HoK
  35. (Settlers IV) It is not possible to change the graphics options. Language of the add-on New World.
  36. (Settlers III) Incorrect messages in the in-game lobby
  37. Settlers IV - Unable to change resolution
  38. (Settlers 7) Settlers 7 HE- unable to upgrade any buildings [FIXED]
  39. (Settlers IV) Fatal Crash
  40. (Settlers IV) Game crashes when starting a mission
  41. (Settlers I) Settlers always freezed if I start multiple attacks
  42. Settlers 5 HoK History Edition language change issue.
  43. Settlers 3 and 4
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  45. The Settlers 2 History Edition - Music
  46. Settlers 7 History Edition launching issue
  47. (Settlers IV) Config wont launch
  48. (Settlers 7) Settlers 7 History Edition, can't ugprade buildings [FIXED]
  49. (Settlers 7) [Hotfix] Building upgrades blocked
  50. (Settlers III) Settlers III crashes at intro cutscene
  51. (Settlers 7) The Settlers 7 History Collection Very poor pixel graphics and numerous FPS drops whi
  52. (Settlers IV) 2560X1440 Settlers IV, extremely small UI
  53. (Settlers II) Missing File
  54. (Settlers HoK) Always in German
  55. (Settlers HoK) Multiplayer Problem
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  57. Settlers 6 flickering
  58. Settlers II Mission 9
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  60. (Settlers 7) Poor Performance
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  62. (Settlers IV) Market Place Error
  63. (Settlers IV) BUG - unfinished buildings
  64. (Settlers III) Stuck at splash screen in Uplay
  65. (Settlers II) bug in the geologist
  66. (Settlers II) Weird function when clicking on any flag. (Compare to the old S2)
  67. Can't get Settler 2, 3 or 4 to run in high resolutions.
  68. Settlers 3 freezing
  69. (Settlers II) Missing mission.dat file and crashing when saving
  70. Settlers 2 History Edition change resolution?
  71. Settlers IV HE: Error after long play, and things i noticed
  72. (Settlers III) Bug - Campaign videos don't have sound
  73. (Settlers I) Storehouse
  74. (Settlers 7) {settlers 7} settlers 7 history edition storehouse + version finding
  75. (Settlers HoK) The game dosen't start please Help!
  76. (Settlers IV) Bug Report + DESYNC
  77. (Settlers I) Split Screen controls not working.
  78. German teacher and English subtitles.
  79. (Settlers IV) Assigning units to groups does not work.
  80. (Settlers IV) Music issue
  81. (Settlers III) Unable to play at 4k as game crashes to desktop
  82. (Settlers 7) Settlers 7 History Edition co op mode not working
  83. (Settlers IV) Crash
  84. (Settlers II) Forester implant tree sound
  85. (Settlers 7) can't play the game in 4k
  86. Settlers 7 Resolutio n 1440P won't work
  87. (Settlers 7) "ON DEMAND" Not working
  88. Logging in The Settlers Online
  89. FIX: For Settlers 7 - Video Mode Error: -2 - Windows 10
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  92. Switching off music. Mayan Nation.
  93. Settlers 6 graphic options issue
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  95. Settlers IV shadows option missing in config
  96. Settlers 6 (History Edition) is not launching
  97. (Settlers III) Configuration Tool doesn't start on Windows 7
  98. (Settlers III) On Win 8 and 7 various bugs while playing multiplayer between those two systems
  99. Report Settlers 3 bugs : Various bugs while playing Multi
  100. (Settlers IV) Why can't you use lan for local multiplayer games.
  101. (Settlers IV) Settlers 4 desync (after update)
  102. (Settlers IV) Problem in Singleplayer
  103. (Settlers III) Sound files not played on the menu and on mission briefings
  104. (Settlers I) Outro Bug
  105. (Settlers III)"2" bug. Crashes game
  106. (Settlers III) Music bug
  107. (Settlers IV) (Settlers IV) Settlers 4; weird texture bug/black triangles
  108. (Settlers III) Thief bug
  109. (Settlers III) Full screen closes
  110. (Settlers RoE) Lost my Save Files & Profile
  111. (Settlers IV) No sound effects
  112. Settlers ( All ) History Edition DLCs ??
  113. Settlers 4 Perfomance
  114. [Settlers III] Wrong cinematic
  115. Settlers 1 won't laiunch
  116. (Settlers 7) How to import old settlers 7 profile with unlocks and progres.
  117. (Settlers 7) Desync from using custom map forge template
  118. (Settlers 7) Desync when creating a multiplayer game with co-op applied.
  119. (Settlers IV) Lazy Trojan healers bug
  120. (Settlers III) Settlers 3 HE
  121. Settlers 7 History Edition achievement bug
  122. (Settlers II) Audio only in left channel
  123. (Settlers 7) Campaign progress dissapeared, cannot continue!
  124. (Settlers 7) Stop mountains flickering?
  125. (Settlers IV) Mayan Music
  126. (Settlers II) Crash while loading savegame
  127. (Settlers IV) Settlers 4 History Edition Error
  128. (Settlers 7) Gold not awarded after winning part of campaing
  129. 0xc0150004 Error Message
  130. (Settlers IV) Language problem
  131. (Settlers IV) Problem with loading save games
  132. (Settlers HoK) Just bought this game off of Steam and it is stuck in German. Help?
  133. (Settlers III) Not even Starting at all
  134. (Settlers IV) Support for all languages from The Settlers IV Gold Edition
  135. (Settlers IV) Available functions in lua scripts
  136. (Settlers RoE) Widescreen menu clearing issue
  137. history version Language problems
  138. Settlers 4 History Edition Desync Multi
  139. (Settlers II) settlers 2 bug
  140. (Settlers 7) Game keeps crashing
  141. (Settlers IV) Screenshots and One Minute Jump are using the same key
  142. (Settlers 7) Storehouse can't order goods to sorehouse.
  143. (Settlers IV) Cant play user created maps on Multiplayer
  144. (Settlers IV) Widescreen problem
  145. (Settlers IV) Errors while trying to Load Game on Multiplayer
  146. (Settlers IV) Cannot download game.
  147. (Settlers II) Game crashing bugs and other minor issues in Settlers II.
  148. (Settlers HoK) Settlers Heritage of kings history edition constantly crashing during gameplay
  149. Problema para executar o game
  150. Accessibility to Settlers Games
  151. (Settlers III) When will u fix desync bug???
  152. (Settlers III) Bugs: saves, archers & spies, lobby
  153. (Settlers IV) The Settlers IV History Edition multiplayer game crash - Fatal Error bug
  154. fehlermeldung Bitte um hilfe
  155. Settlers 7 - History Edition - multi GPU problem
  156. (Settlers HoK) Multiplayer History edition : Ubisoft services not available
  157. (Settlers II) Settlers 2 - Change Resolution?
  158. (Settlers II) missing or incorrect sounds
  159. (Settlers I) History Edition Game doesn't start with Windows 10 Pro 1902
  160. (Settlers III) Can't save the game
  161. (Settlers III) Game kicks me out
  162. (Settlers III) Can't open S3:HE Level Editor
  163. (Settlers 7) Settlers 7 History Edition in windowed mode
  164. (Settlers II) Mssing Winter/Thunder feature for increasing the speed
  165. (Settlers III) Screen resolution wrong, can't see messages or save/quit
  166. (Settlers 7) Pure virtual function call
  167. (Settlers HoK) Cursor goes off-screen to another monitor while playing
  168. (Settlers IV) Cant connet lobby
  169. Downloading the games!?
  170. (Settlers III) Multiplayer game freezed
  171. (Settlers III) Scrolling by mouse
  172. Settlers 3 crash after 10 mins
  173. (Settlers III) Crashes after about 10 mins
  174. (Settlers HoK) Launch options
  175. (Settlers RoE) Disable annoying autosave
  176. (Settlers RoE) Final Level (16) Character bug
  177. (Settlers IV) (Most) Complete bug list
  178. Can't start the uplay pclauncher
  179. (Settlers 7) Crash on Mission 11
  180. (Settlers I) Mouse Stopped working
  181. game is swithing off after 2 minutes
  182. (Settlers IV) Desync (CRC) (Rand), after loading save - cannot join
  183. (Settlers I) Mouse Cursor not working and terrible frame rate
  184. (Settlers I) Level2 Enemy Castle Attack Problem
  185. (Settlers IV) transport ship bug
  186. (Settlers II) SII History Edition: Mission 4 crashing after 7 hours
  187. Any chance.. online multiplayer saves?
  188. (Settlers III) Settlers 3, BOTS IQ (skill)
  189. (Settlers RoE) Any chance to get ability to play against AI in a coop?
  190. (Settlers 7) The Settlers 7 (NOT History Edition) "Hero of Tandria" challenge stuck.
  191. (Settlers 7) multiplayer session - Server error cannot create new session
  192. (Settlers 7) HElp
  193. SERVER ERROR Cannot create a new session
  194. (Settlers 7) GPU Selection Issue
  195. (Settlers 7) History Edition - Skirmish - Twin Peaks map
  196. (Settlers III) Settlers III)Trouble with Map Editor
  197. Cant create?
  198. (Settlers I) Intro - no sound, only music in WMV file! Why?
  199. (Settlers 7) Cant log in - Always offline
  200. (Settlers I) Config can`t play multiplayer with two mouses
  201. Critical Error. the settlers 3 level editor is not installed correctly.
  202. rotate camera Settlers historz
  203. (Settlers IV) exit game
  204. (Settlers III) game doesn't run/open
  205. (Settlers 7) Campaign Does Not Progress.. Settlers 7 History Edition
  206. (Settlers III) Unable to build new buildings in Settlers III History Edition
  207. (Settlers 7) Cant log in - Always offline
  208. (Settlers IV) The game will not start / run
  209. (Settlers I) error: unable to save archive
  210. (Settlers IV) Can't get one game w/o desync or random crash.
  211. (Settlers IV) Problem with resolution
  212. (Settlers RoE) HELP, Rise of Empires History Edition