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  1. Bring Up Whatever You Would Like #90 (off-topic only)
  2. 3rd Party Gaming Discussion/News
  3. Cannot find "Rise of Shaqilat" quest - have completed DLC
  4. Steam Achievements
  5. See you at E3!
  6. Assassin's Creed Odyssey [Announced]
  7. Here's hoping the spartan kick is a skill in the game!
  8. AC ODYSSEY dialogue options??!!??
  9. Sarah Schachner not returning to score Odyssey. This game better have ambient music.
  10. AC Odyssey Photo Mode 300 style filter!
  11. Leaked description on PSN seems to confirm dialog options and less assassin focus?
  12. Leaked Odyssey Screenshots
  13. Introducing Assassin's Creed Odyssey!
  14. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: E3 2018 Walkthrough Trailer
  15. Forum Rules!
  16. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - E3 Trailers and Gameplay Footage
  17. What ?!
  18. Ambient music - Ubi please don't mess this up.
  19. Your thoughts on Assassins Creed: Odyssey?
  20. Store not functioning
  21. AC Odyssey isn't looking great.
  22. Poll: Why is Assassins Creed released so often?
  23. Finally the possibility of a female main character
  24. No hidden blade really?!
  25. Is there Relation between the two main characters ?
  26. Minimum DirectX12? Assassin's Creed Odyssey on only Windows 10??
  27. Xbox Pantheon Collector Edition already out of stock???
  28. Is Odyssey going to be Good?
  29. AC Odyssey Ultimate Edition pre-order
  30. Assassins creed Odyssey Official Souundtrac include with collector's
  31. Odyssey shields
  32. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Count Down
  33. Steam achievements!? they will?
  34. When can we expect the pre-order of Ps4 digital version to start?
  35. Questions to Ubisoft/Community
  36. Thanks Ubisoft...
  37. A SPARTAN 'trembler'?
  38. Anubis sword
  39. Assassin Creed doesn't have to die
  40. Start playing October 2nd with Steam?
  41. Why all these complaints about the game?Looks even better than origins...
  42. Promotions and special weapons/mounts/armour
  43. MASSIVE respect to the guys who designed Origins combat - more of that please
  44. Question/suggestion for Odyssey. Question about hoods.
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  46. Fight mechanics
  47. AC Odyssey Ultimate edition rip off...
  48. Is there gonna be Kassandra statue (legendary figurine)
  49. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - E3 Fan Kit
  50. Get your Spartan Pack-Gift from the gods
  51. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Kassandra & Alexios Cosplay Guides
  52. @Ubi - Beards for Alexsios
  53. $10 increase to Deluxe edition?
  54. Mods/admin: Clarity on the editions, please?
  55. @ Ubi-boat Trials Of Ares Dlc
  56. Submit Questions for Loomer Interview
  57. An idea: a war game and an assassin game, using the same setting
  58. Unconscious bodies?
  59. Phalanx formation
  60. E3 ingame rewards
  61. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - Your Guide to Everything We Know So Far!
  62. My problem on ACOD based on demo/hands on
  63. Make Wonder Woman armor set. DLC
  64. Able to disable HUD elements?
  65. Assassin creed Language options?
  66. Weapon Details
  67. Odyssey Discovery Tour?
  68. For anyone that doesn't understand the game editions
  69. If 'Odyssey' was a marketed as new IP would you change your purchase?
  70. The return of "Trial of the gods" will be awesome !
  71. Faster walk for PC
  72. My dear Ubisoft
  73. ACP and control options available on release?
  75. About capturing islands from Athenians
  76. Where is the shield combat?
  77. @Ubi - Suggestion:Shield option
  78. Pantheon Collectors Sold Out?
  79. Spartan Pack-Gift from the gods question
  80. Odyssey pc editions
  81. @ Ubi - Walk Animation in Odyssey
  82. Feedback: Font Readability, text size (colour, blending)
  83. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - AC: Odyssey First Impressions
  84. Ancient Greek Pronunciation
  85. We should free Helots or subjugate citizens and make them Helots...
  86. Legendary Outfits?
  87. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: A Conundrum Solved?
  88. Adjustable walking speed using mouse wheel please?
  89. Steam Achievements and Photomode
  90. Pre-order question for PS4
  91. An Extensive List of Suggestions to make Odyssey Truly Awesome
  92. Enemy Level Scaling and Nightmare Mode
  93. Creative Director of AC Odyssey, Jonathon Dumont, AMA Session, June 21 on Reddit!
  94. Flying all over the place
  95. Anyone got footage of the entire world map?
  96. If I Purchase from Uplay Can I connect it to Steam?
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  98. Any Possibility on Customizable Controller Mapping Through Steam Overlay?
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  101. Greek Voices - English Subtitles
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  103. Ship Mechanics - Can we go below deck? Is there a captains quarters?
  104. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: A Celebration Of Choice
  105. Progress tracker?
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  108. I am not able to pre-order the game
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  110. Gift from the Gods promo pack doesn't allow me to register?
  111. Lessons Odyssey needs to learn from Origins' fan feedback
  112. Cheer and other problems in the Demo (Hope it gets fixed)
  113. Ubi, please listen to me
  114. @UBI Medusa and Spartan editions
  115. Helm toggle
  116. Bonus mission "Secrets of Greece" disappeared?
  117. Made this, hope you hate it as much as I do...but for different reasons
  118. It doesnt make sense
  119. Assassins Creed Odyssey: Pantheon Edition
  120. A Theory about the character selection
  121. Ratings question
  122. Odyssey Gold Edition vs Deluxe Edition
  123. Modding
  124. You're nearly there with Odyssey - keep it up
  125. Legacy Outfits Confirmed
  126. So many assassinations fail?!
  127. Do different pieces of armor give different perks
  128. ASSASSIN'S CREED: ODYSSEY Ultimate Edition The purchase was successful, but no u-poi
  129. Gladius in Odyssey, why?
  130. Early Access from October 2nd: is it exclusive to Uplay? Not for Steam?
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  132. Glitchy animations!
  133. I wonder how a Medal Necklace will look like.
  134. My Honest and impartial opinion on ACOD
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  136. Collector's editions not available in certain countries, why?
  137. FINALLY! An interesting Skill Tree...
  138. What happened?
  139. AC Odyssey - Question About E3 Reveal
  140. Alexios Figure
  141. ACOD Wanted System- Like Phylakes in ACO?
  142. Community Manager please Send my message to the developer team
  143. Reddit AMA with ACOD Creative Director Jonathan Dumont 6/21/2018
  144. How works the rarity system ?
  145. ACO actually has better combat mechanic? (Only combat)
  146. Some advice for AC Odyssey
  147. Some Powerful running movement Like Achilles runs.
  148. Will purchased helix credits carry over?
  149. Lightsaber
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  151. 2018 Assassins Creed Marathon
  152. Serious issues that will ruin the gameplay experience!
  153. Which character is Canon?
  154. AC Odyssey special edition statue trade.
  155. So Kassandra is canon character and only novel is canon too
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  157. Mycenaean Dory spear
  158. what is going on with the ACO Editions!?
  159. Two greatest innovative contributions of AC 1 to the entire gaming industry
  160. Early Access
  161. For the love of Hassan Ibn-Sabbah, please tone down the physics
  162. Afew questions on odyssey .
  163. If Odyssey get's DLC will it contradict the novelization?
  164. NVIDIA SLI enable for Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
  165. Cacti in Ancient Greece?
  166. Legendary Figures- should there be A Kassandra?
  167. Odyssey and the comparison to other RPGs
  168. Accessibility Features
  169. Romance options.
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  171. Is the PC version gonna have another AC:O CPU problem?
  172. Odyssey please no 2-3 voice actors repeating lines- or give us an audio option
  173. Any other way to get Micenaen Dory?
  174. Disappointed By Odyssey
  175. No sheilds in a spartan game?? Your going to lose millions of sales on this game!!
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  177. Do we have a choice to ally with the Spartians or the Athenians?
  178. Assassin's Creed ODYSSEY PC DVD-ROM for America!!
  179. Odyssey B&G
  180. Odyssey Co-Op
  181. What I would like to see Odyssey
  182. Why Assassins Creed Odyssey IS an A.C. Game
  183. New Trailer
  184. Poll-Should they add the option to use shields in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
  185. It's official: "no shields?!" complaints are the new "no hood toggle?" from Syndicate
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  187. CONQUEST BATTLES: Do they play out in real time?
  188. Leap of Faith - could someone explain its presence in Odyssey?
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  191. If We indeed Are Following Their Logic of the Game
  192. So we play as the oppressors?
  193. Do you think it is too easy?
  194. Reward for 100% Completing Origins?
  195. Suggestion - Beginning of the Conquest Battles
  196. Who believes that AC odyssey need improvements???
  197. [PC] Adjustable Walk/Run Speed on Mouse Wheel
  198. Three things i'd like to see added/changed
  199. language
  200. Everybody, including Ubisoft, needs to watch LazerZ's latest AC video
  201. Engravings (Weapon Perk Upgrades)!!!!!!!!
  202. Please change the leveling system, it hurts exploration and combat!
  203. ODYSSEY should have flying mounts!!!!!!!!!! #takeNOTICE
  204. Hairstyles?
  205. Sli
  206. Good site for ordering AC Odyssey
  207. What Happens to the character we don't select.
  208. The AC of old....
  209. Atlantis would be an interesting region to play as a DLC
  210. can ubisoft come to here?
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  212. Add shields
  213. Odyssey Canon Mode
  214. Combat Animation - Execution
  215. Will there be a statistics menu?
  216. The state of Assassin's Creed
  217. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - The Music of Assassin's Creed
  218. AC Odyssey CE Pre-order - shipment/delivery - how does it work?
  219. Steam achievements?
  220. Odyssey Gold Steelbook Edition
  221. Collector's Edition Kassandra VS Edition Spartan
  222. is Odyssey probably have parachute?
  223. Ultimate edition
  224. Odyssey's DLC and where Assassin's Creed is headed
  225. Assassin's Creed™: History - Odyssey Myths (Overview)
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  227. Why do you play AC Games? What do you see in AC games from AC1 to now or AC's Future?
  228. wish list
  229. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Multiple Timelines
  230. Odyssey has a Lock on right?
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  232. ACOD in-game tutorials
  233. Regarding location completed and future visits
  234. Very interesting new interview with creative director on Odyssey...
  235. The spear of Leonidos
  236. Review @>>http://healthexpertsupplement.com/keto-blaze-diet/
  237. Assassin's Creed™: History - Medusa's Story
  238. Just wondering
  239. Season Pass and Deluxe Edition Pack
  240. Please let us toggle individual HUD elements this time!
  241. Developers make the weirdest decisions these days
  242. No replay memory??
  243. Requested languages
  244. I would consider Odyssey a proper AC game if....?
  245. I want to know the results of different dialogue choices
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  247. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Fantasy Elements in Assassin's Creed
  248. So in what interview was it stated that Juno was moved to the comics?
  249. Anybody know if there will be a tool Wheel or aimable smoke bombs In AC Odyssey?
  250. AC Odyssey - Country Dedication