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  2. Question regarding Pride of the Lion trophy
  3. MGS 4 Style End Game Badge Rewards for New Game +
  4. L1 + Dpad - access to extra wheel.
  5. Observations from the first episode of Hidden Blade DLC
  6. Alexios' sword
  7. Quest Peloponnischer Bund
  8. Oikos store
  9. Help with killing the Huntsman, if possible
  10. Upgrades across weapons?
  11. Suggestion for Mastery Levels
  12. Alexios the Drag Queen
  13. My first AC game thus the ?: Something odd with photos I see that others leave
  14. LOL Well I apparently violated a local custom and all H___ broke lose
  15. When to play Legacy of the First Blade, story related?
  16. Legendary Assassin Build.
  17. General Impression(plus problems)
  18. ETA for new game+?
  19. How to initiate "Rush Assassination" on a PC?
  20. Anyone else dislike the RPG direction the AC franchise took?
  21. PSA: A very useful and time saving tip for everyone!!!!!
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  25. Purchase season pass as gift?
  26. Attika Leadership will not drop
  27. lieutenants level up
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  29. Unable to proceed due to level gap?
  30. Knock outs and Assassin-type Damage
  31. You can never have an Assassin only built
  32. What Legendary Armour Set Can You Not Do Without?
  33. missing island
  34. Pure Headshot Build Guide.
  35. Cap on Ability Points?
  36. Photo Mode Contest - Delayed
  37. Rush Assassinate Ability Fast Elimitated Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  38. More passive combat abilities
  39. Photo Mode Work Around [PS4]
  40. Anyone else feel like Odyssey lacks deep, creative content?
  41. Anyone else feel like Odyssey lacks deep, creative content?
  42. Anyone else feel like Odyssey lacks deep, creative content?
  43. Is there hope
  44. Still Canít See Headgear...
  45. Custom Assassin with Fire Sword Master built for nightmare difficulty
  46. This game needs carrots
  47. Not putting in legacy outfits is a mistake
  48. Blacksmith questions
  49. 1,000th Open-World Merc Kill (mini milestone)
  50. More HUD Options Please OR Better Quest Descriptions
  51. Will visual customization and smart loot system be improved in the next patch?
  52. blacksmith
  53. What abilities have you NEVER used and what are your reasons?
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  55. Horse max speed while in combat please
  56. Ring of Chaos while in air
  57. Vine Bow @ Oikos!
  58. The store should have better looking gear
  59. koressia fort is broken
  60. Pure Crit Hunter Guide
  61. How to advance in mastery levels after lvl70?
  62. Quick question - tamed animals
  63. Explosive Arrows need a rework
  64. Weekly Challenge Tip
  65. Observation from a new player to AC: Odyssey is not linier but ...
  66. Archery Master question
  67. In depth review
  68. Weekly "gold" items
  69. "+25% damage on Elites and Bosses" don't work?
  70. This one time at Bandit Camp...(and the Merc 'o the Week)
  71. We should have category slots for abilities.
  72. Kill Stat breakdown
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  74. https://readyhealthpoint.com/keto-slim/
  75. Resources spawning within cave walls
  76. Wondrous armor suddenly acquired?
  77. when will flaming attacks be fixed on nightmare?
  78. How do i get acces to the "Sun Hat" straw hat transmog within the game?
  79. few examples of armor pieces mercenaries have but we dont
  80. so, is it MOTER or MOTHER (find a girl mission cutscene)
  81. When can we max ou engravings to tier 6-7?
  82. massage board quest chains
  83. ***MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*** COMPLETE list of hulls, figureheads and crew locations
  84. Update on Max Level XP Amount
  85. Olympic Gods
  86. somethin about fight system
  87. Pure Physical Death Arrow Build
  88. any chance that respeccing might be done faster in the future?
  89. End Game Stagnation, anyone else feel the same?
  90. Ancient Knowledge slates
  91. Hilarious bounty quests
  92. legacy of the first blade
  93. Something I miss in this game
  94. HELP: DLC - Order of the Ancients (SPOILER)
  95. Please upgrade the special epic / legendary lieutenant stat
  96. "Magi" is plural!!!
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  100. Seeking clarification about flaming attacks and Rod of Asclepios
  101. Hunter's Outfit
  102. why is the orichalcum map overlay not together with normal game icons?
  103. bowquiver wont change in visual custumization menu?
  104. Photo mode
  105. Anyone Have Any Quirks In The Game?
  106. Odessey and then Origins
  107. Ally AI in naval conquests is rubbish and Ubisoft needs to reassess what 'failure' is
  108. I feel like pre-cap increase players are being screwed with 30 Ability points bonus
  109. What's your favorite city/town?
  110. When is the next update coming
  111. Fellow Assassin Builds
  112. How to find persian enemy type or ship etc on free roam ?
  113. Celestial Armor
  114. Mercenary System Not Working
  115. Mercenaries Wont Hunt
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  117. STRATEGY Q: Weapons & Gear upgrading
  118. @everyone who is lvl70
  119. Can't Locate Any Daughters of Artemis TO Kill in Megaris
  120. this game is so frustrating
  121. Thessaly
  122. how to get more ability POINTS
  123. Legendary Mercs
  124. what do you even spend money on
  125. phobos question
  126. My Odyssey Review
  127. weekly events
  128. Share your ideas for new gear or visual options
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  130. forum qaulity of life change idea
  131. My findings about Oddyssey on nightmare mode after 219 hours played
  132. exploration
  133. Skill suggestions
  134. Living in ancient Greece is expensive
  135. Death Veil ability, Toggle?
  136. Orichalcum and Cash shop
  137. Random NPCs in Korinth city in Korinthia
  138. New stuff coming according to JorRaptor (including free 30 ability points)
  139. Getting the game soon, anything I should know?
  140. Medusa
  141. Poison assassin build feedback
  142. Special arrows - automatic creation option
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  144. +100% damage but health capped to 25% question
  145. Poseidon Trident and engrave.
  146. Mythical Creatures of Ancient Greece
  147. State of the Game
  148. Celestial pack
  149. Celestial pack
  150. Why aren't you answering my guestion ?
  151. Celestial pack ?
  152. orichalcum
  153. Please add game mode in AC: Odyssey, "New Game +"
  154. Sideguewt missing
  155. Hello
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  157. wish for more challenging fights on nightmare mode
  158. Share your visual upgrades/skin whishes for Phobos
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  160. Assassin's Creed Odyssey season pass, not on sale? why not?
  161. The terminology shipskin i misleading
  162. Anyone find these sporadic side quest releases kind of silly?
  163. Do Ubisoft Club 20% discounts stack with the current sale?
  164. Arges the bright one
  165. outfits From past games for odyssey?
  166. Engravings???!!!
  167. Damn Pig
  168. About silo
  169. Epic Gear...
  170. Weekly Event Ships Availability
  171. Help me
  172. Honest thoughts on the game
  173. Buff legendary armors pls
  174. Mercenary system broken?
  175. Underworld Naval Pack removed from Helix Store...
  176. "καλές γιορτές" (Happy Holidays)
  177. the image of faith wont start?
  178. dont understand why helix is per game and not owned account wide
  179. Quick 'Quest menu' Question - did it change?
  180. Armor and clothing for female characters
  181. My Odyssey review
  182. Damage/ability/engravings calculations, wrong/bugged/missing something?
  183. Was Odyssey really completed a year before release?
  184. Ideas/suggestions for future armor/weapons
  185. New Game+ ?
  186. The image of faith
  187. No, really... thank you, Ubisoft.
  188. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Your AC Memories
  189. Missing Bow In Visual Customisation Menu
  190. Assassination on knocked out enemies
  191. Assassination on knocked out enemies
  192. Thanks Ubi! Really Love Glory of Law skin!!(**image spoiler**)
  193. Hello
  194. AC : Odyssey Suggestion ( Change Quiver Appearance, Weapon Appearance, etc.)
  195. Ship skins in game that can cant seem to get
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  197. Insane amount of XP to leavel up...
  198. Photo Mode page
  199. PSA - Pegasus Skin
  200. Thank you and some notes on your choices, Ubisoft.
  201. Photo Mode Improvement Ideas
  202. This Game Has Become A Chore...
  203. Three things i belive this game could benefit from
  204. Regarding items from the Club Rewards..
  205. My Best QUEST FAILED yet :)
  206. Ubisoft should make a ship system similar to Mastery Levels
  207. Blood FX - what does it change
  208. [VIDEO] Boarding ships the hard way
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  210. AC Odyssey Tips and Mechanics.
  211. Ghost Arrow of Artemis
  212. Spam threads in the forum
  213. Drachmae
  214. https://hbmbzone.com/praltrix-espana/
  215. Item Paradox
  216. hard to find straw hat
  217. Mentors Guild AC Day giveaway!
  218. Max Dmg Arrow Artemis Set 720831 One Shot One Kill
  219. Funny Horse
  220. While "surfing"
  221. gayness
  222. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Platinum Edition Guide
  223. Question about Pick a Side Engraving Challenge
  224. PSA: Lieutenants are Hard CAPPED at 400
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  226. How Does Praltrix Male Enhancement Work?
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  228. need help, what bow is this?
  229. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: How Players Make Our Open Worlds Better (Video)
  230. Really frustrated With The Odds Of Olympian Gifts , I Gave Up ..
  231. why does kassandra have to be so dirty
  232. Less olive wood
  233. How does this engraving work?
  234. Cloud sync deleted my saves - Can anything be done?
  235. Weapon control
  236. what is the point of heavy weapons
  237. Nightmare Build Assassin's
  238. AC Odyssey Daughter of Artemis quest line trophy missing AFTER completion!?!
  239. add a seperate xp bar for mastery lvls
  240. What Is Megaplex Keto Blend?
  241. Praltrix Review: Male Enhancement Pills! Benefits
  242. https://www.healthylifetimesupplement.com/keto-fit/
  243. Odyssey sales
  244. Cant Find New Quest in Elis?
  245. Adding Ambient music to freeroaming
  246. finally finished this game this is what i think
  247. Missions completed
  248. Overwhelmed by the sheer size of this game - Percentage of completion for regions?
  249. Is there any purpose in legendary armor?
  250. theseus armor