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  1. Request: Ability to undo abilities individually, instead of ALL at once only
  2. Bug: Arrows sometimes travel through bosses without damaging them
  3. How Does Praltrix Work?
  4. How does Praltrix capacities?
  5. My attack power!
  6. http://trybionutrition.com/keto-x-factor/
  7. Kill Daugters of Artemis in Silver Islands
  8. Difficulty damage sponge or skill
  9. https://www.supplementmegamart.com/niwali-keto-diet/
  10. Patch in an option to activate/deactivate fall damage
  11. Failed To Synchronize Achievements
  12. Plz add mass breakdown for items in inventory
  13. How to get Eagle Kopis and Pessesh en Gerrehh
  14. Chests of glory places
  15. Enemy AI is dumb and it is frustrating!
  16. FEEDBACK: Shame - Cult Assassinations could be better!
  17. Poseidon's Trident Mechanic
  18. Here is my Demigod build (End Game Build)
  19. Regional power - confused.
  20. Level and Scope
  21. Timed quests expired?
  22. “Clothes make the daughter” quest, bugged
  23. Spartan Appearance
  24. Odyssey my personal favorite AC but one thing puts me off.
  25. Attacking NPC behavior
  26. UBISOFT please add a notification to quests that can become lost forever!
  27. Request: Athenian Attire
  28. New Content proposition
  29. What would have made Odyssey perfect.
  30. Suggestion: Please leave more places unmarked on map
  31. Viewpoint map
  32. National treasure in Lakonia
  33. No Legendary item is Oikos store this week?
  34. Scheduled Maintenance - October 17
  35. What to do after level 50
  36. @Ubisoft regarding Microtransactions
  37. Where are the live events ?
  38. Idea: Casual outfits
  39. WTG! patch 1.03 just ruined the game
  40. Bug de quête secondaire. Aide le guérisseur
  41. PC Patch 1.0.3 - crafting arrows, bug or nerfed?
  42. Cultist Quest help/question. May contain spoilers.
  43. Add feature on ship
  44. 1st live event : here is my feedback
  45. Ability to Abandon Quest *NEEDED*
  46. Classic Assassin Skins
  47. No bow wave displacement?
  48. Isle of bronze - Talos
  49. Fear of Arrows
  50. Best daily orichalcum quest so far
  51. Engraving a sword with a Bow skill
  52. Element damage variety
  53. Where's the new weekly mercenary ?
  54. Problem: How do you know whether you've met the requirements for Island Hopper?
  55. Any fellow composers here? :3
  56. Oikos of the Olympians is worse than Heka chests.
  57. Roleplaying elements in AC: Odyssey
  58. FEEDBAK: My feedback on the leveling system
  59. Best assassins creed since Unity
  60. Starting a new game
  61. How Much..? Doubt / SPOILER.
  62. Odyssey Club Rewards
  63. Extended wheel of abilities
  64. How Does Work Verutum RX ?
  65. What Does Spartagen XT Contain?
  66. The Blind King Quest Reward
  67. Having no us of shields in Assassins creed Odyssey, bloody stupid
  68. Having no us of shields in Assassins creed Odyssey, bloody stupid
  69. Infinite Arena Battles
  70. http://www.supplementhealthexpert.com/keto-supplement-reviews/
  71. Would you rather...
  72. Darker night please
  73. PLEASE! Option to turn off this ridiculous singing!
  74. How often do you 'Manual save'?
  75. Patroxidan Review- The Conclusion
  76. AC franshise one step forward, two steps back.
  77. Serious question:Why do you always mess up game launches and early patching, Ubisoft?
  78. Stupid Game Design Choice
  80. Signs on the weapons/ What is it? :-)
  81. reduce the fire damage enemies inflict on you, please
  82. Assassins are just plain annoying
  83. Live event rewards are bad
  84. Duplicate Legendary Weapons
  85. BUG/HELP - Kill Daughters of Artemis in Silver Islands
  86. Found a Boss room with no Boss in it,
  87. Playing in the Olympics
  88. New Assassin’s Creed Installment Idea
  89. Master Assassin Badge
  90. Main Game
  91. 17th oct maintenance thread ???
  92. Addicting but glitch
  93. Legendary Sets should auto -level up?
  94. Bad textures, a lot of pop-in, super low draw distance on PS4 PRO
  95. Anything othat than warrior build even worth it?
  96. DLC ideas?
  97. Quality of Life for dismatling/selling gear?
  98. Yellow pointer on PNG or animals
  99. So,no one is going to talk about the Nemean set?
  100. Leveling is a mess
  101. Hide HUD on inventory screen?
  102. Barnabas Voice Actor in Origins?
  103. Having trouble gaining entry to one hundred hands quest
  104. Assassins Creed odyssey levels
  105. This week's Epic Mercenary Live Event canceled
  106. Game Music “OHHHHHH-OHH-OHH-OHH” Ugh Enough
  107. Patch 1.0.5
  108. I've seen better quality fire in Doom 1
  109. The Arena
  110. This game needs a codex
  111. Why is Epic armor better than Legendary armor?
  112. Request: Remove manual save slots cap of 20 for PC and order them by hours played
  113. Female Mercenaries
  114. Can view my console pictures gallery after saving a photo in PS gallery (PS4)
  115. request: add the option to view completed quests
  116. The Anthykeran device
  117. Problem : Mercenaries error (stop coming no matter what level of your bountry hunter)
  118. The Claims of Praltrix Male Enhancement!
  119. How Praltrix Male Enhancement Works?
  120. Suggestion for Sailing: Option to not zoom out when entering travel speed
  121. Daggers
  122. Mix & Match Legendary Gear.
  123. Patch 1.05
  124. [Potential Spoilers] I was disappointed with the Arena
  125. Hard Mode - Enemy resistances, immunity, one life, no hud playthrough
  126. We bought a beta test ... and we can not be refunded for it
  127. Greedy pathetic ubisoft
  128. top of the food chain
  129. Damage ticks displaying being icon, really?
  130. photo mode screenie
  131. Missed to equip myself in first quest, now stuck?!
  132. Auto lvlup feature of Legendary armor sets partialy bugged
  133. Helpful Information for Auto-Leveling Legendary Gear
  134. Transmog
  135. Prince of Persia Quest Bug - Ruined Sanctuary of Ajax cleared before taking quest
  136. Legendary armor
  137. When will New Game+ be implemented?
  138. detailed stats page in inventory
  139. Helix
  140. Donʻt buy the 50% XP BOOST! Its a scam!!!
  141. Pegasus animations???
  142. Character Level
  143. Upgrade to deluxe, gold and ultimate
  144. Accidentally killed my horse...what now...
  145. How Does Naval Compare to Previous Games?
  146. OVERALL ACO Game Play issues and concerns
  147. I would buy helix credits if there was anything worth getting in the store
  148. Kassandra’s hair
  149. Why does the Project Stream version of AC Odyssey get new features before PC version?
  150. Possible Glitch/Bug
  151. Possible Glitch/Bug
  152. V1.03 patch notes
  153. Request: Please remove horse speed limits
  154. Idea - Bounty for horse theft.
  155. Behind the scene with Kassandra and Alexios Voices Actors !
  156. What's the deal with elements?
  157. funny pictures!
  158. Death Arrows damage
  159. Weird stuff about bounties
  160. So, Predator Shot Makes Devastating Shot Look Like a Child's Ability...
  161. Tips on killing sharks?
  162. Tips on killing sharks?
  163. Hunter DMG vs Headshot DMG
  164. Armor 'Sets' need a rework of a sort
  165. Question: How does assassin damage work?
  166. Patch for pc??
  167. Project stream save data clarification
  168. WET CLOTHiNG FX....?
  169. Suggestions
  170. Tips from lvl 50 nightmare platinum player
  171. Slight change to Poseidon's trident?
  172. Im not able to Sparta kick Mercenaries at Level 30?!
  173. Recruiting Mercs - Sparta Kick
  174. Hair physics
  175. The problem with mounts in AC Odyssey
  176. Ubisoft - AC Odyssey Is Amazing!
  177. Playable before the game fully downloaded
  178. Idea-For gameplay Us inside the game
  179. Legacy of the First Blade!!!
  180. Character Customization
  181. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Add-Ons
  182. Looking for !
  183. Epic and Legendary Gear Video
  184. Uplay
  185. Legendary Items Rework and Some Suggestions.
  186. Please add additional markers
  187. Damage took from Fire need to be nerfed ! Pls.
  188. Are there any sheild weapons?
  189. Odyssey Should Not Be Using The Word “Assassin” in its dialogue
  190. New to AC Universe
  191. Request: Face animations
  192. Taming animals
  193. Why the step backwards with AC:O? Not even an outfit system like Origins.
  194. Epic farming?
  195. Favourite Weapon for “Daughters of Artemis” Quest
  196. Option to show helmet/hood during conversations
  197. Wildlife needs a 50% reduction.
  198. Self added engravings do not stack (all engravings not just legendary engravings)
  199. 9 Features I wish were expanded upon
  200. Just some new idea for making AC better
  201. Request: a Zeus weapon
  202. Keto 900 Review – Read Before Buying, Benefits and Side-Effects
  203. What is the Keto Kinetics?
  204. Hunting animals only getting leather please read for info
  205. http://www.supplementhealthexpert.com/ropaxin-uk/
  206. Better inventory
  207. Do you play any song during the game?
  208. assassins creed odyssey hippokrates questline
  209. Ship controls (Brazier Arrows / Javelin)
  210. I really kicked this dudes a$$ and then this happens?
  211. First Do no Harm Quest bugged
  212. A naval battle against the Kraken
  213. Shield please!!!!!
  214. Protection for quest givers
  215. Remove Alexios' Grey Undershirt?
  216. Contract quest [timed] - Athenian Marksman
  217. Sets for your armor/weapons
  218. devs fix pls
  219. Whats a Marksman? xD
  220. Why we can't go to Olympus?
  221. How does the word "maláka" stay unchanged in meaning and pronunciation for 2449 years
  222. Hunted by quest mobs
  223. GamePlay Expansion
  224. Overview of several new features being added in the future update
  225. Some quality of life improvement ideas
  226. WTF happened to Alkibialdes?
  227. Naval conquest battles issue
  228. Does this game have SLI support??????????
  229. Ubisoft got archery wrong in both Origins and Odyssey!
  230. Request: Option for Closer Camera
  231. Small problem to be fixed
  232. @Ubi - Question About Combat Controls
  233. http://supplementexamine.com/enduro-stack-ca/
  234. Love the game so far, but minor annoyances
  235. Legendary perks
  236. Bonus XP toggle!
  237. Secondary quest disappeared
  238. Suggestion: Let us keep our Romances with us
  239. Mercenaries
  240. Quest for cultist not showing up. [SPOILER]
  241. Odyssey is the worst Assassin's Creed game that has EVER been made
  242. Engravings challenge
  243. Engravings challenge
  244. Odyssey is the worst Assassin's Creed game that has EVER been made
  245. Smaller Boats Break Easily
  246. Suggestion: Please boost mercenaries' award
  247. Legendary armors should have more unique look!
  248. 140 hours later - AC Odyssey, an unfinished and unpolished masterpiece
  249. suggestions/wishlist
  250. I'm replaying the game from scratch on NIGHTMARE difficulty and loving it