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  1. Forum Rules
  2. 24Hr Live Stream Skins drop
  3. Anyone have issues about discount codes when try to buy game?
  4. PRE-ORDER of Odyssey only available for PC?
  5. It's not out yet.
  6. Why AC: Odyssey isnt on Amazon Canada
  7. [FREE/TV] Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers 2018 Live Stream Free NFL Football
  8. Spartan Collector Edition QUESTION
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  10. Ac odyssey demo
  11. AC Odyssey Season Pass Question
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  13. Unable to play before time.
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  16. Charging for shipping
  17. I want to buy AC: Odyssey Medusa Edition as a gift for PC
  18. Preordered, No idea which edition
  19. http://bestenhancement.com/enduraflex-reviews/
  20. I waiting new key code
  21. https://www.futuresupplement.com/keto-bhb-800/
  22. Is this for real: Odyssey for PC only digital?!
  23. Possible to upgrade AC:Odyssey pre-order edition?
  24. https://www.skincarentrials.com/lutragen-cream/
  25. Ac odyssey pre-download
  26. Ubisoft needs to immediately charge for Collector's Editions
  27. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Known Issues [Updated: Oct 24]
  28. ps4 Assassin's Creed Odyssey gold edition about the DLC sharing
  29. Cannot enter Promo Code when ordering ACO
  30. pre-download today??
  31. Ubisoft Store support not responding
  32. Pre-order bonus avatars.
  33. Odyssey pre download stuck at 0b/s on Uplay
  34. When will this ship???
  35. https://ryder-cuplive.de
  36. Where do I see my edition of AC:Odyssey?
  37. Promo codes from Odyssey Quizz
  38. Uplay reward-Mycenaean Dory unlock requirements
  39. Kassandra Statue
  40. Missing Tracking Number from Confirmation Email
  41. Use Eagle Option
  42. cant get club rewards
  43. Trying to upgrade to Gold Edition
  44. AC:O is not in my order-history.
  45. AC odyssey spartan edition ps4 shipping problems and concerns
  46. i installed gold edition but i can't see the gold edition cover only the standard
  47. Assassins creed odyssey gold edition
  48. Still no shipping email or tracking number for odyssey gold edition!!!!
  49. Uplay PC Achievements?
  50. No info on AC:Odyssey Pantheon Edition PS4 pre-order
  51. assassins creed odyssey keeps crashing at load up
  52. AC: Odyssey spartan edition Pre-order - No info
  53. AC Odyssey Spartan/Gold Edition Pre-Order - Not Yet Shipped :(
  54. No email or Tracking Number
  55. AC: Odyssey Gold Edtion no tracking...
  56. Shipping issue
  57. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Tracking Number Issue
  58. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 1.0.2 Patch Notes
  59. Are there shipping problems, I didn't receive any update on my order?
  60. Spent forever trying to get through to support!!!
  61. Denuvo has it been removed?
  62. No tracking
  63. Pantheon Edition, PS4 No track number
  64. Lootable and certain enemies respawning too quickly ?
  65. Pre-order refund
  66. Where's the bonus content?
  67. hey i have a problem with the game
  68. Game stucks at first quest
  69. Assassins Creed Odyesse Crashes to desktop all the time. Please help.
  70. Bug: infinite black screen when re-loading after death
  71. Got tracking link but only says label is created
  72. plz help, full game no audio, no sound at all!
  73. Odyssey Glitches
  74. List of glitches to be patched
  75. Legendary Pirate armor set has the wrong appearance
  76. Legendary Pirate armor set has the wrong appearance
  77. Why my game's texture so blurry?!
  78. Hit Play, game won't launch
  79. Infuriatingly BS save/autosave to incentivize micro transactions. Is this intended!?
  80. Pantheon edition missing a piece
  81. Crash when starting new game - PC restarts
  82. I bought AC Odyssey Ultimate Edition and didnt get early access
  83. Assassin´s Creed: Odyssey - Pantheon edition tracking number?
  84. Assassins creed odyssey is so broken
  85. The wet effect is missing.
  86. EXPLORATION mode - makes no difference?
  87. Game won't launch past warning screen
  88. Ubisoft Club Rewards Evie not appearing in game
  89. Cannot Change out of Cultist Disguise
  90. Screen resolution issue
  91. Has my Pre-Order DLC Vanished?
  92. So .. where is the physical copy?
  93. Talos has a supernatural tracking ability??
  94. Tracking number not found
  95. Pillar of Dionysos
  96. Assassins creed Odyssey crash and freeze
  97. Yet another cry from the crash after warning screen
  98. Story mission stuck at beginning
  99. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Support FAQs
  100. Preorder code for BlindKing mission missing
  101. Anyone still waiting on their delivery? (UK)
  102. Игра не загружается.
  103. No new quest after "snake in the grass"
  104. Totino's & Gift from the Gods Promo Items
  105. Stuck on 'Equip your Gear' of 'So it Begins'
  106. Can't interact with objects on Xbox One
  107. Dualshock4 won’t work on Pc!
  108. Known Issues - comments extract
  109. Did not receive my order nor a delivery mail!
  110. I've solved my "unable to launch" issue on PC
  111. Today's patch screwed fps
  112. Shipping Delay, Again!
  113. Multiple profiles?
  114. The Startup Crash Conundrum
  115. I can post new Topic.
  116. Chests sometimes not giving any loot .
  117. Swimming is Good
  118. How to Get fullcreen? 4x3
  119. Start a new game lose access to dlc items?
  120. GTX 1080 (411.70) + i7 8700K in 1080p framerate lower than expected
  121. Bugged Quest
  122. Uplay won't sync with Twitch for the ACOdy content
  123. Anigmata Ostraka Quest Bug
  124. Attempted to purchase digital gold
  125. We Need Answers
  126. Walking Speed on PC (Keyboard and Mouse)
  127. can't use Evie
  128. Pre-order content missing
  129. Thoroughly disappointed
  130. Helix credits didn't transfer from Origins?
  131. When is scheduled the 1.03 update?
  132. Crashes and Ubisoft silence
  133. Where's my pre-order Ubisoft???
  134. UPS says you haven't given them the parcel yet?
  135. Pre order bonuses!
  136. game not shove up in libary
  137. 60 fps at 4K after the 1st island
  138. Game not appearing in game library
  139. Xbox One X Black screen Crash
  140. Game still not arrived and no tracking number given, no help from customer support
  141. Didn't receive Helix credits
  142. Odyssey benchmark with a 1060, i7-2600, 16GB RAM
  143. Does anyone else on the 1X have weird HDR?
  144. Athenian Weapons Digital Pack's
  145. Enemies scale with my level and there is no option to disable it
  146. Game crash during Serpents Lair mission.
  147. Hunter Warrior and Assassin damage// Question
  148. Modding support/ minor updates?
  149. Visions and Visionaries, quest bug
  150. Can't redeem twitch prime reward pack
  151. Deluxe Edition content
  152. Still can't find my package without a tracking number
  153. Damaged statue
  154. Ubisoft ships wrong platform version of the game, got PS4 instead of Xbox One
  155. Choices changing
  156. No tracking Number/Order Update?
  157. One man army mission
  158. Missing pre order bonus
  159. Preorder from June wasn't shipped - no response to support ticket in 36 hours
  160. Early Access not working!
  161. Freezes/Crashes after death in game?
  162. No Pre-Order Bonuses have been given
  163. Quest bug - Lumbering Along
  164. Gift from the Gods Glitch/Incomplete
  165. New war conquer area
  166. Where's my order??
  167. No new quest after snake in the grass!!
  168. Classic Challenges bug - Pirate
  169. AC Oddysey Unobtainable Orichalcum Fragment
  170. Wrong Version Shipped to me
  171. [BUG-Report] Cave of the forgotten Isle
  172. Pirates isle (carpenter's brother) down
  173. Footsteps of the Gods bug
  174. Where is the game i bought
  175. *Resolved* Zoisme - Cultist Spawn Bugged?
  176. [Bug/Glitch] Fort Phyle - Objectives Not Completing
  177. Ubisoft Club/Promotional Items - Dismantle?
  178. Why i cant turn off gps in ancient greece ?
  179. Missing orichalcum fragments
  180. Never received Evie
  181. Can't Receive the Evie Lieutenant Reward From Ubi Club
  182. Evie ubisoft club reward
  183. Cannot progress 5 minutes in - switching targets doesn't progress quest
  184. Bug in "An Eye for an Eye" mission
  185. Evie Ubisoft Club Reward Not Recieved
  186. Ubistore customer service is slowwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  187. How to run the game in windowed mode?
  188. AC odyssey preorder delivery info
  189. AVX Supporting
  190. screen resolution
  191. Gold Edition still not showing up
  192. Bug: Oikos of the Olympians
  193. u[grading to gold
  194. Received wrong version: NO REPLIES FROM UBI
  195. Heavy Blunt engraving not increasing after 50
  196. The game wont load when you died
  197. Black armor texture
  198. Graphics seem poor
  199. Received 1 of 2 Spartan Editions PS4, where’s the other
  200. Quest ashes to ashes won't complete?
  201. Engraving bug
  202. The Blind King mission absent
  203. Game-breaking stuttering after 20-30 minutes of play
  204. Torch Light Suddenly Disappears
  205. Was my choice not remembered (Nikolas) ? [SPOILER]
  206. Quest: Perikles's Symposium bug. No olive oil.
  207. Pentium is not allowed to play Odyssey?
  208. can't see friends photos
  209. Main task disappear
  210. Pre-order bonus mission
  211. Error al iniciar
  212. Re-looting chests
  213. Mercenaries and Tiers
  214. Controllor for a pc
  215. Game breaking bug
  216. Settings for Vega64
  217. Glitch? I made a choice but the game thinks I did the opposite (Episode 3 spoilers)
  218. Fullscreen issue
  219. Failure to Launch (from SSD/none C Drive)
  220. HDR woes - PC version
  221. Pre Order Delivery won't come until next week
  222. Ubisoft delivery
  223. I can not start the game
  224. crashing at launch.verified files....
  225. Ubisoft Store down?
  226. PSA: The Blind King mission is bugged (SPOILERS)
  227. A family ordeal quest bug
  228. [Bug] Can't complete side mission due to alpha wolf stuck in the rock
  229. Orichalque perdu ?.
  230. unlocked twitch prime content but it's not ingame
  231. Now I can't access In-Game Ubiclub anymore
  232. Kassmos Cult outfit not removable
  233. "A Family Ordeal" Reload bug
  234. Stuck on quest "Snake in the grass" - no objective
  235. Abilities suddenly clear by them self?
  236. Quick Save not working
  237. Crash short after start
  238. BUG: CONQUEST mission icons keep respawning..?
  239. Terrible Performance.
  240. Spartan Edition ps4 not delivered! Please help
  241. [Bug] Kills with Heavy Blunt weapons are not counting
  242. PC: Orichalcum Bug?
  243. Low fps
  244. Promo Code for Odyssey not working
  245. PS4 - Capture Gallery Issue
  246. game is bugging
  247. Preorder still not despatched!
  248. Never received digital download of the game
  249. Ubisoft Support: PLEASE HELP! (Wrong version shipped)
  250. Patch 1.02 removes wet textures/shaders from characters