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  1. A short review from an experienced racing game player
  2. Pc graphics problem
  3. Pc graphics problem
  4. Can key mappings be unbound?
  5. pleasy put a option to choose the display in graphic settings
  6. Wheel support [PC]
  7. Thrustmaster T300 Racing Wheel compatible for the PS4, PLEASE!
  8. [Xbox One X] No HDR, no custom playlist, map navigation no so good.
  9. Why does the Anti aliasing in the distance get so bad in the crew 2?
  10. Please increase the crew size
  11. GPS avatar customizing no sound
  12. gravity too strong
  13. Manual gears & audio cuts.
  14. Brightness adjustment (ps4)
  15. Ubisoft listen for one in you dumb life
  16. Graphics Still Not Adressed!
  17. [BUG] Non-solid area in SF bay is STILL there.
  18. Why not a satellite map view? I don't think a whited-out view is the best choice...
  19. Suggestion for the in game Radio.
  20. Please Bring Back the Overhead Racing Line.
  21. Some minor issues
  22. UBISOFT doesn't care about community requests if it's a minority
  23. Drag is ******** at its finest here.
  24. Screen Space Reflection setting needs to be fixed...
  25. The Crew 2 features feedback
  26. Please add more rims to the GTR
  27. Plane reactivity settings don't seem to be working correctly.
  28. Things I've noticed from Closed -> Open Beta -> Launch product
  29. Option to remember what view is chosen for each vehicle?
  30. Map downgrades and landmark removal is unwise
  31. Feedback after 2 days on Live
  32. Xbox one -no sound at all
  33. The Narrative
  34. Controller Key Mapping - Need diff Tilt / Trim settings for diff vehicles
  35. Hide chat box
  36. Cant see other players name
  37. When entering the game
  38. Favorite cars - Vehicle Switching
  39. Final thoughts on the Crew 2!
  40. things i like and things that need work and suggestions
  41. Where are the cross country 30min+ races with high rewards?
  42. Excellent so far but here are a few suggestions...
  43. You choked.. again.
  44. Let us start and stop the engine
  45. Great so far, just have one issue with the photo mode.
  46. [Suggestion] Future Car Add On
  47. PLEASE bring back GPS line!!!!
  48. Give us SVG support for vinyls!
  49. Have class brackets. Or buckets if you will.
  50. Shelby GT500 and Red Bull F1 - Let us COMPLETELY remove the decals
  51. Character Change
  52. Amazing game! Ideas and true gripes with TC2 thus far.
  53. Is it jsut me or do you level up way too quick?
  54. Slight issue with Safehouse garage.
  55. Let us lower the cars and tint windows
  56. Future feature for non fast travel people
  57. Is anyone enjoying the motocross motorcycles?
  58. Character Change
  59. I want ramps for boats on ALL small bridges
  60. Some feedback
  61. Location of Cities on the Live Map
  62. Thoughts after beta testing and purchasing.
  63. available
  64. Must add to the next update
  65. Car headlights!
  66. Please a little bit more Quality Ubisoft
  67. Quick change issue
  68. License plates
  69. My top 4 issues with the game
  70. R35 GT-R In The Crew 2
  71. Wheel users please make shifting type specific for each car
  72. Hareeys dont sound like Harleys
  73. Rearview mirrors, GPS Tracker.
  74. Feedback: Headquater and Favorite Vehicle, keyboard layout Issues
  75. Tire tracks in front of the car/bike - graphic bug PS4
  76. Accidentally reporting liveries because of the button
  77. Parking in Santa Monica is strange - Graphic Bug
  78. Few features that makes this game even better
  79. Rubber banding and graphics of the buildings
  80. More keybind options per vehicle and per type
  81. Replay editor
  82. the crew 2 bugs and glitch!!!!
  83. in the crew 2 improve the graphics
  84. Loot ... and how farming it feels unrewarding
  85. No reason to explore any longer in The Crew 2
  86. Huge drawback, 60 fps cap
  87. Still some bugs, loot drops, rewards, garage etc.
  88. AR races are bad
  89. Chrome paints heavily muted.
  90. Brake Caliper Color Bugs
  91. Matte and plastic wheel paint
  92. fix the handling in the game
  93. Locked FPS in 2018??
  94. Action Camera
  95. ETA on the floating GPS line's comeback?
  96. I continue to wonder about the mindsets of people that fill our roads with TRAFFIC.
  97. Logitech G29 problem
  98. Car favorite reverts back to original
  99. Live Video Editor Recording
  100. [BUG] Jaguar Vector has some weird behaviour when changing weight distribution
  101. Am i blind or this new The Crew 2 isn't a really "Finished Product"?
  102. Crew 2 Plane Manual gear up / gear down Solution
  103. AI, Seriously Ubisoft / Ivory Tower
  104. [Devs] please fix the video editor!
  105. Why can't we see our times at the end of races?
  106. Bug ridden games rant.
  107. 3RD Person Animation for Cockpit view on bikes
  108. Race editor
  109. Please add Dodge Charger hellcat !
  110. Livery
  111. I ! Want ! Change ! The ! Character ! Or ! Reset ! Game!i ! Want ! Change ! The ! Cha
  112. buzon de casa
  113. Teleportation and starting at home once and for all
  114. Can we please turn off tips?
  115. Feedback after Platinum Trophy (PS4)
  116. No Force FeedBack :(
  117. Borderless 50 FPS
  118. MY 2,000 friends SAY: the AI is toooooooo hard !!!
  119. Ivory Tower---> Can We Please Have Paid Tours?
  120. The Crew 2 won't start.
  121. Remove pink popularity bar
  122. We Need Blue Navigation Line (same as The Crew 1)
  123. Player Name Tags During Race
  124. why can't i delete any photos in my in-game picture library
  125. Light blue route marker on map should be changed to different colour or made darker
  126. Post beta rubber banding
  127. Xbox home button DC from race
  128. [bug] Switching to a different car when offroad teleports me to road.
  129. Is there a missing feature?
  130. Feedback and opinions
  131. fast fav atomaticly set to mustang
  132. Crew 2 gameplay
  133. Crew 2 Create-a-Race. Please Make A Full Race Editor. Would Elevate this game so much
  134. After reaching Icon lvl 60, this is what I think the game needs
  135. crew 2 crashes afther 30 seconds or longer
  136. Ivory, some ideas to keep the game fresh
  137. problems that need fixing asap
  138. Glaring Issue - Auto Catch-up
  139. [bug] Landing gear doors half open in photo mode
  140. [bug] Floating building in LOD model
  141. I made a mistake choosing a character at the beginning...
  142. A big pile of feedback to make The Crew 2 the perfect game (for me at least)
  143. 21:9 Support
  144. What WE Want!
  145. Who decided to put a turn on a drag strip???
  146. Post launch issues that need to be resolved immediately
  147. TMX steering wheel buttons mapping on Xbox One.
  148. Idea for PvP
  149. Where did all of these cars come from?
  150. Improvement to livery and wheel color and other stuff.
  151. Dear Ubisoft in the crew 2 still with these errors we don't place them anymore when s
  152. The crew 2 customizable clothing and leather vests.
  153. McLaren P1 widebody wheel spacing bug
  154. "Cheat Free"? I dont think so looking at the scoreboards...
  155. Day/Night Cycle
  156. What did you do to the handling?
  157. Let the radio continue to play during menus.
  158. Drag slipstreaming?
  159. Cars in the house
  160. Vynil creation possible bug and livery managment improvement
  161. Wheel / Controller Configuration
  162. SUGGESTIONS: The list
  163. Could you please remove the "7" from the mustang wing?
  164. Map-updates
  165. Navigation on mini map
  166. A few things seem missing......
  167. Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Support [Xbox One]
  168. Leaderboards should either be solo-only or split into solo/crew
  169. Graphics Grainy and Blurry on XB-X
  170. Couple of Things..
  171. Dynamic Weather
  172. Get rid of crash cam for ****s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  173. Photo ops
  174. There's a rock clipping into the home harbor.
  175. Automatically changing favorite to 2017 Audi TT RS Coupé when i start game
  176. Are skills supposed to not drop any loot anymore?
  177. Can't Delete Save File
  178. Checkpoins
  179. Rework Part Drops
  180. Please put an easy mode.
  181. Maybe the hovercraft be classified as a boat is better
  182. snow spawnrate TOO FAST!
  183. gamebreaking bug with screen space reflections
  184. Landing wheels toogle
  185. BIG problems with navigation
  186. Mon retour sur le jeu .....
  187. Motor Cross MX Camera Angles
  188. Graphic Quality of The Crew 2 on Xbox One is less than it was in The Crew 1 ?
  189. I can barely find any players. If i do find some, they dissapear before i reach them
  190. Remove the terrible rubberbanding and program a real A.I
  191. [BUG] Map screen switches resolution for sections when moving the mouse
  192. [BUG] Map screen switches resolution for sections when moving the mouse
  193. Could you fix the livery uvmap of the Maserati MC12 please?
  194. Loot dropped outside reachable area
  195. ideas for livery editor
  196. Add rain-hitting-car sounds :D
  197. Long races
  198. Bugs found on the RX7 FD3S.
  199. The race for the helicopter
  200. World record ghosts in timed races
  201. Where is the crew V crew action?
  202. Some suggestions for Improvements and some positive feedback, too
  203. Draw Distance Over The Glades
  204. More Beat your friends Challenges and Overall world Stats
  205. Please add support for Tailside aerobatics manouver!!!!!
  206. Why dont the mirrors work
  207. Garage suggestions
  208. [The Crew 2] Why it's Still In Beta, Live stream
  209. ubisoft please add this
  210. Forced TAA and Broken Specular/Reflections
  211. Slightly annoying rendering bug
  212. Please add some form of indication when I have unspent Icon Points.
  213. Reporting a Livery
  214. Review
  215. Full Review
  216. VR support in the near future for PC?
  217. New homes
  218. I bought it the crew 2 but I can not play on NVIDIA GeForce NOW me from this problem
  219. Please do something about Monster Truck sound!
  220. Few things that I feel need to be improved upon!
  221. Ps4 Control Mapping
  222. PS4 PRO 1080p
  223. Skills and loot
  224. Why can't I set hover craft as water favorite?
  225. adaptive AI ... No please !
  226. Please add invert Y-axis option to Photo Mode (PS4)
  227. Is it just me or is the Pilatus PC-21 broken?
  228. Holy moly this Rubber banding AI has made me quit the game.
  229. Synchronizing Content
  230. P1 Customization Problems and Suggestions
  231. A Collection of Optimizations
  232. Features from CW1 that are somehow missing
  233. scarp loots 4 buks/followes/points & scrap Bulk loots at a time for a part of a car.
  234. Online Only Ubisoft/Ivory Tower, wtf?!!
  235. Good Sequel - Needs Update Soon with these Ideas
  236. Landmarks, Street signs, waypoint issue, open map
  237. exit cars, walking around
  238. When is the patch coming?
  239. New bikes in The Crew 2
  240. Interior camera look around
  241. Thrustmaster 458 Xbox one aupport
  242. Another Suggestions post
  243. Feedback in comparison to NFS: Payback
  244. Red bull rb13 Max Verstappen livery
  245. The crew 2 is not a finished game worth $100
  246. The good and the bad
  247. Is it really 2018? Lol...
  248. Another rubberbanding thread....
  249. Color blind assistance for next update?
  250. They need to fix this