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  1. crash crash and crash..
  2. Is my account blocked?
  3. where is the exit /logout button
  4. Freezing mid race
  5. Slow Loading Screen
  6. Harley Davidson Street race hard dificulty, how to complete?????????????????????
  7. Wrong loot item levels?
  8. Crashing about a min into game, Battleye seems to be the issue
  9. High GPU Temps?
  10. game switches from xbox360 controller to keyboard when alt tabbing
  11. Customization Glitch?
  12. Crew issue
  13. "Lucky" Perk Dos Not Work
  14. scam
  16. The Crew 2 Problem
  17. May I know if I can lift the ban on my account?
  18. Crew 2 home car show customization
  19. Can't play the last 2 missions.
  20. Fix the game stability !!! Tech Info inside
  21. Keep getting Error 3_0_101
  22. Support for Logitech controller
  23. Some of my keys on my laptop stopped working after playing Crew 2
  24. Extreme Mode Key Mapping
  25. Refund
  26. Friends
  27. Game Crashes before it launches.
  28. I bought a vw touareg with real money..and they take my money and i dont have thecar
  29. Stunt Followers Bug
  30. random crashes after several minutes
  31. Reset Progression
  32. Not getting all Icon Level rewards
  33. Game exits about a minute after login |
  34. Cant change "advanced" options (video) and record give stupid error message
  35. Pc Logitech G29
  36. my friend cant play the game because it crashes every time without errors
  37. kawasaki ninja H2 extremely loud.
  38. Unable to complete photo-quests in ultra-wide resolution 3440*1440
  39. And when will it be resolved?
  40. Speed trap skills causes game crash
  41. Demo for The Crew2 ?
  42. When using a Logitech G27 racing wheel, the game tends to crash.
  43. Error
  44. Error 3_4e8c7b25_10
  45. Different errors since a few hours...
  46. Error Code 3_c0fe4a87_10 Please Help
  47. 3_c0fe4a87_10 Please Help APPARENTLY I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE
  48. Xbox One Controller seems to Crash the Game
  49. Game is in russian how do i change it to english?
  50. [WORLD] Flying rocks
  51. [WORLD] Flying bushes
  52. Delay when switching cars
  53. Hanging the game in races and in not showing the videos before the race
  54. help audio bug
  55. [WORLD] Very bugged area (not finished?)
  56. [WORLD] Bad rocks collision in Crater
  57. so many bugs
  58. ABARTH 124 SPIDER stays locked in the the Rewards Program
  59. The Errors Back Help
  60. Pro Settings Bugged
  61. Crew 2 on pc keep crashing randomly
  62. Battleye Error
  63. Garage Bug [Not saving the cars that are supposed to show]
  64. Why world records are bogus:
  65. The Crew 2 G29 force feedback CRASH
  66. Why do we have to press any buttons on startup???
  67. F'n Pissed ... be warned
  68. error code 3_db2db69_261
  69. Phenom II 1090T
  70. skills appearing on map but not in game
  71. Missing Cult Points
  72. Skills don't work at all
  73. Technical Support?
  74. Legend Timeline Award disappeared
  75. Error 0_8
  76. Is there a support ticket meaningful?
  77. Quick switch not working
  78. [BUG] Can not Fast Fav Reward Vehicles - Reproducible
  79. Support lies
  80. Error
  81. Reminder That G29 Pedal Issue Is Still A Thing
  82. Error 3_c0fe4a87_10
  83. P-51 Mustang Air Race Plane Livery Issue (Stop Ignoring Me)
  84. Crew 2 crashes pc?
  85. How is this game still crashing
  86. Broken Engine
  87. Missing races
  88. Bugs... Bugs everywhere!
  89. getting fed up here with all the bugs
  90. Map loading bug and infinite loading bug
  91. pls help me
  92. Fix the Pop-ins!
  93. drag racing
  94. Disconnects only in Hypercar races
  95. Thrilled! - i got to play!
  96. No part for icon level 130.
  97. Pád hry
  98. Game not saving my records
  99. [RESOLVED] Cant Buy Car !
  100. The Crew 2 Timeline error [English translation]
  101. Error 0_2
  102. Game softlock bug - Motocross
  103. A story about a man, a wheel and a broken game (aka using a DFGT crashes the game)
  104. Anyone else facing game freezes when vehicle crashes?
  105. So Fanatec Users Please Read.
  106. The Crew 2 not detecting my logitech driving force gt
  107. CC not added to account
  108. Weird softlock
  109. Can't forward or rewind in photo mode
  110. What exactly did I get in the so called "Deluxe Edition"?
  111. About the Logitech G29 crash issue
  112. [WORLD] Unfinished Motel
  113. [WORLD] Another flying rocks
  114. [RESOLVED] After Patch, Start new Game?
  115. Game Breaking Bug
  116. After Patch, still getting lower parts
  117. Accidentaly reported a livery I liked
  118. driving wheel g920 no support?
  119. Personal record keep changing..
  120. Patch 1.0.3 notes – july 25th [pc/ps4/xb1]
  121. Are you willing to deal?
  122. The Crew 2 Crash since new Update
  123. Garage layout
  124. Visual glitches
  125. "Saving Failed" when taking a photo
  126. Annoying visual glitch
  127. Cant leave player timeline
  128. Global Drag cars pro settings?
  129. Season Pass car Porsche 911 turbo 3.6 Bug
  130. 5 bugs found after 25 July update
  131. Here a crash, there a crash, everywhere a crash!
  132. Summon Marcus to my ticket.
  133. crash on startup
  134. [LOD] Flying... hmmm... stone *****?
  135. [PHYSICS] Raid Bikes physics bug
  136. [LOD] Flying building
  137. [WORLD] Hole in terrain
  138. Car suspension Bug! Not only for the porsche 911 turbo 3.6
  139. The Crew 2 new bug after Patch 1.0.3 - 25/07/18
  140. Game stopped working overnight.
  141. Cheaters got a new "macro"
  142. Headlights needs a work over
  143. Game crashes everytime I get close to completed skills
  144. Garage Placement Bug?!
  145. [World] Snow... Everywhere. Why!
  146. Constant Crash and Reports on Ghost
  147. Wheel FFB, yeah, it works, but..so much lost, so little feel, bring back FFB from TC1
  148. Stops responding on startup.
  149. Ffb working in beta but not in retail game
  150. [Glitch] Another funny glitchy World Record
  151. Game crashes every time I start to drive in an Offroad event
  152. Water bug
  153. Graffiti Bug
  154. removed friend by accident
  155. Need a solution for Stutter & Micro stutter PLS
  156. Crew 2 not recognizing Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition
  157. FFB missing for Thrustmaster TS-XW
  158. Weird suspension bug
  159. Problem with records
  160. [Patch]aftermath of Patch 1.0.3
  161. "You have been disconnected... error 4_c0fe4a87_1
  162. keyboard controls for airplanes
  163. Game keeps deleting my key binds, issues with context and binds.
  164. Map offset in the water?
  165. Game drops only max perfomance level parts
  166. Screen Space Reflection setting doesn't save?
  167. Waypoint appears as a straight line in a perfectly possible path (SR vehicle)
  168. Bug Report - Minor Sound Glitch on Alpha GP cars
  169. Fehlercode 0_34
  170. [WORLD] Ominous glow from the underground?
  171. [world] Light...Nights..
  172. [Bug] Crash resets is nuts!
  173. Always BUG with Photo Mod on 3 screen
  174. What happened to the helicopter sound?
  175. [BUG] Pilatus PC-21 - front landing gear cover/doors always open during photo mode
  176. [World / Bug /Exploit]
  177. Does support support the problem?
  178. Waypoint not working.
  179. Stuck on 63% for the Keys of the City after completing all Races/Events
  180. Game crash after youtube video stops
  181. Frame rate stuck at 17-20fps when playing any missions.
  182. Latrell's Car Part 2 ramps that screws you over
  183. [BUG] Controllers
  184. bugs when scrapping parts
  185. game crashes just after i press continue
  186. Turning off World Spots turns off everything UI
  187. Crew 2 Error code 0_2 connection
  188. Can't type in chat
  189. Leaderboards not showing the correct scores fro friends
  190. error 0_8
  191. [WORLD] Flying HUGE chunk
  192. [WORLD] Concreted stadium in Seattle
  193. Can not save video from editor
  194. Kicked from crew
  195. The Crew 2 start niet meer op.
  196. [MAP BUGS] World Records bugs out the map
  197. Error code, unable to connect to the server into the game
  198. "FOGGY" Screenshot of Queenburough bridge in Fog Problem
  199. Free Rims not really Free on some cars causing errors.
  200. [RESOLVED] Game breaking bug? Unable to move, vehicles constantly accelerate, etc
  201. Possible Bug with Parts?
  202. help
  203. I keep getting disconnected from the servers after the title screen
  204. not recognizing controller
  205. Icon 200 plane Waco YMF-5D Super can not be upgraded
  206. Throws my hands in the Air.
  207. Stuck with no events
  208. Photo Op mission
  209. Online freeroam broken?
  210. logitech g920 on pc
  211. Map cuts in half, cant move, cant reset
  212. Not getting closed Beta reward
  213. Servers in the Netherlands down(?)
  214. The Crew 2 Freeze
  215. YAFFBT - Yet Another Force Feedback Thread
  216. I've had enough, I want a REFUND.
  217. ERROR CODE: 3_27ec6971_10 and ERROR CODE: 3_c0fe4a87_10
  218. Getting disconnected from servers
  219. [BUG] Video Editor reset camera settings
  220. Graphic Bug white transparent Shadow ?
  221. [Issue] Screen space reflection
  222. Drive through a fence but should not be able to
  223. Harley Davidson Red Rock Run Bug Report
  224. Is my racing wheel supported?
  225. Cool Bug
  226. deluxe edition no dlc
  227. Accidentally Reported Livery
  228. The Crew crashes in game beginning (after Live Xtrem emblem)
  229. Controller no longer working correctly.
  230. Can't login again. YAY
  231. Cadillac Escalade (SR) - Base Color Unable to be Changed
  232. Planes with paintball guns and monster truck football?
  233. mercedes amg gt3 livery bug
  234. [RESOLVED] steam controller does not work at all (uplay version of game)
  235. XML edits to activate wheel settings for unsupported wheels?
  236. How can I pull up a plane? The Crew 2
  237. Regera running like a dog, poor performance
  238. Interior Color Bug
  239. 0xc000009a error when opening The Crew 2
  240. Disconnected from server. 3_27ec6971_10 error code
  241. drift high score not getting saveed
  242. Game wont start
  243. Game keeps crashing in free roam
  244. Game crashes
  245. Start over from scratch, reset my game, begin from first meeting Letrell. HOW do I?
  246. Gator rush broke my game
  247. Is yuor mouse scroll wheel down in the F10 menu on PC after the update?
  248. Loguitech g920 working with ffb after patch 1.1.0
  249. The crew 2 free weekend wont be available for Asia?
  250. Game keeps crashing