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  1. [PS4] I downloaded Dead Kings DLC for Assassin's Creed: Unity on PS4. Major glitches.
  2. [PC] AC unity updating problem
  3. [PC] Sewer lag in Unity and transferral of game files
  4. [XBOne] dead kings
  5. [PS4] The hell's wrong with the system in the DK DLC?
  6. [PC] Ubisoft support is the worst I've ever seen
  7. [PC] AC: Unity DK DLC Stops Working
  8. [PS4] ACU Dead Kings won't start
  9. [PC] Some help with game
  10. [PC] Keyboard commands for AC: Pirates?
  11. [XBOne] I completed all the requirements for 2 Dead Kings Items and haven't received them.
  12. [IMPORTANT] Ubisoft, give us an update on your Patch 5 progress! Can't 100% complete your game
  13. [PC] acu.exe has stopped working ,whats wrong?
  14. [XBOne] Assassins Creed Unity Won't Load!! HELP NEEDED!
  15. [PS4] PS4 : Can"t continue the standard story of unity after launch the Dead King DLC...
  16. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed 4 won't connect to UPlay
  17. [PS3] Legendary ships
  18. [PS3] AC Rogue native pillar won't open
  19. [iOS] Why is the companion app still broke
  20. [IMPORTANT] Run & Climb, part deux
  21. [PS4] Connection Failed - To gain access to Club Comp.
  22. [PC] i'm wondering, would a brand new savegame fix weapon issues?
  23. [XBOne] Assassins Creed Dead kings stuck is not letting me play sequence 2
  24. [PS4] Got charged twice for same weapon, hmm?
  25. [PC] Ezio and Shay Skins Lost
  26. [Ubisoft_Account] How do I get Ubisoft Support in ENGLISH?
  27. [PC] Dead Kings bug - game doesn't work on start
  28. [PC] Room for another lemming?
  29. [PC] Unable to equip Unlocked deadking's dlc Weapons
  30. [IMPORTANT] Unable to uninstall
  31. [PC] crashing
  32. I Can't play AC.Unity
  33. [PC] Pls Help Cant launch Assassin's Creed Unity ( keep going back to desktop screen )
  34. [XBOne] Customization and DLC are Glitchy
  35. [PC] keep getting totally blank screen
  36. [XBOne] Can't do sequence 7 memory 4
  37. [iOS] Companion App Issue
  38. [PS4] I literally can't play Sequence 13 Memory 5 in Dead Kings!!!
  39. [PS4] Glitched Club Competition
  40. [PC] Purple-ish looking Paris, problem with light whilst being inside of a building
  41. [PC] AC3 Season Pass, please help me after 1 month and a half waiting for the game...
  42. [XBOne] I Got Skills achievement did not unlock
  43. [XBOne] Unity has stopped working
  44. [XBOne] Game skipped to dlc
  45. [IMPORTANT] Big Problem
  46. [PS4] CONNECTION FAILED [0x60000001]
  47. [PS4] WARNING, do not start on the Murder Mystery misssions!
  48. [XBOne] A Few Questions for AC:Unity.
  49. [PS4] Club Competition week 4 Item bug
  50. [XBOne] How do I skip the 'Paris Stories' and continue on with Arno's story?
  51. [IMPORTANT] Workaround for those wishing to equip the Eagle of Suger
  52. [PS3] Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag Illustrious Pirates Pack - Missing Content
  53. [XBOne] Guard of Franciade outfit - glitch?
  54. [XBOne] Problem with murder mysterys in dead kings dlc
  55. [PC] AC Unity Memory 2 Sequence 1 doesn't start
  56. [PC] Dead King Issues
  57. [Uplay_Shop] Assassin's Creed® Unity - Secrets of the Revolution
  58. [PS4] Overheating and fan loud noise in menus
  59. [PC] Activation Problems
  60. [PS3] AC Brotherhood multiplayer servers status
  61. [XBOne] Dead Kings
  62. [PS4] Was the glitch fixed and as yet unannounced?
  63. [PC] AC2 on Mac freezes in Home Invasion
  64. [Android] Louvre Puzzle 1 Glitch
  65. [PC] No Audio Assassin's Creed Unity
  66. [PC] Unable to go Online
  67. [PC] AC4 Black FLag Activation Issue
  68. [PC] Killed by sience/Secrets of the revolutio - pack
  69. [PC] Secrets of the Revolution Pack
  70. [PS4] since i had to reinstall the whole system
  71. [Ubisoft_Account] Initiates Error
  72. [XBOne] Locked Out of the Main Story at Sequence 11 The Bastille PLEASE HELP!
  73. [XBOne] Unable to interact with glyphs for Nostradamus Enigma.
  74. [PC] AC Unity forced to play Dead king DLC
  75. [XBOne] Know It All Achievement
  76. [PC] AC Unity Issues with Dead Kings
  77. [PC] Assassin's Creed III-Language issue.
  78. [XBOne] Game won't start
  79. [IMPORTANT] AppHangB1 error and the game doest start
  80. [XBOne] Can't play online
  81. [PS4] DLC Dead Kings, downloaded, installed, but cant start
  82. [XBOne] Phantom Items and Unity Companion
  83. [XBOne] Ac unity - cant equip dlc weapons
  84. [XBOne] Assassin´s creed unity´s problem
  85. [PC] [PC] Weird NPC Level of Detail graphics bug.
  86. [PS4] not connected to initiates
  87. [PS4] Assassin Creed Unity: Problems
  88. [XBOne] Rendering/pop-in issue
  89. [XBOne] Map issues - no buildings
  90. [PS4] Help pls err 0x70000006 for PS4
  91. [PC] My findings on ACU.exe has STOPPED WORKING.
  92. [Uplay_Shop] Can`t redeem AC Unity Nvidia Code
  93. [PS4] Dead Kings DLC not installing / not accessible
  94. [PS4] Cannot load savegame offline
  95. [PC] Copy Unity to new PC
  96. [PS4] please fix it
  97. [PS4] AC Unity: Arno Last Position Graphical Glitch
  98. [PC] Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations cd keys already in use
  99. [PS4] Any udates yet for Unity
  100. [PS4] I can't play co op online for Dead Kings!
  101. [PC] ACU.exe stopped working
  102. [XBOne] [0xfffffffe] Helix Credit Error
  103. [PC] Steam question
  104. [PC] Facing Issues After Shift+Deleting AC4 Black Flag
  105. [XBOne] Assassin's Creed Unity Not connecting to Ubisoft Servers.
  106. [XBOne] Arno won't block against the french soldiers
  107. [XBOne] Unity broke my Xbox one
  108. [XB360] ac rogue ile-de-pins 'viewpoint' Bug
  109. [XBOne] AC Unity The Queens Necklace Theatre Mission Error
  110. [PS4] Map Not Loading: Assassin's Creed Unity
  111. [PC] There is no russian language option in game meny
  112. [PC] Assassins Creed IV Synchrozation probem!
  113. [XBOne] Ezio's Master Assassin Outfit Disappeared
  114. [XB360] Assassins Creed Rogue- A Long Walk and A Short Drop Issue
  115. [PC] ACU wont start. Stuck at start up launch screen
  116. [PC] Unable to play dlc content
  117. [XBOne] Connection issues
  118. [PC] Can't equip guillotine guns.
  119. [PC] Upgrading PC
  120. [PC] ACU: Clothing Parts Twitching Wildly
  121. [PS4] Didnt get Master Architect trophy
  122. [PC] Gameplay is Pale/White/hazy
  123. [PS4] Map Error
  124. [PC] Mancanza nel pc del file xinput1_3 assassin's creed unity pc dvd.rom
  125. [PC] Cannot see game after upgrading monitor to a 2k unit
  126. [PC] Intento instalar Assassin's Creed Revelations y no me deja
  127. Error Number: SYS_000001
  128. [XB360] AC Rogue Game Breaking Glitch Templar Armour
  129. [XBOne] Lost progress
  130. [PC] Assassin's Creed IV : Single player not responding.
  131. [PC] Assassin's Creed IV CD Key Banned
  132. [XBOne] A few ac unity issues
  133. [XBOne] DLC Trophies not unlocking Eagle Gullotine gun?
  134. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity failure
  135. [XBOne] Game loads sequence 13 before I finished with sequence 2
  136. [XBOne] Online Error code is starting to Frustate
  137. [PC] Assassin's Creed 2 Florence not loading
  138. [PC] Low Res Textures
  139. [XBOne] controller stops working when paused for a while
  140. [Ubisoft_Account] Arno Fearless Assassin code won't work.
  141. [PC] Bug, please repair
  142. [PC] Unity SLI makes me want to SCREAM
  143. [XBOne] Club Competition not working (help please)
  144. [XBOne] Dead Kings DLC glitch
  145. [PS4] Error Code
  146. [PC] My Legend rank is gone
  147. [PS4] AC dead kings problem
  148. [XBOne] Won the club competition but schiavona sword didn't unlock
  149. [PC] AC Unit Crashing deep in Dead Kings DLC
  150. [XBOne] helix credits transactions pending on server
  151. [PS4] AC: Unity, Odd Screen Problem
  152. [PS4] Club competition bug?
  153. [PC] Assassin's Creed 4 Single player not working
  154. [PC] Game minimizes itself and not responding whenever I start the game.[AC:U]
  155. [PS4] Assassins creed unity dead king trouble
  156. [PC] Game freezes when entering a specific district
  157. [PC] Paris Story Problem
  158. [PC] AC Unity Dead Kings dlc still has not shown up in my game, anyone?
  159. [PC] How to bring back english sound?
  160. [PS4] Tailored Sans-Culottes Belt Bugged
  161. Newbie Here, How Can I Get enough UPlay Points for game that action/reward dont match
  162. [IMPORTANT] Clé assassin's creed unity bannie ?
  163. Question about achievments
  164. [PC] ACU Crashes on title screen
  165. [XBOne] Assassins creed Unity - one artifact in each rift locked? help :(
  166. [XBOne] Nomad Point
  167. [PS3] uplay activate passport code error
  168. [XBOne] Assassins Creed Unity crash
  169. [PC] Unity Still Broken!!!
  170. [PC] stuck at 92% Installing patch 1.4.0
  171. [XBOne] The Book Thief (Dead Kings)
  172. [PS4] Cartouche's memoirs
  173. [PC] why i can't connect my initiates..
  174. [PC] so when will we see patch 5?
  175. [PC] Can't start the game
  176. [PC] Why game jump Sequence 5 directly to Sequence 13 ?
  177. [PC] Friend and I cannot be in the same session at the same time
  178. [PC] where is dead king in PC
  179. [PS4] Dead Kings 2 murder mysteries will not appear, HELP!!?
  180. [PC] Can't use assassin's creed unity inisiates.
  181. [PC] Assassin's Creed IV : help
  182. [PC] AC: Unity - Sound stutters through bluetooth headphones.
  183. [Android] phone
  184. [PC] instalation error
  185. [PS3] AC 4 : Destroyer trophy glitch
  186. [PC] Keyboard Joystick Conflict
  187. [XBOne] Cafe procope
  188. [PS4] Glitches and annoyances
  189. [PS4] complete co-op and gear disappears 30 seconds after I finish
  190. [PC] Game seems to be bugged?
  191. [XBOne] Can I get these visuals as a permanent option?
  192. [PC] ACU seems to get stuck at logo screen..
  193. [iOS] NOMAD Brotherhood not accessible
  194. [PC] Sequence 5 Memory 2
  195. [PS4] Initiates
  196. [PC] Fix this **** (download DLC
  197. [PS4] Assassin's Creed Unity Progress LOST
  198. [PC] Installation Problem in Old Games Assassins Creed
  199. [PS4] Dead Kings DLC Trophies not showing
  200. [XBOne] dead kings
  201. [XBOne] Sequence 7 Memory 3
  202. [PS4] Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App Help
  203. [XBOne] Artfact collection and Altair outfit bugged.
  204. [WiiU] Assassins creed black flag
  205. [PS4] Chemical Revolution additional content code not working
  206. [PC] Assassin's Creed III-Language issue
  207. [XBOne] Ubisoft server unavailable
  208. [PC] LIBEAY32.dll problem
  209. [PC] AC4: social events not sharing with my friends
  210. [IMPORTANT] Ubisoft must react!
  211. [PS4] DLC Dead Kings Bug from Italy
  212. [PC] Napoleon' Artillery Outfit doesn't unlock
  213. [XBOne] Downloadable content not found or installing?
  214. [XBOne] i cant go online
  215. [XBOne] Sequence 4 Memory 2
  216. [XBOne] Game Reset
  217. [IMPORTANT] Companion App "Unable to Synchronize" error
  218. [PC] Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Crash
  219. [XBOne] Having trouble connecting to a friend in ACU :mad:
  220. [PC] Problem with the game Assassin's Creed Unity.
  221. [PC] ACBF disappeared from PC
  222. [PC] AC Unity - Crash down PC in customization menu
  223. [PS4] Cannot play any campaign missions
  224. [XBOne] Companion Artifacts not unlocking rewards. -Cannot unlock Altair Outfit-
  225. [PC] Assassins creed unity crashing
  226. [IMPORTANT] Re-installed Uplay and it's downloading AC:Unity again while I have all it's data :(
  227. [XBOne] AC Unity "Who Are You?" Screen Problem
  228. [XBOne] Initiates artefacts
  229. [PS3] Problem with AC3
  230. [PC] AC Unity will not launch
  231. [PC] Try This For Better Performance
  232. [XBOne] Sword of Eden
  233. [XB360] Problems with taking out escort ships AC Rouge
  234. [XBOne] Dead kings crashed and can no longer start game up
  235. [PC] AC: Unity monitor out of range, can't find any config files to drop resolution
  236. [XBOne] AC Unity paris stories cannot complete
  237. [PC] HELP! AC Unity PROBLEM!
  238. [PC] Assassin's Creed Black Flag - Dry Tortuga Fort already destroyed
  239. [PC] I lost my Saved Game. PLS READ MY LETTER!!!
  240. [PC] Ac4bf doesnt load anymore
  241. [PC] AC-Initiates
  242. [Ubisoft_Account] Initiates
  243. [XBOne] Assassin's Creed Unity error code 0xb0050002
  244. [PC] How to unlock this weapon ?
  245. [IMPORTANT] Assassin's Creed: Black Flag fleet issues
  246. [PC] Dead Kings Cinematic Broken
  247. [PC] AC3 crc error during install - Cant install uplay downloaded
  248. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity item bug !
  249. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity Porte-Saint-Denis Freezing Whenever I Go There
  250. [XBOne] Can't get online to work