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  3. Multiplayer Happy Hours
  4. Closed Beta Timeline
  5. Am i the only one excited for this game?
  6. hI ALL
  7. What are you all looking forward to the most?
  8. Thanks you! For providing me with a code
  9. Streaming allowed or not
  10. Yesss I'm confirmed to play Rising BETA
  11. People is excited about the game
  12. It says I need to Preload the beta from september 12th
  13. Beta Key single use?
  14. Ps4 beta players!
  15. I only have O N E question... is the editor in the beta??
  16. Hi Ya'll
  17. How do I pre-load the beta (build)
  18. accidently uninstalled
  19. Codes for Trials die hards....
  20. Full game download?
  21. Delete Technical Beat Data?
  22. It won't let me stream the beta on Twitch and Mixer on xbox one HELP!
  23. This is great!
  24. [X1] KTM catch-ups.
  25. Unplayable | (Detroit Become Human Bug)
  26. Got to play the first 2 tracks!
  27. Watching another Replay
  28. My feedback
  29. How to invite friends
  30. tracks show up black
  31. [Remember to delete TT save file]
  32. Iím loving the music!
  33. Contract Failed upon starting the track.
  34. Mantis needs a buff
  35. [PC] Trials Rising is pretty miserable.
  36. Controls seem way to senitive
  37. Missing the Platinum medals!
  38. Global Multiplayer
  39. Unlockables?
  40. General feelings towards the game, monetisation and the Closed Beta
  41. The reason I don't play much Trials anymore came back to me after a few hours...
  42. Grammatical Issues
  43. Skill games not showing
  44. How to start playing the beta
  45. Stickers for the Editor
  46. [TRACKEDITOR][STICKERS] unlocked from the start
  47. Too much grip?
  48. General Feedback
  49. Two questions about final version
  50. About the Fictional sponsors
  51. Multiplayer
  52. Punishing Rage quitters in MP?
  53. What do we have access to in this beta?
  54. Loot Boxes? and Feedback
  55. Level quantity in closed beta?
  56. [FEEDBACK] [Easter Eggs] I love the Watch Dogs 2 Easter Eggs
  57. Screen tear and lag
  58. Option to turn off other people's ghosts all together?
  59. [QUESTION] How do i access Private multiplayer?
  60. Ninjas - Letís talk Mantis
  61. where do I download?
  62. No supercross tracks in multiplayer?
  63. +5 Second "feature"
  64. Thought and general feedbag + problems
  65. are there only 4-5 tracks to play?
  66. Brightness/contrast
  67. Said fox was a new sponsor but no contracts showing
  68. Cant get passed on the edge
  69. Say NO to Loot Crates! Sign here as petition.
  70. Acorns - Will they be done correctly this time around?
  71. Fusion versus Rising
  72. Is there more than one extreme track?
  73. Question about stats
  74. Lost in cannions
  75. Friend referral codes
  76. No Complaints
  77. I love the character options
  78. I usually rage when playing racing games
  79. Microtransaction Concerns
  80. how far cant your get ?
  81. Editor?
  82. Evo intro music
  83. player customs
  84. Editor
  85. [FEEDBACK] I Stopped Playing the Minute I Saw Loot Crates
  86. No Flow on Driving Lines
  87. gameplay
  88. Same procedure as every year - more money for less content - Ghostriders and more
  89. [FEEDBACK] [PC] My honest opinion
  90. [Feedback]
  91. [GOLD EDITION] Just pre ordered
  92. [bug][map][pc]
  93. Amount of Content Available vs. Amount Unlockable Through Loot Boxes
  94. Mantis
  95. Changing of bike
  96. Leaderboards
  97. Track Finish -Time
  98. [FEEDBACK] [Xbox 1 X] My thoughts
  99. My feedback on the Trials Rising CLOSED BETA
  100. my 2 cents
  101. Things your happy with...
  102. Last considerations
  103. Leaderboards carryover?
  104. [feedback][gameplay][mantis][handling][ninja]Mantis handling ninja techniques
  105. Beta Ending early??
  106. Does the Beta have a big puzzle secret?
  107. Car Park Club using the Squid
  108. [FEEDBACK] [Xbox 1
  109. [feedback][x1]
  110. the tracks of the central track
  111. The Xzamplez Feedback
  112. Cabs Feedback Megathread
  113. Track Central Voting
  114. How should I post my feedback?
  115. Rising Beta impressions: An OTHG perspective.
  116. My feedback CLOSED BETA [PS4 PRO platform].
  117. [SUGGESTION][UI][GAMEPLAY] UI and gameplay suggestions
  118. [Suggestions] [Feedback] The current state of some Ninja techniques
  119. Trials closed beta review
  120. [SUGGESTION] [FEEDBACK] Trials Rising Beta Feedback - Saudi pro
  121. My thought on the Beta!
  122. Will there be more skill games in different locations?
  123. Will there be more sponsors on contacts?
  124. Will squirrels return in Trials Rising?
  125. Will Tracks be in difficulty order?
  126. Will the Trials Trophy return on Trials Rising?
  127. How do we unlock platinum medals on Trials Rising this time around?
  128. OTHG looking for new members