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  1. Thunderstorm, Heavy rain day/night , Low/High headlights and Fog lamps.
  2. What think the crew 2 needs
  3. Suggestions to TC2
  4. Are we fixed yet
  5. Odometer on both new vehicles broken
  6. The Crew 2 ps4 car.
  7. Special mashup event
  8. ICON level bug
  9. My feetback
  10. To the Game develipers
  11. 96 Chevy Impala SS PLEASE !!!
  12. Slalom Rival Skill daily contract
  13. My car feels different when playing pvp
  14. Cars optimization
  15. Inventory difference between two vehicles of the same class
  16. Please add this to the crew 2
  17. Daily Contract
  18. [BALANCE] Suzuki GSX-R 1000R is underpowered
  19. LootBox hunting in crew (as in a group)
  20. The Crew 2 All needs
  21. Rally cross similar to The Crew 1.
  22. Co-op is unplayable!!!!!
  23. Personal playlist
  24. PVP feedback
  25. Missing train rails
  26. Why is this thing missing?
  27. More activities
  28. [Bug report] The invisible object/too big hitbox on the rock/stone.
  29. Bug at LA Airport
  30. Better navigator
  31. الفرع الرئيسي لصيانه شارب || 01014723434 || اصلاح تلاجه &#
  32. Headlights should have more of an effect at night.
  33. Bugged parking lot
  34. MASSIVE error in the road network.
  35. Why this feature is not available?
  36. Massive fail
  37. Thank you
  38. Camera edit to compliment the new update
  39. Hopefully My Feedback List Will Be Seen This Time...!
  40. Thank you TC2 team!!!
  41. Few things I faced that need fixing!
  42. While The Summit is a great addition to this game, this game is STILL broken.
  43. Planes on summit escape
  44. Road bug, please take a look
  45. PvP platinum 2 point problem
  46. Exploits at the summit. This is absolutely unacceptable.
  47. My feedback on the new update and issues
  48. Recebendo o Erro 0_1
  49. CRASH: Error code: 3_cb5d8e77_149
  50. Little Request
  51. Just a few issues...
  52. New April update feedback.
  53. New AWD donut physics are bad
  54. Fehler
  55. Unable to see money
  56. The accident traffic
  57. Loot Rewards Nerfed Since the Hot Shots Update ?
  58. Live Replay Editor Glitch and Clipping Through Buildings (2 Videos)
  59. Tc2 April update thoughts
  60. The end of the race
  61. Spawn players in where we left the game instead of the garage
  62. About new map
  63. Too much snow
  64. Too Much Rain!
  65. Too Much Traffic!
  66. Suggestion: Swap a whole set of parts at once
  67. Please add SCRAP ALL to the mailbox.
  68. Weather system needs adjusting / New functionalities / Others
  69. 3 major problems that need to be fixed !!
  70. parts recalibration is WAY to expencive !!!
  71. Better automatic Ghost settings needed.
  72. Honda Civic steering issue
  73. Icon Points after Icon 675.
  74. Please make me stop "cheating" the AFK system
  75. Multiple favourite vehicles
  76. tired of traffic
  77. crew 2 crews is a big issue
  78. Window wrap issue
  79. Plane smoke and manual landing gear issue
  80. Rims and caliper colour options
  81. Headlight colours.
  82. Race editor, Freedrive race, Freedrive challenges.
  83. Honda grom and a old c10
  84. Livery limit
  85. Liveries
  86. バグの報告と不満点の報告 Bug report and complaint point report
  87. I have not Received My Rewards For Polar Rush
  88. Evolution X handling.
  89. Rally Cross handling !!?? What happened ??
  90. Bundles are KILLING the Summit
  91. Photomode in The Crew 2 and possible improvements
  92. Weather and Seasons are going crazy
  93. Idea: How about a downhill drift event in Pikes Peak?
  94. Bring Back Individual Vehicle Leveling
  95. Where is my money?
  96. Option to turn off Name Tags in PVP events
  97. Put the tesla models into the game
  98. Hot shots update, some negative feedback. (Please fix this)
  99. RUF CTR3 for street or hypercar please?
  100. Unfair competition throughout The Summits. Devs please take a read, its serious.
  101. Couple improvements
  102. Am i blind or there was no announcement for this merc?
  103. Lets talk about some serious issues with Power Boats...
  104. Remove the horn button from the left stick or just add an option to disable it!!
  105. Stickers opacity
  106. 1.3.0. Please return the feeling
  107. a social spade for you, your friends and your cars
  108. Air Race - The worst to grind for parts
  109. الفرع الرئيسي لصيانه باساب || 01014723434 || اصلاح تلاج
  110. Please add a toggle for extreme mode
  111. Some changes i would like to see in the Core Game
  112. Hey developers
  113. Give us the chance to disable the anoying boats and planes and hovercrafts
  114. Still some bugs
  115. Ubisoft world
  116. I really like weather now
  117. I really like the weather system, BUT...
  118. 9 waypoints ...
  119. An Option To Change The Distance From The Steering Wheel!!
  120. Spare parts pack as a summit reward, really?
  121. Hawaii
  122. Live summit ranking should be determined using percentage.
  123. There should be an incentive to place higher in summit after achieving platinum.
  124. House ideas
  125. Car ideas
  126. Car prices
  127. Cross play
  128. NPC's cars spawned in a short distance
  129. Swifter way to assign icon points, and other quick fixes
  130. Motorcycle cockpit cam is utterly useless and needs to be changed
  131. Wall Riding, Ramming etc. (shameless plug to a competing game) (Not a whiny post)
  132. stat error
  133. Controls mapping
  134. Cheating AI
  135. See what parts you will get as the reward in live summit
  136. What me and my crew would love to see
  137. More vehicle drops
  138. How about you don't require reward vehicles in the Summit PVP event?
  139. Longer races!
  140. Serious bug
  141. Fix Viper sound
  142. 20 ideas to try to improve The Crew 2
  143. Police car, car selection, Night darker, traffic lights, longer races
  144. Vanity parts for scrap parts currancy?
  145. Harley wet cornerspeeds needs fixing
  146. @@@https://thepgapgachampionship.com@@
  147. Home in The Crew2
  148. Today's annoyances
  149. Tires
  150. Help ME HELP HELP
  151. Livery sticker limits.
  152. simple improvements that would make the game better
  153. I Am So Done With This Weather
  154. Кооператиные соревнования
  155. Game issues post 1 million
  156. Full set of legendary parts as a timeline reward.
  157. UBISOFT!!!! Do You Make A Game That Actually Works?
  158. Hey Ubisoft try reading all the complaints below and doing something aboutit
  159. Live Extreme Bug
  160. Handbrake feedback (Especially on DF cars).
  161. Hypercars going offroad faster than actual offroad cars
  162. PvP drift issue
  163. Bugatti la voitore noire
  164. So I was thinking..
  165. The new handling model
  166. Crew 2 Game Pad Mapping
  167. Weather & Headlights
  168. Evolution X Gear shifting BAD!
  169. Minor bugs with videos.
  170. Off-Road feeling.
  171. BMW E46 and Nissan Skyline Z-Tune
  172. map & weather
  173. The Crew 2 Hot Shots Update: Some negative points, 1 month on.
  174. Alpha GP steering inconsistency
  175. The crew 2 accident animation and collision
  176. Ubisoft's lip service about accessibility
  177. You did maintenance for nothing
  178. Sound Bug
  179. New Dsicipline
  180. Summit point system is dumb
  182. Live Summit loading screens.
  183. Do you even know racing games?
  184. Parts catch-up packs
  185. Summit Exploit Abuse
  186. Simple abbadon loading button
  187. Gold parts with double $ Wanted
  188. scorretti al 100%
  189. Idea to fix chat [PC]
  190. 669000 crew credit?
  191. New family idea called the job center
  192. Weather change??
  193. Add new car
  194. Problem with the video editing tool
  195. Summit change idea
  196. Question directly to Ubisoft or IVT!
  197. Huracan Performante diff distrib tuning
  198. A Few Must-Have Suggestions
  199. New cars pleaseeeeeeee
  200. Too much poor driving conditions for a driving game
  201. Coden with or for the programmers // Bugs / Ideas and things we miss from the Crew 1
  202. Alex's Clothing?
  203. Add Range Rover Sport to the game
  204. Buy documents online Buy IELTS and TOEFL Online
  205. Cross-platform
  206. More Airplanes, more Airfields, more Airports!
  207. Weather /Traffic Patch 12.06.2019
  208. One more night thread, but a new idea.
  209. new race under rain (again)
  210. Make PVP great again (please?)
  211. Turing Maserati MC12 is too OP
  212. TC2 Needs a breath of life into it
  213. Why AI in the Summit events?
  214. Lancia Rally 037 Body Mapping
  215. Small traffic bug.
  216. Is there a GOOD reason why the changing PVP playlists have collisions turned on?
  217. Map and weather
  218. Recalibration of recalibrate and useless loot parts "given"
  219. How can i switch between the different races in live battle?
  220. The leaderboards
  221. Offroad and Street Vehicule switching own shorcut
  222. Burly Brawl
  223. Summit/Freeroam skills etc NEEDS some tweeking
  224. Things that can make a massive difference (focused on pc)
  225. When is the beta handling coming?
  226. Fix your AI in destruction derby
  227. Please remove all nos-bug-users from the current escape event leaderboards
  228. A.I. "target" priority in Demolition Derby.
  229. Weird timing of weekly "maintenance"
  230. Stop playing ads in uplay to make the game crash
  231. Is the loot system actively being a total <bleep>?
  232. Tunnel-Echo
  233. #CopsInTheCrew2: Finding Common Ground
  234. More ultimate vehicles/races
  235. Please, please I beg of you, update Chicago
  236. [Flying Germans] New discipline?
  237. Selling Cars
  238. I think it's the AT gearbox need to be reworked, not the grip or handling.
  239. Fix the snow---car list
  240. VR mode?
  241. Ghost Racer glitch after last Maintence?
  242. If You Were To Add Police Cars Into The Game, I Would Want Some To Be Legit
  243. Game improvement we want
  244. Please add more traffic cars to Dallas HC (non-summit)
  245. A bug in tuning new cars ?
  246. #thecrew2
  247. Just a personal view, is the rraffic system is predicting my racing line?
  248. My Thoughts On The Livery Editor
  249. Please Add Autosaving in the Livery Editor
  250. Set races to highest unlocked difficulty by default (optional)