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  1. How to leave the Animus, and if you can't, we really need that patched.
  2. Can we disable pictures on the map?
  3. Add more fast travel poins
  4. Skill and gear loadouts
  5. Nice customer service... NOT
  6. Trouble with "Call to Arms" Skill
  7. What age is Assassin's Creed Odyssey appropriate for?
  8. Prince of Persia quest reward is just disappointed
  9. Alexios Promotional Art Gear
  10. Walk Animation PC
  11. Mercenary ranking in ubisoft club
  12. Hey DEVS HUD options not saving, personal loot chest on boat.
  13. fire damage and other things
  14. Why don't my ship crew join me in combat when boarding other enemy ships??
  15. Armour from all the art?
  16. Helmet suggestion for the devs
  17. Gold in the game dont have any use?
  18. Can't buy anything in Ubi store in game
  19. Something I was struggling with.
  20. How to view npc path with ikaros?
  21. Man enough to admit I was very wrong about this game!! Some minor spoilers about game
  22. Music in menu gone?
  23. Armor Question (namely the Champions Breastplate)
  24. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Photo Mode Thread
  25. Walking speed way too fast / immersion breaker
  26. Any chance of labelling saves or adding some sort of save game management feature?
  27. Ooops! Failed a Mission and Killed the Guy...
  28. Enemies Don't Respawn?
  29. Pegasus armor
  30. Where does Phobos go :O
  31. Orichalcum/Aurichalcum ?
  32. Hide items like in origins
  33. Once you reach lvl 50, there's no point continueing side quests
  35. Rewards in store
  36. Name of This Waist Belt?
  37. Weapon perks question
  38. Damage calc question (poison, fire, knockout etc)
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  40. sdd
  41. Received an email from Ubisoft
  42. Question about weapon engraving
  43. Why Odyssey Fails With Combat
  44. Is there rescue missions??
  45. Turn off FF?
  46. is there any reward in playing in the most difficult mode of the game?
  47. is there any reward in playing in the most difficult mode of the game?
  48. Entering Athens and I get a White Screen.
  49. Assassin's Creed: Ilion / Late Bronze Age collapse
  50. Does playing the game on a harder difficulty give you more XP?
  51. Orichalcum challenge
  52. AC Odyssey Legacy Outfit: Ezio's Revelations armor.
  53. Game wont start
  54. Upgrade ship
  55. Ubisoft expanded the Assassin's Creed franchise to other media
  56. Anyone else getting lvl 39 mercenary in Megaris?
  57. BUG - very small but still
  58. Graphic issue
  59. Weapon swap question: PC, mouse keyboard
  60. http://www.supplementdiets.com/reviva-brain/
  61. that Hyppokrates...
  62. buy all from vendor
  63. Can i run Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  64. Making builds : / epic gear > legendary gear ? - / engraving weapons unclear ?
  65. Only four Special Melee moves?
  66. Great Game!
  67. Twitch Prime Loot
  68. Pegasus question
  69. XboX Controller Support
  70. So...I just got killed by a chicken!! lol
  71. AC odyssey, plz enable us to dismantle uplay rewards i.e. arcane sword
  72. An In-depth Look of the Simulated Realities theory
  73. Community Activities/Contest ??? - Epsilon Blade - Eagle Kopis
  74. Athenian Naval Pack
  75. Possibly bugged quest?
  76. Legendary armor set is worse than Epic armor! (@Ubisoft)
  77. Epic armor colors??
  78. Passive mode for Animals
  79. Reduce Cloud Quality on Consoles !
  80. Odyssey is has less content than Origins.
  81. completed quests feedback
  82. Need help with game thx
  83. Maybe spoilers , special outfit
  84. Please allow us to unequip bow
  85. Proposed Changes to Adrenaline
  86. Assassins Creed TMOG"S?....
  87. Question about Shop Weapons
  88. I wish kassandra wore more makeup
  89. The Spartans Were NOT The Toughest of Ancient Greece...
  90. So do U even need the merc gauge?
  91. Please give us an option to turn off level scaling.
  92. Tummy Troubles quest/contract
  93. Armor Piece Combinations
  94. For Ubisoft Quebec to make a skeleton crew cosmetic & ghost ship hull skin
  95. Selling or dismantling legendary items?
  96. Uh Quick question:
  97. Can we have custom loadouts in the next patch please?
  98. Kassandra with Blonde Hair
  99. Lack of Simultaneous Gamepad + Mouse Inputs
  100. Apparently sales are way down
  101. Ubisoft justifies the miocrotransactions
  102. Where are the all Black Armor Sets??
  103. On The Importance of Immersion And How Ubi Devs Don't Seem to Understand It
  104. Give us the option to turn off level scaling please
  105. Question about upgrading weapon
  106. Forced enemy scaling needs to go!
  107. Oikos of Olympians merchant . Not happy
  108. "We removed the shield so players couldn't endlessly block"
  109. The people have spoken!
  110. Armor colors
  111. My CRASH on startup FIX
  112. Questions from someone who never played any AC
  113. Skill points pack!
  114. for every one who hve problem with enemy scaling
  115. This game started out so well.....
  116. Bugged Odyssey Mission
  117. Console version need change field of view in option same pc
  118. Ability points granted by tombs lost when respec?
  119. Need help with ship upgrades
  120. For Ubisoft Quebec to make a skeleton crew cosmetic & ghost ship hull skin
  121. A PoE Shield would be nice
  122. No main quests after "snake in the grass"
  123. Season Pass not appearing
  124. What is the cycle quest keybind????
  125. Crafted some nice special arrows can't use them ... (pc)
  126. @Ubi : Thank you for Kassandra !
  127. Desynchronized Respawn
  128. Version 1.03 is out <3
  129. How to get the "+25% Damage and Health while in Conquest battles"?
  130. Questions regarding the game's mechanics
  131. Is there a way to ask your crew to change the sea shanties?
  132. Unable to get chest in lemnos on ps4
  133. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Appreciation Thread
  134. Creating a second character
  135. You now work for me achievement not awarded
  136. Keeping Headgear on During Dialogue
  137. Scheduled Maintenance - Oct 11
  138. 1.03 on PS4 issues
  139. Cultist Zoisme The one Hiding inside a Mountain
  140. Possible Fix For Freezing! PC
  141. Just a little poll for ally'all
  142. Suggestion: Scrap all unwanted armor etc option
  143. Bug where mercenaries won't come after me anymore
  144. Any way we could get a way to create armor loadouts ?
  145. Can't change Vsync in Borderless
  146. Scheduled Maintenance - Oct 11
  147. Is your Alexios/Kassandra a virgin?
  148. Clarification regarding Spartan / Athenian Leadership
  149. Thank you for fixing the Tips and Messages HUD option!
  150. Ubisoft why your optimizacion is so bad
  151. Quest icon contain two curved arrows
  152. Potential bug on elemental(fire and posion) damage engravings
  153. Walking like there's a turd in the pants!
  154. Suggestion: hide gear option
  155. Textures that need fixing (?)
  156. Customization Update Request?
  157. Anyone else sick of wealth accumulation in AC?
  158. Anyone else want normal leaderboards?
  159. Colorblind Options
  160. Help!
  161. Found the Athens Acropolis historical 3D model possibly used for Odyssey
  162. Mercenaries and bounty hunters
  163. Can we PLEASE have head-gear shown in cut-scenes please, oh please, oh please!!
  164. Can't get orichalcum
  165. Suggestion: Ability to stick to ONE FACTION
  166. Missable Gear
  167. I Just Had a Gay Experience...
  168. Name This Waist Belt
  169. Just now found that The Adrestia has a storage chest
  170. Combat Fixes
  171. Level cap!
  172. What is this!?
  173. Auto save bug
  174. Gearing Advice?
  175. Hey Devs just wanted to say thanks for listening about the storage chests...
  176. So how does damage work, exactly?
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  178. Major Complain About Gameplay
  179. I pre bought ultimate so i can see some behind a pay wall
  180. Photo Mode Website Not Working
  181. Khloe and friends...
  182. Can I use Korean subtitles if I purchase a North American version of the package?
  183. 1.03 Patch
  184. I still don't have a main questline after the patch
  185. Just lost the Orichalcum from the Weekly Bounty
  186. https://us-supplements-shop.com/rosacea-skin-cream/
  187. https://www.healthwho.com/simply-flawless-cream/
  188. Mallet of Everlasting Flame + Flaming Attacks?
  189. Why I think this game Is a gem
  190. Quality details missing in Odyssey
  191. Please increase sea shanty and dialogue volume in travel speed mode.
  192. Legendaries worse that Purples ?
  193. Max level and still so many ability points needed
  194. Why do Mercenaries join a boss fight?
  195. PC vs PS4 Pro - Which version should I buy?
  196. V 1.03 has "Quality of Life" improvements .....
  197. Cloth Physics
  198. Daily quests and Orichalcum
  199. Patch 1.03 notes?
  200. The Blind King Mission
  201. Oikos of the Olympians AC Odyssey VS Reda bazaar AC Origins
  202. Accidently dismantled item
  203. Bling King Quest Bug
  204. Upgrading gear question
  205. Daggers and the enemies
  206. What's the point of Legendary gear? It's clearly weaker than Epic!
  207. Taming Animals is pointless
  208. Street Performers need to be fixed
  209. Street Performers need to be fixed
  210. ac odyssey 1.0.3 PC still no wet effect
  211. Fixing pixelated clouds cant be THAT hard??
  212. Request: allow us to sit in chairs
  213. Leaderboards
  214. Streaming Highlights
  215. Anyone else sick of useless wealth accumulation in AC?
  216. Lack of non Warrior Legendary Gear
  217. Player housing
  218. Client is frequently crashing after patch
  219. Question Abour Engraving
  220. It looks like Ubisoft just nerf Legendary Perks in patch 1.03
  221. Please revamp Map Icon / Filters for more control - Checkboxes for each type of icon
  222. About Horse and Alexios Movement [PC]
  223. NPC and safe guards
  224. Another one disappointed about lack of shields.
  225. Alexios' Cover Armor
  226. patch 1.03 download stuck ..
  227. Any way to switch between gear sets quickly?
  228. Any way to speed up the blacksmith upgrade mechanic?
  229. ability to remove bow and arrows
  230. Wheres my save game gone?
  231. EU PSN Avatars question.
  232. Level 50, now what?
  233. Pc version
  234. Fire Javelins Breaks Crew
  235. Y o u r t a m e d a n i m a l h a s d i e d
  236. BUG no sound effects during cutscenes
  237. Legendary farming
  238. quick question!
  239. Update on the Oikos of the Olympians
  240. Orichalcum Ore
  241. Horse walking speed on PC is painfully slow.
  242. HELP! can't shoot arrows or javelins at all.
  243. How do you switch to secondary weapon once you reach level 15?
  244. So...uhmm...patches (PC User)
  245. Orichalcum contracts always expired?
  246. Can we NOT spontaneously combust, please?
  247. Great job on the soundtracks.
  248. health low and staying low spoilers
  249. Please allow single ability removal
  250. Ubi Doooodes thanks for new Walk!!!