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  1. BSOD page fault in nonpaged area on game start
  2. G27 broke after gator rush
  3. Connectivity Error code 0_1
  4. trying the free weekend. game is a slideshow
  5. TrackIR support
  6. Main menu scrolling bug
  7. Support does not answer, using Uplay without steam! need help
  8. Game freezing and minimizing to desktop on every bootup
  9. Weird motherboard bug when launching game
  10. Very low fps!!
  11. Favorite Air Problem
  12. Game automatically uses controller which is connected and I dont want to use it
  13. Connectivity Error code 0_2
  14. Issues with the game freezing after gator rush update
  15. Bikes lean bonus dont seem to work
  16. Getting way lower fps than before the update
  17. activate a key
  18. (Car) Animations don't work after a benchmark run
  19. in The Crew 2 Gator Rush PC ( v658406 (A-1) ) bug
  20. Asking for the refund of the Crew 2
  21. Garage/Hangar/Harbor save not working
  22. Not received in-game purchase of CC
  23. Bought the game on Steam - Free Weekend Achievements Are Gone
  24. I just bought this game and I can't play this game
  25. Не запускается игра
  26. Someone help me pls game crashes!!
  27. When i tab out i crash
  28. Can't seem to start a race as a crew member.
  29. прекращение работы
  30. Anisotropic filtering
  31. Error occurred, Returning to log-in menu.. Sick of this!
  32. [Resolved] Can't buy new vehicles/Season Pass bug (solved)
  33. how to quit the game after playing?
  34. Game crashes every ten minit's with various types off error codes.
  35. 12 days later, and still no refund.
  36. Color bug in livery editor.
  37. Wo findet man die Fotos/Schnappschüsse?
  38. The Crew 2 erro ao final de toda corrida
  39. broken reflections
  40. Invisible wall in miami that probably shouldnt be there. (picture included)
  41. Game crashes
  42. Performance
  43. not earning icon points for each level after level 700
  44. Vjoy "steering wheel" doesn't work after update
  45. Lack of ECCI wheel and pedal support
  46. 2 weeks later, and still no update on my case
  47. Wheel cockpit view not lining up
  48. the crew 2 about your purchase
  49. Does everyone drop in and out of sessions all the time?
  50. Unable to connect
  51. i cant download the crew 2
  52. Can not load game?
  53. Do wheels work yet? Been long enough..
  54. Random game chrashes
  55. Can't keep up with bots at all!
  56. Ai Bots Cheat when on ACE MODE! (Bugs/Fix This)
  57. i cant do anything
  58. Display bug : Helmet in F40
  59. Esse jogo é compatível para meu notebook?
  60. Map loading bug reproduced + How i fixed it.
  61. Game won't start - Steam
  62. Games crashing with xbox360 controller
  63. harley davidson iron 883 rims reset
  64. Can't play with friend
  65. The Crew 2
  66. When handling with the joystick, the camera moves simultaneously bug.
  67. Game Crash no error code given
  68. Error code 3_27ec6971_10 - Ubisoft
  69. Insane keyboard delay
  70. [RESOLVED] Game freezes randomly several times after a few minutes playing!
  71. Game crashes after controller disconnects!
  72. the crew 2 error troubleshooting 3_c0fe4a87_10
  73. No sound, Controller or keyboard baerly works, can join crews but not visible ingame.
  74. Game doesnt start - infinite loading on popup screen.
  75. Crew 2 - Disconnection after 40 minute race -
  76. Late starting Crew 2, just bought yesterday threw steam, won't launch.
  77. Missing Custom Livery
  78. Restarting whole game
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  82. G29 Problem..
  83. 100+ Hz monitor refresh rate causes loss of smoothness in game
  84. The Crew 2 - Crash Issues
  85. The Crew 2 not recognizing Thrustmaster T150 PC
  86. Can't claim any of the three new Icon cars. Game kicks me with an error code.
  87. Several issues after update
  88. Realy serious FPS drop after demolition derby update
  89. The Crew 2 closes when trying to open.
  90. Recommendation about The Crew 2
  91. Disconnecting after finishing a race
  92. ERROR CODE 3_5d0d7455_1
  93. PC Key Mapping
  94. Broken controls AGAIN
  95. The game keeps crashing my computer (?)
  96. FPS drop after demolition derby update
  97. Frequent Stuttering after demolition derby update.
  98. New error code :3_b3dd468f_10
  99. infinite loading
  100. Randomly Lost 100k
  101. Crashing force feedback on G29
  102. Bug Report - Muffled Sound
  103. Scrapping parts sometimes doesn't work
  104. Thrustmaster T500RS
  105. no FFB
  106. Logitech G27 after Demolition Derby update
  107. Speedometer visual glitch - wierd flashes
  108. Alpha GP weird steering phenomenon
  109. Game crashes after entering PVP
  110. Logitech Wheel Support Fixed?
  111. Areas of lighting failure in The Crew 2 game.
  112. invisible hitbox new york
  113. Can't start game
  114. pedals deadzone/PC
  115. Add a report system, mostly against bot users
  116. Europe servers
  117. Infinty loading screen
  118. Car going backward without control inputs
  119. Error code 6_e2c33eb3_0
  120. Disconnected from The Crew 2 Game servers. 3_513ac8ef_10
  121. no FFB
  122. Glitch vehicle in the earthy soil / https://i.imgur.com/qACH9iy.jpg
  123. Lost 2 sales because of Battle Eye
  124. Cloud saves?
  125. Cant move
  126. The Crew 2 Rewards
  127. The game crash at Live Battle
  128. Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Generic Error
  129. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  130. PC troubleshooting for various issues
  131. Connection issues? Check here!
  132. Experiencing issues with your wheel? Share your experiences here!
  133. game crashes when i want to play pvp
  134. Some kind of reward isn't collected?
  135. Game BSOD my pc... and cant see the error...
  136. language will not switch back to english
  137. Motion Rig Issue when approaching to event
  138. Issues while racing with Friends
  139. PvP problems
  140. BattlEye Launcher UNC path issue
  141. Cutscene loading forever
  142. PvP Error code: 6-e2c33eb3_0
  143. Poor Support
  144. BattlEye make windows 10 crashed on windows 10 18309
  145. we can fly underground, u know?
  146. Error code 4_c0fe4a87_1
  147. Sluggish and Unplayable on a high spec machine.
  148. I Cant Move My Car At All!!!
  149. Will anti-cheat detect this game recording application as a cheat?
  150. Battleye problem crash.
  151. error number 0_7
  152. Textures or UV mapping bug
  153. PVP is really broken, please fix & improve it
  154. Stuck in reverse
  155. Error code 3_d219654e77
  156. game doesn't run higher then 8 fps even in startup sequence.
  157. Game keeps freezing
  158. Harley Davidson Iron 883 wheels
  159. Problems with playing pve.
  160. cant patch or downlaod the game
  161. A Tour with Alexis Golden Hills Broken Track.
  162. You have been disconnected from Crew 2 servers
  163. BattlEye block tmpid.dll and game crash
  164. Map bug
  165. cant buy street race starter bundle
  166. Weird fullscreen weirdness.
  167. Windows surprise
  168. Can't play with friends.
  169. How to fix the blinding sunlight in cockpit view?
  170. Crew 2 Can't move as stuck at HQ
  171. BUG: Messed up highway connection.
  172. Stuck in crash glitch.
  173. Game disconnecting me from ubisoft servers after completing a race.
  174. Problem with race
  175. Losing playtime in stats
  176. Mx automatic gears bug
  177. Camera Views and stuttering.
  178. Enable Fine Tune for keyboard Please!!!
  179. My car's traveled distance gets reset every time I launch the game
  180. G29 PC profile for The Crew 2
  181. Will Using VorpX Trigger Anti-Cheat and Get Me Banned?
  182. Failed to read initialization file?
  183. All the questions of the game.
  184. Windows 10 Insider Green Screen of Death
  185. ok why is battleeye just now blocking my reshade all of a sudden ??
  186. Logitech Driving Force GT stopped working (new win10 install)
  187. Game starts out silent and with my Windows cursor still visible
  188. The Crew 2
  189. Missing season pass content
  190. X360CE controller emulator now blocked by BattleEye.
  191. Wheres the Proper Ultrawide Support??
  192. Reason Why your game crash before Live battle start
  193. Failing to connect to the server , BattlEye "blocked file"
  194. BattlEye blocks x360ce
  195. BSOD after The Crew 2 is closed
  196. Gold Edition problems
  197. 2 days ago really bad sync issues
  198. G29
  199. Freezing, not responding
  200. Sequential mode on Controller + keyboard problem
  201. Lamborghini Miura engine sound glitches out
  202. "Act like a Narrative Designer" achievement (on steam)
  203. Graphic issue
  204. Can't update The crew 2
  205. Water not properly connected, dam/bridge near Dairyland
  206. But Botox online http://www.queensdermalfiller.com/
  207. Port Forwarding to get a Green Connection
  208. Low FPS ( <5) on RTX 2060
  209. BattlEye Service
  210. Battleye is once again causing us issues, why ???
  211. Rtx 2070 issues
  212. The crew 2 is not starting
  213. Super low FPS (4-7) with new RTX2080
  214. Game Crashes
  215. I bought season pass but i can't Get 3 exclusive vehicles + 7 days early access to 22
  216. Game keeps dropping to desktop.
  217. Some Content has gone missing. Since Hotshots.
  218. Bucks, CC, Scrap not showing in the top right while in menu
  219. Problem Installing The Crew 2
  220. Plane elevator defaults to slightly up position with stick central since update
  221. BUG ?:Where is my activites record ?
  222. New Patch, same problems. FIX THESE CONTROLLER ISSUES!
  223. Free weekend 70% preference site issues.pls fix @UBISOFT
  224. Joystick T.Flight HOTAS X key binding
  225. free weekend
  226. Bought season pass from Uplay and i haven't got it after payed it
  227. Missing Vanity Items
  228. Help
  229. DS4 Controller Issue - Game forcing us its settings - Validate LOCKED
  230. Really spy program?
  231. Game stuck on infinite loading Street Race HQ
  232. Logitech G27 Off Centered to The Left While in Game
  233. erro no jogo
  234. Low volume engine sounds in house
  235. Game feels like vsync is always on / high CPU usage
  236. i cant play myt game
  237. Buying Deluxe Edition
  238. Crashes
  239. erro no jogo
  240. Problems with San Francisco in The Crew 2
  241. Bought premium credits but havent got them ....
  242. where are my Uplay Club Rewards?
  243. live summit problems in crew
  244. Problems With Sequential Gearbox Setting
  245. Disconnected while scraping parts and the limit is reached.
  246. 3_cb5d8e77_149 game crash help!!!!
  247. No prosetting item
  248. Boat Throttle Seems To be Stuck
  249. My account is bugged at live Battle
  250. Carro puxando para esquerda no volante g27 e para direita no joystick