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  1. Why is there no Alpha Lynx?
  2. Can you throw a body you are carrying? If so, what button do you press?
  3. Need help understanding engraving challenge
  4. AC adder
  5. Can we get Darius's outfit?
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  7. Question for Assassin players
  8. Ideas for future updates
  9. I am proud of Ubisoft
  10. garbage talk on the ship - option to disable pls
  11. customizable hotkey for taking back command on the ship after boarding pls
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  14. Recommendations of the most effective sparta kick build for bounty hunters
  15. Any players run AC: Odyssey lifesize?
  16. Has anybody else tried using critical assassination on both S1 or S2 mercs ABOVE you?
  17. Are the legendary and epic items you can roll on easily available elsewhere in game?
  18. FEATURE REQUEST for legendary set Gear changing
  19. money cap 9,999,999 - please increase
  20. One assured way to get people to buy the next assassins creed game
  21. Staff of Hermes and Legendary Staves
  22. Please, some clarification on CRIT chance?
  23. Question about Battlecry of Ares and 5% Damage Restored as Health Perk
  24. Make assassin's creed odyssey great again
  25. Suggestions for a good pure warrior build for nightmare, please (mid-game)?
  26. The Bull Mount
  27. Hunter damage on elites, bosses and mercs reduced by 70%?
  28. Where do you find the weekly legendary mercenaries ?
  29. Crit chance while at full health?
  30. About Tombs: Question that might contain SPOILERS
  31. Abilities Respec - remove Poison?
  32. Feature Request - Ability swap without going into the Pause Menu
  33. Achilles Set , Ect..More Colour Variation
  34. Suggestions on how to make a powerful bow - Lvl 57
  35. Mercenaries
  36. A profanity filter would be very helpful.
  37. After patch 1.1.12 finally I can stealthy kill most of mercenaries-nightmare-heavy
  38. Is there a cap on the amount of ability points you can earn after level 70?
  39. Aegean sea competition not for Aussies?!?!
  40. Quickest Way to Farm Mastery at 70? (PS4)
  41. 30% armor penetration vs 28% Fire Damage
  42. Feature Request - Gear and weapon loadout switching feature
  43. What are your favorite and most effective weapon combos? Please list button sequences
  44. Bounties should me more difficult
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  47. Which tactic did you use to advcance to merc tier S2?
  48. Suggestion - Add more colour/Material options to the Shroud hoods!
  49. How does auto adrenaile refill work?
  50. Static Experience Points?
  51. Why doesn't it storm in the game anymore?
  52. Is there an game XP breakdown to reference?
  53. Rapid Fire Hunter Ability: New DPS King?
  54. Legacy of the First Blade - Episode 2: availability times and accessing content
  55. Good Guy Alexios
  56. Season Pass question about remastered AC
  57. Cultist killed but not looted
  58. Athenians return
  59. Season pass is on sale in case anyone is interested
  60. Naval Combat difficulty has seriously been nerfed
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  63. at what time of the 15th is thew new content playable?
  64. Dynamic Parts Of Praltrix
  65. The sword with the snake handle (from trailer)
  66. Legends of the Aegean Sea DLC?
  67. Animation for toggling headgear
  68. Lost Tales of Greece - made replayable
  69. [solution] how to get Sun hat
  70. Promo code for sale or trade AC Odyssey
  71. Help me please (Lieutenants)
  72. [SPOILER] Iím looking for a LotFB Episode 2 Spoiler
  73. Save Files?
  74. To stack or not to stack - That is the question (help please)
  75. about week's epic ship mission
  76. "Play the DLC" spam every time I press start?
  77. Lost Tales of Greece - Poets Legacy
  78. Rapid Fire = Favorite new skill in the game
  79. Is there a way to select which lieutenant will be your Call to Arms of choice?
  80. Disengaging ďtarget lockĒ Xbox One
  81. Where are your favorite vantage points to fight enemies?
  82. Legacy of the First Blade Episode 2 Where is it.
  83. Change lieutenant's outfit and weapons
  84. Amazing second episode!
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  86. How I think NG+ should work in Odyssey
  87. Levelling up
  88. (SPOILER) Blacksmith
  89. Insultingly honest opinion on the Legacy Ep.2 (spoiler alert)
  90. Please remove annoying popup ingame ubisoft
  91. Can we get recruitable arena mercenaries and opponents?
  92. Legacy of the First Blade Episode 2 forced in game SPAM
  93. Thoughts on Legacy of First Blade Episode 2
  94. game keeps crashing
  95. Legacy of the First Blade go to HELL!!!
  96. Legacy episode 2
  97. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 1.1.3 Patch
  98. Opinion on DLC release strategy (Every 6 weeks)
  99. Server down?????
  100. Head's up: Ubisoft's (non) apology statement is spoilerish despite saying it's not
  101. Hydra?
  102. DLC Notification Pop up
  103. How do we get these transmog pieces?
  104. After spending over 240 hours in the game, I found that I had missed Eros's Bow
  105. Option to see your most liked photos?
  106. Huge NERF: why?
  107. Markos questline bug
  108. New abilities out of the -Legacy of the first blade- DLC
  109. Permanent NEW ! above Inventory tab on ps4
  110. [SPOILER] DLC 1.2 - A message from Creative Director Jonathan Dumont
  111. Having a hard time seeing what NG+ would bring to this game
  112. A CONTENT PATCH REQUIREMENTS! Spoilers on Episode 2 and response on it
  113. [Suggestion] Reduce sensitivity of left analog stick?
  114. Character customisation options I'd love to see.
  115. APP for AC Odyssey
  116. How to fix the DLC's controversy [SPOILERS]
  117. DLC isnt consistent with the main story which is a real shame :(
  118. Just hit Demigod (Lvl 50) -- Mastery Levels & Question about the 30 free points!
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  120. A CONTENT PATCH MOVEMENT - NEW LEVEL! We have to go hard!
  121. Broken [ spoilers ]
  122. Live event issue
  123. Legacy of the first blade ep.2 Quest Bugged. Canít progress.
  124. Assassins GREED Odyssey
  125. Stormculler achievement broken :(
  126. A Simple Request @ Ubi - Target Lock Disable option
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  128. Legendary animals fights as pure warriors (on nightmare) videos, please?
  129. When you try to get ubisofts attention
  130. Trying to Cater To A Noisy Minority
  131. Wait for your legacy to continue?
  132. A response to a comment from the "noisy minorities" thread
  133. Question RE: Inventory (Armour) stats - Higher level # but lower stats?
  134. Photo Mode Contest Deadline Question
  135. Post Damage Nerf Hybrid build for Nightmare Difficulty (No store bought engravings)
  136. Waiting on episode 3
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  138. Please Add The Freedom To Back/Wall Eject In Assassin's Creed Odyssey!
  139. Oh now people care about retcons in assassins creed...?(oh the irony)
  140. Who else uses Photo-Mode to point out "rarities" for other players???
  141. DLC lieutenant request
  142. True Romance
  143. Unique blacksmiths
  144. Master Ability Request
  145. Lamp in Mykonos city
  146. A message from a simple customer to Jonathan Dumont (DLC 1.2 spoilers)
  147. Assassin Legendary Engravings clarification please
  148. I got a great idea.
  149. Secrets of Greece Mission Question (Spoilers)
  150. Ok misthios, TIME TO BRAG!!!
  151. Club reward
  152. Just made a ridiculously OP warrior/assassin crit build! It MELTS enemies.
  153. Question regarding Fire on Water trophy
  154. Guide to enemy health
  155. Nutrix Slim Keto Review:
  156. Question about +DMG with (all) abilities and it's effect
  157. Flooded with Hunter gear
  158. Pirate Set - 1.36 mln damage points - critical stealth kills of mercenaries.
  159. Hunters Need Some Love (Ubisoft do you hate us?)
  160. Origins Needs a 'Odyssey Rollback' and Odyssey Needs a 'Origins Rollforward'
  161. How about a Kraken or octopus? - Mythical Sea Creature
  162. Google Project Stream Uplay copy of AC Odyssey
  163. Armor on fire?
  164. Is this a bug? (DLC 2 spoilers)
  165. Ubisoft, please scale the arena up for nightmare players!
  166. The Call of Nature - Pephka 4/5 help
  167. 35% crit damage on an epic bow??
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  169. How to unlock the Blind King quest
  170. Suggestions & Feedback
  171. Why there is no nightmare difficulty achievement?
  172. New Damage Calculation
  173. Further Ability slots - suggestions for the devs
  174. Level Scaling Question
  175. Persian armor bugged?
  176. Any planned changes to mercenaries?
  177. Ubisoft, please enable us to get rid of Quest Items once they are no longer needed
  178. Dear Ubisoft, Why The Annoying Control Prompts?
  179. Assassin's Creed Odyssey : PVP
  180. Show off your best looking ACO 🏆 screenshot
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  182. Max contracts (without merc bounties) = 48?
  183. A quick question
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  185. Poisoned weapon: Is +Poison Damage adding to melee hit damage (like +weapon type)?
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  187. Outfits - Spoiler Alert
  188. Feature Request for automatically adding Quests,bou;contracts from all message boards
  189. Dear Ubisoft: Poseidon (Aquaman) Powers
  190. Armor animation issue
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  192. Premium Gifts of Olympus
  193. I'd Like To Have More Control Over My Tamed Beast
  194. POLL: What is your favorite ability?
  195. Who is the dad of alxios's sister?
  196. Regarding Uplay Credits/Points
  197. Conquest Battles Question
  198. Bounty system question
  199. Horse is slow as hell!
  200. Funny story. And share yours, if you've got 'em.
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  202. [Tips] Dagger to the Heart Quest (SPOILER ALERT!)
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  204. Is Arges out today? And when is the second January armor set joining the Store?
  205. Lets discuss endgame options (and/or lack of it)
  206. Mastery Level and Custom Gear Set UI Mock-up
  207. Strategy for Arges the Bright One
  208. Do not use poison arrows in the Arges Fight.
  209. Demigod set "problem"
  210. Ares fight is a total joke on nightmare unfortunatly
  211. +25% elemental Damage -25% Physical Damage
  212. Textures
  213. ? About the Flamethrower
  214. Allow for the renaming of weapons
  215. Sargon Olympian gift giving out rare
  216. need help
  217. A petition on the situation around Legacy Ep.2
  218. Defeating Arges on Nightmare using Assassin Build
  219. Tamed Animals shouldn't be so close to the character.
  220. How can I assassinate from horse?
  221. Progression of my warrior build (High damage) (CRIT focused) (Nightmare difficulty)
  222. Now that 100% Crit Chance in possible...
  223. So, we can't have "General Discussions" about AC in "General Discussions" anymore?
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  225. Forum Avatar not showing profile avatar. ?
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  227. Why is there no xp difference when playing on higher difficulty modes?
  228. Weekly Orichalcum Quest
  229. Why is my helmet gone in every cut scene?
  230. Hard conquest battles still dont reward 2 pieces of epic gear
  231. Headgear! pls Ubisoft
  232. Followers or ares in Argolis
  233. A critique of Odyssey game design and why Origins did it so much better (from reddit)
  234. New game+ when?!
  235. 60% crit damage vs 10% intoxication and weakining effect. Which one should I go for
  236. Another Cylcops? Why?
  237. Epic Straw Hat
  238. Post a build better than the Pirate set
  239. Are the mercenaries unusually difficult?
  240. Agamemnon set+ Armor penetration= Carnage (Great for people that lack good epic gear)
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  242. Assassin's creed Odyssey season pass
  243. forum improvement wishes due to constant problems i run into
  244. How new AC should learn from the old AC (StealthGamerBR's video)
  245. New 'Defensive' Game Content Idea
  246. Community Photo Mode Contest: The Aegean Sea - Winners!
  247. Top left of map...
  248. Broken Spear of Leonidas Replica
  249. Thank you UBISOFT for all the adventure so far!
  250. To UBISOFT