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  1. [XBOne] Perhaps you want me to wait until next year ....
  2. [PC] "There was a problem getting your latest savegame file from the cloud"
  3. [PC] Assassin’s Creed Unity crashing after main menu
  4. [IMPORTANT] progress reset COMPLETELY
  5. [PS4] AC Initiate says my AC 2 is "started"
  6. [XBOne] not able to get Master Architect
  7. [XBOne] Problem Continuing Story Missions
  8. [PS4] Was there a gfx downgrade with patch 1.03? (ps4)
  9. [PS3] Assassin's Creed Rogue Modern Day Tablets Issue
  10. [PC] Where can I download the last patch?
  11. [Ubisoft_Account] ACInitiates Login
  12. [XBOne] Co-Op still not working at all
  13. [PC] Assassins`s creed unity .exe crash
  14. [XBOne] Game freezing
  15. [IMPORTANT] Happy thanksgiving Ubisoft
  16. [PC] PC uncontrolable spinning screen fix
  17. [PS4] CAN NOT FIND ACU Character Customization button in PS4 after updated 1.03
  18. [IMPORTANT] sequence 7 memory 3 after jumping into the time anomaly. infinite loading screen
  19. [PS4] Patch did not at all fix the continue scteen crashing!
  20. [PC] Problem with AC Unity Installation
  21. [PS4] 11/26/14 ACU Update Epic Fail!!
  22. [PC] AC: Initiates rank reset.
  23. [PC] Patch did absolutely nothing
  24. [XB360] Assassins Creed Rogue not syncing with AC Initiates
  25. [Ubisoft_Account] Linking Games to my Uplay Account
  26. [XBOne] Do you have any issues with the AI detection?
  27. [PC] Optimization the good and the bad
  28. [PC] Ошибка 0х60000001
  29. [PC] Can't co-op with Uplay friends
  30. [PS4] Guys for god sick COMMON!!!!!!!
  31. [PS4] Unity - Your system is using NAT 3, but PS4 say NAT 2
  32. [PC] Initiates not showing AC: Unity as Completed!
  33. [PC] Is it just me or is it still broken??
  34. [PS4] Error Error Error
  35. [PC] Patch 3 still hasn't fixed SEQ 7 MEM 3 bug
  36. [PC] Uplay Desktop Application Error
  37. [PS4] Cant enter my single player game while online
  38. [PC] Unity crashes every time I walk in the Saint-Jacues region
  39. [PS4] The patch 3 still hasn't fixed item's disappearance, or my PS4 is screwed? OH C'MON
  40. [PC] AC Unity - Clipping through building - results in death
  41. [PC] after today's patch ac.exe started crashing when im trying to get in my save.
  42. [IMPORTANT] Missing Season Pass Content
  43. [PS4] Error CE-34878-0 after 12.26.14 patch
  44. [PS4] error code
  45. [PS4] AC Unity Body in the Brothel NOT fixed.
  46. [XB360] Rogue progress not updating in Initiates
  47. [PC] Cannot Open Map or Menu
  48. [IMPORTANT] I need help please !!!
  49. [PC] Anyone knows where can i find a memory 11 sequence 2 save file?
  50. [PC] Cloud sync and game saving issues
  51. [PC] After Patch 1.3.0 Savegame Gone!
  52. [XBOne] I still have problems connecting to game servers
  53. [PS4] Issues with co op after patch
  54. [PS4] Eagle vision distractions
  55. [PC] Flickering near edge of objects and pop in when using SLI
  56. [XBOne] My Profile wont load!!!
  57. [PC] The initiates page will not load
  58. [PC] AC: Unity doesn't start since 2 weeks - STILL NO STATEMENT FROM UBISOFT
  59. [PS4] Error CE-34878-0 continues even after the 3rd patch for Unity.
  60. [PC] Cannot continue Story!?!?
  61. [Uplay_Shop] UBI - Typo's in text dutch translation.
  62. [PC] Encore un bug ! Juste un ! / Another bug! Just one! "Assassin's Creed Unity"
  63. [PS4] I'm feeling disappointed with Ubisoft support
  64. [PC] 100% UC used since 3rd patch
  65. [PC] Assassin creed unity pc: Disc 4 unreadable
  66. [PC] Assassin's Creed: Relevations Sycnhronization 0%
  67. [XBOne] Corporate Pressure Bug
  68. [PC] Flickering ground textures + other minor problems
  69. [PC] Fixing Screen Resolution With Config Files In Mac OS X
  70. [XBOne] All game progress lost!
  71. [PC] Sequenz 11 server bridge, cant continue
  72. [XBOne] Assassins Creed-Unity
  73. [XBOne] 3dead kings
  74. [XBOne] Trail La Touche (Sequence 4 Memory 1: The Kingdom of Beggars)
  75. [IMPORTANT] Ac Initiates Purchase Codes
  76. [PC] Problem Downloading the Patch 3
  77. [PC] Is computer problems solved?
  78. [PC] I cannot select any weapon [SOLVED]
  79. [PS4] Can't create a club: "Profanity check failed"
  80. [XBOne] When are Framerate fixes coming?
  81. [PS4] initiates error 0x8000011
  82. [PC] GPU FAN too high...tecnical issue with the map
  83. [PS4] Frame rate problem
  84. [IMPORTANT] [READ THIS!] Urge all people to request a refund for the broken unity app.
  85. [PC] Can't connect to Initiates in-game
  86. [PS4] Patch 3 issues - season pass gone and trophies not popping
  87. [PS4] Brotherhood Tag Won't Go Away!
  88. [PS4] error CE-34878-0
  89. [PS4] add on not showing
  90. [XBOne] Shay Cormac outfit missing.
  91. [PC] After patch 3, launching game gets stuck at "searching for additional content"
  92. [PC] Revolutionary Armaments Pack for Season Pass Holders
  93. [IMPORTANT] Connection Failed, [0x60000001]
  94. [PC] Unable To Acquire Connor's Master Outfit After Opening The Corresponding Chest
  95. [XBOne] Game Crashed
  96. [PS4] Trophies not working
  97. [Ubisoft_Account] AC Initiates Doesn't Show Past Games
  98. [PC] Unplayable lad--Worst game ever
  99. [PS4] Cannot join any Co-op/Heist missions
  100. [PC] ACU Estore\\ PC/Uplay/Uplayshop
  101. [PC] FIXED - AC: Unity launch problems - FIXED
  102. [PC] Patch 3 is useless.
  103. [PC] more issues after Patch 3 (PC version)
  104. [PC] Numerous AC games stuck on the "press key" title screen
  105. [PS4] Can't connect too co-op Says im Nat type 3 strict but I'm Nat type 2 unity
  106. [PC] Low fps gtx 970
  107. [PS4] Connection failed
  108. [PC] Unity registry entry missing?
  109. [PC] graphic bug, interface disappeared
  110. [Ubisoft_Account] Initiates session problem (tech details included)
  111. [PC] Edward’s Master Assassin Outfit bug
  112. [PC] Assassins creed unity blinking glitch
  113. [PS4] Glitched side missions - please PATCH.
  114. [PS4] content/function/gameplay/misc Feedback
  115. [PC] How to fix these problems is assassin creed unity after installing PATCH 3???
  116. [PC] Playing on a dedicated card and game freezing when OC
  117. [PC] Get ACU.ex crash during Sequence 5 Mission 1. Any help appreciated
  118. [Uplay_Shop] i havnt got my helix points???
  119. [PC] Can't invite/join friend
  120. [PC] Sequence 11 Mission 3 (The Bastille) Glitched
  121. [PC] White flashes on screen
  122. [PC] High GPU Usage on Menus outside the game
  123. [PS4] Game Crashes on launch - Patch 3 installed
  124. [PC] AC3 PC - Not saved to disk!
  125. [IMPORTANT] Companion App Compensation Recommendation
  126. [PC] Assassin's Creed all games
  127. [Ubisoft_Account] Cant log in to my uplay client...
  128. [PC] r7 260x crossfire issue
  129. [PC] [COOP] Nat Type Strict
  130. [PC] Periodic Freezes
  131. [PC] club bug leaving still have tag
  132. [PC] Crash on main menu after patch 3
  133. [XBOne] Day 17 game crash. not being able to play for more than 2 minutes online or offline
  134. [PC] Error 0x60000001 when trying to 'Go Online'.
  135. [PS4] Sticky Patch
  136. [PS4] error (CE-34878-0) ?????? please help
  137. [PS4] It's called RIP OFF!
  138. [PS4] Cannot play co-op with second PS4 in the same house
  139. [PS4] Bug After Latest Fixes - Crowd Events Vanished
  140. [PC] New path, new bugs
  141. [PC] AC3 Base game on Uplay. What if I buy Deluxe on Steam?
  142. [PS4] Unity trophy "I Got Skills" glitched?
  143. [PC] Patch 1.3.0 - New Bugs
  144. [PC] Sequence 12 Lockup
  145. [XBOne] cant access online
  146. [PS4] Assassin's Creed Initiates Help/Bug?
  147. [PS3] AC3 100% sync not showing in AC Initiates
  148. [PS4] To the developers of Assassin's Creed Unity
  149. [XBOne] Unable to play online!
  150. [PC] Patch 3 - this bug still exists although it's in the patch notes as fixed
  151. [PC] Blue screen in Co-op
  152. [PC] Game Crash Memory 1 Sequence 4
  153. [PC] Musician NPCs animate silently with no matching music...
  154. [XBOne] Coop with a friend not working - with strangers it's working
  155. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity - crashes right after launching the game
  156. [PC] Season Pass/Gold Edition problems!
  157. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity Issue Report - Need help
  158. [PS4] Please help!!!!!
  159. [PS4] Server Bridge The Resistance won't play... Assassin's Creed Unity PS4
  160. [XBOne] Can't connect to Ubisoft
  161. [PS4] Wall eject vapor glitch ps4
  162. [PC] multiplayer issues
  163. [PC] Please Help, the Game is crashing during the loading screen
  164. [PS4] Problems with audio
  165. [PS4] I thought I faced all issues but not...Now error Error 0x60000001
  166. [PC] Lost Saved Game
  167. [PS4] ERROR CODE[06x00000001]-POSSIBLE FIX
  168. [XBOne] Camera Angle Problems
  169. [PS4] Application keeps closing
  170. [XBOne] initiates not working
  171. [PC] Assassin's Creed Heritage Collection Keys
  172. [PC] Crashes in some paticular areas
  173. [PS4] can't start sequence 12 memory 2
  174. [PC] 2/3 Bellec Stuck In Wall.
  175. [PC] Not connecting to ubisoft and can not play online or anything besides doing SP
  176. [PC] PC crashes
  177. [PS4] Nat 3
  178. [PC] Framereate drops: sometimes since game start, sometimes after some time playing.
  179. [XBOne] No list for messages!
  180. [PC] freeze in particular areas / or on missions
  181. [XBOne] My initiates chests
  182. [PC] Arno's cloth physics are bugged
  183. [XBOne] ACIV: Black Flag stuck on loading screen
  184. [IMPORTANT] Customer Support
  185. [XBOne] can not choose co-op in progress tracker menu
  186. [PS4] help someone
  187. [PS4] Altair outfit not unlocking?
  188. [PC] Still having serious issues with crashing
  189. [PS4] Can't connect to ubisoft online service
  190. [XBOne] Question of the day. when will i be able to play Unity again? main menu crashes. stil
  191. [XBOne] the only WAY to play Is to go offline..
  192. [PC] Haze
  193. [PC] Stuttering with SLI
  194. [PC] Game unplayable due to "Freeze" bug
  195. [PS4] Revolutionary Armaments pack
  196. [PS4] Next patch
  197. [Ubisoft_Account] Unity not showing in games
  198. [PC] Camera problem. after PATCH 3
  199. [PC] AC 3 Multiplayer Error
  200. [PC] CO-OP Bugs.
  201. [PC] Game won't Launch, ACU.exe not responding (PC)
  202. [PS4] Ubi games online function stopped working
  203. [PS4] Entire club is encountering Co-op mission problems where none existed before
  204. [XBOne] CO-OP is really buggy!
  205. [PC] AC Unity game not responding when saving
  206. [PS4] weird camera angle
  207. [PS3] Assassin's Creed: Rogue - Pistol Holster I Bugged
  208. [PC] Unity low framerate
  209. [PC] Thought I could try starting my playthrough now after patches, was wrong
  210. [PC] edward kenway initiates outfit not working
  211. [PC] [BUG] Friend List filled with Own Name
  212. [PC] Still little to no voices during cinematics?
  213. [PC] Performance problems
  214. [XBOne] cant connect to ubisoft server
  215. [Ubisoft_Account] PS3 games not transferring to PS4 on Uplay
  216. [PC] I DEMAND REFUND! - post if you agree with me
  217. [XBOne] Revolutionary Armaments Pack MISSING
  218. [PC] Unable to play Assassin's Creed Unity
  219. [PS3] AC Rogue, Templar outfit "unavailable"
  220. [PS4] AC: Black Flag Trophy bug
  221. [XBOne] How do you start a New game in unity?
  222. [PC] Ubisoft Online Game Servers Never working
  223. [PS4] Weapon unlocked by Initiates in Unity
  224. [XBOne] Missing Achievement Sequence 11
  225. [PC] AC3 Patch 1.05 problem
  226. [PS4] Initiates
  227. [PC] can not log in Initiates
  228. [XBOne] Error code [0x80000011]
  229. [IMPORTANT] Known issues and fixes sticky - still being updated?
  230. I uninstalled the game and I still get this at computer startup
  231. [IMPORTANT] Where the hell are all support agents of forum?
  232. [PS4] PS4 : Error CE-34878-0
  233. [IMPORTANT] Experiencing an issue with AC Rogue Initiates data? Post here
  234. [PC] Unity troubles
  235. [PS4] Assassins Creed unity New Game (Neues spiel)
  236. [XBOne] Online Issues
  237. [PS4] Can't Access Unlocked Content
  238. [XBOne] Companion app has lost ALL of my assassins, stats, money anduplay rewards
  239. [PC] Game Crash after jumping into Helix Rift (Server Bridge)
  240. [Android] Companion app - full screen obligated
  241. [PC] ACU free game offer
  242. [PS4] stuck at sequence 11
  243. [IMPORTANT] inititates broke and needs fixed now
  244. [PC] возможно ли?
  245. [XBOne] Companion App not placing marker on Game Map
  246. [PC] Outfit ingame is not changing.
  247. [PC] Assassins Creed Black Flag low FPS
  248. [PC] [Bug][Video] Window not drawing properly
  249. [PC] initiates boken record responses
  250. [PC] ACU Live Blog?