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  1. Ikaros Glitch
  2. AC Ofyssey Fast Travel Glitch
  3. "Amazon's Greaves" - Color Bugged
  4. [RESOLVED] Patch 1.0.7 Adrestia downgraded?
  5. Bayek?
  6. Sparring with Roxana Quest Bug not fixed on Patch 1.0.7
  7. So the new 1.07 quest
  8. Camera Movement in Photo-Mode, post -1.0.7.
  9. ubisoft club stats shows ability aquired 1.15493% ??
  10. Artifact Fragment resetting still not acknowledged?
  11. Elemental engraving not counting after upgrade since patch 1.07
  12. Legendary Engravings are not available for engraving @ lvl 7
  13. Patch 1.07 Bug - Lost some ship upgrades
  14. Wilderness At Its Best Quest
  15. UBISOFT!! Is there a cap to how many extra ability points you can get from the patch?
  16. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Patch 1.0.7
  17. Are you kidding me? with home sweet home and patch 1.0.7
  18. Catching Up: Main quest is still broken
  19. [RESOLVED] Patch 1.0.7 does not auto level character past 50
  20. Main quest bug remains(home sweet home)
  21. Gallery of interesting texts
  22. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 1.0.7 Patch SHIP
  23. The road to Symposium
  24. all items in eq not apearing in thransmog menu
  25. We Will Rise stuck on Brasidas (1.0.7)
  26. Adrestia on patch 1.0.7
  27. Adrestia Upgrades Are Disappearing
  28. Home sweet home quest still bugged after 1.7
  29. 4 Quests bugged.
  30. Stuck in Room in Fort Samikon
  31. Patch 1.07 still has issues
  32. Home Sweet Home
  33. Ubisoft....We need an answer for the enchant bug.
  34. 1.07 bug stats and engravings
  35. Family members downgraded on the ship
  36. 1.0.7 Elemental damage engraving is bugged?
  37. Can't get new ability points after 1.07
  38. Death And Disorder bug
  39. Quest bug
  40. No I, Diona bug fix in 1.07 Update is Disapointing.
  41. Unable to complete the "Delivering a Champion" mission due to Alkibiades is dead
  43. Depth of the Forge 3rd chest bug w/patch 1.0.7 (spoilers)
  44. New Patch, Same Bug
  45. Another bug with Crit Damage (Lvl 54)
  46. Chios - Harpagos Cave Chest Bug
  47. Andrestia lengendary upgrade bug
  48. Smart Loot?
  49. Ship Lieutenant glitch after 1.0.7
  50. We Will Rise quest still bugged after 1.7
  51. Can't Retrieve Underwater Item
  52. Patch 1.07 quest "By the Fates" still bugged
  53. توكيل صيانه وستنجهاوس 0235695244 اعطال غسالات وست
  54. Stuck on "All Bonds will break" quest
  55. Mission replayability
  56. New tiers of engraving?
  57. Change order account densination
  58. [MAJOR BUG] Stuck on Athens! D:
  59. Target lock HUD bugged from 1.06
  60. Patch 1.0.7 - Sparring with Roxana BUG
  61. Yet another Epic Ship quest vanished
  62. has this bug been fixed? or should i stay under lvl 50 until its fixed
  63. is anyone else having this problem aswell?
  64. Bad guy boarded my ship and killed my men! (Video)
  65. Unobtainable Orichalcum in Attika
  66. Nereides Monument can not be completed
  67. Are ubisoft understanding the gravity of the engraving problem?
  68. Bug with Visual Customization after entering Animus
  69. The Wolf's Fate - Game is not considering the choice I made [PC]
  70. How to Toggle XP and Drachmae Boost in Game
  71. Online services not working, again
  72. [BUG] 'Bottomless Lake' tablet engraving irretrievable
  73. Child of Poseidon Trophy? (PS4)
  74. (1.0.7 Bug) Conquest Battles - Missing Rewards
  75. -40% adrenaline cost with Shadow of Nyx not applying
  76. Game is not updating to 1.07
  77. After patch 1.07 im still level 50 but with +8 skills
  78. Are the un-lootable Orichalcum ores fixed or not?
  79. Unable to start the game. Please check that your game has been installed correctly.
  80. Multiple engraving bugs
  81. Broken Stats after patch 1.07!!!!
  82. AC Odyssey PS4 “The Resistance” quest bug
  83. Bare It All Quest Problem
  84. Agamemnon's Tomb Bug
  85. Visual customization reverts after (SPOILER) Thera story arc's final cutscenes
  86. Xenia treasure hunts Throw the Dice Bug
  87. Catching Up quest bug
  88. Tons of bugs on 1.0.7
  89. no epsilon-blade skin for transmog?
  90. UNDERWORLD PACK is gone from my game
  91. Be Aware! Price bug at Ooikos of the Olympians literally robs you of Orichalcum!
  92. Still no option to turn off Auto Leveling
  93. I'm not receiving epic gear from conquest battles
  94. Engraving / Upgrade bug
  95. Main Quest Bug: Uprising
  96. The Final Push mission
  97. No Quest Markers for Lost Tales Quests...
  98. Ship Degraded
  99. BUG Wild Bear has escaped
  100. Saved game data lost on PS4
  101. Question regarding weekly
  102. Issue with Critcal hits
  103. Photo storage help xb1
  104. damais the not-so-indifferent as liutenant bug [possible spoilers]
  105. Odysseus's bow engraving bug
  106. mission Glitch please fix
  107. Game not launching after 1.07
  108. Issue/Question since 1.07 DoA, Fire segments, Stats
  109. Need a fix for stats in Ubisoft Club
  110. Keymapping
  111. window shopping NOT fixed PC
  112. Following Bug in Sins of the Past mission
  113. Bug lieutenants bonus
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  115. Ship Conquest Battle and Extra Non-Conquest Battle Ships
  116. no option for upgrading ship lieutenants??
  117. Minor glitch in Hippokrates quest line
  118. Engravings / Upgrades after Level 50 - Incomplete List
  119. Wierd legendary items rolls
  120. Legendary items affixes
  121. Transmog on bows does not change quiver appearance
  122. Uplay Freeze on Payment/Bought Game Twice?
  123. [Bug 1.07] Text bug. Arrow master to Master-Shot - Video
  124. All Bonds Will Break
  125. Transmog not working
  126. Big Glitch
  127. Fire graphics bug / glitch
  128. Orichalcum in Attika Stuck Under Bridge?
  129. The Harvester of Time and Staff of Hermes Trismegistus visual customization (bug)
  130. Random stuttering / freesing of game
  131. Feature request : a feature to freeze time
  132. Recent issue with Desktop mouse appearing in game.
  133. Workaround for the fire/poison damage not working for 51+ gear
  134. Is It Me Or The Game??
  135. labyrinth of lost soul - missing textures
  136. QOL -Thrid weapon slot just for melee
  137. Outfit cloth clipping
  138. Can't solve Mirror Puzzle at Thera Island
  139. Reoccuring connection problems
  140. Ongoing problems.
  141. Call to Arms quest cant train with Roxana
  142. Request for developer/technical explanation on engine CPU utilization
  143. Bug Report - 1.0.7 - No gear rewards for conquest battles
  144. [BUG] After hit lv70, mercenaries with no lieutenant/ship skill start to appear
  145. http://www.goodforfitness.com/capillique-avis/
  146. [BUG] Messara Conquest (sparta's side)
  147. A life's worth quest missing in assassins creed
  148. The catching up mission problem.
  149. Arrows and Environmental Fire
  150. online service error
  151. bug - mercenary stuck inside of boat
  152. Bow transmog doesn't change quiver
  153. lieutenant bugs
  154. Accidentally killed the archer in employment opportunities now stuck
  155. Utilizing Method of Keto Weight Loss Plus:
  156. Is There Any Side Effects of Keto Ultra Diet?
  157. Someone have this artifacts/graphical glitches or textures glitches ingame?
  158. BUG : Tomb of the Daughter of Atlas.
  159. Acharnai Military Camp Bug.
  160. [BUG][PS4] Can no longer "Pay All Bounties"
  161. Assissians creed odyssey standard
  162. Lemnos Island Ancient Stronghold
  163. stuck in lagos room in fort smikon- arkadia
  164. stuck on splash screen
  165. Is it just me or.....
  166. Stuck in fort samikon (in the room with lagos)
  167. Spawn Issue - not really a bug, but a pain
  168. Cannot get to 3rd cultist in the Eyes of Kosmos
  169. Gotarzes as a Lieutenant Not Showing Up
  170. [BUG] Persian Warriror Helmet
  171. Missing Champion of Artemis
  172. Lieutenant stats not saving bug
  173. Quest Failed?
  174. Sidequest "Let my patients go"
  175. [PC] Herakles's Mace Unique Engraving Does Not Work
  176. Lore of the Sphinx (quest bug)
  177. [BUG] Tomb of polybotes
  178. Capture Gallery STILL broken
  179. Photo Mode now broken as well as Capture Gallery
  180. Still no option to turn off level scaling. This was promised to us...
  181. The initial design of Adrestia
  182. [Bug Report] - All Bonds Will Break
  183. Is Home Sweet Home fixed yet??
  184. home seet home no fix again this patch? wtf bugisoft
  185. Echemos Camp War Supplies
  186. Can't believe this hasn't been reported - but Hero Strike Level 3 IS BUGGED
  187. Helix Store Armour Set Bonuses Bug
  188. [BUG] What happened to the map?
  189. Can't unlock tier 6 and tier 7 of engravings, even after 1.1.1
  190. (Bug) Camera moving on it's own.
  191. Offset not working for me on photo mode after new patch
  192. [still bugged] Tekton
  193. Missing Tales of the Lost Greece
  194. the handmaids tale
  195. Legendary engraving (immortal set) still not working
  196. I Can’t Gain Any Ability Points!!!! Ubisoft Help!!!
  197. Damaged Steelbook
  198. [v1.1.1] Perikles' Symposium STILL not fixed
  199. Abraxas skin looted but not in inventory
  200. Some floating objects ... just in case you wanna fix it :)
  201. Can't continue Handmaiden's Story
  202. Doing mission for Orichalcum and then NOT getting any Orichalcum. Happened just now.
  203. Horse animation issue
  204. Still Unable to Dismiss Tekton
  205. XP still locked at 70 after mastery patch??
  206. Community photo icons on top of fast-travel locations
  207. Fire effects causing HUGE performance drops
  208. Still no conquest rewards
  209. Lost all my lvl. 52 gear and up since update 1.1.1!
  210. I think I have a strange bug that's ruining my game.
  211. assassin's creed odessey tomb of brizo bug
  212. Sudden Frame Rate Drops After 1.1.1
  213. Sparring with Roxana (known bug since 1.0.3) still not fixed in 1.1.1
  214. Keep getting logged out
  215. Problems after latest update
  216. Bug Report
  217. Missing store content after update
  218. Help!!!
  219. Tamed lions no longer tamed after a save reload......
  220. Patch 1.1.1. "By the Fates" still bugged!!!
  221. Photo mode error ps4
  222. Harpalos member of Worshippers of the blood line cults is underground by 4000m
  223. Unreachable Orichalcum fragments
  224. Xp bug
  225. [BUG] Achilles Set and Crit Chance/Damage While Full Health engravings
  226. Weapon Issues
  227. The Agamemnon Gauntlet bug still exists
  228. Stuck With Kreusa The Smoldering
  229. Bug Report - Herakle's Mace legendary bonus doesn't work
  230. ACO I' diona quest bug
  231. Caged and Enraged Quest Bug
  232. Ship Lieutenant bonuses not being applied correctly
  233. The Blind King bug
  234. Can't lay bodies down correctly
  235. Nyx The Shadow Bug
  236. Perikles's Symposium new save file fix?
  237. Game Crashing
  238. Alexios speaking like Kassandra
  239. BUGS - Can't play after update to 1.1.1 on PC
  240. Tamed pet bugs/oversights
  241. Daily quest not appearing
  242. hermes trismegistus staff visual customization
  243. Is Photo mode broken with newest patch?
  244. Bug w Misji na *****s Posągowy romans
  245. Missions and saves being erased
  246. Mouse & keyboard become unresponsive for a couple of seconds
  247. 2% of damage dealt is gained as health/ -40% adrenaline consumed perks not working
  248. Engravings.
  249. [Bug Report] Odysseus Bow engraving not showing up
  250. FPS drop/Camera stutter