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  1. How To Get Ship Buffs On Quest Recruits To The Correct Rank
  2. Stuck on railings, walls, steps, etc.
  3. Bug in the quest "a mother's prayers"
  4. [BUGS] The AI in this game is completely broken. Are you aware of that, UBISOFT?
  5. New Game+
  6. Legacy of the first blade glitch
  7. Why can't i tame any pets?
  8. Legacy of the first blade glitch
  9. Megakreon glitch
  10. Whatever "changed" PLEASE make Soldiers/Civilians STOP attacking Mercs
  11. Canon mercenary belt red fabric missing
  12. Aim Assist keeps turning on automatically while hitting an enemy :(
  13. Lost tale of greece bug
  14. не запускается игра
  15. Legacy of the first blade bug
  16. New method to level up super fast in order to reach level 99 and 1600 mastery levels!
  17. Can't kill Daughters of Artemis
  18. [Z390 PC; NVidia] Game Crashing on Attempt to Start (First) New Game or Run Benchmark
  19. Repetitive late-game gameplay mechanics.. help!!
  20. Kalydonian Boar Stops Attacking Near The End Of The Fight
  21. Main quest bug- the wolf and the snake
  22. Unable to sync save files
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  24. [PC] UPlay stats page not updating ship upgrades
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  26. Heir of Memories glitch?
  27. Auto-Craft Arrows Doesn't Work With Hades Bow
  28. [PC] Bounty Hunter Bug - Game Breaking
  29. Wrong armor set bought with Helix Credits.
  30. Bug /dlc 3 and 4/ help me !!!!!
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  32. cannot access Fate of Atlantis DLC.
  33. AC 1 Remaster or Remake?
  34. The Fate of Atlantis DLC
  35. DLC Club Challenges
  36. Waited over a month - where is Hero Sword customization?!
  37. Fate of Atlantis Error
  38. Atlantis DLC Bug
  39. Stuck on splash loading screen
  40. NO DLC on steam
  41. Ac odyssey is chrashing
  42. Ruins of Rhadamanthos
  43. Game Crashes When Teleporting with Wings of Hermes
  44. Daily Orichalcum Mission Fails
  45. Getting the same weekly quest week after week
  46. Really? Come on for Apollos sake
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  48. When will Ubisoft answer why we didn't receive the DLC?
  49. Stuck in tomb of orion
  50. Major issue after xpbug/lost tales of Greece
  51. Gaming Freezing
  52. Assassins Creed Odyssey does not start after Fate of Atlantis
  53. Medusa Artifact Bugged?
  54. Not able to access an already owned game
  55. Possible bug, Ikaros not selecting and highlighting Huntresses
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  60. Fate of Atlantis Ruins of Rhadamanthos Bug
  61. Call to Arms ability- mercenary lieutenants get one-hitted and defeated
  62. CDR Does not work with enhanced abilities.
  63. Leda Bug (Daddy's Home) .. A Friend Worth Dying For .. Lost Tales of Greece
  64. Elysium soldiers bow kills doesn't add up to engraving counter
  65. Call to Arms Glitch
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  68. Graphic Bugs, extended textures, graphic spikes, "facemelt"
  69. [PC] The Keeper and the Flame not giving rewards
  70. AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis Quest Bug
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  72. [BUG REPORT] Nation Power Lowering Activities now Bugged
  73. [PC] Conflicting buttons in Map view.
  74. some anxiety disorder BUG...
  75. "Quest Items"
  76. [BUGS][1.2.1] Skill Unlock , Calculation Mistakes , Transmog and more.
  77. Xenia's "Throw the Dice" Quest Bug?
  78. No good deed quest bug
  79. [PC] The fate of Atlantis bug: empty quest list
  80. Experience Points On Display.
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  83. Next Title Update?
  84. "Call to Arms" Ability unlockable despite 100% game completion
  85. Fate of Atlantis runs really bad on certain PS4s
  86. How can I contact Ubisoft support?
  87. Low Performance with Fate of the Atlantis
  88. Atlantis dlc symbol bug
  89. Enigma staff bug?
  90. Mission "By the fate" bug: The mainden stuck and will not move at all
  91. Cyclopes Arges The Bright One - Game File corrupted
  92. all pc titles
  93. Gear set Level Up Bug
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  95. Weekly quest strangeness
  96. Legacy Stranger Tides quest bug
  97. bug or balance ? vanish intoxicated enemies perk also hit my pet and my lieutenant ?
  98. Damn that invisible wall!!
  99. Lost all inventory except bow at beginning of first blade part 3
  100. Fate of the Atlantis DLC weapons selling for 21x less than weapons from base game
  101. Skylla Figurehead for ship
  102. Case #08144317 still open - please provide response
  103. ACOD Atlantis crash after symbols
  104. Conquest battles that should give 2 Epics are still only giving one
  105. So "Bare it All" is STILL [BUGGED]??
  106. [ps4] legacy of the first blade - episode 2 bug
  107. Blasphemer Achievement Bug [XBOX]
  108. Unable to complete "Dark Horse"
  109. Game crashing when fighting Cyclops
  110. Fouled Feluccas
  111. Multiple Staffs of Hermes Trismegistus
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  113. (PS4) Legacy of the First Blade Episode 1 Bug
  114. Lol, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up
  115. LEDA MIA she doesn't appear
  116. PS4, NG+, Eurylochos not leaving
  117. Makedonion lion doesn't exist
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  119. Can't complete Cave of Poseidon location
  120. [BUG] Slow time skill won't activate.
  121. Unable to complete A Growing Perception - 4 quests done, but shows 3/4
  122. Can’t complete ‘The Keeper of Kyros’ mission - (PS4) - NPC won’t follow me.
  123. Can't complete Remnant of the Ancients quest from Legacy of the first blade Episode 3
  124. (PS4 Pro) Fate of Atlantis - Freezing, extreme frame rate drops, unplayable
  125. Dlc bug
  126. Have a bug
  127. Nasty bug with ‘Heir of Memories’ mission. Atlantis DLC. Ver 1.2.1 (PC)
  128. Hunter ability BUG
  129. Loots not working properly in Elysium NG+ mode
  130. Ikaros attacks soldiers that are not engaged
  131. Almost over 3 months still no savegame for project stream participants?
  132. [BUG] [PC] - Mercenary Rank S4 Orichalcum Bonus does NOT apply
  133. Bug Report on Map - Stuck in wall - Can 100% replicate the issue -
  134. Exploring palace of agamemnon bug
  135. No responce form support month later !!
  136. Can't complete "the favor" from dlc legacy of the first blade
  137. the thalatos way quest and side quest not shown
  138. Missing Ainigmata Ostraka on Mykonos
  139. Bug do Trofeu Companheiro de Hermes..
  140. A Issue That Bugs Me A lot
  141. Assassin creed odyssey blue yeti code not working
  142. Still a loot issue w/ hard conquest battles
  143. Another reason why poison builds are better than fire
  144. Graphical Issue
  145. DLC First blade bug : mission pointers not showing
  146. One Really, Really Bad Day bug
  147. Legacy of the First Blade
  148. English Sea Shanties not playing (PS4)
  149. They Just Want Cruelty Still Bugged
  150. [Possible Bug] Incorrect Damage When Using Hunter Abilities During Sixth Sense
  151. Daddy's Home mission is broken in my NG+ (PS4)
  152. 2 bugs I found
  153. [suggestion] change stealth prompts to icons instead of loooong text
  154. [suggestion] option to disable only combat/stealth music
  155. Support
  156. Contracts don't respawn
  157. Do the devs know that Rain of Destruction and Might of Artemis can't deal crit damage
  159. Orichalcum contracts
  160. Small Boats Getting Sunk Easily Bug
  161. Legendary engravings not working
  162. Final mission doesn't appear
  163. Beware the Siren Call bugged
  164. Thumbnails for "Salaminia" not showing
  165. Is it possible to switch from PS4 to PC ac odyssey
  166. Weekly Ship(Salaminia) sails bug.
  167. Odysseus armor clipping issue
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  169. Recupero dati salvataggio su Assassin's creed odyssey
  170. Please fix the auto complete on One Really, Really Bad Day (video example)
  171. Online service error [0x10000002]
  172. Charged heavy attack description has wrong value
  173. Ranged Resistance Calculation not correct
  174. Graphics issues after patch 1.3?
  175. Call to Arms ability
  176. Please fix master assassin outfit
  177. [X1] The Keeper and Kyros mission. No Hermes 1.3
  178. Patch 1.3.0 applied no quests in quest tab...
  179. [VISUAL BUG][1.3.0] Weapon Flame Effect
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  182. Demigod Skin Clip-Through
  183. Eurylochus still doesn`t leave the Adrestia
  184. 1.30 - Poison DoT Tick Crit issue
  185. BUG: Weapon Disappeared Forced to Fight with Hands? Whats the Fix? Progressed Lost!
  186. Patch 1.30 loadout markings.
  187. Missing Ubisoft Club Reward.
  188. BUG (PC): One Really, Really Bad Day
  189. [PS4] Bug with I, Diona quest
  190. lost progress after game plus +
  191. New patch make bug on my game
  192. [PS4] Mercenary stuck, can't confirm kill or loot
  193. DLC: Enhanced club challenge won't unlock
  194. 7 Heart Disease Facts For You
  195. [Uplay Action Bug][1.3.0] DLC:Enhanced
  196. Bug? My Pet Lion Disappeared After Arena Fight
  197. @Ubi - What have you done to my Lieutenants!!??
  198. Xenia quest line
  199. Odyssey Slowdown on Base PS4
  200. Why can't we remove finished quest items?
  201. Hero's Sword infinitely duplicating upon startup
  202. [Solved] Nonresettable Ability Points
  203. Could we Add an extra function?
  204. Installation stopped at 84.2%
  205. [PC] Visual Armor Variations not showing/applying correctly
  206. Hippokrates First Do No Harm Conversation Looping Bug
  207. [PC] Daughters of Lalaia - Learning the Land bug
  208. Stuck In An Exploded Silo
  209. I Need Hints On "Building" A Character
  210. Code
  211. Witness Him - Bug - Unable to continue game - PS4
  212. Getting damage/killed from overpopwer axe attack with 100% melee resistance
  213. Conquest battles
  214. We will rise quest, unable to talk to Brasidas
  215. Anyone else having issues with graphic quality drops on xbox one?
  216. Problem with saves
  217. [PS4] Fate of Atlantis Episode 2 delayed release
  218. Torment of Hades is installed on PS4 but there is no mission to start it.
  219. Blurry graphics despite not having MFAA enabled
  220. Torment of Hades installed on Ps4 but the game says owned.
  221. Server error
  222. Unable to start Torment of Hades
  223. Awful FPS in Atlantis Ep 2
  224. A growing perception quest bug
  225. my Weekly Reset June 4th Special Quest hunt the Black Wind ship disappeared help!!!
  226. AC Odyssey - problems with launching
  227. I'm Stuck Again
  228. [PC] Just bought and installed AC:O but crash after startup
  229. Blasphemer Achievement BUG (18 maiden statue tribute) on PC
  230. Might of Artemis,Artemis Trickery,Rain of Destruction,Overpoweike can't trigger Crits
  231. Achievements blocked Uplay
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  233. Lieutenant glitch
  234. AoE Hunter abilities don't Crit bug
  235. Cannot complete "A new lease on death" in Tormet of Hades
  236. Unable to get DLC Abilities
  237. [BUG] Poison arrows used for Artemis's Trickery do NO hunter damage
  238. Can't find Polemon the Wise
  239. What happen to my saves if I buy the game again?
  240. Stop ignoring my support ticket
  241. Gameplay changes that are overdue
  242. Size matters...
  243. Completed Fate of Atlantis ep 1 and the keepers insights miss no club credits
  244. Helix store is almost empty?
  245. Oikos of the Olympians Still A Let Down
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  248. Bounties / Contracts No Longer Spawning
  249. [PC] Cultist from Order of the Ancients wrongly displayed as alive
  250. Freezing ****