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  1. The Crew 2: Midwest Group
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  3. [GER] Suche Mitspieler
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  5. Looking for new crew and a group on Discord.
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  12. Crew for coop photo ops
  13. Realistic tandem drifting ps4
  14. Looking for people to play with on PC. Atleast 21 and older please
  15. Searching an European Crew
  16. Hledám Českou/Slovenskou Crew
  17. [PL/ENG] dołącze do ekipy / looking for group [PL/ENG]
  18. Need someone for BFF trophie (PS4)
  19. Need to grind some races for parts and bucks
  20. Drifting Crew PC [NA]
  21. Need crew member for BFF and Social Butterfly trophies
  22. Realistic/RP Rally members
  23. Looking for some PS4 players
  24. Lightning League Club/Clan/Crew is Recruiting
  25. Over the head photo
  26. PS4 Players Wanted for Trophies
  27. Drift PS4 meets
  28. creating discord comunity
  29. Biker Group
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  33. Looking for PC group (all welcome)
  34. Looking for North American PC crew members 21 or older
  35. looking for a crew on PS4
  36. I'm looking for members to speak different languages in the game
  37. Looking for Friends just 2 drive around 18+
  38. Looking for casual European Crew on PC
  39. Looking for people for freeroam mountain tandem drifting on PC.
  40. Looking for a crew EST time-zone on Xbox One 13-15
  41. looking for ppl for friends list etc
  42. Looking for photo mission help
  43. Buscando jugadores PC. Looking for PC players.
  44. looking for friends to race with
  45. Looking for 2 person crew
  46. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  47. Looking for someone to do a ride around the map together on motorcycles
  48. Bike/sport bike ride through the map anyone?
  49. Look for wheel players only
  50. Procura-se jogadores portugueses / brasileiros
  51. I'll Make This Really Simple...
  52. New Steam Community Available for Older Players
  53. Wheels only
  54. Helping with races ps4
  55. [RECRUITMENT] First TC2 Police Crew Looking for Members
  56. Looking for people to team up with on PC or Stadia
  57. Looking for road partners PC 18+
  58. NYC hyper car race grinder wanted(ofc and the other races) PC
  59. Looking for Hobbies grinders [PC]
  60. Looking for Competition on Leaderboads
  61. Need People to Mess Around with and do races with
  62. Need The Crew (2/4 so far) [PC]
  63. Last minute weekly 'Alfa Male' challenge, anyone?
  64. TC1 ThrowBack: Midnight Club-esque Club in the Works. Looking for Members.
  65. Help with Photo.
  66. The Crew 2 - PC community
  67. Looking for crew members (PS4)
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  70. crew live summit
  71. Looking for Older Players Age 40+
  72. Google Stadia Nederland Discord
  73. Hellcat