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  1. The Corvette C6.R's exhausts are glitched
  2. About input method
  3. Fuel and indicators
  4. I NEED THIS. IM serious
  5. Add the 1969 dodge Daytona 440
  6. BMW z4 Rally Raid version is totally broken
  7. more cars!!
  8. when devs fail to actual test vehicles
  9. ACE difficulty with loaned cars impossible
  10. fix the game
  11. Hypercar class, racing BS
  12. Can't change the color for the street race version Cadillac Escalade
  13. New cars
  14. graphics/ detail of in vehicle dashboards
  15. I waisted my money!!
  16. I beg of you UbiSoft, more races !
  17. Let us change character
  18. Where are the promised headlights in the game?
  19. need more turning ability in vehicles
  20. New Vehicle ideas
  21. Hmm starting to think this game is going no where
  22. a Little bug on street
  23. screen size
  24. dear Ubisoft eliminated these bugs and glitch in the crew 2
  25. Wheel color's
  26. Just a few things I would like to see
  27. Please ubisoft, watch this video!
  28. A few ideas that can make a big difference
  29. Bring back the free-drive challenge !
  30. Loading ready png pictures when creating vinyls
  31. Another Feedback
  32. The crew 2 bug
  33. Pop up traffic in drive line
  34. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 sound
  35. Somewhat Of A Let Down. . .
  36. V8 Vantage S wrong horsepower
  37. Missing off-road particle effect
  38. Make the Logitech G920 compatible!
  39. other possible addtions to the netcode
  40. Trash in game
  41. Vinyl Color rework and Turbo (WHAT HAPPENED TO TURBO NOISE)????
  42. A few thoughts on liveries
  43. More to PVP and/or gold package
  44. UI Options toggle "player Name+Distance" in races.
  45. PvP?
  46. lighting
  47. PvP impressions
  48. I don't know what you did, but you broke it
  49. Please fix this
  50. Separate bikes from cars in pvp!
  51. NO CHAT IN PvP
  52. Impala ABS issue and Vantage V8 incorrect stats.
  53. having to buy bundles in crew 2 as a gold edition owner
  54. ( Loot )
  55. Future ideas for ideas for the game please reply on what you think
  56. More time to select car in PVP
  57. PVP Suggestions
  58. Ubi...fix traffic ai!!!!!!!!!!!!
  59. Demolition Derby Update: Thoughts and Improvements
  60. "Improved" Weather after update
  61. Feedback on the new vinyl material features & Rally Raid handling.
  62. Missing Weather Options in Replay Mode
  63. pvp needs a touring/(alpha) permanent playlist
  64. Feedback thread?
  65. feedback idea
  66. Demolition derby scoring?
  67. Race line on the track
  68. AI Traffic since DD update
  69. Did I cause this? Is this an Exploit?
  70. What should be fixed in PvP
  72. Car dlc
  73. [BUG] Floating parking line in Mojave
  74. Are there any fix to the rubberbanding AI?
  75. Global tuning options should be on a per vehicle basis
  76. How to see win conditions for events
  77. Let us select a few performance parts to scrap
  78. DD update, future suggestions
  79. FPS CAP + Draw distance (Especially Tunnels)
  80. PVP races with collisions ??
  81. Kunos vs Ubisoft
  82. Livery layers
  83. Pause-Resume delay causing crashes
  84. crew 2 cpu cars
  85. Decided after second free weekend: This isn't my game.
  86. Weather and Night-time
  87. A Tour With Alexis - difficulty?
  88. Wall riding
  89. Bot??
  90. improve free driving experience
  91. please fix the rally raid Mercedes-bens X-class
  92. My picture disappeared
  93. Reset leaderboards
  94. Ferrari 812 Superfast
  95. Rally Cross Bot Perfectionists
  96. Trucks?
  97. Rally Raid needs more improvements
  98. Aearial spectate mode in PVP
  99. Feels pointless playing due to rubber banding
  100. A few problems with pvp…
  101. Have the roads become narrower ?
  102. Problematic Wheels (tires and rims)
  103. Servers
  104. Here is some issues
  105. We need new cars!
  106. Pvp scoring
  107. Feedback: Disappearing U.I, deleting parts, custom horns, crew vs crew.
  108. Wheel Force Feedback....So, 6 mos. later...this is how it's always going to be?
  109. Playing with friends
  110. Ugly, flat chested female characters to chose from
  111. Request for these race events in touring, street race and rally category
  112. the crew2 3_c0fe4a87_10
  113. Liveries *again* lol
  114. The Crew 2: The Good and the bad
  115. FREEROAM 8 CREW MEMBERS server Fix??????
  117. The "so-called" night illumination
  118. the special playlist is a joke
  119. Where are Densification, Novelty, and Polish updates?
  120. the accident race sucks
  121. The Crew 2 Vehicle Control!
  122. The Game Is Beautifull But Too Hard
  123. Here is what Ivory should do to save the game
  124. Leader Boards
  125. Point-To-Point Races
  126. Race Editor!!!
  127. Suggestions to Add
  128. Improve sounds
  129. Airports and AI Planes
  130. I want you to reflect my opinion
  131. Rim Colour Options, Window Tint?
  132. Audi R8 livery editor
  134. Improve photomode
  135. Where did long races go?
  136. New discipline suggestions to add
  137. Harley Davidson wheels won't change!
  138. Idle/away from keyboard log off timer
  139. Disappearing Cars
  140. Hold down Q to exit
  141. Weird "Dead Zone" on texture map for Fairlady Z 432
  142. A Bit More Thoughts After Hundred More Hours with The Game
  143. Where is snow? Where is varied weather?
  144. Kick got Kicked for this
  145. option/cars to add
  146. Some ideas to make loot drops less frustrating
  147. After weeks & Weeks Servers are horrible
  148. We'll pay money for Classic car Drag specs
  149. improvements to the game
  150. Car improvements
  151. Loot Hunt Ideas For Upcoming International Holidays
  152. Logical Solution Relieving Stress on Servers
  153. [Frankenbug] Highway entry ramp towards south in NY has NPC cars drive wrong way
  154. Vehicles
  155. Simulated driving mode and improvement for gameplay experience.
  156. - Fast Fav Discipline Wheel -
  157. Ford Focus RS (2016) missing engine sound.
  158. Connecting with friends!
  159. Servers are HORRIBLE STILL
  160. Vehicle issues
  161. Stronki's Personal Feedback List Of Improvements
  162. Ivory Tower loves burying stuff underground...
  163. Suggestion to be able to un-rice the Carbon Chiron
  164. Better Wheel Support Please!!
  165. Manual w/ clutch for controller
  166. Desync / Infinate Loading Screen
  167. Problem
  168. New cars
  169. Picture Mode
  170. Selling vehicles.
  171. More vinyl slots!
  172. Vinyl editor precision.
  173. Long races for other disciplines!!!
  174. Building bug near Central Park
  175. Drift competition and Vinyl editor
  176. A way to get players interacting with the environment & new daily contract ideas
  177. Audi RS5 Odometer broken
  178. Weather/ Photo Mode
  179. Hide other players?
  180. Motor BMW S1000RR Electric Limited Edition
  181. Merc Problem!!
  182. The AI IS to hard, and no i dont suck at driving.
  183. 370Z rear fog light comes on as a brake light
  184. Thoughts
  185. The A button can't be used as shift up
  186. Suggestion for more detailed active aero on cars
  187. Matchmaking is horrible. why?
  188. What Ubisoft needs in the crew 2
  189. Graphic update
  190. Night
  191. Scrapping too many performance parts ends in Kick from Server (see Video)
  192. [Suggestion] Since you are adding new races...
  193. Slipstreaming players when there is no collision
  194. Dodge unrealistic engines sounds/side exhaust bug
  195. Multiplayer Races Are Almost Broken
  196. street race with collisions plz!!!
  197. I need your opinion about how you feel about The Crew 2 car prices.
  198. How to switch to winter mode?
  199. More cars are needed in The Crew 2
  200. Alphabetical Order
  201. Position of the mini map
  202. Mercedes AMG C63 S Coupe odometer broken
  203. Frequency of Apparition OR Apparition Frequency
  204. Personally my biggest Gripe with TC2 in video form! Please Watch!
  205. Traffic coming in wrong way from the sides of the highway
  206. Pro racing 24/7, ALL YEAR ROUND (PS4 & XBOX ONE)
  207. Ideas for the game!
  208. Skills
  209. Things I Like | Dislike | Want to see in the future
  210. Some QoL and customization suggestions
  211. An idea I got that would make people explore the map and maybe enjoy the game more
  212. please add resolution scale up to 200%
  213. Too many UPLAY friends can easily cause the game to crash.
  214. We Need a 4WD Porsche
  215. Request - add DASHBOARD camera position.
  216. All the problems of this game The Crew 2
  217. Where'd the night and weather go?
  218. Proper Motorcycle Race Suits
  219. Vehicles we all want to see
  220. New hypercars.
  221. Идеи для развития игры
  222. Выбор приобретёного транспорта
  223. You should add this vehicle
  224. Race Ruining Rally Raid Bug
  225. Working mirrors would be nice
  226. Wall ride and bumbs in drift.
  227. A.I problem in the hardest difficulty mode
  228. La chasse continue aux bogues et aux problèmes
  229. Old School cars we need in game
  230. Pink follower bar... almost a year and still no option to disable...
  231. Use both Sequential & H Shifting at the same time
  232. Icon points
  233. about the HellCat air intake
  234. Receiving Error code BAD_POOL_CALLER BSOD
  235. Tesla
  236. Fix's for the Ultrawide support in the game?
  237. Hot Rod wheel colour bug.
  238. More content
  239. More vehicles
  240. The Crew 2 - Freedrive Missions Concept
  241. Nascar
  242. Clicking sound
  243. Pvp improvements
  244. Need more vehicles
  245. The crew 2 - factions concept
  246. World tags and player names options bonded
  247. More bikes
  248. The Features That Everyone Wants To Be Added To The Crew 2..
  249. AI is too difficult making game experience horrible this is a meesage from many peopl
  250. Game Experience message from many