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  1. hardest (Nightmare) difficulty Wild boar is the king of the odyssey right?
  2. Choose our side
  3. Stuck On Quest: Equal Opportunity Employment Program
  4. PSA: Don't buy Helix Weapons until Endgame
  5. Toggle the use Ikarus Notification?
  6. About using Orichalcum ore in different saves
  7. https://us-supplements-shop.com/keto-os-max/
  8. DISCUSS: Level gating & length of games
  9. So, is AC:OD give Helix credits too?
  10. What about Gear sets levelling with your character?
  11. performance
  12. @Ubi where are the cats ?!
  13. Playing Tomorrow ~ share your Tips/Strategies =) [NO SPOILERS]
  14. There should be a list for completed quests, just like in Origin
  15. For Honor-themed armor and weapons?
  16. Toggle Headgear/Hoods in Conversations?
  17. Gifts From The Gods?
  18. Armor Set Tool - Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  19. Persistent Head Gear Toggle to apply to cutscenes?
  20. Why are the defeated and discovered Mercenaries reset when I restart the game?
  21. Hoplite Dory - where did it come from?
  22. Does the difficulty setting change how much damage you deal or just take?
  23. The Ubisoft Club Reward Evie Fyre, a solution of missing this reward
  24. Orichalcum Fragment Bug
  25. Addon packs
  26. Tomorrow Is The Day!
  27. Alexios or Kassandra...I can't choose :)
  28. Armor design is very cool
  29. POLL: So...who did you choose to play as?
  30. Nightmare mode??
  31. Confused about launch times Steam vs Uplay
  32. 15h of gameplay and - no crash, no bugs, it is like not Ubisoft. My congratulations
  33. Could we get the option to turn off enemies leveling up?
  34. Question about Romance?
  35. Welcome to Greece!
  36. Toggle Colored effects
  37. Lieutenant Skill Icons
  38. Overpower Skill
  39. Attacking Allies by accident
  40. Show me the money! Club Challenge/Badge - Mycenaean Doru Reward
  41. How to tell good guys from bad guys?
  42. dyeing and acquiring armour pieces
  43. Posting pictures
  44. Iím so mad I canít delete U-Play rewards gear
  45. Engravings
  46. Any chance we can get some increased grass draw distance?
  47. AC Odyssey feedback
  48. I wish we could do away with regenerating health!
  49. How to switch story-line between modern era and the ancient Greek ?
  50. patch 1.03
  51. This game is unpolished!
  52. Hidden blade
  53. Redeeming Preorder Bonus Codes: How to Sign into Uplay ? XB1
  54. Enemy sponginess and 2 hit kills needs to be balanced
  55. [SPOILER] quest isn't working.
  56. My Initial Impression / Thoughts and feedback for AC Oddysey on PS4
  57. Screen region options
  58. helix store does not work
  59. In-game store problem
  60. Can you add repeat the message in the next future patch ?
  61. Request: Alexios/Kassandra Animations and Horse Speed
  62. Little Online idea, about the bountiehunter.
  63. Weekly epic mercenary or ship
  64. Parry spark explosion is "arcadish"
  65. Patch 1.03 release date
  66. AC Odessey patch
  67. Cutscene from demo
  68. Adding some Iconic AC music / Adding Legendary lieutenants to AC Odyssey
  69. Over-the-shoulder Camera needs a switch button map
  70. items with "... at low health" info
  71. Change Haircut
  72. Where can the challenges be viewed?
  73. Does AMD Ryzen 3 2200G / Nvidia 1060 Meet Requierements for AC Odyssey?
  74. I miss being able to activate my hidden blade(s)
  75. [Resolved]Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Online-Services currently not available
  76. [PC] Cloth Physics Locked at 30 FPS?
  77. Can we sell the resource?
  78. Travel Speed & Ikaros = Stopped?
  79. Ablity slots too limiting (PC User)
  80. Missing cut scene?
  81. Season Pass Question
  82. ACOdyssy i am stuck at start up screen
  83. Ubisoft Support Page says DDos attack
  84. Suggestions for optimal graphic settings
  85. 21:9 support is a downgrade from AC:Origins
  86. Get your in-game pictures here
  87. A Must Have Feature
  88. Health bar
  89. Orichalcum Ore should be offline.
  90. Weapon impact sounds too quiet
  91. The roots of Assassin's Creed
  92. Should there be an option for headgear during conversations and cutscenes?
  93. ACOD gold edition
  94. Yellow dots
  95. AC Odyssey Image of the Day
  96. game is bugging
  97. Can we discuss female mercenaries in the pre-Hellenistic period or is this outlawed?
  98. how to unlock legacy gear?
  99. To Steal, or not to Steal...
  100. Psa: Warning for new macbook users
  101. Side mission: Share the Wealth
  102. Ubi, You Just Can't Seem To Get Movement Speed Right For PC
  103. Stealth is dead
  104. Small annoyance of the ship
  105. Where is the cape??
  106. Achilles Armor
  107. Night time in this game is stunning.
  108. Temple of Apollo Treasure Check Help
  109. Conquest Battles aren't 150v150
  110. Always crash at startup screen
  111. complete quest
  112. Assassin tree...anything for huge open brawls ??
  113. Playing with the GF at the same time
  114. Cash Shop Weapon&Armor Sets
  115. PLEASE EXPLAIN : What happens when you weaken a Conquest Faction leader?
  116. My purchased Pegasus set didn't come with sword?
  117. What do you think? Are they going to fix the elephant in the room
  118. Time fore some questions
  119. Game won't get past leonidas introduction cinematic
  120. Lazy loot
  121. Ship liutenants suggestion
  122. Anyone Disappointed?
  123. Why not remove the bow? What's up? Ubisoft??
  124. Remove dlc weapons and clothes
  125. can helix store items be found in game like origins ?
  126. Add thd option
  127. very low quality fire effect and sprites. PS2 style!!!
  128. An Assassin's Creed Odyssey suggestion for the developers:
  129. Alexios in Real Life
  130. Upgrading gear
  131. Imac
  132. entire towns hostile? bug or feature?
  133. Problem authenticating ownership
  134. Are you keeping track of your Dialog Choices thru the game?
  135. Bring Shields back..
  136. Pegasus Can't Fly!!!
  137. no in-game dlc
  138. One Bad Spartan spoils the bunch
  139. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Crashes
  140. Enemy leveling annoying
  141. ACOD is crashing ramdonly here as well.
  142. Enemy leveling annoying
  143. ACOD is crashing even my CPU supports AVX2.
  144. How do you move up the mercenary ladder?
  145. Controller bind to swap to second melee ability wheel is horrible.
  146. Odyssey destroys what good origins created
  147. AskaSpartan
  148. Combat feels worse, can it be fixed?
  149. Assassin's creed locked area
  150. Upgrading gear WTF
  151. Things Odyssey doesn't tell you/you didn't know you could do
  152. Taming Animals suggestion
  153. cant switch between opponents after locking on?
  154. Scoring HEADSHOT KILLS with Bow?
  155. PS4 Capture Gallery images black
  156. When do I get the REVEAL button?
  157. BEST GAME! This game destroyed the Witcher!
  158. Hide community photos?
  159. Ambient/Exploration music?
  160. How to do stealth (Looking forward tips for Ubisoft)
  161. Conquest maps Worst Game design since 1984.
  162. how to get inside these objects??
  163. Couple of Questions
  164. Time savers????
  165. Massive issue with the War mechanics.
  166. Lykaon wolf bug
  167. about Halix Stuff
  168. Trade goods- Assassin Creed Oddyssy
  169. This QoL feature needs added sooner rather than later....Hold Left to craft arrows
  170. Anyone Find The Snake Sword?
  171. Your enemy level scaling is a problem
  172. Hidden Locked Arrows? (Spoilers?)
  173. NPC dolios
  174. The Use of Shields?!
  175. Game about set in Spartan period and you can't use a shield?
  176. Actually ashamed I bought this garbage
  177. Blue Spartans??
  178. Stuff from store
  179. 21.9 cutscenes
  180. trying to stream with obs
  181. Improved Horses/ Speed !
  182. Grind Wall Designed To Push Microtransactions
  183. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Interactive World Map
  184. Photo mode likes
  185. Reveal and Lootable objects difficult to see...
  186. Switching Arrows?
  187. #PayForShield
  188. Update on AVX Support
  189. Message board quest repeatable?
  190. LEVEL 50 Quest rewards
  191. Epic gear changed color when upgraded. WTF
  192. odyssey Melee vs. Casting
  193. How to get these 3 trophies/achievements just when you begin the naval combats.
  194. 2 easy skill points to get.
  195. Rant: I Really Don't Like The Gameplay Direction This Game is Going
  196. Does whoever controls each province even matter?
  197. Ship cosmetics - sails
  198. Assassins creed Odyssey Totinoís code help a brother out!
  199. New Game Plus Character Switch?
  200. Way too many wolves
  201. How do you view Crit chance and Crit damage stats?
  202. first impressions after 3 "episodes"
  203. How many of you think we should boycott this game until stuff gets added and fixed?
  204. Weapon specific and entire character stats
  205. Something I've noticed, related to a memory leak in the game.
  206. Can someone explain the mercenaries thing?
  207. Help? Major glitch maybe involving conquests?
  208. 27 hours in and I just restarted fresh
  209. Shhhhutup ur not a dev
  210. Can't sell or dismantle helmet
  211. AC Odyssey is the AC I've been waiting for for 11 years! Wow! Well done Ubisoft!
  212. Weapons and Gear Upgrading
  213. For Devs - effects options please
  214. Where is the sense of progression when everything scales with you
  215. My opinions about Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  216. Money back?
  217. For DEVs - Two options that can be very helpful
  218. Ability Slots
  219. Leveling Up Too Fast
  220. HUD Presets & Settings Are Messed Up
  221. Quest
  222. My Least Favorite Entry In The Series
  223. To a community manager or mod
  224. AC: Odyssey - Online Social Features?
  225. Two types of mercenaries
  226. Sharks with Stealth!!!
  227. Feedback on Ragdolls
  228. Fixings rundown Of Praltrix male improvement France
  229. How Does Phendora Garcinia Work?
  230. How Does Phendora Garcinia Work?
  231. Whats wrong
  232. The Blind King Purchase
  233. Game Play Thoughts 24hrs in game so far
  234. Little Things I'd like. :)
  235. what happens when you buy gear bundles at level 1?
  236. Question Marks and How They Are Ruining Exploration
  237. http://www.supplementdiets.com/vyantix-rx/
  238. Side Mission Failed... Can't Retry?
  239. Things that need to be looked into - AC Odyssey
  240. Where is the Photo thread?
  241. Do we like Odyssey?
  242. Animal taming idea for Assassin's Creed
  243. AC Odyssey offline on ps4?
  244. [October 8 | Degradation - All Platforms] Assassin's Creed | Multiple Titles
  245. Apparently the only way to stop scaling is by setting difficulty to Easy
  246. SUGGESTION: Having Faction Allegiance matter.
  247. Are Legendary weapons worth keeping/upgrading?
  248. So you want shields. Which hand will hold the spear? Stop with this shield nonsense.
  249. Photo thread (share your galleries)
  250. conquest battle epic rewards