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  1. Weapon mastery engravings are not progressing.
  2. Patch 1.03 Orichalcum weekly quest disappeared from quest log
  3. Daily and weekly Orichalcum quests seemed to be a bit bugged today
  4. PS4 1.03 issues
  5. Bug where mercenaries won't come after me anymore
  6. Ubisoft can you please clarify if we have to start new game to fix the mainquest bugs
  7. Nations power reset after a perio of time
  8. Game Freezing after Death
  9. Impossible to keep an animal companion in your adventures
  10. 1.03,update.
  11. I, Diona side quest bug
  12. Hippokrates Quest Glitch - Let My Patients Go
  13. The mercenary/bounty system appears to be broken in my save file.
  14. Missable Gear
  15. Map Exploration Issues - Hermes's Homie
  16. HELP! All Orichalcum Fragments Gone!
  17. Useless store items DO NOT BUY
  18. Unable to Acquire Sage Clue
  19. Main story glitch (spoiler alert)!!!!
  20. Please Add Sorting Function for gears
  21. Mykonos Cinematic Intro missing
  22. Fort Dystos Bug - Cannot find third war supply (or it burned, but did not register)
  23. Photo mode broken since 1.03
  24. Character's heavy breath
  25. Odyssey crashes on loading screen
  26. So how long does it take to write up some patch notes?
  27. You work for me now not awarded
  28. What would you rather?
  29. PS4 - An error occurs when loading save game
  30. Home sweet home does not got further
  31. Bug Report - Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  32. PS4 Patch 1.03 Issues,Save file concern
  33. Can't get Helix Credits?
  34. Bug with shooting arrows at Boars
  35. Main Quest on Andros crashes every time
  36. Cant interact/see action buttons
  37. fast travel still bugged after 1.0.3
  38. Patch 1.03 broke PC walking speed. I can't believe it.
  39. No new story quest after Snake in the Grass, even with 1.3 patch
  40. Quiver clippjng through spear
  41. Camera slugish/delayed at low fps after the patch.
  42. I can't play the game after patch 1.0.3
  43. Sudden frame drops after 1.03 patch (PC)
  44. Twitch Prime
  45. Alkibiades - Across the border
  46. Uplay asks for Activation Code even though its Auto-Activation
  47. Symposium
  48. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Patch 1.0.4
  49. LoD issues in patch 1.0.3 [PC]
  50. Black bars on the bottom and top are not fixed after patch 1.0.3.
  51. Alexios/ Kassandra don't run anymore. WALK MODUS
  52. 1.0.3 Patch Crash
  53. Never Received "Gift From The Gods"
  54. Patch 1.03 fixed the "Of Visions and Visionaries" bug for me! Here's what I did.
  55. Assasin's Creed Odysey not start
  56. Walking and trotting after patch are kinda useless with mouse and keyboard
  57. Bought Helix credits on launch day - they never appeared. You too?
  58. Blue helmet stuck in inventory
  59. Patch 1.03 The Blind King Mission Bug NOT fixed yet
  60. Patch 1.0.3 Causing Crashing?
  61. Known Issues? iMac black bars resolution problem (still after 1.03)
  62. I need SAVE!
  63. Cannot get main story missions
  64. Hippokrates quest line
  65. bug chest report
  66. Noob qn: Maximum number of recruits?
  67. Guards blame me for everything
  68. Weird blood graphic
  69. Cant launch the game after 1.0.3
  70. The blind king bug
  71. Red in the wreckage
  72. why isn't the broken mercenary system not under “known issues" or under investigation
  73. [1.03] Still no option to turn off level scaling in the menu.
  74. Give more missions to mythical creatures and Greek mythology
  75. PC Assassin's Creed Odyssey bug
  76. Dear UbiSoft...
  77. Hades bow
  78. 办jhu毕业证美国毕业证q/微374936141/成绩单加咨询办理美国约翰霍普金斯大学本
  79. Some gripes
  80. Functionalyty Bug PS4: Daily orichalcum Ore quest vanishes
  81. Stentor bug?
  82. It's always about you Ubisoft. Please meditate
  83. Очки способностей
  84. [Spoiler] Huge spoiler but wtf end game breaking glitch
  85. Didnt have a single crash until todays patch. now it keeps crashing when i load up
  86. Infinite FPS Drop
  87. About rain
  88. Hermes's Homie is GLITCHED - Stuck At 99.53%
  89. So, since we have to repeatedly report issues for it to get noticed...
  90. Can’t exit Gates of Atlantis
  91. kill count doesn't increase for damage for heavy bladed weapon perk
  92. Photo mode.
  93. Game Crashing on First Quest
  94. BUG Myrinne Quest Sweet home
  95. ACO XB1S health/oxygen hud indicators
  96. Main story bugged
  97. Photo mode : edit mode dpad issue
  98. Cannot complete "Writings on the Wall" Side Quest
  99. About that Assassins Badge to open those club rewards
  100. Catching up quest glitch
  101. What was the point?
  102. Assassins creed Odyssey: game breaking fast travel glitch (spoilers)
  103. PS4: AC Odyssey still breaking Capture Gallery
  104. Assassins Creed Odyssey Bug Report
  105. World Map Poster wrong spelling
  106. Kills for engraving problem.
  107. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Prince of Persia quest bug
  108. Concerning the Pet System
  109. Quest bug report :"cloth make the daughter" cannot complete
  110. [PS4] Gamebreaking Framerate/Invisibility Bug!
  111. Cultist Locations BUG PLZ
  112. Talk to Markos
  113. Question about bounty mechanic on character with max level and tier
  114. Will Hair Juice Accelerator Effective In Hair Growth?
  115. Operating system of Verutum RX Male Enhancement
  116. Does Santege Cream Works?
  117. Functionality Bug PS4: Orichalcum issue with previous saves
  118. Myths and Minotaurs BUG Ardos, NPC not moving at all.
  119. Can not confirm Kill: The Chimera
  120. Since update game pauses?
  121. Progress lost
  122. 어크는 시발 나랑 무슨 척을 졌길래
  123. My Idiot husband Quest - BUG
  124. Stuck in the Clouds (PC)
  125. Venomous encounter pc
  126. Anyone with a Diona Quest error?
  127. Cant access "the truth will out" mission bug
  128. Delay or bug in registering helix credit perches on xbox one
  129. uPlay Statistics error - wrong numbers
  130. Bugs I’ve run into since the latest patches
  131. UBI Why is the Pariklies Symposium bug not in under investigation or in known issues?
  132. on the quest "myths and minotaurs" the kid just talk and does not move
  133. AC Odyssey broke one of my early choices on Megaris (spoilers)
  134. Why I can't play It since fxxing assassin creed 4
  135. Mercenaries bugged
  136. Bluescreen /BSOD after several minutes
  137. The Blind King Bug
  138. [PC Bug Report] - Conquest Battle: Invading army of Abantis Islands - Soft locking
  139. Assassins Creed Odyssey - Quest: "He Waits" bug
  140. [Bug] Captain won't spawn when doing faction wars
  141. Issue with "Call to Arms" mission. Unable to train with Roxana. [XONE]
  142. Birds of a feather mission glitch
  143. Arena Bug - not Triggering quest.
  144. Land of the Lawless quest bugged
  145. Spear of Leonidas Disappeared
  146. 🐛 Bugs/Glitch Report – PlayStation 4
  147. Achievement bug?
  148. save synchronize cloud saves fail
  149. Installation issues : disc or server problem ? Players please testify
  150. Bounty hunter system broken!!
  151. Quest Bug "Trouble in Paradise"
  152. [BUG] Side Quest "The Writing's On The Wall" can't be completed...
  153. [Main Quest BUG] Truth Will Out
  154. The Truth Will Out bug?
  155. Orichalcum Ore Bugs
  156. Call to arms - bugged
  157. Legendary Weapon Duplication
  158. VSYNC & Low FPS problem.
  159. Using a bow
  160. [BUG] Quest: Idiot Hunt
  161. [BUG] Side Quest "A Night to Remember" will not show up.
  162. Crash on the sea
  163. Combat issue
  164. Koinyra fortress (bug?)
  165. Quest not triggering?
  166. Deianeira - is not available
  167. Missing Icon from the Map Legend (what is it?)
  168. Missing 'Olympic Declaration' Cultist Clue
  169. Cultist Glitch
  170. The Branded Runaway - Bug
  171. Bug with culits.
  172. Oikos of the Olympians: Serpent Bow - Ticked + greyed out
  173. Latest PC patch (1.03) no wet clothes effects on Alexios/Kassandra
  174. Texture Bug Report (Please See)
  175. Ubisoft PLEASE - Alexios walking animation
  176. Cave Crusader / Lacerated Leaders
  177. [BUG] Missing conversation after Sacred Favors
  178. [BUG] Lore of the Sphinx Lion stuck underground
  179. Bugreport-Cursor going completely invisible in all menues
  180. Multiple mercenary bugs found, confirmed and tested you need to pass this on EASY FIX
  181. Game refuses to start
  182. Multiple mercenary bugs found, confirmed and tested We need more reports of this
  183. Swordfish
  184. Bug Report : Ainigmata Ostraka Not Unlocking Engravings
  185. Mercenary Bug Found
  186. Broken bit #7,982,654 ... Map rendering issue!
  187. To many enemies
  188. First Civilisation stele maps issues
  189. cant reach a loot reasure, too deep
  190. Severe frame rate/freezing video clip showing NPC glitching
  191. Cosmetic Item Spoils the Plot
  192. Uprising- The resistances bugged ?
  193. online service error 0x00200101
  194. Misadvertising? Simple Mistake? I'm Confused (20% Discount)
  195. Nyx the Shadow Cultist Glitch
  196. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (help pls)
  197. Xbox One X restarts itself after trying to resume the game
  198. Game freezing
  199. can you remove level cap now?
  200. By The Fates Quest (bug?) - Spoilers
  201. Red In The Wreckage glitch?
  202. [BUG]Cultist body stuck underground
  203. Orichalcum Statistic Problem. High number.
  204. PC crash when changing armor
  205. Trouble in Paradise quest
  206. Does anyone knows what happening to my pc
  207. Transfer steam saves to uplay
  208. Helix Credits??
  209. Saves are gone.
  210. Online Service Error [0x90410136]
  211. Disappointment
  212. Legendary Item Disappeared Bug
  213. helix pack
  214. How is Fire and Poison damage calculated
  215. [PC] Bug achievement not unlocked - Master of the Hunt
  216. latest update broke loading screen hints menu
  217. Pre-Ordered Gold Edition / No free Helix credits
  218. about the Achievement "Hermes's Homie"
  219. Two-handed weapons not showing up on the back of our character during conversations
  220. [BUG] Alpha Beast not spawn
  221. Keep getting wanted levels for no reason.
  222. Bug: Taxman Cometh Quest
  223. Home sweet home quest. Can't progress in story
  224. Bugged - Trapped in Perikles's Symposium
  225. Torch is classified as a trade good
  226. Health Bar Gone and other glitches
  227. BUG: Challenge Mercenary through Menu leaves pop-up in front of screen
  228. Still no Patch Notes for 1.03 or 1.04?
  229. Still no deluxe content
  230. Bugged mission what to do?
  231. Patch hasn't worked again
  232. ok...the latest patches totally ruined the graphics
  233. Cult of Kosmos Crew Member Description contains spoilers
  234. BUGGED - Cave Crusader
  235. Arena Fighter’s Set missing 2 pieces after killing everyone at 50
  236. Please help us solve the bounty hunter bug.
  237. Mercenary Bug Please Update
  238. Linguistic sightings in Assassin's Creed Odyssey -- Greek language
  239. Can't get a "life's worth" to pop up
  240. Unable to use ranged abilities.
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  242. Promo code from Odyssey Quiz
  243. Quest Bug "Myths and Minotaurs"
  244. blind beggar dlc quest not showing
  245. Remove on-screen icons
  246. Assasin Odyssey how to get older Version
  247. Glitch? Child of Poseidon Trophy not popping
  248. odyssey red in wreckage
  249. Erymanthian Boar
  250. Spent orichalum at store didnt get loot.