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  2. [Idea] A DLC with the opportunity to build residences in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.
  3. Testing
  4. Total number of Legendary items
  5. New Favorite Word!
  6. Conquest Battle rewards
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  8. How Does Purefit Keto Work?
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  12. [SUGGESTION] sets for Gear/Equipment
  13. Exactly How Does Praltrix Work?
  14. 4 Devs - Please keep the brutal kill animations in future games :0)
  15. Some New Ideas to improve Odyssey and maybe future games
  16. Please fix these or change them!
  17. Daily missions
  18. romance
  19. [SUGGESTION] Your own base and more..
  20. What... Unexpected help from a much higher merc?
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  27. Maximum resistance to fire damage? Which armour set will do? Which engravings?
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  29. Overpower request/idea for 1handed weapons
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  31. Can't find a specific armor piece, send help!
  32. Homestead
  33. Character animations
  34. Historical Accuracy in Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Video analysis
  35. Phoenix Ikaros
  36. Thanks Ubi...... My two cents worth.
  37. Tomb of the First Champion
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  39. Adrenaline spent heals?
  40. Funny video funny old bugs and fails!
  41. Helix and the ingame store
  42. Expanded Storage
  43. Cyn please somebody help me?
  44. Move Speed while Crouched Does Not Work
  45. Fire and clouds
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  48. Is there supposed to be no dodge moveset?
  49. Odyssey is trash
  50. Is Praltrix Is Accessible Locally?
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  52. Perks and Engravings
  53. Is There An End To This Game?
  54. Turn OFF Level Scaling (ACO)
  55. KB&M keybind for target switching in odyssey???
  56. Spartan Archers?
  57. Cultists & Quests/Missions
  58. Dishonourable / incapable Mercenary is always a black female. Bug - i guess?
  59. The Adestria and life on the sea.
  60. AC odyssey is the worst Assassins Creed game
  61. Does anybody else want an action mode update on Consoles?
  62. Does anybody else want an action mode update on Consoles?
  63. Ubisoft we need this hat!!!
  64. What is the point of assassination?
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  66. Does Assassination damage influence knockout ability?
  67. Bounty for killing persians in Legacy of the First Blade DLC
  68. Has anyone reported "Ikaros not killing prey on higher level" yet ?
  69. Daily and Weekly Orichalcum contracts when you have multiple playthroughs
  70. Pants and sleeves
  71. New Year Resolution - If it contains lootboxes, I am not buying it
  72. I am so frustrated
  73. The parkour and overall traversal made me quit this game.
  74. quiver customization
  75. AC Odyssey is the Best Assassins Creed Game
  76. Persian Elite Armor bugged?
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  78. What does 365 Keto Life do?
  79. Can someone explain nightmare mode difficulty
  80. Lack of useful Legendary bows?
  81. I almost finished the game and I did not find the Achilles Bow
  82. Any chance of Kyra becoming more significant in future updates?
  83. The Albanian part of the map
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  85. Location clearing is unlogical - AC needs a change
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  87. When is the next update
  88. Penteconters
  89. cross over
  90. Gear crafting
  91. Physical release for Season Pass
  92. Why can't I find in game legendary mounts?
  93. Can we please have a way to skip finisher anims?
  94. How to "Become Anonymous" ???
  95. Anyone else hate grinding.
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  97. Why Use Keto Ultra Diet?
  98. X Last Plus Ingredients
  99. Kronos and Herald of Dusk packs and season pass
  100. Working of Vida Tone Keto:
  101. Assassins Creed Adder ( based on Origins ) will be another trash title....?!
  102. [leak] AC Adder
  103. Easy mode
  104. Swam out, waited for passing warship, climbed aboard, killed crew
  105. Few improvements I would like to see in the future updates
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  107. To kill or not to kill
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  109. Forum request for Ubisoft
  110. Enemy on ladder = prevent assassination?
  111. January 4th, 2019 - Degradation - Multiple Games - PS4
  112. Petition to add FOV Sliders on consoles!
  113. Universal Build for Nightmare Difficulty
  114. Welcome My Fellow Misthios
  115. Explain NG + to me.
  116. Question: Do you want more or less RPG elements?
  117. What would be the ideal AC game for you?
  118. For science or rather for fanfiction
  119. FREE in-game content codes.
  120. This Gane's leveling systen was actually handled gracefully
  121. What if UbiCosmos is a member of Kosmos?
  122. When to expect any DLC or events?
  123. Does anybody know when Episode 2 of TLOTFB comes out?
  124. The quest for wood: I wish I didn't have to zig-zag throught the countryside
  125. Please Ubi, some more love for the unarmed option?
  126. There's a 1st time for everything - New Merc Kill Method :)
  127. HELP: Helm of Achilles for Kassandra?
  128. We need ways to dispose of drachmae and ancient tablets
  129. Recruiting old lieutenants.
  130. Tip for people opening Olympian Gifts
  131. The Cult of Kosmos reminds me of the akatsuki from Naruto Shippuden.
  132. Potentially Good News for people asking for a Home Base
  133. The Pegasus to fly
  134. Lost
  135. Celebrations to the Ubisoft team.
  136. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Tegea ......
  137. Making the game intentionally harder
  138. POLYBIOS - maybe as an historian and an conspiracy for Abstergo Entertainment?
  139. Please revisit crafting resources required for upgrading gear
  140. Amunet's Outfit: A small request
  141. FEATURE REQUEST create armour sets and Toggle shortcut between them on the fly.
  142. Hidden Blade Animations
  143. Assassins Creed Odyssey Achilles set a black Colour wish
  144. Assassin's Amor
  145. How much Adrenaline do you get per hit?
  146. Michaels Fanart of Baby Alexios
  147. AC Origins: New game +
  148. twitch prime loot
  149. How long does it take for a blacksmith to re-offer materials after purchase?
  150. Animal "Pets" and Assassin builds
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  152. Future of the Spear of Leonidas
  153. Side quest bug
  154. Is there going to be another level cap increase?
  155. New to this community - What time does the weekly reset usually start?
  156. The Season pass
  157. Lost Tale of Greece
  158. Athenian marksmen
  159. Does anyone know what Items you could buy from Sargon for Jan the 8th
  160. This Month in Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey – January 2019
  161. Hephaistos Reduces the price of his teachings by 20% . Mercenary Tier S2
  162. Can we please get a background for dialog options?
  163. New Helix Pack and a New Club Reward :)
  164. Is there a chance for the arena horde mode ? Something like in Origins.
  165. Hello
  166. Really hoping that a homestead is in the works for Feb or March!
  167. The NEW Enemy Scaling Megethread
  168. Here's what I think is going on with NG+
  169. Feature Request
  170. Feature Request - Underwater Caves and Bosses plus empty hand weapons
  171. When is the new mercenary tier addition being implemented?
  172. Enemy Scaling and Mastery Levels
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  174. Alkibiades. And I hope some of the devs read this.
  175. Ubisoft, please add back spear and shields.
  176. @ ubisoft quebec lead developers
  177. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 1.1.2 Patch Notes
  178. I give Odyssey a 4 out of 10
  179. Feature Request - Weekly Arena Challenges and Mercenary Teams
  180. Patch notes for next update doesn’t say anything about the 12,000,000 XP ISSUE!!.....
  181. How do you keep your tamed animal alive/Can you single target enemies?
  182. Greek Heroes Set - Have only discovered 3 mercs needed
  183. Feature Request - Auto Loot based on NPC death
  184. Secret Nerf to Hunters....Need Clarification
  185. I made a video on Patch 1.12
  186. Weird late game events
  187. Enabling HDR
  188. New Game+ Idea: Own multiple ships
  189. "Gameplay icons will now take priority over photos on the map"... Finally
  190. Pick one aspect from each AC game to build your dream AC game
  191. Regarding gear customisation
  192. A very important video for people that think Origins/Odyssey parkour is okay
  193. Tamed pet always disappear on reload or after a cutscene
  194. Help needed - keos - pirate islands - bounty on athenians
  195. I hope this update works
  196. Ubisoft Club Rewards
  197. Cant find anything in the patch notes about the xp problem
  198. Where is the quest for new chapter?
  199. Patch 1.1.2
  200. Assassins creed odyssey - they really nerfed damage
  201. What is "Story Mode"?
  202. Master artemis armor change
  203. A quick roundup of the changes added in the new patch
  204. Hephaistos's Workshop Location
  205. A question about the 30 xtra skill points
  206. Man Damage got DEEEEEESTROYED.
  207. Fast question about the extra 30 points
  208. Hephiasto's workshop just a 1time visit
  209. For those complaining about damage nerf
  210. Is there a reference list of all of the current available perks/engravings available?
  211. How are dedicated archer builds now?
  212. where to find new mercenaries?
  213. ChenBop's Guide to surviving the patch
  214. Making Everything Additive Was A Poor Choice
  215. Tales of Greece = Daughters of Lalaia ?
  216. Stealth change - Diminishing returns on defensive stats?
  217. Question about the Falx Engraving
  218. The state of things
  219. Hairstyles for Kassandra and Alexios?
  220. Defeating the final Tier S2 Mercenary
  221. Feature Request: Wardrobe Set Function
  222. Suggestion- option to turn off auto save, less freezing
  223. Got the Sun Hat
  224. the opinion of this 1.1.2 version from Tiawan assassin creed odyssey zone
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  226. Aggresive Villager AI need nerfs or GOT TO GO.
  227. Suggestion: Adrestia Captain Class
  228. Is there a 207 ability point hard cap?
  229. how to shoot with a bow when the interface is off???
  230. Photo Mode Contest... Selected region only ?
  231. Nvidia FreeStyle Gamefilter with Odyssey
  232. Mastery Levels: Is there any way to know your current mastery level?
  233. Ubisoft Plz - Alexios' walking animation!
  234. Feature Request - Idle and random boat control and challenge idea - PLEASE READ!
  235. Carry Over transmog option
  236. Question about "base headshot damage has been increased"
  237. So on title screen it still says 1.1.1 , but update installed? + Hunter Damage Note
  238. Scheduled Maintenance - January 14
  239. Quality of Life Improvement: Damage Testing Area
  240. Challenge Request - Weaponless Warrior and Weapon request - Cestus
  241. If you are looking for an extra Athenian marksman here and there
  242. Feature Request - How come we don't have a Pankration area or mode
  243. Removal of sandals or variation addition for cosmetic options
  244. Master level 110 and later
  245. Whats with the glowing white straw?
  246. Legendary drop rate decreased
  247. Ubisoft: Pls add LOADOUTS!!!
  248. Simple clothes?
  249. This game is so much fun
  250. Playing on PS4