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  1. New vehicles request
  2. Fun car ideas!
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  4. Beautiful car
  5. Speedboats Ideas / Request
  6. Suggestion. Jet ski discipline and jet skis
  7. Nuevos vehÝculos
  8. Car Ideas!!
  9. 1 car we all need
  10. New headquarter, new discipline
  11. New car drop ideas
  12. Please post car part suggestions here!
  13. Forget the McLaren Senna, THIS will be the real deal!
  14. Feature That Need to be Added or Updated!!!
  15. 6 Wheel Supercar Covini C6W. Because how many other 3-axel supercars are in game. :3
  16. Idea for new bikes
  17. Tuning
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  20. A New car
  21. I would like to add to the game the possibility of searching for lost cars.
  22. Delete or sell car button
  23. do you think it is beautiful
  24. FIXED handling for all planes !
  25. Add the auction feature to crew 2
  26. honda motorcycles
  27. Content that this game has to get in The Crew 2 before The Crew 3
  28. Honda grom
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