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  1. [BUG] [GEAR CRATES] Visual glitch after opening gear crate
  2. [bug][connection]reseting my modem
  3. Unable to see anything in any track
  4. [bug] [black screen and invisible rider]
  5. Things i noticed that need improvement
  6. Any glitches I find (2 so far)
  7. Bomb Bouncer Skill Game
  8. [Bug] when pressing back button during track
  9. A bug
  10. [BUG][MULTIPLAYER] Game did not stop after the time was up
  11. [PC] xbox elite controller not working by default
  12. [BUG] [CONTRACTS] Catch up with XXX after restart
  13. Lagging load screens
  14. [bug] black screen
  15. Does this work on Phenom CPU's?
  16. [Contract] Reckless Ride on Lynx World not doable
  17. [Conrtoller] unable to use DS4 on PC normally
  18. [BUG][GEAR CRATES]Unlimited Gear Crates when loosing connection
  19. [BUG?] [LEADERBOARDS] False flag operations on Xbox One
  20. [Interface] Reroll Button not clickable on PC
  21. [BUG][VISUAL][CHARACTER MODEL]Character model glitches through bike handle
  22. [BUG][VISUAL][CHARACTER MODEL]Opponents pants disappeared in after game screen
  23. [bug] [restart]
  24. Bug/issue with leaderboard menu
  25. MP Bug
  26. [BUG][STARTUP][CRASH] Game crashes on startup
  27. No input when matched in new MP lobby
  28. "break" pop up won't disappear
  29. [PS4] Multiplayer Matchmaking not working
  30. [BUG][PC][Track Gameplay] Confetti effect doesn't go away after a restart
  31. [Contracts] All KTM catch-ups
  32. [BUG][PS4][CONTRACTS][REDLYNX][HARD HAT ZONE] Track Reset error
  33. [BUG][PS4][CONTRACTS] Slow to pause game
  34. Watching a replay replaced my best time for the track
  35. Game problem
  36. Unplayable | (Detroit Become Human Bug)
  37. Game problem
  38. [Bug] Game crash causes pc restart
  39. [bug] Balancing on rear fender
  40. At the arrival there was a mutation player - a double motorcycle and 2 riders (screen
  41. [BUG] At the arrival there was a mutation player - a double motorcycle and 2 riders
  42. [BUG][PC][CONTROLS][XBOX CONTROLLER]Almost all menu guides are L joysticks
  43. [BUG][GAMEPLAY][PC]Problem with crates notifications
  44. [BUG][CONTRACTS][CRATES][XBOX]Notified of new crates when crate isn't there yet
  45. [BUG][GAMEPLAY][GRAPHICAL][UI][PC] Unable to see ui after a race
  46. Unable to change settings past LOW on top end PC and current nvidia driver
  47. [xbox] Unbeatable Time
  48. [BUG][NETWORK][PS4] Modem boots up instatly after launching the game.
  49. [BUG][GAMEPLAY][PC] At the arrival there was a mutation player - a double motorcycle
  50. Multiplayer rank went down after a win
  51. Instant failed contracts (Catch-up)
  52. [BUG] [PC] [EXIT] Game crashed when closing
  53. [bug] [pc] [skillgames] [graphic]
  54. Bug wont cleanly quit
  55. Game won't continue after MP race
  56. [PS4 Textures]
  57. [BUG] On the edge contract fails at third checkpoint for no reason
  58. [BUG][CONTRACT] First 1:1 contract
  59. [BUG] Mutliple Bugs
  60. [BUG] Canyon Flippers cant be beat ?
  61. On The Edge race unbeatable
  62. [CRASH] On startup > Black screen then crash
  63. [FEEDBACK] Error message when exiting
  64. Rider Customixation Bug
  65. Error in game Hang with Motorcross
  66. crate before opening
  67. Leadboards no function of the mouse to move the white bar up and down
  68. [PC] [BUG] New Item
  69. [BUG] Multiplayer game frozen when reaching new rank
  70. Controller, Pause Menu
  71. Controller 2 bugs pc
  72. [Bug] [Feedback] Races don't load entirely & more
  73. [PC/X1/PS4] Workaround: Contracts failing including "On the Edge" and "Reckless Ride"
  74. Clothing bugged, thinks Jacket is helmet
  75. Persistent Confetti Animation
  76. Multiplayer won't access leaderboards
  77. [bug][pc][graphics][uk up] Sky changes colors
  78. Can't set graphics quality to anything but LOW
  79. [BUG][Customization]Glitched Color
  80. Trials rising beta PS4 game issues for me
  81. [BUG][Contracts]Unbeatable Contract
  82. [BUG][Boot]
  83. Watching someone else's reply in the leaderboard gives you their medal
  84. [BUG]? [PC][Gameplay] Checkpoint comparisons only have intervals of 16.66ms
  85. [BUG][Contracts]
  86. Not giving me gear crates
  87. On The Edge | Contract instantly failed
  88. [Crash] After jump to, button press (PS4)
  89. [Bug][PC] Hard Hat Race Visuals Do Not Load
  90. Modem Crashed In Techincal Test and now in Closed Beta
  91. Confetti Background Overlapping...
  92. [BUG][PC] Asus Aura Sync is considered a game security violation.
  93. Win screen over game
  94. [bug][gear crate][leveling]
  95. [BUG][World Map] Stuck Cursor, Medal Display
  96. [Gear PS4] Showing 1 new helmet when there is no new one
  97. [PC] I was selected to participate in the beta, but I can not activate the key
  98. PS4 Bug- contracts failing
  99. Contracts broken, can't progress.
  100. Bug. Advanced Video Settings on PC not working.
  101. PC - PS4 controller bug
  102. A couple bugs I found
  103. [BUG] [PROGRESSION] Medals being marked as obtained after watching replay
  104. [BUG][PC] Using controller on PC, almost all button prompts appear wrong
  105. [PS4 Watching leader replay gives you the metal they received
  106. [BUG] [INTERFACE] Input display frozen until roughly 2 seconds into an attempt
  107. Game Breaking Progression Bug
  108. [BUG][X1]LT Brake Notification does not go away
  109. Just blue screen
  110. [Bug] Controller input does not work if track selected with Keyboard
  111. [PC][bug] Errors using xbox1 controller in wireless/bluetooth mode.
  112. [BUG][X1] Multiplayer SEARCHING screen shows avatars without stickers
  113. Ps4 Bugs
  114. [BUG][[MATCHMAKING][X1] After timing out screen froze
  115. Multiplayer 1st place bug
  116. Seems too be a bug with the game and the bikes?
  117. Tracks and Character Issues
  118. Is it just me or are contracts kinda broken?
  119. Xbox one: estimated download time
  120. [Bug] Xbox one - idle / timeout screen doesn't open default Xbox tray
  121. New customization items alert
  122. External GPU on Surface Book 2 crashes game on boot.
  123. On The Edge Contract Broken
  124. [BUG] Bug dump and comments
  125. After first multiplayer match trials rising
  126. [BUG] [PS4] [CONTRACTS] [Flipping Cannions]
  127. [PC] Crate won't load
  128. Graphics glitch
  129. Impossible Contracts FIX!
  130. (PS4) Challenge reset during race not working
  131. Gear Box Glitch?
  132. On the edge
  133. Avatar positions move after race Trials Rising
  134. [BUG] [CUSTOMIZATION] [XBOX ONE X] Unequip Safety First Warning
  135. [BUG] No opponents in Stadium Cross when network is down
  136. Some little issues and maybe bugs!
  137. Screen glitch after tabbing out and tabbing back in
  138. Brake prompt stuck
  139. Brake prompt stuck
  140. Bug Contracts Rally of the Kings
  141. [BUG][MULTIPLAYER] After 1st round, second round was in driving / spectating hyrbid
  142. Trials Rising Closed Beta Infinite Loading Bug
  143. Restart Bug
  144. [BUG] [PC]game instant crashes with gtx765M card only works when i switch to my intel
  145. [BUG] [LYNX WORLD] [PS4] freeze on track restart
  146. Issue with restart race and opponent marker
  147. [PC] Lootbox error, unbeatable contract, wrong button
  148. PS4 bugs + preference concern
  149. [X1] Ghost (in 1v1/catch-up) only appears after restart
  150. [X1] Menu Button delay
  151. Scenery screwed up in replay, lagging car and dead body.
  152. Hacked leaderboards/complete times and getting stuck.
  153. Lynx World Immediate Contract Failed Message
  154. Grey screen on any contract race.
  155. Mixer Streaming is not working on Xbox One X
  156. Effects stuck on screen and Defying Gravity / Reckless Ride issues
  157. [Bug] "Confetti Fog"
  158. [Bug] Mismatched placement labels
  159. [Bug] [Ghosts] Ghosts still have lighting effects at 0% opacity
  160. replays problem
  161. Trials rising closed beta lost rider customization items
  162. Trials rising closed beta lost rider customization items
  163. [BUG][GHOSTS] Player models are swapped on track end screen
  164. [bug] No countdown on restart after finish
  165. Stuck at Loading Screen - Cant open crates - Connectivity issues
  166. Spotify making the game crash at startup.
  167. Light on screen after restarting track
  168. Bomb Barrel Skill Game
  169. [Lag frame freeze] [PS4 ]
  170. Xbox Controler Layout missing on PC play and Controler will not work
  171. Graphical setting reset each time game is opened
  172. Multiplayer pause menu
  173. [BUG] [PC] Multiple "Unknown File Version" Errors at Startup, Can't Play Game
  174. [BUG][VISUAL] Exiting a replay will display my avatar as first place.
  175. [BUG][LEVELING] Experience earned in Stadium event did not save properly
  176. [PC][Multiplayer] could not connect to leaderboards
  177. Je peux pas ouvrir la bÍta
  178. Trials closed beta issues
  179. [Bug] [Suggestion] Bugs and suggestions
  180. Skate or Don't Contract
  181. [Bug] [PC] "Skate or Don't" Wheelie Contract Impossible.
  182. Where do I get trials rising beta?
  183. Bug - On the edge map contract
  184. [PC] [BUGS] some bugs i found
  185. [MINOR] [DIRTTEXTURE] Texture rotating on Fender
  186. [bug]too many pairs of pants 2
  187. Watching a Diamond replay bugs your medal
  188. Missing Codes
  189. global leaderboard bug
  190. Distance Ridden in Player Profile
  191. Multiplayer bug?
  192. [Stickers](PS4) D-pad left and right are connected to right analog stick. Colors
  193. [BUG] [MULTIPLAYER] Public MP default bike
  194. Contract failed, map glitch
  195. [BUG] [TRACK] [MILE HIGH CLUB] Faults make items in secret area disappear
  196. Advanced Video Options Shows Settings to be on Low in Menu
  197. [PC] unresponsive map cursor
  198. I can't beat the lap on the edge (4)
  199. Trials closed beta (PC) crashing during start
  200. [BUG] [TRACK] [ON THE EDGE] Cannot complete contract due to unknown issue.
  201. [BUG] [VISUAL] Encountered a visual bug after restarting on Monster Mash
  202. [BUG] [Leaderboards] Regions...
  203. PC experience
  204. [PC] [BUG] [Video] Pressing Reset Too Fast After Course Completion
  205. "Reckless Ride" Contract Impossible
  206. [BUG] No Visuals
  207. [BUG] Internet keeps going out while game is active
  208. Modem resets when i start the game
  209. [BUG][X1] Dual button assignment bug
  210. [Bug] [UI] [PC] [Video] New Gear Notifications Will Not Go Away
  211. [Xbox][Bug]Got stuck with the finish light/confetti on screen
  212. [BUG] [Headstart] Contracts
  213. [bug] anti cheat? !security
  214. [BUG][MATCHMAKING][PS4] Wrong track graphic is displayed when tied in votes
  215. [Bug] [PC]
  216. A few bugs, suggestions, issues, and love
  217. Trials rising glitch
  218. [BUG] HARD HAT and Flickering Screen
  219. [BUG] Rally of the Kings - 2 issues - bitmap error and "Defeated!" (PC)
  220. [xbox][bug][visulas]
  221. [BUG] [Skate or Don't] [Board Simulator]
  222. [BUG] [PC] trialsworldtour.exe error
  223. [PC][BUG][MATCHMAKING] Misplaced character models on final score screen
  224. [PC][BUG][CUSTOMIZATION][CONTROL][UI] Sticker rotation input missing/different
  225. Beta PC
  226. Minor bug if you wanna call it
  227. Starting again doesn't reset player level [PS4]
  228. [Bug] [Customization] [Crates] [Xbox One]
  229. Changing costume in 'Crate Opening' screen bug [PS4]
  230. [BUG] [CONTRACTS] [DEFYING GRAVITY] [PS4] Contract fails upon starting track
  231. Lynx World Contract Fail
  232. [PC] Bugs I noticed
  233. [BUG][CUSTOMIZATION][PC] Wrong headgear Warning
  234. [BUG][CUSTOMIZATION][PC] New Item allert
  235. (PC) Some bugs, mostly in Multiplayer
  236. [BUG][PC][UI] key bind options missing?
  237. [Multi Player Game Crash] [PS4]
  238. 2560 x 1440 resolution gone?
  239. [BUGS] + [SUGGESTIONS] A list after playing the beta
  240. [bug] [bomb bouncer] [xbox one]
  241. [PS4 Win Multi-Player match and rank Drops]
  242. [BUG][PS4] Confetti For Days
  243. Problem Start Pause
  244. MP Driving line flying all over (XBONE)
  245. Bugs that I have found over the past 3 days
  246. Trials Rising (PC) Beat Alsocube
  247. Skate or donít auto contract fail
  248. Beta is over error
  249. [Bug] [uPlay] Closing Trials also closes uPlay
  250. [Bug][Matchmaking][Mile High Club] Issue with track geometry becoming desynced