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  1. Adrenaline on Crit
  2. All Quest Are GONE??
  3. Stairway to Olympos (Cyclop)
  4. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Prince of Persia quest bug go on!
  5. A Serious Concern
  6. Lake Poseidon - Canít Kill Lead Huntress (wonít Clear )
  7. Call to arms ability Mercenary and horse bug
  8. When unlocked achievements...
  9. Import save from old (v1.0.6) version
  10. broken horse riding animation
  11. Misplaced Orichalcum Oars
  12. 3 Months Later: The Fall of Deianeira is still bugged. Still can't complete the story
  13. [RESOLVED] Won't load beyond ''Checking for additional content...''
  15. Cultist doesn't drop loot [Legacy of the First Blade - Shadow Heritage]
  16. Episode 2 achievements are not showing in uplay
  17. Legacy of the First Blade Episode 2: Missing ship equipment rewards
  18. [SPOILERS] A main-story character nonsensically remains after disposition
  19. DLC EPisode 2 Why all the spamming?
  20. [RESOLVED] Could Not Get Legacy of the First Blade Ep 2 To Load In My Game
  21. Could Not Get Legacy of the First Blade Episode 2 to load
  22. BUG: New (exclamation) inventory icon is stuck after finishing DLC 1 Episode 2
  23. Issue: Unable to equip/unequip weapons or refill arrows in combat
  24. Legacy of the First Blade Ep.2 Quest Item bug?
  25. Xbox one x issues
  26. Tempest rewards not dropping!
  27. I have a question
  28. Nestorthe Formidable bugged?
  29. Home sweet home still buged
  30. Bug Report: Tamed Animal Buffs Gone on Reload
  31. Issues with Persian Elite Armor
  32. Code not working!!
  33. Nestor is dead but live again (Bug?)
  34. The Fall of Deianeira is still bugged 4000m underground
  35. The horse riding animation is bugged and looks awful
  36. Season Pass Query
  37. S1 and S2 merc benefits are not applying
  38. Update 1.1.3 has broken speech
  39. after patch .1.3 the game freeze all the time
  40. Reproducable BUG: Sound gets stuck when using skill...
  41. Hephaistosís Workshop discount not working
  42. Does anybody know when the people who played project stream will get their copy?
  43. Legacy of the First Blade (Episode 2) quest error
  44. Daughters of Artemis not attacking
  45. New inventory item(s) not showing?
  46. Cultist Bug, Can't Access Dead Body, Can't Confirm Kill
  47. Bugged in Pond of Tainaros
  48. Minor bug
  49. Daughters of Artemis (DoA) BOUNTY now bugged!
  50. Bugged tattered spartan flag in Korinth HELP!
  51. Minor "bug": Escort a friend of alkibiades
  52. 2Handed Overpower bugs & vague item wording.
  53. Stop selling helix credit , be like previous one as like unity , syndicate etc
  54. Bug su una missione secondaria chiamata "Malattia misteriosa" DLC ep1
  55. Exclamation mark in inventory, but no actual new items..
  56. Ship Skin for Chapter 2 of LOTFB
  57. visual customization minor bug
  58. Enemy Archers Damage
  59. Weird Animation / Potential Indication For Shields or Sloppiness
  60. Pond of Tainaros - Attacking NPCs Bug *Spoilers*
  61. Dead Enemies Spawn Despite Me Never Killing Them
  62. Hammer Of Hephaistos not showing in Transmog
  63. Cyclops of Arges how to start it
  64. Odyssey Has Exceeded My FTL
  65. Cant fight Cyclops Argus.
  66. Sword engraving challenge doesn't count in conquest battle
  67. Tales of Greece doesnít show up
  68. Flash of light on spear overpower ability
  69. where the heck can i find these code books for the new ship weapon?
  70. Next Episode of hidden blade.
  71. Cyclops challenges & other boss fights - hard mode update?...
  72. Suggestions for New Game Plus
  73. Hammer of Hephaistos Visual customization, error?
  74. Daughter of Lalaia Tales of Greece
  75. Throw of the dice quest
  76. [PC] Nestor the Formidable
  77. Conquest Battle reward
  78. [PC] Leviathan's Maw gamebreaking bug, cannot progress
  79. Can't Find New Inventory
  80. A heart for a head glitch
  81. Controlling Ships Arrow Volley's when in Combat
  82. Daughters of Artemis camps problem
  83. okis of the olympian 2019 jan 9 feb 4 error
  84. ? Regards Arrows and Torches
  85. [PC] Can't confirm kill cultist Brison
  86. what is KetoViante-to-month?
  87. it's time To try KetoViante!
  88. Hermies Homie help
  89. [Bug Report] [Item] Arachne's Stingers MUST have assassin damage bonus
  90. [PS4] Daily Quest bug / Not appearing due Ubisoft Server issues fault
  91. Oil Bug in Perikles House
  92. Lost Tales of Greece: The Daughters of Lalaia - Sharp Lessons mission: Thyia is gone!
  93. Elemental Resistance Perk Bug
  94. Pallas the Silencer, can't beat him?
  95. New PC low FPS, low GPU/CPU usage on Athens only, need help some help.
  96. LOTFB episode 2 consistent crash -
  97. Auto save pause/stutter
  98. chasing the storm
  99. BUG: Level 70 Mastery Level 73 (got 0 AP)
  100. Chasing the storm
  101. Help,the game stuck in the loading logo
  102. PC Lagg/stuck/freeze.. etc
  103. Never received free 30 AP
  104. Civilians should not be so aggressive
  105. My Purchased armor set gone from inventory and also from owned tab
  106. [pc] smartloot not working?
  107. Overpower attacks bug
  108. Story bug they just want cruelty andtest of judgement
  109. https://maximumenhancement.com/opti-health-patch/
  110. lvl 70+ hints and tips
  111. My character level 70 , but abilities acquired 1% ?? why??
  112. Makedonia Conquest Battle Not Showing Up
  113. Support has given up, and is ignoring my case
  114. Inventory flashing nothing there?
  115. Incorrect health restored on Hero's Strike
  116. 25 percent damage on Elites and Bosses Engraving - Is this working?
  117. ⚠️☢️ Daughters of Artemis. Is it a glitch, a bad design or maybe I do something wrong
  118. I think this is a bug
  119. Missing Epic Dagger
  120. [BUG] +% Movement Speed While Crouching does not work at all.
  121. +damage everytime time is slowed down engraving
  122. Flying fish
  123. Bow loot glitch
  124. Suicidal Athenian soldiers in Megaris
  125. Lumbering Along - Unable to complete
  126. [PC] [BUG] Conquest battles fought on attacking side, rewarding just 1 epic item
  127. My crippled horse!!
  128. Unobtainable Orichalcum?
  129. Order of the storm quest
  130. Lore of The Sphinx Glitch, Lion Already Dead Upon arrival
  131. Online Service Error
  132. Lost Tales of Greece achievement bug
  133. Weird thing happened in Sparta with Brasidas [Contains Spoiler]
  134. Mercenary tier S2 not working
  135. Issue with Olympian gifts
  136. Weather inconsistency
  137. Unable to access Shadow Heritage & Stirring Darkness
  138. New Game+ and Orichalcum maps
  139. Locations Not Visible On Map
  140. Hero Strike Critical Hit
  141. The best weapon for fighting sharks is a bow. I am not kidding
  142. Burning water
  143. Characters are too flammable
  144. Need help with ubisoft error code
  145. [suggestion] Limit photo sharing for unexplored areas to avoid spoilers + other ideas
  146. Unable to progress main story during "Prescription for Discovery"
  147. Odyssey Story Bug: Kythera NPC's tell you to go to Crete even if you already did
  148. [bug] minimul HUD + target lock does not show target lock
  149. Bows... Bows Everywhere
  150. Camera got stuck in an odd angle that is too high
  151. Horrible weapons glitch with kassandra
  152. Not getting 2 epics from invading conquest battle
  153. Components of Zephrofel Male Enhancement!
  154. What Is KetoViante?
  155. Mercenary Tier S1 & S2 problem (bug?)
  156. 2 Bugs - Fanged Bow and Rapid Fire ability
  157. Conquest battle available but icons don't appear on the map
  158. Quest tab bug
  159. Stuck on rocks.
  160. Passengers on a horse tend to have their head slip into the horse's rectum
  161. Conquest war of Hephaestos Island
  162. Skill Tree reset/ XP loss on Quests
  163. Not getting 35% extra drachmae and xp after completing s1 tier mercenaries
  164. Need Help With the Bright One
  165. Helmet or hood in conversations
  166. benefits of Keto Viante
  167. Game crash when doing Showtime mission
  168. Stairway to Olympos Missing Key
  169. Stream Play Free Copy Of Odyssey
  170. Empedokles Cyclops "life bar" bug
  171. [PS4] Spartan Renegade hood shrinking bug.
  172. option to dismiss legendary lieutenants
  173. Athenian State Leaders
  174. ACOd Release Date: October 5, 2548 (?)
  175. Daughters of Artemis contract quests
  176. [PS4] Headgear not showing in gameplay or inventory page
  177. Project Stream didn't Record my Full Game Time = No Free Copy
  178. Not able to play assassins creed odyssey offline after install of patch and dlc
  179. The Truth Will Out Quest Skipped - Turned Into Snake in the Grass
  180. [BUG] Lore of the Sphinx | Lion already dead before I arrive, cannot loot it.
  181. Missing Trophies
  182. Shadow heritage dlc. Prodigal quest canít track
  183. Save advance
  184. Can't Knock Out Dogs
  185. [PS4] I'm Seriously Tired of Daily Quest bug Not Awarding Orichalcum
  186. [1.14] Unused Ability Points Missing after Update.
  187. Swap Alexios voice with Kasandra voices
  188. choppy movement after update ??
  189. Problems with update
  190. Update issues
  191. Hephaistos's Workshop
  192. Console wonít read any discs after update
  193. New game plus problem
  194. Epic Ship quest
  195. [PC] New achievements not present/locked in Uplay but all right on Steam
  196. Addressed various sound issues.Ouch what damage did you do
  197. Husband does not appear in Idiot Hunt quest
  198. Hades' Bow got deleted in NG+
  199. Bugged and broken stats as of 1.14
  200. [Ashes to Ashes] is not checked Bug
  201. I Lost My Critical Chance While Full Health Engraving
  202. Unable to launch game in offline mode?
  203. Bug in the quest "blood in the water"
  204. Archidamos the Peaceful and Call To Arms possibly bugged or stuck?
  205. Upgrading gears does not upgrade the main stat
  206. Item missing / dissappeared after restart patch 1.14 NG+
  207. I Can't Post Attachment
  208. Bare It All quest still bugged - no amulet
  209. [PC] [BUG] Every AP reset COSTS me 1 AP!
  210. HELP/MISSING Bounty on an Athenian SHIP DELOS ship design mission
  211. A guestion about Overpower Bow Strike on xbox controller with Customize ontrols
  212. [PC] Daily quest not appearing until save game reload
  213. What Causes This?
  214. Another Question Re Leveling Up
  215. Lost 2 APs while leveling up from lvl 70 to 81
  216. Quest bug after upload
  217. [PC] Mercenarie S2 bonus doesn't work
  218. Stranger Tides Mission Not Showing (PC)
  219. Red in the Wreckage quest not appearing?
  220. Bug in the quest "language of the ancients"
  221. Bugged Boat sails after reaching level 90
  222. Missing animation after patch
  223. Game Tracks Past Mastery Level, but Doesn't Reward Missing Ability Points
  224. [BUG][PC] Bodyguards of state leaders still bugged ...
  225. Sometimes the main character goes partially mute
  226. Please Ubisoft, increases the value of equipments for sale!
  227. [XB1] [BUG] Mercenary Tiers S1 & S2
  228. Losing AP after loading saved game
  229. Glowing/Flashing Collectibles After Patch 1.1.4
  230. Dagger NOT dropping from "Death Comes For Us All" Side Quest
  231. Dagger NOT dropping from "Death Comes For Us All" Side Quest
  232. Bow drop chance is very high after patch 1.1.4
  233. [BUG] Aya lose her legendary perk after patch 1.1.4
  234. [PC]Visual Customization stilled bugged, specific items.
  235. may i please kindly ask for some AP reimbursement?
  236. Any updates for the Night + Fire fps drop?
  237. (PS4) My Ability Points are disappearing.
  238. Engravings No Longer Being Awarded For Lvl Up + Solving Ostraka
  239. Ridiculously high damage from enemy archers and elemental weapons
  240. Assassin damage is really weak after update 1.14
  241. Nemean Set not Upgrading Properly After V1.1.4
  242. Level 101 enemy ships
  243. missing main AP not fixed with DLC1 EP3
  244. AP missing after resetting them
  245. (Spoiler) A lot of clipping on the new Master Assassin set on Kassandra
  246. New pc !
  247. Master Assassin Set Error
  248. DLC Bloodline content not available in Asia Region
  249. 23 GB download?!?!???
  250. sleeping witness increased bounty