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  1. [PS3] AC4BF/AC Initiates
  2. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity crashes every time I reach sequence 1 memory 1
  3. [PC] Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Missing New Patch and Copernicus Update
  4. [PC] AC Unity won't load! (no error)
  5. [PC] AC Brotherhood & AC Revelations Question
  6. [PS4] Syndicate trophies don't unlock
  7. [PC] Keyboard inputs don't seem to be recognized in AC II on iMac El Capitain
  8. [PS4] Assasin's Creed Syndicate PS4 Bug
  9. [PC] My AC Brotherhood Key is unusable
  10. [PC] 'AC4BF.exe has stopped working'
  11. [XB360] black flag exclusive content help
  12. [PC] Assasins Creed III the opera
  13. [PS4] Assassin's Creed Syndicate Freezing
  14. [XBOne] Why are the unity servers not working? (Xbox One)
  15. [PC] Assassin's creed black flag: Legendary outfits
  16. [PC] AC 2 Deluxe partially freezes
  17. [PC] Assassins Creed Syndicate Not Loading
  18. [PC] ACC: China - Black screen after changing resolutions
  19. [PC] Dreadful Crimes
  20. [XB360] Computer hacked 32/33 bug
  21. [PC] AC Syndicate on PC, Xbox One Controller not working
  22. [PC] Assassin's creed unity activation code is region locked
  23. [PC] assassin creed black flag physx particles problem
  24. [PC] assassin's creed syndicate problem
  25. [PC] AC4: Black Flag - Failed Uninstall
  26. AC Unity important question
  27. [PC] Can't unlock Uplay rewards in Brotherhood
  28. [PC] Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, minor problems with the "points of interest"
  29. [PC] Red NAT issue on Assassin's Creed 3
  30. [XBOne] Seriously, Unity. Do I need to actually play the entire thing again?
  31. [PC] Assassin's Creed Revelations - background scenery shakes
  32. [PC] Assassins Creed Syndicate ACS.exe stopped working
  33. [PC] The white screen Animus bug in AC2.
  34. [PC] Assassin's Creed 3 MP cannot find my friend in the friend line
  35. I lost all my saved progress on assasians creed black flag please help
  36. [PS4] ASC4 Black Flag Can't access the Ubisoft Server
  37. [PC] ACU: Game crashes at end of sequence 11 memory 2
  38. [PC] AC1 Download issue
  39. [Android] Compatibility - Assassin's Creed: Identity
  40. Not getting my Uplay point
  41. [IMPORTANT] Are live reflections there in Syndicate or no?
  42. Creed Coins
  43. AC Syndicate - Not Recognizing the high performace graphics card (AMD)
  44. Assassins Creed Unity ACU.EXE STOPPED WORKING
  45. [PC] Can't play AC II on uplay (it won't open)
  46. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed 3 Syncing Achievements but not Actions
  47. [IMPORTANT] Most recent disruption of the Council website
  48. ACU Cockade achievment bug.
  49. [PC] (unity) It belongs in a museum instant crash
  50. [PC] Can't play AC IV BF on Steam
  51. [PC] Black Flag - 60Hz refresh
  52. [PS4] AC4 Black Flag PS4
  53. [PC] Unable to Download AC3 receiving "failed to download" ERROR with 254 Gigs of Mem left
  54. [PS4] Assassins Creed Syndicate Master Assassin Pack
  55. [Ubisoft_Account] AC4-ACunity-ACrogue I Press Download Button, Nothing Is Happening
  56. Getting the UBISOFT Support Run Around (Xbox One)
  57. [PC] Cant launch ac black flag
  58. [PC] Missing treasure map (AC4)
  59. [PC] [AC3] Issue in Club Actions
  60. [PC] Issue to log in to Ubisoft Server / Connection au Server Ubisoft anormalement longue
  61. [PS4] Missing Helix Credits
  62. [XBOne] Ac Unity bug
  63. [PC] (PC) AC Unity distant textures blurry/not loading
  64. [PC] Assassin's Creed Liberation crashing on startup on 2 systems and I can't fix it
  65. [PS3] Assassins Creed: Rouge, the boarderline game breaking pistol glitch. Is there a fix?
  66. [PC] Assassin's Creed Syndicate (Steam) Helix Glitch problem
  67. [XBOne] Unity crashes on Xbox one
  68. [XB360] AC3 - UPlay didn't recognize the completion of Sequences 6 thru 12
  69. [PC] AC Unity Wont Launch!
  70. [PC] Assassins creed brotherhood sequence 9
  71. [Ubisoft_Account] Problems posting to forum
  72. [PC] AC3 freezes when using Xbox 360 controller
  73. [PC] How can i change the menu language and the audio language to the Brazilian Portuguese
  74. [Ubisoft_Account] A few problems with some of the ACU club actions.
  75. [PC] Slow progressing
  76. [PS3] i recently finished AS3 but didnt recieve uplay units for doing so...help?
  77. [PS4] ezio collection
  78. [PC] Pls help me ACS
  79. [XBOne] AC4 Black Flag wont connect to servers from console
  80. [Uplay_Shop] Cant Access in game Eshop
  81. ASSASIN CREED 2 problema con puntos uplay
  82. Assassins Creed Syndicate - World War I - I can't open the two yellow chests
  83. [XBOne] Questions in AC Games for 100% Synchronization
  84. [PC] Ac2, acb, acr uplay can not download. Because of steam!
  85. [Ubisoft_Account] [HELP] My art does not appear in the ubisoft fan art contest
  86. AC: unity won't pass the load screen. PS4
  87. [Uplay_Shop] How to get pre-order bonus
  88. [Uplay_Shop] Freedom Cry DLC key invalid
  89. [PS3] Can't access Copernicus DLC on PS3?
  90. [IMPORTANT] AC Syndicate Infinite Loading
  91. [PS4] please help unitys being a b#*%$ again
  92. [PC] Can't download DLC content for Syndicate
  93. [PS4] Trying to figure out how to do wall kills
  94. Connection problem
  95. [PC] Assassin's Creed Game Series Won't Launch [Steam]
  96. [PC] ACU crash
  97. [PS4] Curtain Call - Ubisoft Club Problem
  98. [PC] Problem is assisan's creed unity subtitle help !!
  99. [PC] Problem in Assassin's Creed unity subtitle help !!
  100. [Uplay_Shop] Can't connect to servers with Mac client for AC Brotherhood
  101. [PC] Advanced controls in the recent games for PC
  102. [PC] AC 4 BF Physx issue
  103. [XBOne] the game is not moving assassin creed 3- dlc
  104. [PS4] Assassins Creed unity - can't find three artifacts in the Helix rifts
  105. [PC] Assassin's Creed III Patch Note lattest patch note please?
  106. [PC] Assassin Creed Rouge, Will not start
  107. [Android] purchase Database Registered Citizenship (+12403895438) (puredocumentation@gmail.com)
  108. [PC] assasins creed 3 dlc
  109. [PS4] Missing Information From Maps
  110. [PC] AC Brotherhood/Revelation Visual Glitch
  111. [PC] Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Stuttering
  112. [IMPORTANT] i cant play my ac games anymore.
  113. [PC] Assassin's creed blackflag gamepad
  114. [Android] Assassin's Creed Identity Error code 610 Your Device Storage is Full
  115. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity want load
  116. [PC] What the **** happens with AC: Black Flag?
  117. [PC] Do I own the Benedict Arnold Pack ?
  118. [PC] AC3 on Windows 10 Bootcamp
  119. [Uplay_Shop] I need a little help
  120. [PC] Game can not find save?
  121. [PS4] Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection reward pack issue?
  122. Cannot run Uplay!
  123. [PC] Where is my CD key ?
  124. [PC] Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition
  125. [PC] AC3 "Load failed. A required downloadable content is missing" but no DLC
  126. [PC] Assassin's Creed Black Flag Terrible performance...
  127. [XBOne] AC3 Boston Brawlers
  128. [PC] Black Flag Legacy Outfits ( Altair's Robes)
  129. [Ubisoft_Account] Points
  130. [PC] achievment unlocked,not showing up in game
  131. [PC] AC Rouge won't start: black screen, game tabs out, nothing happens
  132. Assasin's creed unity
  133. Trouble with Assassins creed 2 glitching and freezing leonardo's workshop
  134. [PS4] Ezio Collection > AC Brotherhood > Brutus Armor Gone
  135. ACU.EXE has stopped working window 7 , 8.1 & 10 (64bit all)
  136. [PC] Assassin's Creed IV Social Chest
  137. [PC] Black Flag Glitch
  138. [PC] AC3 Season Pass
  139. [PC] Assassin's Creed IV companion app
  140. [PC] Assassins Creed IV Black Flag - AC4BFSP.exe has stopped working!
  141. [PC] AC Black Flag [Steam]: Failed to synchronize Achievements
  142. [PC] Assassin's Creed 2: A bunch of problems (fps, stuttering, language, PS4 controller)
  143. Assassin's Creed: Unity DLC
  144. [PC] ACIII hidden secrets DLC not working
  145. [PC] ACU unite can't connect,, fixing or shut down forever
  146. [PC] Assassins Creed UNITY - Freeze
  147. [PS4] AC 4 black flag (fps problems)
  148. [PC] ACS - Stuck in level (With video)
  149. [PC] AC4: Freedom Cry Key (from Steam) not recognized
  150. Assassins Creed Syndicate - Rupert Ferris - Xbox One
  152. [PC] AC Brotherhood Desmond cutscene glitch.
  153. [XBOne] AC: Unity DLC and save issue
  154. [PC] AC Unity restarts my whole PC when I exit the customisation menu
  155. [PC] AC 3 - Failed to load Missing DLC save game error.
  156. [PC] How to add games to Uplay
  157. [PS4] AC Syndicate: 2x Trophy Glitches
  158. [PS4] Secrets of London bugged? No Trophy/Aegis gear
  159. [PC] AC3 Crash
  160. [PC] AC IV Black Flag Won't Start
  161. [PC] AC4BF: stupid mystake, is it possible to get back savefile deleted inside game ?
  162. [PS3] Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Crashes
  163. [PC] Assassin s Creed Origins
  164. [PC] AC Origins - No audio output on Digital Out
  165. [PC] AC Origins - No audio output on Digital Out (PC)
  166. [PC] Password Recovery Not Recovering?
  167. [PC] i cant play Assasin creed IV Black Flag
  168. [PC] Initialization error 4 on AC:orgin
  169. [IMPORTANT] Assassin's Creed Origins: Deluxe content not available in my country?
  170. Email reward error
  171. [PC] Problem with launch game!!!!! Http status code is 400
  172. [PC] AC Origins Menu languaged changed on its own
  173. [PC] VSync Disabled - AC Origins
  174. [PC] having a problem
  175. [PC] AC Origins Ubisoft Online Service Error when purchashing Helix
  176. [PC] Don't Buy Assasin's Creed Origin. This game doesn't work!!!
  177. [PC] Assassin's Creed Origins - Cyrene Arena - The Hammer bossfight outfit reward
  178. [IMPORTANT] Need Guidance
  179. [IMPORTANT] Not able to Log-In to UPlay PC for nearly 2 weeks. WTH is happening regarding servers
  180. [PC] AC:O- Quick switch between tools
  181. [XBOne] AC Origins Twitch Prime Loot help!?!?
  182. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay content help
  183. [IMPORTANT] Life bar
  184. [PC] AC3 had another account, what do I do?
  185. [PC] AC2 Brotherhood and Revelation / import saves into Uplay
  186. [PS4] Assasins Creed Origins
  187. [PS4] AC Origins: Game stuck unfinishable (spoilers)
  188. [PS4] FYI - Update 1.3 file corrupted error (AC Origins, PS4)
  189. [PS4] my health bar is 2 parts red
  190. [XBOne] Crashing when re-entering the Animus.
  191. [PC] AC: Origins - Unable to complete daily quest
  192. [PC] AC Origins forgot to confirm kill on phylake
  193. [PS4] when talk to npc
  194. [XBOne] AC Ezio Collection (Revelations achievements)
  195. [PC] Can't Login Into Ubisoft Servers In Black Flag, Unity, or Syndicate
  196. [PC] Game minimizes and locks after patch 1.03
  197. [PS3] Glitch with AC Rogue
  198. [PC] Keyboard problem assassin's creed syndicate
  199. [PC] Assasins Creed: Syndicate: before beginning the mission, death in constant loop
  200. [PC] Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Texture Quality
  201. [XBOne] problems achivements
  202. [XBOne] I just bought the season pass...
  203. [PC] His Secret Service missing centurion
  204. [PC] Assassin's Creed Origins Save Files
  205. PC:Assassin's Creed Unity FPS buffers in CaféThéâtre and areas without excessive load
  206. [PC] Assassin's Creed Pirates keep crashing
  207. [PC] Assassin's Creed Origins - Game Progression stuck at 99% / Other Issues
  208. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed - Origins
  209. [XBOne] Assassin's Creed Origins
  210. [PC] Key already in use !
  211. [Ubisoft_Account] AC Origins is STILL asking for a CD key.
  212. [XBOne] Completion Probelm, maybe a bug?
  213. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity Closing
  214. [PC] Assassins creed game crash
  215. [PS4] Ac origins outfit issues
  216. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity graphics problems
  217. [PC] Quest Precious Bonds Bugged
  218. [Ubisoft_Account] Club Challenges
  219. [PC] ACS not detecting Nvidia GT740m
  220. [IMPORTANT] Can't Find My Activation Key. Am I missing something?
  221. [PC] AC unity, changing language
  222. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity showing Xbox button prompts instead of PS button prompts
  223. [Ubisoft_Account] My Photos
  224. [PC] Unable to start ACR & ACO
  225. [PC] some weird color lumps while rendering the sky
  226. [PS4] Save game gone
  227. [Uplay_Shop] Can't acces the content of AC3 Season pass
  228. [XB360] No club profile for assassin's creed and assassin's creed: Liberation on xbox360
  229. [PC] Hunter bow wont draw and hold arrow fires automatically
  230. [PC] Revelations Sync Error
  231. [PC] How do you get past the fire in unity rebirth?
  232. Discounts
  233. [PC] I bought hidden secrets dlc for assassins creed 3 today but still didnt get anything
  234. [PS4] ISU Armor Stealth Options/Issues
  235. [PC] Assassin Creed Syndicate Season Pass issues!!!
  236. [XBOne] Freezes and crashes EVERYTIME!
  237. [PC] http://www.healthytalkzone.com/apex-vitality-booty-pop/
  238. [PC] This lag is terrible after patch update
  239. [PC] a question about ac black flag
  240. [WP] How Long Is Photo Mode "Under Maintenance" For?
  241. [IMPORTANT] Cant claim twitch prime loot
  242. [Uplay_Shop] Assassin's Creed 3 Tyranny of King Washington 2: The Betrayal is not available for US
  243. Issues with savegame in AC4BF
  244. [PC] Black Flag Damaged Save File
  245. [PC] Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - missing czech on digital version
  246. [IMPORTANT] The game DOES NOT work
  247. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot find where to redeem Trible Pack for origins
  248. [Uplay_Shop] Assassin Creed Revalations DLC EU
  249. [PC] Can't Progress: Nike's Winged Victory'
  250. [PS4] Cant connect with one certain friend. [AC:Unity]