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  1. Let's fly across the entire map in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
  2. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 INTRO (Full Game) SPOILER ALERT
  3. Modern ruins versus reconstructed ancient Athens in Odyssey.
  4. How is the story, plot and narrative of this game?
  5. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Impressions while playing the game
  6. What is the best way to help your side without hurting progression too much?
  7. Glitched out cult of kosmos
  8. What should we be doing in game
  9. Those bandits...
  10. *SPOILER* Side mission " a pirates life" failed.
  11. Assassin's creed Odyssey Greek Mythology
  12. a simple question
  13. Quest " A bloody Feast" {Spoilers maybe in}
  14. hardest (Nightmare) difficulty Wild boar is the king of the odyssey
  15. So the 2 versions of blood fever
  16. Those noob questions (If @Ubi could answer some would be nice)
  17. Kalydonian Boar Boss exploit
  18. Lesvos - Kythera island: What is the maximum distance you can travel through the map?
  19. Rented Glory Mission Help!
  20. Possible Bug - Abandoned by the Gods
  21. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - "The Secrets of Greece" Full Mission Walkthrough
  22. Cutscene problems :mad:
  23. Who does the andrestia belong to?
  24. (Spoilers) Why not exit the Animus at will .
  25. blood fever outcome
  26. Most beautiful right?
  27. Most beautiful right?
  28. Kultist
  29. Conquest Battles :mad: , worse then cutscenes
  30. Main Story Missions Gone *Spoiler*
  31. How many different endings and how many quests have you counted, so far?
  32. All files of Layla Hassan's computer of AC Odyssey & Modern Day Discussion
  33. assassin's creed odyssey evie no unlock
  34. God Of War in Odyssey!!!! (SPOILERS)
  35. Dagger in the Heart, how to save both.
  36. So i just finished some side quest where i banged some old wife/gf
  37. Did someone noticed ? ( Loading Screen )
  38. should i get this game if i care about the modern day story and the first civ
  39. Steropes Bay...Umm am I missing something ?
  40. Leveling speed and amount of content area
  41. ICUE Integration?
  42. Help Finding full set of Ares Armour if there is one
  43. Seaside Alter, where's the mobs ??
  44. Μοunt Olympus is not there.... What on Earth is going on? Why is it gone?
  45. Help Finding full set of Ares Armour if there is one
  46. The ending is garbage
  47. Is it possible to save (Spoilers, spoilers, SPOILERS) Phobie?
  48. Do we need to kill ALL the CULTISTS before the end of the main story?
  49. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Side Mission Chaos and a total game fail
  50. Please Ubi!!!!
  51. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey vs Assassin's Creed: Origins Direct Audiovisual Comparison
  52. choices guide (So lot of spoiler!)
  53. Some dialogues..glitches maybe ? (SPOILERS)
  54. Killing Spartan Leaders All Over Greece - HELP
  55. Dumb question (Spoiler inside)
  56. Kassandra question (Spoiler)
  57. Cult of Kosmos = Mercenaries??
  58. Sword of Eden
  59. What the End Could Mean for the Future of the Series
  60. Has anyone found the location of the shipwreck where I can get Thaletas' helmet?
  61. How do you get this scene ??
  62. Possibly bugged quest?
  63. Primera mision "hablar con Markos"
  64. Default Alexios/Kassandra Armor Pieces Location?
  65. Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Original Game Soundtrack)
  66. Blood Fever quest consequences
  67. Congrats from Brazil
  68. Question about romancing
  69. Prince Of Persia
  70. Kill X quests
  71. Cult robes, Athenian Clothes, and Bare Chest
  72. Child named Khloe from 'Making Friends' quest in Serpnos
  73. AC Odyssey item contains massive spoiler
  74. Singing! wait..they can sing ?!
  75. Kleon side-quests
  76. This is the end of MD (Mild Spoilers)
  77. Big Petasos (Minor spoilers) ????
  78. the cyclope lair ?
  79. ISU architecture in the Volcano Islands.
  80. About Alexios parentage (Spoiler)
  81. cant access atlantis entrance after collecting the 4 artifacts
  82. Story clarification leonidas and the wolf
  83. Does it affect the story when I am just going around tearing up both factions?
  84. idk where to put i ideas for in-game content
  85. Feedback: My most biggest issues I have with Odyssey
  86. Cult of Kosmos Questions?
  87. Stuck in Gates of [SPOILER]
  88. Lagos the Archon - Possible SPOILER
  89. Japanese Brotherhood? For real?
  90. Canon Endings For All Stories?
  91. Achilles armor and weapons
  92. Phoebe
  93. Main story mistake(nikolaos)
  94. Killing Chrysis in Argos. Is it possible?
  95. Minotaurus lore problem
  96. Kyra romance consequences
  97. The plague has spread in Kephalonia...
  98. Is it possible to save Brasidas?
  99. What is it with that Medusa.....
  100. Missing parts at the shpinx riddle [SPOILER]
  101. 【办澳洲毕业证】专业制作/澳洲堪培拉大学文凭|毕业证成绩单Q/微374936141办ĩ
  102. The "good" ending sucks...
  103. Nisyros - Angry Caldera of Arges
  104. Home sweet home quest. Can't progress in story
  105. Strange Glowing, unlootable item
  106. Story mission bugged
  107. Which is the TRUE ending?
  108. Kleon's ship
  109. Questions and Theories regarding the plot I want to send to the developers (Spoilers)
  110. A night to Remember is just plain stupid...
  111. Stupid General
  112. Can't reveal Kythera Island Cultist
  113. Olympia quests gone
  114. The complete mindblow (AC Origins and AC Odyssey Spoiler)
  115. Did you kill her? (Cult of Kosmos spoilers)
  116. Ancient Stronghold Sky Fall Lakes.....
  117. Atlantis ending
  118. the adoptive son
  119. Thank you Devs for Mythology Please continue on this path
  120. Mythical Creatures question
  121. Can any one help
  122. Brasidas fate
  123. Why so radical?
  124. What is the cult of kosmos? (Spoilers?)
  125. The cult is pretty damn stupid. (Minor Spoilers)
  126. What is the cult is kosmos?
  127. No ending order is kinda dumb. Do main story first..
  128. The ''I wish i had known sooner'' thread
  129. End Credits?
  130. Pankration tournament
  131. R.i.p.
  132. Can you enter Atlantis & Co. after finishing the game?
  133. Demi-god armour
  134. Why do all the romances suck?
  135. Deilos Stuff
  136. Possibly unpopular opinion
  137. Plot discussion with spoilers
  138. What a disappointment... non-romance Xenia quest chain
  139. Peloponnesian League Cultist Clue (possible spoilers!)
  140. Barnabas Meet Skyrim!
  141. Medusa boss fight is way too hard!
  142. [SPOILERS] Athenian citizenship?
  143. Exposing peloponnesian sage
  144. *SPOILER* dead in Perikles's Symposium
  145. Quest for cultist not showing up. [SPOILER]
  146. How easy was it to know for you who was the cult leader?
  147. Spoiler on Cultists? Cannot find one.
  148. Suggestion: Cult Avatars
  149. Cradle of myths hidden room help
  150. Two of Clubs hint gives wrong direction
  151. Bow shot in mid air.
  152. Helmet of the Immortal
  153. I miss the "final words" cutscenes.
  154. Auto save SUCKS!!!
  155. Medusa PC fight is bullsh*t
  156. Save Deimos but kill mom and dad
  157. main story feedback (SO MASSIVE SPOILERS INSIDE!!!)
  158. Damn , why why I killed Roxana ?
  159. Nyx the shadow - bug?
  160. Just finished the Daughters of Artemis quest line, but...
  161. Two new trophies in AC ODYSSEY
  162. Underwhelming game ending
  163. Can't kill medusa on ps4
  164. The storyline and my thoughts on it
  165. Woah, there are more ways to get multiple endings than I realised!
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  167. I cannot find a cultist Spoilers in this thread
  168. Atlantis story line ending just seems like wasted potential to me
  169. Help daughters of Artemis hostile again?
  170. Who is this character?
  171. Curiosity on the peak of Mount Taygetos
  172. Why you must dead 23423523463465467 times on one quest ?
  173. Atlantis Storyline (Spoiler)
  174. Stuck! Cant find the 3rd Cultist in Eye of cosmos (SPOILERS)
  175. Amazing Game, Monumentally Disappointed with one of the Endings [MAJOR SPOILERS]
  176. is it supposed to throw you into a mission without you even starting it?
  177. Xenia Quest Maps
  178. Endings - Impact on DLC's?
  179. The Show Must Go On: What Choices did you make?
  180. Guessing Cultist identities (Obv. Spoilers)
  181. Mythical Creatures lairs
  182. Replaying boss battles
  183. Bobcat horde in Zeus' Playground ???
  184. The final Cult mission (Contains spoilers!)
  185. Assassins Creed Odyssey , What I liked and what I did not
  186. [SPOILER] Last sentence in ancient Greek
  187. Foundry of Hephaistos - beyond the mysterious door - exploring
  188. a question about the Peloponnesian League sage
  189. Weekly Ori Quest: Daughters of Artemis
  190. Uhh... what? Some huge oversight about Stentor.
  191. Myrinne's partner (may contain spoilers)
  192. Ac odyssey medusa quest
  193. Anyone called to arms Deimos?
  194. question about the challenge "Show me the money!"
  195. In game suggestions
  196. Suggestions Thread (Deimos Skills)
  197. Can you be more linux friendly please?
  198. Roxana: is it possible...?
  199. question about Civilazation Stele + Ancient Knowledge.
  200. Is there a way to return back to Layla?
  201. Rexenero la mano
  202. Assassin's Creed Odyssey ending is messed up (Spoilers)
  203. How do we know Aspacia?
  204. What am I missing?
  205. Final Thoughts
  206. The Lightning Bringer was really weak...
  207. Ship hull type upgrade.
  208. Thoughts on lost tales of Greece - divine intervention?
  209. For Future Lost Tales of Greece, who do you want to see featured?
  210. Mount Helikon (Boeotia) Orichalcum Fragment
  211. Revealed the new trophy/archievements of the Legacy of the First Blade
  212. http://www.supplementexamine.com/teal-farms-keto/
  213. Can I get this particular ending?
  214. Unused Tomb Key
  215. Max level
  216. Mercenaries
  217. Atlantis question
  218. Save editor for ac odyssey?
  219. Help with brison cultist
  220. Possible not to kill the Sphinx?
  221. Amphipolis Leader House
  222. Alexios/Kassandra for the oncoming games
  223. Don't play with my feelings Ubi :<, Poor Brasidas
  224. How to get good ending?
  225. What is Rose Diamond Beauty Serum?
  226. What is Praltrix ?
  227. Rhexenor the hand
  228. Does anyone else wonder?
  229. The real time story ending sucks
  230. Unearthing the Truth mission in Athens
  231. Pallas the silencer
  232. Layla Hassan
  233. Spoilers. Be warned. Hint at another game.
  234. The saddest story in the Game
  235. Legacy outfits
  236. Access The Animus - The Official Odyssey Review and Analysis (Spoilers)
  237. Does Keto Weight Loss Plus Have Any Side Effects?
  238. Key ingredients used in Keto Ultra Diet
  239. The one thing that bugs me (besides the repetitiveness)
  240. Pankration at the Olympics
  241. https://www.movieshook.com/search/label/Aap%20Ke%20Aa%20Jane%20Se
  242. Please let Alexios/Kassandra learn skill tree of Deimos holy power! not Mastery skill
  243. return to Atlantis
  244. Kill Lagos after he leaves the cult?
  245. Will Thaletas return? Or any "romancable" characters?
  246. So About the Mythical Creatures ... *** SPOILERS****
  247. An approach to Utilize Gold Science Keto Blend?
  248. Have You Heard Of Retroslim Forskolin?
  249. https://www.movieshook.com/search/label/Chandragupta%20Maurya
  250. Access The Animus - Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Novel Review & Summary