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  1. Equal Employment Opportunity Program, Quest wont complete
  2. Purchased game not appearing on library, please help
  3. Equal Employment Opportunity Program issue / question
  4. -1 adrenalin bug and i need to use 3 bar when i have minotaur axe
  5. Cannot meditate while being investigated
  6. Unable to redeem Twitch Prime loot
  7. Prince of Persia quest bugged, unable to complete
  8. Pre order still not received
  9. Challenges for weapon engravings bugged
  10. Uplay Club Action - Window Shopping
  11. Orichalcum Fragments are missing/not collectible
  12. Photo Mode Website
  13. Assassin's Creed Odyssey,Broken on day one.
  14. All Damage +15% but -15% Health Perk Is Bug
  15. Stuck in FANCY QUEST mission
  16. Bug holding the Adept
  17. Error redeeming codes
  18. Stuck quest item from A Ship Came Sailing
  19. Main Quest Disappeared
  20. Question about cpu etc
  21. Side Quest NPC DEATH
  22. unable to equip Evie as leitenant even though redeemed
  23. Odyssey crashes once a day
  24. Twitch "Aegean Pirate Pack" bugged?
  25. Funny Talos-Stone-Fist Glitch
  26. AC Odyssey Anti Aliasing
  27. After desynchronization, the wont load on pc
  28. Bug
  29. Reden site wont load
  30. No longer earning XP after level 50
  31. Imac
  32. AC:OD quests
  33. Blind king mission bugged.
  34. Level Scaling
  35. Permanent freeze on the side-quest A Ship Came Sailing on PS4
  36. Moon constantly stops at night.
  37. iMac black bars
  38. Bug with torch
  39. Achievements out of order?
  40. AC unity, I mean odyssey
  41. Bug: Wolf dying animation
  42. Bug - Prince Of Persia side mission
  43. Bug - Xbox One - Hermes's Homie
  44. No cursing and no blood?
  45. Could we get larger menu text for gamers with poor eyesight?
  46. Bug - NPC of the Arena has gone!
  47. (Bug/Glitch report)
  48. After I killed all 5 cult member, sage doesn't show all clues.
  49. Please add Nvidia SLi support
  50. Panning the camera creates some super-weird shadow pop-in.
  51. Low Resolution Fish!!
  52. [BUG XB1X] Torch missing texture
  53. Perikle's Symposium BROKEN [Xbox One]
  54. Orichalcum ore issues.PS4
  55. Meu jogo Assassins Creed Odyssey está fechando sozinho
  56. Having a few days n game bugs
  57. Where's my stuff?
  58. I bought the Pegasus Bundle and...
  59. Helic Credits
  60. [BUG REPORT] (PC) Helmet re-appearing when loading save.
  61. Quest bugged: Perikles
  62. I didn't recieve 200 FREE Helix Point at Yesterday !
  63. Why does Scorates die for no reason?
  64. Omg fix the crashing already..
  65. Bug: cannot progress beyond "So it begins" (Markos/Vineyard)
  66. Why is i7-8750h locked in 2.5Ghz in Odyssey while in other games it's 3.9Ghz?
  67. Serious mouse lag in odyssey
  68. BUG (minor): Damage number calculations displayed incorrectly in inventory screen
  69. Nation power not lowering in phokis?
  70. Xbox One S Controller Lag, Freezing, & Green Screening
  71. Exploitable Bug When You Knockout vs Assassinate
  72. Massive Gamedesign Problem with "****ing out" enemies
  73. Missing facial animations
  74. Unable to start Xenia's treasure hunt quest
  75. Birds Of A Feather Glitch
  76. Game freezes every 2 to 3 hours sesion
  77. Where can I get the spartan starter pack?
  78. trying to stream with obs
  79. Rank 50 - unable to run
  80. Is the Season Pass sold seperatly?
  81. [BUG] Can't Disable Tips and Messages
  82. Spartan kick issue, maybe.
  83. Config or Bug CPU || GPU ?
  84. Camera is broken!
  85. Help. Nation Power reset before I could start battle.
  86. System crash/Blue screen at Menu
  87. Can't control Alexios/Ikaros
  88. game crash when using zipline
  89. Xp boost problem
  90. Warning: Prince of Persia quest bugged (no spoilers)
  91. So how many times do we have to report the broken cloith physics on PC?
  92. Quest stuck: Shark the Vagrant
  93. HUD Problems
  94. BUG - -1 Adrenaline Cost for Overpower engraving
  95. The AI in Odyssey seems bugged/worse than Origins
  96. Ubisoft Club App
  97. Two glitches
  98. Tuning off auto levelling ?
  99. The Blind King
  100. i cannot upgrade my ship.
  101. Game breaking bug! Cyclops leaves the area during "The Big Break"!!
  102. Accidentally killed archer in employment opportunities now stuck
  103. Auto save
  104. Torch bug + Quiver question
  105. Linking Uplay to Steam for achievements
  106. Support response times?
  107. Eye on the prize
  108. Why so many game breaking bugs?
  109. Pixelated clouds
  110. Mouse Lag
  111. Nation Conquest bug! Please share your experience
  112. Dead npc's
  113. Deluxe content bonus XP and Dachama
  114. missing evie frye in lieutenant slots
  115. Another Odyssey will not start post.
  116. PC: Daughters of Artemis Boar Quest Unresolvable
  117. Ghosting on camera rotation
  118. Shipwreck Of Ajax Glich Chest
  119. Unable to progress the main quest
  120. Blacksmiths / shops / merchants / etc. Where are they?
  121. Bug - Not able to loot/interact
  122. some control's on the PS4,dualshock controller have stoped working.
  123. Floating deco, missing textures, lootables spawning out of reach.
  124. The blind king - BUGGED.
  125. Freezing issues
  126. Portion Control Quest Bug
  127. Orichalcum Fragment glitch
  128. my bugs so far (ill update when i find more )
  129. Romancing the Stone glitch: "Defend against the Soldiers"
  130. Odessa Not Spawning in her cage.
  131. Orichalcum fragment un-retrievable
  132. No mission after killing elphenor then going to pythia
  133. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest I, Diona
  134. Massive game breaking Bug
  135. Uplay Achievements Disappeared
  136. Cultist clue bug
  137. Hippokrates Questline (Trust Me, I'm a Doctor achievement) - missable?
  138. XP and drachma boosters
  139. [BUG REPORT] Spear of Leonidas disappear after upgrade
  140. cult of kosmos outfit stuck
  141. [BUG] -1 Adrenaline Cost for Overpower Abilities Engraving Broken
  142. Possible initial bug? ("Equip your gear")
  143. Problem Redeeming Pre-order DLC
  144. Blood animations still showing when switched off, plus markers staying visible...
  145. Quest: Dagger to the Heart
  146. Andros cutscene / fast travel bug [possible spoiler]
  147. Odyssey using 100% CPU causing crashes, fix?
  148. orichalcum issues
  149. Question about bonus content (Blind King and especially Gift from the Gods)
  150. Red in the Wreckage Side Quest Bug
  151. Clouds issue? Image supplied
  152. After snake in the grass no new quest is given
  153. Stuck in Quest (Penelope’s Shroud)
  154. Red in the Wreckage Side Quest Bug
  155. Bug report - invisible wall
  156. [BUG] Exploration Mode - Can't Get Rid of Question Marks
  157. 'ABILITIES ACQUIRED' has become 1%
  158. Why don't my ship crew join me in combat when boarding other enemy ships??
  159. Froze/ Frame-rate issue in a bounty to assassinate a lieutenant
  160. HDR on PS4 Pro is terrible
  161. [BUG REPORT] can't upgrade spear of leonidas
  162. Odyssey Quest Disappeared.
  163. Mercenaries are gone.
  164. [PC] Display problem...
  165. Game breaking bug: The game stops giving you quests and you can't progress. Who else?
  166. oddysey crashes
  167. AC - amd rewards Activation problem
  168. Half-man Game-Crashing Glitch
  169. Shark the Vagrant - Missing Shark?
  170. window shopping
  171. Icarus Up Down Inversion
  172. A pirate's life for me !!!
  173. Missing textures
  174. HUD Options not Saving, and "-1 Adrenaline for Overpower Attacks" not working
  175. cultist Pallant
  176. 3rd Chest in Ancient Stronghold (Lemnos) Inaccessible
  177. Not crashing but loading as a white box in windows mode HELP ME!!
  178. Nation treasures
  179. GAME MISSING from Spartan's Collector's Edition
  180. Orichalcum challenge
  181. Tummy Troubles quest/contract
  182. [BUG] We Will Rise unable to finish
  183. Heal the Healer Side Quest missing
  184. [BUG] Quest "Of Minotaurs and Men" can get stuck
  185. problem's sorted.
  186. Random Slow Down and Freezing
  187. Chest not giving any loot
  188. ACO in Google Project Stream requirements
  189. Perikles Symposium - BUG
  190. BUG REPORT PS4 Fast Travel
  191. Legendary perk from Immortal set doesn't work
  192. [Main Quest BUG] "Snake in the Grass"
  193. unable to fast travel (xbox one)
  194. overpower bug
  195. Known Issues thread is not up to date
  196. AcOddysey Crash At Startup
  197. Couple of questions....
  198. List of missing thing kind of annoying after 30h+
  199. Rusty Myceanean Helmet can't be dismantled
  200. Odysseus's Palace Ancient Tablet
  201. Buggy broken game
  202. Xenia's Quest Line bugged
  203. Legendary weapon stat bugged.
  204. Spartan pack: Gift from the gods. What’s in it?
  205. i lost my my dam code
  206. How do I transfer save games to a new account?
  207. Not getting the quest "A Bloody Feast"
  208. Performance issues
  209. The main quest bugs are fixable on affected saves right , ubisoft??
  210. Orichalcum not lootable
  211. No new story quest after Snake in the Grass
  212. Assassin's Creed Odyssey after update on drivers for R9 380 4GB
  213. Stutters with G-SYNC monitor at 100 fps!
  214. Equal Employment Opportunities quest bug
  215. Low Res Cutscene Textures
  216. need help
  217. Mercenaries stopped hunting me down
  218. torch isn't working
  219. It would be nice to have armor loadouts
  220. Deluxe pack code missing from Spartan CE
  221. Game is laggy
  222. Bugged quest: A-Musing Tale
  223. [BUG?] Massive Deadzone on Spear Charged Heavy Attack
  224. Lost Helix
  225. Daily/Weekly Orichalcum quest bugged?
  226. Bugged Odyssey Mission
  227. Poll - Odyssey Pay-To-Win Orichalcum removal
  228. [Game-breaking Bug] Unable to proceed with Minotaur Ques
  229. help game wont let me progress
  230. ETA of 1.03?
  231. Abilities Aquired dropping down to 1%
  232. cannot view pictures taken in photo mode,in picture gallery on PS4.
  233. Stuck in Kefalonia
  234. My camera moves toward the left on it's own
  235. Please, PLEASE fix the enemy targeting and tracking
  236. Enemies' torches should be immediately extinguished when they are assassinated
  237. The Taxman Cometh Issue
  238. Torch light is now invisible/not showing.
  239. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Patch 1.0.3
  240. Updated to 1.03 on PS4, Still No Evie!
  241. Wet effects missing after swimming!
  242. Port of Piraeus, exclusive slowness
  243. First update since launch, still a broken game
  244. Bounties broken after update 1.03
  245. Quest following serpents lair
  246. ACOD completly freezes up midplay
  247. Bug(?) of A Pirate's Life side quest [Spoiler]
  248. Mercenaries doesn't appear even at 5 stars at Higher Levels. BUG or Intended?
  249. Main Quest isn't showing after the cult meeting!
  250. got bug for the main mission