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  1. 4_27ec6971_1 error
  2. TC2 Random Crashes
  3. Cant purchase crew credits from the game
  4. Download options
  5. Pre-Order Bonus Vehicles Harley & Mercedes ?
  6. Mercedes amg gt rim BUG!
  7. Did not get a choice to choose my character
  8. Steam Controller Does Not Work
  9. When trying to customize my car = Error code: 3_44f7f556_16
  10. My game flicker in less than 2 minutes and I can't find a solution.
  11. Is there going to be a day one patch?
  12. The game begins to collapse within 2 minutes!!!
  13. Quickswitch Bug
  14. Map Not Loading Bug
  15. Didn't get things I should get.
  16. Game exits about a minute after login
  17. Fast Fav and Garage problem.
  18. Missing the game
  19. Custom Liveries not showing number of downloads.
  20. Haven't received pre-order and gold edition bonus
  21. I have code for the download but game won't download
  22. The Crew 2 Closed/Open Beta rewards Part 2
  23. Setting car as favorite won't save
  24. Logitech G920 problems.
  25. Steering wheel problems
  26. early accessed but no bouns and gold edition goods in garage
  27. The game keep minimizing randomly!
  28. Not getting the game or confirmation email
  29. Game Freezes and Crash(Not Responding)
  30. How do you turn off Bloom?
  31. 0_1
  32. No Reward Program Cars.
  33. How do i fix the crew 2 error code 0_34
  34. No Points/Follower for Stunts in Freedrive
  35. Interior Customization Glitch
  36. Hear no voices?
  37. Didn't get the motorsport deluxe pack in the game
  38. favourate car
  39. Pop in and draw distance
  40. Missing Rewards Program Cars
  41. Delux edition early access?
  42. Separate vehicle type controls, and some
  43. Steam Does not detect when The Crew 2 Closes
  44. Underwater walk and other about home
  45. How to tell if the game in library is gold edition?
  46. Didn't get in-game credits
  47. Chaning Language changes always to russian
  48. The Crew2 No response.
  49. [Gameplay]
  50. An error has occurred
  51. Joystick sometimes not responsive
  52. Some observations plus a feature request (custom license plates)
  53. Stuck in orange loading screen
  54. Ubi, I'm done with this game. My last thoughts.
  55. just bought the game on uplay and doesn't show up anywhere as being purchase or downl
  56. super low frame rate
  57. No Players in Session (was always full during Closed Bet and Open Beta)
  58. BattlEye Laucher is not launching.
  59. No motorsports deluxe pack in gold edition
  60. Logitech G29 steering wheel lag problem
  61. [RESOLVED] Garage layout doesn't save
  62. Icon Rewards Non-Existent
  63. How to change display screen?
  64. Icon LvL ver points
  65. How can we avoid the UAC prompt on launch?
  66. Morph back into car from plane morphs into wrong car?
  67. Logitech G29 recognized as wheel but can't tune it
  68. No 3D Monitor Support since BattlEye and Launching Changes
  69. money gone
  70. Error codes I've been getting in The Crew 2 which make my game almost unplayable.
  71. My left thumbstick control the camera! Makes game unplayable
  72. TC2 Closed and Open Betas rewards locked.
  73. Stuck in races after they end
  74. Favorite system bug (video inside)
  75. New Found Bug/Issue related to Photo Mode
  76. After launching of the game
  77. Air Race Pylons disappear during photo and video editing mode
  78. Crew 2 freezing mid game
  79. Anyone else having a problem with changing the rims on the Ferrari 458 Speciale
  80. the crew 2 bugs and glitch!!!!
  81. in the crew 2 improve the graphics
  82. Not able to play with friend.
  83. G29 problems
  84. The game don't work to me why???
  85. Manual shifting
  86. Steering Wheel Issues
  87. I paid for Crew Credits and 2 days later still have nothing
  88. Can't constant download
  89. The Crew 2 steam CD key
  90. Redbull F1 car rear suspension arm poking out
  91. Crew 2 asks for activation code when launching from steam
  92. Rewards Program Vehicles
  93. I can't download The Crew 2 from Uplay
  94. CD-KEY missing (Steam)
  95. Why still can't download ?always show:coming soon
  96. Steam CD key
  97. Error after intro mission
  98. Can't download. uPlay says, "This key is not valid in your region." Now what?
  99. Just make a sticky thread about the steam key issue please.
  100. "Not Responding" Since Crew 2 Closed Beta
  101. how do i supose to get my CD-KEY???????
  102. How do you get the items on the ****ing building?
  103. For ubisoft
  104. crew 2 on steam requite cd key to continute
  105. You have been disconnected
  106. There is no English language in my Crew 2
  107. Friends Finding My Shared Livery
  108. Game crahses when I try to customize my rewards program vehicles
  109. Fanatec CSL Elite (Xbox/PC version)
  110. "You have been disconnected from the servers"
  111. Two vehicles from rewards program missing
  112. How the hell do you unbind keys in settings?!?!?!
  113. code
  114. races request
  115. I give up
  116. Unable to play error code
  117. Cannot unlock first achievement
  118. Wrong Character and wrong Gender
  119. Mouse stutter with massive FPS Drops
  120. Video card stays Idle
  121. Friend cannot join my Roster/Crew, nor can I join his.
  122. Error 0_34 Server Connection issues
  123. Error code 3_27ec6971_10
  124. Error 0_34
  125. Cannot get into a crew with my friend
  126. Change character?
  127. Unable to collect ICON 110 reward.
  128. Vehicle quick switch broken
  129. Unplayable game, crashes, game launching problem
  130. Photo Mode is broke on Ultra-Wide screens
  131. The Crew 2 BattlEye Service
  132. Graphics
  133. The Crew 2 BattlEye Service
  134. Ingame News Page does not function
  135. Missing Content [Gold Edition]
  136. Logitech G29 does not work in 6-29-18 released game
  137. Cannot Uninstall The Crew 2 Open Beta (Steam)
  138. The Crew 2 Reward Program Problem
  139. Playstation 4 controller and Sony Bluetooth Dongle don't work with this game.
  140. game freeze randomly and stay there forever
  141. restart game
  142. BUG: House forgets chosen cars in garage level
  143. BUG: West coast waypoints
  144. Unable to start The Crew 2 - Battleye problem?
  145. Dear Ubisoft in the crew 2 still with these errors we don't place them anymore when s
  146. What happed
  147. game crashes
  148. "An error has occurred" randomly during games
  149. 0_34
  150. Game causing pc to crash
  151. Preorder problem
  152. I've purchase Platinum Credits Pack , but NOT shown in Game
  153. steam version ,one of achievement unlock in uplay,but not in steam
  154. SOLUTION: You have been disconnected from servers. 3_93c5f5a4_106
  155. the game can't start
  156. Failed to join mission, you will play alone
  157. Game doesn´t start
  158. Problem with dialog sound
  159. While driving my camera is moving without using my right joystick
  160. crashes during game
  161. Bug report
  162. Error 3_db2db69_261 after collecting loot rewards
  163. custom resolution?
  164. This game is a big mess
  165. Crashes (possible fix)1
  166. Battleye causing game to crash at random times
  167. G27 wheel force feedback POSSIBLE TEMPORARY FIX and how to replicate bug
  168. Alt + Tab causes low contrast
  169. Not all graphics settings are saved
  170. Only Official Rims for the Nissan GTR R35?
  171. Logitech G29 not working on PC version
  172. error code
  173. 20% off coupon on uplay store didn't work for me/ Did for my friend?
  174. The Crew 2 issues
  175. Battleye????????????????????
  176. Pre order cars not showing in game even after prologue etc
  177. Missing Content [Gold Edition] Pre-Order
  178. Car favorites bug
  179. Good PC - bad performance PLEASE HELP!
  180. Can't join or add friends to crew
  181. Ghosting effect on cars? [Bad shadows?]
  182. TC2 Closed Beta reward locked.
  183. Closed NAT when it should be OPEN (Tested in For Honor among others.)
  184. Update the "known issues" thread?
  185. Can't play 2 players on the same IP (error code 0_1)
  186. Reshade blocked by battleye
  187. Speed up and drive faster with keyboard
  188. Black screen on launch, no error
  189. Logitech g920 hotkeys wont save
  190. How do I change my default spawn location?
  191. Free car bug
  192. Can't place livery on the 240z's fender flare
  193. Unplayable FPS in cities?
  194. *WANTING HELP* Game Crash & Frustrating Bugs
  195. Long play sessions crash NVidia display driver 398.36
  196. [PC] Reward Program- Road Trip Award unlocked at 28 still locked on page
  197. REQUEST the ports for address Portforwarding
  198. Bad antialiasing
  199. I bought it the crew 2 but I can not play on NVIDIA GeForce NOW me from this problem
  200. my game crashes in the intro every time i try to play
  201. error code 3_1b723e2a_10
  202. Game crashing randomly aswell as disconnects (Error: 3_27ec6971_10)
  203. Windows Kernel modification detected. Please repair or reinstall your system.
  204. Racetrack "furniture" disappears in Live replay
  205. Steam achievement locked.
  206. Crash to desktop on Highlights / speedtraps
  207. Game crashes redoing passed races.
  208. Server Down???
  209. [PlatForm PC] Airplane Discipline Key-Mapping
  210. Do I own the Season Pass?
  211. cant redeem Icon 110 loot box
  212. Garage keeps resetting
  213. GPS line mini map & AI traffic
  214. Error 0_2
  215. Wheel input for pad users
  216. [Bug] Game gets uncontrollable by making the PC ignore any keyboard inputs
  217. Achivment bugs post launch
  218. i keep on getting this error constantly 3_27ec6971_10 and nothing seems to fix it
  219. error 3_1b723e2a_10
  220. [RESOLVED] g920 wheel not recognized
  221. Live Xtreme Series Episode 1 Steam Achievement Missing
  222. Debugger
  223. BUG: Prefs corrupted, game crash loading after "Continue"
  224. Help my character wont move and map wont zoom
  225. Crew Racing and Gamepad Controls
  226. Error 4_44f7f556_1
  227. BUG - Game is locked at 60 FPS....
  228. Disconnected from the crew 2 servers!
  229. Disconnecting from servers
  230. Im sorry!!!
  231. [BUG] No Car Engine Sound - Found it to happen only with Aston Martin CLUB Reward
  232. Missing Reward Program Vehicles
  233. Game crashes at character select screen
  234. The Garage doesn't save when you modify your cars in it ...
  235. Controller .dll file blocked
  236. Game freezes
  237. Change the wheel of a Ferrari and get disconnected
  238. mark as fav ground vehicle issue
  239. Nissan GT-R tuning crash with error 3_44f7f556_16
  240. Discconected from server
  241. Fuzzy textures, even when set to Ultra
  242. Major performance issue
  243. I dont know what you guys did, but the game is going slower now
  244. Map taking forever to load in textures and long load time to fast travel.
  245. The crew 2 is only black and white
  246. The Crew 2 runs at 1fps
  247. Logitech 920 steering wheel support
  248. Still missing content
  249. Can anyone use a joystick throttle for accelerating during fly-mode?
  250. Livery F10 Actions