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  1. Livery Editor can't be used.
  2. Season pass and deluxe vehicles missing
  3. Can't play the crew 2 golden edition
  4. In closed beta we have HDR but in final version ddnt have...why?
  5. Customizing Avatar not working
  6. Having similar issue my season pass content isn't accsesable
  7. Texture LOD issues
  8. Insta Switch car not saving
  9. THE STRIP SOUTH Street Race not unlocked on famous level?? Why
  10. problems accessing season pass content and other content
  11. Game won't Start, Receiving multiple error codes
  12. Xbox One issue - no sound
  13. Realy bad stuttering and drop in framerate
  14. Not able to get passed the beta day error
  15. steering wheel issue
  16. Ubisoft Club not working
  17. Got the motor edition and didn't receive my "Legendary motors pack"
  18. My Loot Disappeared
  19. Sometimes the waypoint guide line appears as a straight line
  20. Favourite vehicles reset and also the selected garage cars
  21. Pre-ordered but no Legendary Motors Pack downloaded (Standard Edition)
  22. Crew 2 gold edition
  23. Error code 0_10 XB1
  24. Reward program
  25. Game crashes on Xbox One Gold Edition
  26. How do I reset my progress
  27. Crew 2 'You are not signed in on your console'
  28. Vanquish gets slower when upgraded is this normal?
  29. Issue with The Crew 2 open beta award in the Ubisoft Club on Xbox One
  30. cant change ground vehicles
  31. PC Open/Closed Beta rewards don't transfer to XBOX ONE.
  32. The crew 2 not starting
  33. Can't view friends Livery
  34. Sound fade XB1X
  35. Races disappearing
  36. No sound when playing The Crew 2
  37. skill challenges not working
  38. Wasn't locked out
  39. Error code 0_08 why?
  40. This game was good - Two hours later
  41. Crash after crash
  42. Spitfire Wheels Not Rotating When on Ground (Game Bug)
  43. Skill challenges are COMPLETLEY broken
  44. Black screen after pushing continue
  45. Error 8_0
  46. error code 3_db2db69_261 when trying to redeem level 90 Icon reward
  47. How do you get your steering wheel and controller to work at the same time?
  48. Map route line
  49. Icon award Camaro causes error code.
  50. Claiming Icon Loot Causes Server Disconnection
  51. Xbox One disconnected from server after customizing certain vehicles
  52. Icon Loot Box No Error & No Reward
  53. loyalty program problem
  54. Error code 0_34
  55. Icon Award Error Code.
  56. Thrushmaster tx 458 wheel help
  57. Fix for "You cannot share on social networks" message
  58. Error Code: 6_c0fe4a87_1
  59. Xbox One patch incoming soon?
  60. Unable to use Pilatus PC-21 in standard edition
  61. ridiculous service from ubisoft
  62. Tires of cars stuck/glitching out in the ground
  63. Vehicles still not saving in house post 1.03 patch
  64. Bad game performance after 1.03 patch
  65. Game won't start since latest patch
  66. Game fails to launch Xbox one
  67. Photo Gallery Not Available on Secondary Console - Bug or By Design?
  68. pro setting will reset to default
  69. HTML tag visible on FXX K
  70. COOP achievements not popping.
  71. Achievements won't unlock
  72. Hypercar events whilst playing in a crew
  73. Monument rocks(mount rushmore) are gone
  74. Lost upgrades, livery and money
  75. Bouncing Drag Car
  76. X1X Performance issues
  77. July vehicles
  78. Lost Vehicles
  79. Bugs and some required fixes suggestions. Developers
  80. Drifting In The Rain Photo Op
  81. respwaning after u crash needs to be fix
  82. Teenager can't create ubisoft account, regional (UK) age restriction??
  83. [RESOLVED] Still can't save vehicle layout in my houses.
  84. Cheater
  85. Game without sound (XBOX ONE)
  86. August vehicle drop still saying season pass
  87. [RESOLVED] Freezes when scroling leaderboards
  88. mr shafer
  89. Fix game crash when joining crews & Suspension & tuning issues
  90. The Crew 2 Turns off xbox when launching game
  91. Mount rushmore
  92. vendre voitures
  93. Game is broken. Front wheels are jumping on all cars
  94. Error code
  95. Achievements not unlocking
  96. The Crew 2 won't pass first loading screen
  97. Random crashes.
  98. Rewards
  99. G920 support coming to patch 1.2.0 -- Reply here please
  100. Game won't pass the first loading screen after the last update.
  101. Photo Glitch
  102. Crew 2 PvP All races ghosted players
  103. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  104. Xbox One troubleshooting for various issues
  105. Connection issues? Check here!
  106. Experiencing issues with your wheel? Share your experiences here!
  107. [xbox] stuck at menu after hitting continue
  108. Codes not included for gold edition
  109. your server is broken
  110. How to get The Crew 2 Photos to OneDrive?
  111. The Crew2 help
  112. The crew 2
  113. The Crew2 help
  114. Acount Issues - Crew 2
  115. Buy real Passports online https://www.uniusedocuments.com/
  116. Ai freeroam traffic gone?
  117. Salt flat photo misson
  118. Game keeps kicking me out when scraping street car parts
  119. Game keeps crashing when loading summit races(japan bike)
  120. Crash at the start line
  121. Logged off for Inactivity?
  122. Summit Page redirects to vehicles
  123. error codes at start your story screen code0_1 and error code 0_8
  124. Repeating Server Error, Error.
  125. summit issue
  126. Help: Character stuck at HQ when trying to buy new car
  127. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  128. Ultimate italians
  129. Livery not showing
  130. XBOX 1 X 30 fps cap?
  131. Rule the streets summit
  132. Legendary Motors pack "requires season pass"
  133. Livery editing does not work?
  134. Wheels size problem
  135. Can we get an update to these lazy headlights.
  136. Playing crew 2 with extra charge?
  137. 69 Charger add-ons
  138. Parts Set Disappeared
  139. Rewards help.
  140. New GT500 is gone.
  141. Gt 500 bug
  142. 2020 ford shelby gt 500 serious issues
  143. Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter and clutch on T3PA not working after update
  144. Traveling to Friends Problem
  145. Shori Bundle
  146. Live Battle
  147. Hanger unaccessible
  148. small issue with wheel
  149. small issue with logitech g920 on xbox
  150. Steering issues, Vehicle can only turn right