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  1. The Island of Chios seems really bugged, quest-wise
  2. Locked out of finishing "Full Circle"
  3. "Home Sweet Home" completed ( finally !! )
  4. Daughters of Artemis hostile again?????
  5. Romancing the stone garden bug
  6. Unarmed Hotkey Please!
  7. Slow Horse Speeds Near Settlements is... Well Slow
  8. Recruiting Archer
  9. PC Bug Lemnos Island
  10. PC. Unable to play game since update, 3 or 4 mins and driver crash...
  11. Any fix found for Black Wind not showing up yet?
  12. Daphnae hunt quest: Can't have romance option if you bring back all the pelts at once
  13. Another Glitch - Frame Rate?
  14. Abilities greyed out?
  15. Boeotia/Nikolaos Glitch? Spoilers
  16. BUGS Prince of Persia, ect.
  17. Certain legendary engravings do not work
  18. Game Current Status should be "BUGS MAGNET"
  19. Defending Islands issue
  20. "Window Shopping" ( the Ubisoft Classic Challenges) possibly not working/"broken" ?
  21. Cerberus’s Offspring
  22. Heavy Blunt Master Engraving Bug
  23. Quest Bug
  24. Glitch legendary Pirate set
  25. "Guilt and Herbs" broken quest interaction
  26. [PC] [BUG] Prince of Persia Quest Issue
  27. Transfer save
  28. Helix Credits Not Delivered
  29. The new Hades set is broken.
  30. Store Down?
  31. Koinyra Fortress on Thasos (Bug?)
  32. Game Breaking Bug
  33. No Ori awarded for todays quest?
  34. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Patch 1.0.6
  35. Mercenaries bug?
  36. Patch 1.0.6 - Addressing the Mercenary/Wanted system bug?
  37. Why does patch 1.06 still not address issue with resetting artifact fragments?
  38. Fort Samikon (Arkadia) and Battle of Pylos BUG!!
  39. Mercenary bug !!!!! 1.06 wtf ubi
  40. Random Crashing every x minutes after 1.0.5 Update - Fixed for me
  41. Is Ubisoft dev team even AWARE of all the game-breaking bugs that are there?
  42. Mercenary bug still not fixed!
  43. Finished the quest Doing Time. Next quest does not start.
  44. Lynx Invasion killed Daily Quest NPC
  45. [RESOLVED] Blacksmith Prices bugged in Version 1.06
  46. Lost tales of Greece story not showing up
  47. Bring Mercenary RESET Option to Solve the Problem.
  48. Patch 106 --My Hades armor is gone!!!!
  49. so patch 1.0.6 and still no fix for mercenary bug
  50. Did the mercenary bug just get solved!?
  51. Patch 1.06 Still couldn't dismiss Tekton
  52. bugged mercenary weekly live event might be caused by the mercenary bug
  53. Drachmae Boost UI Bug
  54. You guys broke the servers again
  55. Lysanders Helmet
  56. Alexios has Cassandra's voice
  57. Games dont start after Patch 1.06 installed
  58. "Target Lock-On" HUD option bugged
  59. [Bug] Please get the counts straight :)
  60. Patch 1.06 Tomb of Brizo not completing
  61. The Writings on the wall artist not spawning
  62. Ubi support?
  63. "Romancing the Stone Garden" quest is bugged.
  64. Where is Perikles symposium fix
  65. When playing through Geforce Now, the ingame store shows 0x0200101 error code
  66. Application Still Crashing Continuously for Me
  67. Memories Awoken: Talk to Herodotos ... Known Bug/Issue NOT FIXED with Patch 1.06
  68. https://wellnesstrials.org/radiantly-slim-ca/
  69. 99.11%
  70. Annoying Visual Bug....
  71. Mistake in the stats
  72. The game constantly crashes in Elis with Ikaros. Serious issue.
  73. Bug with Weapon specific modifiers
  74. Bug with Weapon specific modifiers
  75. HUD Settings Bug
  76. Oricharium still not rewarded
  77. Mercenary Tier 1 locked
  78. Still unable to fast travel after new update
  79. I have the power achievement is broken
  80. Missing Missions
  81. Hades Armor as Animation Bug
  82. Mercenary Tier 1 still locked
  83. UI bug after killing Cyclops
  84. Ship black wind purple bug
  85. [GAME BREAKING BUG REPORT] 'Judge, Jury and Executioner' Mission
  86. Roxana quest still glitched.
  87. Epsilon blade swings misses bug
  88. Call to Arms, Cant talk with Roxana
  89. Store not connecting
  90. Opening door to Atlantis glitch
  91. http://www.trymaxface.com/retro-lean-garcinia/
  92. After New Patch AC loading screen blank (in black)
  93. [Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Map blurred
  94. Questions about (maybe) issues/bugs
  95. Trouble in Paradise (Mykonos) won't proceed STUCK.
  96. Pay XENIA
  97. Can't do the Silver Islands Conquest Battle
  98. [PC] Pictures taken in Photo mode are not saved in a folder anymore
  99. Fire arrow vs max Assassin build
  100. Rhexenor the Hand
  101. Black Screen after exiting Map (Xbox One X)
  102. Ashes to Ashes
  103. Health bar bug and dissaperence of armor set
  104. Follow That Boat - Follow Erinna To Port Bug
  105. [BUG] Tame animal engraving requirement acquired?! Bug?/
  106. Oh no, it CRASHED!
  107. Sacred Favors quest
  108. Lavrio Silver Mine Bugged
  109. We Will Rise [Bug Found! AC Odyssey
  110. [bug found] we will rise quest
  111. Wild Bear Glitch
  112. weapons and engraving
  113. thoughts and feedback post update 1.06 PS4
  114. Orichalcum not rewarded for daily, do this
  115. AC Oddysee keeps slowing down and freezing.
  116. Have crashing during Medusa fight (Xbox One X)
  117. Romancing the stone garden bug. Impossibile terminare il gioco.
  118. Graphical Glitches and Errors
  119. Why are there so many server issues ?
  120. Help please...
  121. "Caged and enraged" quest weird outcome
  122. HELP 1.06 bug found!!
  123. [Bug] Altar of the Dioskouroi - cannot finish this place
  124. Dont even deserve one
  125. Recruited mercenary is NOT being reset
  126. A family's legacy door
  127. [BUG] Missing +15% Damage with Hunter Abilities Engraving
  128. Underwater Breathing did not unlock at level 8
  129. Online Error [0x00200101]
  130. The tribute (Beothia) Bug quest
  131. Birds of a Feather Glitch
  132. [PS4] Screenshot bug still in game.
  133. Lost Tales of Greece?
  134. A Mother’s Prayers (GAME BREAKING BUG)
  135. Quest Conversations Reset after 1.06 Patch?
  136. Child of posiden trophy
  137. main quest line disapeared (not showing even after patch 1.06)
  138. Xenia Questline (Throw the Dice) Bugged!
  139. Not receiving Orichalcum when Completing the Daily Quest
  140. [BUG 1.06] Targetable ship lieutenant – inc video
  141. Sokos not spawning in conquest for silver islands
  142. Unique Modifiers
  143. Odyssey; The Road to the Symposium
  144. [Minor Bug] Hemlock not removed from inventory for “Too Much of a Good Thing”
  145. Quest for epic ship just disappeared ???
  146. anigmata ostraka bug
  147. Bare It All quest in Messara [BUG]
  148. Bare It All quest in Messara [BUG]
  149. Hostile Daughters of Artemis and photo mode (separate bugs)
  150. Weapons perk level up not tracking
  151. Aignigmata Ostraka not completed after picking up engraving
  152. Cross The Border Quest Glitched
  153. a venomous encounter ps4 bug
  154. Xenia Quest - Throw the Dice is broken
  155. Please fix civilian NPCs behavior
  156. bug with a spear in the inventory menu since 1.0.6
  157. Photomod, I take photos, but they dont save into Documents
  158. the fall of deianeira glitch
  159. Extreme performance degradation
  160. Mercenaries still not chasing [PC]
  161. Snake Temple bugged
  162. [Bugs report] Some engravings are not working appropriately
  163. Can't view weapons in inventory
  164. gutter runner bug
  165. Epic Ship BUGGED aswell - just ridiculous!
  166. Lost my promo codes
  167. Online Service Error [0x00200101] back?
  168. Photo mode overlay no longer fades away (Xbox)
  169. A couple of legendary engravings that do not work (VIDEO EVIDENCE)
  170. so ..do these tyran events return?
  171. Bugs so far
  172. Problem with menu mercenaries recruited. (PC)
  173. Enemy torches dropping on assassinated enemies
  174. Skyjacking up into the air and falling to your death with Ikaros
  175. Being set on fire lighting torches/lantern holders, standing t0o close to lanterns
  176. 20% movement speed when crouching (bug?)
  177. [Bug Report] Locked Mercenary Tiers
  178. Moving saved games
  179. AC:Odyssey Major Framerate Drop/Enemies on Fire Bug
  180. Xenia Quest - Throw the Dice is broken
  181. Mercenaries
  182. Hostile Huntresses
  183. Pieces of Eden in Odyssey
  184. There stays a bounty on my head.
  185. Stealing and Looting
  186. Miltiades loot treasure bug
  187. Denied Ship Event (Tyrant) Prize
  188. My live event disappeared after holding it back for 2 days!
  189. Fort Mycenae Glitch
  190. A little confused by a support ticket response
  191. Mystery prisoner bug
  192. Blacksmiths not reseting
  193. I need help!
  194. Stuck in a mission with no way of going forward from it,please help
  195. Problem ?
  196. Epic Ship Event disappeared after loading other save game
  197. Weapon engraving not working
  198. "Caged and Enraged" Quest Auto Fails on Entrance to Chios
  199. Assassin creed odyssey blue yeti code not working
  200. Bug: Main Quest Lost
  201. Trouble in Paradise Quest Bugged
  202. She Who Controls The Seas - Maps Not In Inventory
  203. I can't shoot bow !! and can't Swing Torch
  204. Bug Npc Diona on Kythera Island-The Handmaiden’s Story
  205. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Wrong account
  206. https://wales-vswallabies.com
  207. Wales vs Wallabies
  208. Daily Quest No longer available
  209. Ikaros and crew issues.
  210. Photo mode tools bug?
  211. Bug: Tomb of Brizo
  212. [BUG] The NEW mercenary system glitch report and information
  213. XBOX ONE Blurry Map Glitch
  214. Another bugged quest.
  215. Can you replace a specific engraving on PC?
  216. Treasure Map Sprites Reversed
  217. Pallas the Silencer
  218. Epic Ship quest disappeared
  219. ✎✵♤졸업증명서위조 전산등록 h-k736@yandex.com각종 해킹작업✎✵♤
  220. Damage With Swords And Daggers BUG
  221. Follow Myrrine to Naxos is not working
  222. Community Event Trouble
  223. add SLI!!!!
  224. 2% Damage Dealt Restored as Health is GLITCHED!
  225. Herodotus, MOVE! I thought this was “addressed”?
  226. Dorion Underwater Cave Bug
  227. I have a bug with a cultists quest I Diona.
  228. Legendary Dublicate Guantlets bug still exists!!!
  229. [RESOLVED] "Free Speech" instantly completes after turning in "Witness Him"
  230. [PC} AC: OD Graphics Bug - maybe anyone confirm?
  231. Daily Challenges need to be....
  232. AC : OD Chrysis not appearing
  233. Tekton Lieutenant/Clothes Make the Daughter (Bugs)
  234. [RESOLVED] 200 helix
  235. Possible Location Spoiler: Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Glitch!)
  236. Child of Poseidon
  237. The story of the second Staff of Hermes Trismegistus
  238. Perikles Symposium still bugged
  239. Mythical creatures defeated stat bug?
  240. Predator Aiming not working every time!
  241. mess with new bow and ship cosmetic shadowed nymph
  242. Why hasn't the Agamemnon Gauntlet bug been fixed?
  243. Epic ship event gets bugged if you don't do it immediately after getting it
  244. PC - Not connected to Ubisoft Servers Issue
  245. bug near island of Seriphos
  246. Ship Damage BUG!!!
  247. Deimos changed from a legendary luitenant to a normal grey luitenant?
  248. Epic ship Shadowed Nymph problem
  249. Since 1.06 on PC constantly randomly crashing.
  250. Reset quest feature?